Bulletproof Clothing

Bulletproof Clothing

I’m Ryan Duffy. And a few years ago, I got on
a plane, went to Bogota, Colombia, and asked a man
to shoot me in the ribs. The tailor’s name was
Miguel Caballero. He prefers his nickname, which
is the Armored Armani, which is pretty good. I mean, I don’t blame the guy. He took us on this big tour and
he showed us a facility in the warehouse where he
did the shooting, and he did the testing. And it’s a proper place with
soundproofed thing and the whole thing. I figured we’d be going
down there. All of a sudden, we’re just
halfway through the interview, and we’re sitting in his office,
and he goes, OK. You want to get shot? I was like, yeah, we might
as well do it. And I went to go get up,
and he’s like, no, no. I got it right here. Pulls it out of his desk drawer
and stands up and shoots me in his office
from six feet away. So here it is, my mom’s least
favorite piece of all time. Vice presents “The Bulletproof
Tailor.” So we’re here in Bogota,
Colombia, and we’re about to go see Miguel Caballero,
who’s been called the Armored Armani. He makes bulletproof gear, but
he makes fashion-forward lightweight bulletproof gear. So a nice blazer or an
overcoat, and even a bulletproof tie. The basic deal is for bodyguards
and for kind of VIPs, people who want to look
good and somewhat sharp and be comfortable while they’re
being shot at. You would think that with the
direction of world events, Miguel will probably be very
busy for a very long time. So we’re going to go talk to
Miguel, see how everything is made, and see if he won’t
let us take some of it for a test drive. So this is the tailoring
area of Miguel’s shop. All these women are working on
bulletproof vests and shirts and jackets for United
Nations, for various presidents, for local
police outfits– pretty much anyone who thinks
it’s a reasonable possibility that they’ll get shot. Where did the idea of
incorporating elements of actual fashion and design,
rather than just your standard bulky– RYAN DUFFY: Do you think this
will be everyday street wear at some point in the
not-so-distant future? That everyone will want to feel
protected, just in case? RYAN DUFFY: Jesus Christ. [KNOCKING] RYAN DUFFY: And so does
this one have plates in there, or no? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. RYAN DUFFY: Yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER: The plates do. RYAN DUFFY: Oh, wow. FEMALE SPEAKER: How
do you think that? RYAN DUFFY: It’s bulletproof. It’s about as heavy
as a wool sweater. Almost frighteningly so. RYAN DUFFY: And we’ve heard that
all employees get shot. Is that– is that part
of the deal? Everyone tests it out? RYAN DUFFY: Now we’re in the
ballistics area here, and we’re seeing where they kind
of test out all the vests. So apparently the deal is they
drop the material here, and then this plaster background
here serves as kind of a fill-in for the body so they
can see how much impact, whether the bullet’s puncturing
in too far or whatnot, based on the marks
on the plaster. Did you get shot? Do all employees get shot? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. RYAN DUFFY: Really? That’s part of the rule? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. This is the [INAUDIBLE]. RYAN DUFFY: We gotta take
it for a test ride. Let’s fucking shoot
me, Miguel. And how do you do that? How can the weight be so
markedly decreased? So– so much smaller? FEMALE SPEAKER: Kimono. This is for a special design
for Steven Seagal. RYAN DUFFY: So this, Steven
Seagal came and said, I– what’s his– who’s shooting
at Steven Seagal? Do you know? Wow. He’s a big motherfucker,
isn’t he? God damn. So this is, Steven
Seagal said, I’m really into this design. Can you guys make this? And this was custom-made
for Steven Seagal. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. We can mail your design
wherever you want. RYAN DUFFY: Yeah. Super light. But this has the padding
in it, right? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. RYAN DUFFY: So FEMALE SPEAKER: And look at–
this is very flexible. RYAN DUFFY: Yeah,
it really is. You sure that stops bullets? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. Of course. RYAN DUFFY: Steven Seagal. Who are some of the other names
that we would know? RYAN DUFFY: Where else
are your big markets? RYAN DUFFY: If I was going
to go into the boutique in Mexico and just– I needed something. What does an average
jacket go for now? RYAN DUFFY: So where am I
getting shot, exactly? FEMALE SPEAKER: Here. RYAN DUFFY: Here? Really? That’s OK? It ends right there. RYAN DUFFY: This is
two, three, boom. One, two, three, boom. RYAN DUFFY: [EXHALES] MIGUEL CABALLERO: Yeah, OK. That’s all. RYAN DUFFY: OK. RYAN DUFFY: Oh, that’s
just muscle? MIGUEL CABALLERO: Yeah. RYAN DUFFY: But if it goes
through there, we have a bit of a problem, right? There’s a bunch of organs
and shit in there. [LAUGHTER] MIGUEL CABALLERO: Be
cool, my friend. Be cool. RYAN DUFFY: Man, I look cool. I can’t not be cool
in this jacket. It is suede. I wonder if it’s waterproof. Oh, you like that with the
collar up a little more, huh? RYAN DUFFY: We’ve been told
that Miguel here is the world’s premiere bulletproof
tailor. But you know, there’s a lot of
bullshit in advertising, so we’re gonna take it
for a test ride. MIGUEL CABALLERO: OK. Uno, dos– [GUNSHOT] MIGUEL CABALLERO: Tres. Come out here to– RYAN DUFFY: A little sneak
attack there, huh? Very clever. MIGUEL CABALLERO: Check
the bullets. That’s only– nothing? RYAN DUFFY: Nothing. MIGUEL CABALLERO: You felt
something like this, yes? RYAN DUFFY: Yeah. Wasn’t bad, man. Oh. My knee is shaking. MIGUEL CABALLERO:
That’s for you. It’s a souvenir. RYAN DUFFY: Oh, my souvenir. Look at that. MIGUEL CABALLERO: It’s
there, you know? RYAN DUFFY: That’s what
he just shot me with. [GUNSHOT] MIGUEL CABALLERO: No,
no, don’t worry. RYAN DUFFY: That didn’t
hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. So that’s the bullet and
that’s how it ends up. That’s fucking crazy. He did the pediatrician trick,
like when you go to get a shot when you’re little, and he’s
like, on three, I’m going to stick you. And you go, one, two, and
then he sticks you? He did that to me. Just now. And it worked.


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  2. LMFAO who the fuck is shooting at Steven seagal absolutely nobody the answer is absolutely nobody

  3. " I shoot all my employees…a kind of quality control" in other words don't screw up your job or you or someone here is going to die! There had better be one hell of an employee benefit package for someone to work there!!!

  4. a close distance shot sometimes doesn t let a bullet reach its full muzzle or maximum velocity, specially with small or poor filled calibers.

  5. It would be cool if there was a little layer slightly above the armor that was filled with red liquid, that sort of resembles blood, because no one shoots a guy again who is bleeding and is still standing up as if nothing happened the way I see it this is the best way to scare people into thinking that you are an Immortal being, of course that also comes with the fact that you'll have to replace the red liquid every once in a while, but it would still be cool

  6. That's awesome, I'd love to work there and help people, plus get short on the weekends to test outfits and different levels of protection with different levels of caliber

  7. The fact that that didn't even hurt when he got shot means that either 1. that was some little baby round made for those tests or 2. That jacket was made to for a MUCH higher protection level than that round.

  8. The only people shooting at steven segal is any critic of literally any movie he made….that or the fale ninjas in his mind

  9. They really work, I bought some for the wild turkey in the wildlife conservation many people got caught trying to hunt illegally. They were shocked when the turkey just kept struttin it's stuff…

  10. Incredible. If I had the money I'd buy stuff like this. Doesn't matter if I'm at high risk or not. Always good to be prepared always. I would imagine that most parents would want their kids to wear this stuff to school. "Regular" body armor would alarm most people. Maintaining a low profile is always a good thing.

  11. 6:56 Yes, right after ISIS and Cartels the "Hip Hop people " would really need thisπŸ˜‹
    I love this guy!

  12. Worlds biggest irony When a guy from one of the most dangerous Countries in the world knows the dangers of being bla— (Hip Hop) in America lol..

    😏 ohh the irony!

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