Boeing Studies Birds to Reduce Air Burn in Aircraft Flight Formation

Boeing Studies Birds to Reduce Air Burn in Aircraft Flight Formation

with birds flying information they’re able to fly much further without getting tired and in our case we’re trying to reduce fuel burn and what we’re trying to do is really take that inspiration and make it realizable for aircrafts so we’ve seen from flight tests we’ve been able to get anywhere from five to ten percent reduction in fuel burn that’s enabled by the software that we’ve built in and we actually have extra situational awareness of where the lead aircraft is what the winds is experiencing that helps us predict the wake now this is very substantial if you think about the investment we’ve put into products like the 87 or the for 7-8 or or the next product they’re talking 20-25 percent and here we’re able to get half that with the a software changer the lead aircraft generates lift and that action of generating lift is what creates those vortices and that’s what you see when you look up and you see the control you see those nice ribbons sometimes form you look at your drain as it drains out you actually see a little ribbon that forms up that’s a vortex via that it’s now coming off the wingtip we then position a trail aircraft close to that wake which is energy lost when it was generating the lift and now we let the trail aircraft we capture some energy actually our pilots refer to it as surfing like the acronym for the program is surfing aircraft vortices for energy save for the Air Force they’re very interested in this for military transports they’ve spent a lot of time doing fuel efficiency initiatives and there’s nothing out there that’s got this kind of potential reduction yeah I looking for inspiration in nature amongst the birds and the insects but there’s definitely I think a lot out there that’s a challenge to me what is a bird doing and how can we take advantage of that you you you


  1. This idea sucks. I doubt the person suggesting this really knows what he is talking about. Can you imagine the stress put on pilots who fly in these formations. Eyes glued on other aircraft. One mid air collision and you have lost any gains made in fuel consumption. Put flight engineers back on large aircraft and they will save you some money. Ever hear of max range cruise air speed and optimum altitude. I was once on a flight to Guam then on to Clark AB., PI. The pilot wanted to overfly Guam. By flying max range cruise altitudes and airspeeds we arrived overhead Guam with enough fuel and receives to continue on to Clark AB. Thats the way to go.

  2. Lets see if I get this right I have to fly two planes to save fuel on one plane. So does the first plane run on fuel to? or does it just use air to stay in the sky.

  3. How many times we the human race keep learning stuff from the greatest school of all times,MOTHER NATURE,and yet we still destroy her everyday

  4. Birds don't use one drop of petrol. Your planes use more gas in a half hour then I would use in a life time.

  5. me gustan las aeronaves yo vivia de darles manteni miento soy  sargento tecnico de aviasion  de la fuersa aerea de el Salvador  donde se dise nuestra fuersa nodepende delo que tenemos sino delo que asesemos  con lo poco que tenemos y estamos ala hora y en cualquier lugar

  6. Is this a C-17? I thought they were discontinued. Or phased out. Im out of the loop. But its my favorite plane. I see one fly over my head every day, here in Long Beach.
    I find that my generation is so in tune with the force. Vortex theory. I'm not a rocket scientist. Haha… But I kinda get it. Ya know. Thank you for planes. Now to go watch the scary bad ass ones….

  7. Drafting helps a machine break through wind resistance therefore less energy is required while increasing velocity

  8. In 1973, while flying from Spain to the USA, aboard a C-141, we were flying lead for another C-141 that was low on fuel, so to save fuel it was Surfing on our slip stream. It was able to fly all the way home to America, which it could not have done without mid-air refueling, otherwise.

  9. Where do i buy an f16 and a million cannon rounds for my a10?

    Jk but i am interestid if i could throretecly purchase a f16 or A10

  10. The word is AEROPLANE. And AEROPLANES don't run on petrol. Jets use kerosene or, more properly, paraffin . OK ? So unless your car is a turbine powered vehicle, it doesn't compare.

  11. Did no one listen to this video at all. He said that it was a software change that would track the lead aircraft. This would automate the formation while in a sort of autopilot mode.

  12. Our Enemies should take note that freedom led to the invention of the atomic bomb. Most REAL Americans are not cringing Homosexuals, We are red blooded totally Conservative drop the Bomb on Mecca AMERICANS!

  13. Criminal Boeing… where are "contrails"?!
    Operation Indigo Skyfold… stratospheric aerosol injection; to block some of the sun's thermal energy to combat global warming… Or, so they say.

  14. why does Boeing have commercials? are there that many people who buy airplanes? I wonder if anyone who watches these commercials will say to themselves, "so many aircraft manufacturers, gotta chose only one, though."

  15. Birds hold mysteries and know there will be a new medicine to regrow hearing hair cells in humans and know flight

  16. let's find a way to go bomb and kill people in other countries while saving fuel we steal from them…cool .

  17. Very cool. I'll be working on my Ph.D. in this area once funding is resolved. My focus would be to get it working on the same aircraft. I'll see you then.

  18. More subliminal brainwashing by the military industrial complex to use for killing innocent children globally!
    Get star powered, go solar! No brainier. Always money for war, but what about the people of this country? We need education, healthcare, infrastructure, clean water, climate crisis solutions! That what makes a country strong, not how many bombs, weapons, how many killed, sic !The end of the war machine has arrived .Wake up!

  19. l was in Long Beach CA when the first C 17 took off. Some where I have a 5×7 color picture of it. Was standing on top floor of parking garage and took the pic. It is shame that the program shut down and ALL aircraft production is gone from Long Beach.

  20. What does it mean when someone replies to your comment by just leaving your name??? I really hope someone will kindly clue me in. Cuz I like to know these things.
    Remember, there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. ?

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