BREAKING US Navy Unveils Insane New Weapon: North Korea Crapping Their Pants! – News

BREAKING US Navy Unveils Insane New Weapon: North Korea Crapping Their Pants! – News

US Navy Unveils Insane New Weapon: North Korea
Crapping Their Pants! President Trump pledged to ‘Make America
Great Again’. On the campaign trail he promised when it came to our military, he would rebuild
it and return it to one of the finest. Trump promised he would increase the size of our
troops – adding 350,000 soldiers to our U.S. Army and adding 10-15 battalions to the
U.S. Marine Corps. He also said he would add 1200 fighter aircraft to the U.S. Air Force,
as well as, 350 Surface Ships and submarines to our U.S. Navy. It looks like President Trump is keeping those
promises as he begins to rebuild our depleted military into one of the most elite ever in
history. In January, President Trump signed an executive
order to launch the ‘great rebuilding of the Armed Forces’ which will include new
ships, planes, weapons and the modernization of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Our new military
under President Trump, well, let’s just say it’s going to be ‘Big League’! President
Trump is ensuring that “military leaders have the support they need” to accelerate
the campaign against the Islamic State and to “build combat readiness now and for the
future.” North Korea punk-ass leader Kim Jong-Un may
need a change of underwear after getting a look at this gem being put on the fast-track
by the Trump Administration. ISIS acting up? BOOM! Syria? BOOM! Kim Jong-Un? BOOM? Yeah..Depends.
Just sayin’ Depends. Just sayin’ As America’s first all-new carrier design
since the Nimitz in 1976, the Ford class will serve into at least into the 2070s. But many
of their escorts will be late-model Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, so-called “Flight
III” updates of a 1980s design whose first ship, DDG-51, was commissioned in 1991. That’s
why the Navy is brainstorming a next generation Future Surface Combatant, aiming to solicit
design proposals from industry around 2020. ‘DDG’s a great class of ship… but we’re
never going to build Flight IV, we need to move on,’ Moore said. ‘It’s probably
time for us to work from a clean sheet.’ Moore is on a steering committee for the clean-sheet
Future Surface Combatant, along with three-star counterparts from the Navy staff (OPNAV) and
the operational fleet. The idea is to have warfighters, shipbuilders, and budgeteers
working together from the start, instead of one group coming up with unrealistic requirements
for a super-ship the others can’t build or can’t afford. What does this mean for our enemies? The great thing about electrical power, unlike
such features as 16-inch guns or thick armor plate, is that you can use it for almost anything:
If one weapon, sensor, or communications system becomes obsolete, just unplug it and plug
in something new. At least, that’s the Navy’s vision of never-ending modernization. But
to upgrade without undue agony, you need to design a ship from the keel up with room to
grow and an open architecture into which new components can easily plug and play. That’s
not how traditional ships like the Arleigh Burke destroyer were designed, which is part
of the reason Flight III will probably be the last major upgrade of the class: “We’re
cramming a lot of stuff in that ship,” said Moore. With the Future Surface Combatant,
by contrast, the Navy doesn’t just want to build a ship, but a floating framework
that can keep evolving for decades to exploit new technologies and meet new threats. That’s not easy. As much as Moore wants
to accelerate, “the ship is going to be out there for the next 40, 50, 60 years, so
it’s important we don’t take any shortcuts,” he emphasized. “It’s very important that
we do diligence on looking at alternatives, looking at the cost, marrying the requirements
up to the costs, so at the end we all have an understanding of this is the capability
I’m going to buy, this is how much it’s going to cost, this is when I’m going to
get the capability, this is how long it’ll last. If we have that discussion up front
with the Future Surface Combatant, we’ll avoid some of the typical growing pains that
we have for some of these programs.” In other words, no more screwing around, bowing
to dictators dedicated to wiping us out – smiling to our faces and funding terrorism behind
our backs. No more phony red lines, “flexibility”
on hot mics, reset buttons, Arab Springs, or any other nonsense. Just strength and what
comes with it: Peace.


  1. if we started in 1962 then why have we not prepared for an attack that does not make much sense does it

  2. On behalf of our country I thank you for your service to our country and I'll apologize for our countries actions when you came home I have a couple of very close friends who fought in that war and my youngest son's father Inlaw God rest his soul fought in that war also we the people of this country must defend her until our last dying breath for our country has lost its morals and it's lost it's way but those of us who still believe in God and country we must defend her against foreign or domestic terrorists we took a oath that's still in effect today Amen brother

  3. drumpf says a lot of shit. drumpf is a lot of shit. Making sure its billionaire mates are making more money off the poor and poorly educated. drumpf is a fool. The idiot who made this crap is a fool too….

  4. Computer generated voice and owner of the Youtube website is from India or? he's not an American, why should we listen to any garbage from this channel?

  5. I wonder how nuch money from the american tax payers are paying for the stay in korea. NO action there means the tax payer is paying more each day.

  6. LOL! "Crapping in their pants. Kim Jung un(stable is too stupid to realize that he is seriously out gunned and to know that he is in danger.

  7. Trump has no idea what he is doing – massive pointless build up wastes resources – need thoughfull development of new weapons – massive build up ineffective for problems presented by North Korea and Syria, even Russia whos new hypersonic antiship weapon makes traditional aircraft carriers sitting ducks.

  8. Anything that pounds the TRUTH of the capabilities of our US Military branches is awesome. The world needs to admit the fact that WE stabilized the world after WWII and haven't stopped our supremacy. I am separated Army and all my brothers in arms, separated or otherwise, will shit stomp anyone who attempts to undermine our Constitution and our Country. ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH BOOTS AND HOT LEAD FOR ALL!

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  11. People that don't have the guts/balls to use their own voice and have to resort to a robo voice SHOULDN'T be making videos at all. Damn sissy.

  12. trump is full of shit. I.Q. of a doughnut. War with Mexico based on a lie, War in Philippines based on a lie. War in Iraq based on a lie. The U.S is a war monger killing our sons and daughters in illegal wars.

  13. how is going to add more soldiers if not that many are enlisting. It also takes time to build ships and planes and people to build them.Sure it would mean jobs but jobs that need knowledge

  14. Sure we are so so scared of us navy. Lol. Fucked cowards, you even dont imagine how fast the russian and chinesian navies can fuk the american agressors in korean peninsula.

  15. we need to contact the starship federation and get the secret on phasers and photon torpedoes and jump way ahead of the world

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  18. Computer voice can't pronouce "crapping". I stopped watching.
    I can't stand this crap. What a load of crap. Why I'm I so obsessed about crap being pronouced properly?
    Why do people use computer voices? Is the CIA boogey men going to come get them in black helicopters?

  19. This is Russian Propaganda trying to convince us to back Trump so they can get their Embassy back. Trump is not in charge Russia, get over it. He might be labeled president and you might have control over him but you will not get anything you want out of this. America will overcome your mole.

  20. Insane new weapon is that the Navy is going to sail their ships into the next biggest thing in the water lol repeatedly. We have drones now….ships are irrelevant.

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  22. These 3 accidents at sea are Putin's cyber commies having us on at the cost of 17 good brave men.NK is Junior high shit.But Putin's nipples are really pissing me off.

  23. If the submarines belonging to N korea has gone missing maybe we havent learned from pearl harbor we need to really locate and keep tabs on all our enemies ships remember a sub can deploy missiles of all kinds just thinking and remembering our mistakes of pearl harbor so please people lets ask that they find and confirm that N korean submarine that the speculate has been sunk or disabled just thinking outside the box

  24. A recent announcement by the US that the US Carl Vincent fired Sidewinder missiles at Syrian air fields was a screw-up. An unarmed Mig 35 bomber disabled the Carl Vincent with just a small integrated sonic device that disabled the US Carl Vincent that stopped the ship dead in the water. The US CarlVincent one of the US's most sophiticated war ships in the fleet.

  25. America must get 1 Rid of Iran 1///\ 2 All lands with moslims get rid of em before they get past us all . Please Mr,President ,From The Netherlands take care of your Children my Friend

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    Eventually we will win, the war will eventually take 27 years. After this, there will be a golden age of universal peace and more will not happen until the year 3797. This is the year in which the earth will perish.


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  27. First of all. The US NAVY is 60-80 YEARS ahead of technology…2ndly Kim Jun UN Shits his pants daily anyway What so breaking news about that??? :-/

  28. I am sorry to throw a wrench in the works but—You also have to start with locally controlled schools who hold American values teaching them to the students. 79% of enlistees can't score high enough too fulfill the requirements to enlist. That is why we are having so many multi deployments, we need school programs that teach civics job skill vocational programs and thing that built America. Just my 2 cents-Fred Marrinan (Retired teacher educator in vocational education and educational leadership)

  29. ya the USA would nuke NK and have fallout on China,Russia,Japan and SK.

    yup that's WW3

    the USA is so stupid and a bully. leave NK alone stop your provocations.

  30. Are you AFRAID to speak for yourself? Why do you hide behind a truly ridiculous sounding computer voice that keeps trying to pronounce punctuation i.e. dot dot?
    It makes your story somehow, lose, any sense of credibility !! You really should give your computer voice a good lesson in proper English grammar. Of course, it would be a lot simpler to use your own living. breathing, human voice…

  31. Good stuff – BUT Impossible to listen to – sorry thumbs down for presentation. why don't you just write it and I'll read it FAST. !

  32. That is another 350,000 people employeed, not counting the people needed to build the ships and aircraft and the support business to support the parts manufacture.

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