BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film REACTION

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifesto Film REACTION

I’ve been listening to the album on
repeat and oh my god it’s so good, it’s so much better, like
how do they keep topping my expectations? I don’t know please like and subscribe if you watch this video it will help me do more
content so now I have 30 minutes and I need to watch the ON video. I don’t know if i’m ready this isn’t
like another art film, right? they’re in it, right? they did the drumming during the V live
that makes sense we’re gonna get like a legit drum line. jimin oh my god tattoo what is happening? oh my god- they all look exactly how I
want them to look. oh my god he i can’t. what? i’m fine. i don’t know what to do he it’s like oh my god it’s perfect. it’s perfect. oh my oh my god that shirt – jungkook oh my god, jimin’s (shirt) too they have ascended. this is it they all look so good Yall, I’m sorry. i’m freaking out right now. there’s the drum line I love Suga’s rap in ‘UGH!’ Cute! that jacket keeps flopping open. JK zip it up! I can’t. that smile Y’all! jimin! Dude. they are out for blood right now. They want to kill us. oh my god Tae looks amazing they all look so good I do think Jin needs a hair trim it’s like he’s
his true self right now, this is how I imagine he actually is. oh my- his hair- I
can’t he looks so good. the bad boy I know that he is. i’m just kidding oh my god what yes oh my god why are they going so hard they’re like dressed alike – two, two, three he’s trying to kill me okay Jimin is actual perfection right now. your turn oh my god well well that was- i cant oh i’m shook, y’all i am shook they ooh they went for it I get to see that in
person oh my god I’m so excited number one feels to me like they always
are styled, they didn’t need anything really extra I mean Jimin had like those
crazy hoops and the necklace which was really cool, worked with his outfit. but usually it’s like glitter and all over the top, and they didn’t need that.
they were in tank tops yes they were They were in tank tops, leather jackets, i cant everything was just so perfect they’re literal Superstars and they just
dropped it on us. they’re so powerful they are past the stage of needing all
the extra stuff, they didn’t even change locations the hair. namjoon with the hair. jungkook, I just can’t. I just- I just can’t. it’s like they knew what
I want and they gave it to me okay I hope he wears that at the concert anyway I really
like this look on JHope even more I think Yoongi’s also in his best form. this whole album,
this whole comeback, I’ve just been like more and more drawn to him. he’s
like really creeping his way up to the top namjoon, of course, absolute
perfection. always Tae- I just he looks so good The tattoos the only thing
that bothers me is that I was hoping we’d get a peek at jungkook’s. he’s-
jungkook actually has tattoos and we can’t see them but then they put tattoos on
Tae and they’re just like waving it in front of us so that’s kind of upsetting,
but I- Tae looked amazing but like, take your jacket off, jungkook take your shirt off Jungkook and jimin won this round what else are they gonna come at us with these boys are not
slowing down anytime soon come here, mommy’s freaking out


  1. jesica~ you are soooo cute~~~~ and beauteful. thankyou reaction bts.thankyou love bts. im verry happy and proud. bts forever~~~~~~

  2. 이사람 브룩쉴즈 느낌난다 어릴적에 블루라군보고 브룩쉴즈가 세상에서 가장 이쁜여자인줄 알았었는데..ㅎ_ㅎ

  3. I pray they react to your video when they are doing one of their "Bts react to fans reaction "………I just love your reaction videos

  4. first time you listen to bts, 😉👇📀


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  5. The best way to become more famous than MICHAEL JACKSON they must create an ENGLISH ALBUM and then they'll win some Grammy

  6. I really enjoy your videos Jesica. You are beautiful especially when you smile! Btw ignore negative comments 🙂
    Can't wait for next video ♡

  7. Song is awesome.Now dont take it offensive this is just suggestion to fix you volume of videos you are reacting to because they are low on quality and sound .Keep up the good work❤💙

  8. 와우 제시카 한국어 자막 감사해요^^
    그나저나 한국어 자막은 직접하는가요 아니면 누가 도와주나요?

  9. The only person who I think would enjoy this video on loop as much as I do is, I guess you. Take a look at this

  10. you really like jungkook… I admire him too… anyway I like to see them as well. but I know they will not do their concert here in the Philippines. you're quite lucky g

  11. i binge watched BTS "ON" reactions starting with hers and i came back to it after all of them. best representation of fangirl-ing uwu so cute <3

  12. 내가 태어나서 이렇게 이쁜 여자는
    첨보네요 태어나줘서 감사합니다
    꾸벅♡ i born to see you

  13. 아름다운 제시카 안녕하세요😄 저도 최애가 정국이랍니다😘 정국인 재능이 많은 애기에서 어느새 어엿한 성인이되었네요! 꾹이 어린시절부터 지금까지 영상들이 정말 많아요~ 달려라방탄 실리즈는 90편이 넘고요, 본보야지 시리즈4까지 있는데 1시즌에 7~8편되는데 주로 여행에피소드에요😉 보시면 정말 재미있을거예요🐰

  14. 언제나 BTS를 사랑해주는 모습이 너무 보기 좋으네요. 앞으로도 우리 방탄님들 오래 오래 사랑해주시길 바라며…행복한 하루하루 되시길 빌어요. 😀

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