Bukid (Yamyam Gucong’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Bukid (Yamyam Gucong’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

I’ll be leaving school soon to help out at the field
like my siblings. Being a farmer is honest work. But I hope you finish
your studies. It will get you far in life. That way, you can help your
family and other people. Think about that, okay? Eat up, kids. Eat up. It’s good, right? Can you wrap up some food
for my siblings? – Please add some noodles.
– Okay. Happy fiesta, everybody! Cuz, is that you? Yup, yup, yup! – Hi, Ma.
– My son is here. Have you eaten? You look like a city boy! Of course!
That’s what Cebu does to you. Why? What do you do in Cebu? I work in a furniture shop. We make the table,
the chair, the flower vase. Get it? Even though you didn’t
finish school? Of course. I didn’t finish
grade school. Are you sure about going
to Cebu with your cousin? City life is chaotic.
It’s nothing like our life here. Take care of yourself. If it gets too hard,
you can come home. [LAUGHING] Are there kids working here? Anyway, I have to go. – Thank you, sir.
– I’ll be back soon. I told you to be vigilant. I don’t want to get in
trouble for child labor. I’m sorry, but this is
your last day in my shop. Boss, I really need this job. I’m helping my siblings
in Bohol. Please don’t fire me. Fine, but be careful next time. We will, boss. Thank you. Out of fear of losing my job,
I worked even harder. When I didn’t have work
at the furniture shop, I looked for other ways
to earn money. Papa was right.
Life in Cebu wasn’t easy. But I wanted to give
my family a better life. Pandesal!
Fresh from the oven! Hot bread from
your hot vendor! Pandesal! Here you go, kid. Thank you for the bread,
mister. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday,
happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Yam. Ma, Pa, I want to study again. I want to graduate. Son… Don’t you have an easier wish? Something that your mom
and I can grant. Son, please forgive us. A lot of us are working
in Cebu already, but money is still tight. We’re not earning much
in Cebu anyway. We can’t find a decent job because we weren’t able
to finish school. But there are also people who become successful
without a degree. Who knows, I might win
the lottery one day. We’ll be millionaires. How will you win if
you’re not even playing? Well, carabaos
don’t attend school, but they still survive. Have you ever seen
a carabao lawyer, doctor, policeman, or teacher? I may have the skin
of a carabao, but I won’t settle with
just working here. After I graduate,
I can find a decent job. We won’t starve. We’ll have our own house,
and land to plow. If someone gets sick, we can afford a good hospital. – But, son…
– Pa, trust me. Look at us. We’ve been breaking our backs,
but we’re still poor. Don’t worry, Pa, Ma. I’ll put myself through school. At 18, I went back to school
as a fifth grader. That time, my parents also
decided to return to Cebu. Good morning, classmates! [WHISPERING] A repeater, probably. [LAUGHS] Hey! If I’m a tree giant,
all of you are dwarfs! Imps! [JEERING]
– Imps! But I’m the tree giant
who will defend you guys! [JEERING] Quiet, class! Deeper! Gucong? Ma’am! I’m glad you went
back to school! I’m happy to see you here! Yes, Ma’am Aira.
I need to do this. I’m not getting any younger. Wow. I can already see that
you will go a long way. – You think so, ma’am?
– Of course! I’ll get going, ma’am! Since I have a long way to go! [LAUGHS] – You’re such a kidder!
– Run after me, ma’am! [LAUGHS] Can you stay at home
for a few days? No one will look after Sarah. Your dad has to go to Cebu
for a construction project. I’ll go with him
and find work there. But it’s exam week, Mom. Can somebody else
look after her? The others will tend the farm. What should we do? I can’t miss my exams. Tell me. Would you rather take
the exam and starve? I’m just asking for a
little understanding. I’m not asking you for
money for my studies. I’m just asking
for your support. I’m doing this for– For what? So that you won’t
end up like us? You haven’t accomplished
anything yet! I’m the head of the family. I said you won’t go to school. Did you hear me? Stop it. I’m hungry. Ssh. Later. Sorry, ma’am. Sarah, you want this?
Here, take it. Hey, thanks. Sarah. Take this, too. Thank you so much. Gucong, William B. Elementary graduate,
most obedient. Congratulations, son. Looks like you’ll finally
be hired for that job you’re applying for in Cebu. I want to finish
high school too, Dad. I want to be a teacher. I continued my studies
in high school. There, I found new friends
who became my partners in achieving my dreams. You know what you need
right now? Inspiration. A girlfriend, love. Nah, that’s just a distraction. Here. Take a look at this. There. You’re giving me your
cell phone? Thank you No! I’m giving you the
number of a girl I met. Why don’t you text her? Who knows, maybe
she’s the one for you. [LAUGHS] Hurry up and write it down. [LAUGHS] And why are you even nervous? She already agreed to be
your girlfriend, right? This is our first time
meeting in person. What if my looks turn her off? She looks so beautiful
in pictures. There she is. Yam? That’s me. This is for you. – Thank you.
– Elaine. Good morning, sir. Papa. Papa? Yam, this is my father. He’s the principal of
the elementary school. This is William… …my boyfriend. I don’t want you
going on dates here. And if you’re serious
about my daughter, we need to talk. All I want is for Elaine
to finish her studies. And if you’re going
to interfere with that, I suggest you stay away
from my daughter. I won’t, sir. I’m truly in love
with your daughter. You see, I also dream of
finishing my studies. Anyway, ABS-CBN is in
Tagbilaran right now. They’re having auditions
for Star Hunt ! Let’s go! Star Hunt? What is that? It’s a talent search, Yamyam! Who knows, maybe
it’s our chance to become PBB housemates, right? Yeah! No time for that! Besides, there’s no more
room in the showbiz world for me and Piolo Pascual. [LAUGHS] See? You’re funny!
You can be a comedian. Come on, you should audition. Let’s go. Coming from different
parts of the Philippines, our star dreamers showcased
different kinds of talent to get noticed and to
impress our star hunters. It’s so unfair. We gave all our best but
why isn’t it enough? What else do they want? What else do we need to do? Did we do something wrong? The only thing you did wrong was you misread the
audition schedules. Today is the kids’ audition. I’m sorry, okay?
I was just too excited. Why don’t we practice? Let’s stay the night here so we’ll be early for
our audition tomorrow. Good thing I brought a blanket. Now, the short-listed
adult finalists for Star Hunt Bohol are… Yamyam. I have good news! You’ll see me on TV soon! Yam, we don’t have a TV. Oh, you’re right. But we can buy our own TV
once I become a celebrity! Ma, Pa… I’ll become an actor
in Manila! In your dreams, brother. It’s true! I passed the ABS-CBN Star Hunt
auditions in Tagbilaran. – What?
– Really? I can finally become
a celebrity! I may even become a contestant
on Pinoy Big Brother . I’ll be in
the Big Brother House! I’m not kidding! There are far more people
than opportunities in Manila. Not everyone who goes there
becomes successful. If I let my fear stop me, nothing will happen. Too much courage
will lead you nowhere. Listen to your father. Ma, they saw my potential. They recognized something
special in me. Why won’t you let me
pursue my dreams? We let you do anything
you want in Cebu. We even stayed with you
so you won’t be alone. Did it do you any good? We came back here
with nothing. You’ll stay here
and work in the fields. That’s where we belong! I don’t want a repeat of
what happened to Noel. And you think we do? You talk like you’re the
only one who lost someone, like you’re the
only one hurting. You lost your brother. But we lost our son. That’s why I’m doing this. Because you’ve grown used
to living with nothing. I’m sorry… That we ended up as
your parents… That I ended up
being your father. But I hope you know… It also pains me that I can’t give
you a better life. We’re not lazy. And we’re not bad people. But we never seem
to catch a break. When I passed the audition,
I thought… This must be the blessing
we’ve been waiting for. But if Papa thinks I’m doing
this to belittle him, I won’t go through with it. Because I love you
more than my dreams. But we shouldn’t stop you
from reaching your dreams. If you think going to Manila will help you fulfill
your dreams, I grant you my permission. I’ll talk to your father. Thank you, Ma. I was the first one to arrive,
so I looked around. “I did it. I’m one step
closer to my dream.” That’s what I was thinking
at that moment. Yamyam, take the gold medallion because you are
the first housemate who is part of the Big Four. Yamyam, congratulations! Thank you, Big Brother!
Thank you, Lord! – Yamyam!
– Yamyam! – We missed you!
– Our brother is a star! My brother is a star! How are you? – Do I look good on TV?
– Of course! You look better in person, son. We’re proud of you. I’m sorry, son. No, Pa.
I shouldn’t have doubted you. Yamyam! Yamyam! Our brother’s a star! You are the Ultimate
Big Winner, Yamyam! Kapamilya, let us all welcome the Pinoy Big Brother Otso
Ultimate Big Winner! Congratulations, Yamyam! Hello, Ma, Pa. Welcome to our new home. This place is beautiful! I still can’t believe it, Ma. I’m worried this is
all just a dream. Son… You’re not dreaming. You didn’t give up
on your dream. You did it. Thank you, son. You proved that anyone
can achieve their dream. We are told that if we face
life with a smile, the world smiles with us. We must always believe that
our dreams will come true at the right time. Yours truly, Yamyam.


  1. I love yamyam since the day the pbb otso starts,sana wag ka magbago yamyam,from cebu hopefully ma met kita in person,.😍😍😊😊forever idol,sana wag ka magbago ok,ang paa dapat nasa lupa lagi.

  2. Same kami ni kuya yamyam , nawalan din ako nang kapatid 😒 Idol na idol ng namatay kong kapatid si kuya yamyam bago pa siya nagkasakit 😒 mga january dun dun na siya nagkasakit…. Binoboto panga ng kapatid ko si kuya yamyam eh… Pag katapos nang kang kuya yamyam big winner , april 28 2019 namatay na kapatid ko 😒

  3. Sino dito naiyak sa kwento ni yam yam?

    β€œIsang kahig isang tuka β€œ. Ramdam ko ito 😭
    Kaya ako nagsusumikap sa buhay ngayon.

    -sino gusto pabisita jan.

  4. Sino dito naiyak sa kwento ni yam yam?

    β€œIsang kahig isang tuka β€œ. Ramdam ko ito 😭
    Kaya ako nagsusumikap sa buhay ngayon.

    -sino gusto pabisita jan.

  5. He really deserves to win..

    Sabi nga nila mahirap ang magin mahirap pero mas mahirap ang walang pangarap..
    Godbless yamyam..


  7. ang dami ko ng luha,bigla ako napa tawa nung nakita ko c You do noteπŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­Love yam yam

  8. 18 siya nag Grade 5,
    ako 18 nakapag Highschool

    elementary to highschool Working student ako, till now nag aaral pdn ako sa edad na 28, BSARCHITECTURE is just a dream pero kakayanin ko to.

    Im proud to brother Yam2, Nasa Dios ang awa nasa Tao ang Gawa.

    God Blessed you all guys.πŸ˜‡

  9. Gusto sana akong mag papadala ng aking nakaraan sa buhay paano??? Ano gagawin ko??? Pakitulong naman… God bless…

  10. naiyak ako. hindi ko man naranasan yung naranasan ni kuya yamyam pero naranasan ko na ring mapagsigawan ng Hindi na pumasok kasi walang pera.

  11. amPuti ng ngipin ni YamYam sa thumbnail πŸ˜²πŸ‘
    sino po may complete copy nitong mmk?, pahingi po ng link pls .. πŸ™ 'd q kc napaNuod at pinagpa2sahan un remote ng tv d tuloy napanuod .. πŸ˜”

  12. Ganitong ganito ang naranasan ko.. yung mga panahong sarili ko nalang ang naniniwala sa sarili ko..
    Very inspiring ang kwento mo Yamyam.. sana maging motivation ito sa mga taong wag sumuko sa pangarap nila.

  13. 😲 wow artista na c youdonot πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Congrats sa mga bagong talent sana lng di lumaki ang ulo😊 stay humble

  14. Sa kabila ng mga negatibong pag iisip ng tatay ni yamyam pero hnd pdin nawawalan ng pag asa sa buhay c yamyam. Yam pinahanga mo ako simula pa non una. Proud ako sayo yam push molng yan… Eto lng ang masasabe ko wag mo sana kalimutan n limungon saiyong pinagalingan. Godbless sayo my brother

  15. Napakabaet na bata mo yam yam. God bless you always. Binigay ni god. Na sayo na makalampas sa mga pag subok. Pray always yam yam. God loves you always

  16. Hindi ko mapigipan iyak ko ang gaganda ng mga sinabe ni yam talaga tumatak sa isip ko salamat sayo yam nag karuon ako ng lakas ng loob ng lumaban sa buhay maraming maraming salamat yum

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