Camping in the Pacific Northwest!

Camping in the Pacific Northwest!

[Kristina] Hello, YouTube!
I am going camping this weekend with my buddies [Joe] Hiii! [Eia] Woohoo!
[Kristina] And we’re currently waiting in line To get on a ferry and
we’re in a really long line I’d show you but…
ah! I could show you. Here Here’s the line We’re going camping and
it’s gonna be super fun And this is a camping trip that
my family goes on every year for Memorial Day And they’ve both gone. I don’t think
I’ve ever filmed anything on this trip [Joe] I’ve filmed a video on this trip before
[Kristina] Oh really? [Joe] Yeah
[Kristina] Oh, so you guys might actually [Kristina] Know all about this trip already
[Joe] (laughs) [Kristina] If you follow Joe’s channel
but I’m gonna take you on my camping weekend For the first time ever. I’m excited! [Kristina] Look who we found! Now we’re on the ferry – you can’t really see it…
oh there it comes All right and we’re playing Get Bit Look! I’m the green one. I’m not gonna get bit There’s the shark The shark already has two limbs (laughs) This is Eia and I. Inside the shark’s body.
We’re having a party I think Eia passed out. Oh no!
Your bandanna’s coming off [Jenn] Bandanna?
[Kristina] Bandanna! [Justin] I heard “banana”
[Kristina] Banana (laughs) We got here! I know it looks like we aren’t
anywhere different cause we’re still in the car But we got here and we’re going out to tide flats
and I can’t wait to show you What shucking oysters is like.
It’s gonna be so exciting [Kristina] Have you ever shucked an oyster?
Or dug clams? [Jenn] No
[Kristina] No… Eia, have you? [Eia] Yes!
[Kristina] Rachael? [Kristina] Have you shucked an oyster before?
[Rachael] No [Kristina] But you’ve dug clams, right?
[Rachael] Yes [Kristina] OK. Nick’s a pro
[Nick] I’m a pro [Kristina] Joe?
[Joe] Yep! I’ve done it [Joe] I’m not as good as Kristina though
[Kristina] Oh yeah. I am pro status, you’ll see [Bonnie] Professional shucker right here
[Kristina] Yep! ((sound of wind gusting))
It might be very windy out here But these are the tide flats.
We have to walk along this path To get out to where you do
the clam digging and the oyster shucking This is my uncle Dale. I don’t know
if you’ve ever been in my videos [Kristina] Have you?
[Dale] Hello! Oh, I’ve… all the time [Kristina] Oh, maybe back in the day
[Dale] (laughs) [Kristina] And then those are all our oysters.
Yeah! Good job [Kristina] Justin, you got one open yet?
[Justin] I have not… this is… [Justin] I’ve been trying for like five to seven minutes
and I still haven’t got one open [Kristina] You’ll get there
[Jenn] You can do it [Kristina] I’m gonna do another close-up
on these oysters. God those are gross [Kristina] Here are the tide flats.
Here’s all the people that are digging clams And shucking oysters [Jenn] (laughs) My hair… it won’t leave my nose [everyone] (laughs) [Kristina] All right! Hey!
[everyone] (applauds and cheers) [Kristina] Good job! [everyone] (cheers and applauds) [Kristina] That’s the only one I’m putting in the video [Kristina] Oh sure. One-shot Jenn
[Jenn] I’ve done this before [Kristina] Oh cool. Bird rock…
Oh wait, we’re missing Justin. Hold on [Kristina] Swing and a miss…
OK, I feel better [Kristina] Yeah! [Kristina] Check out this fire
[Eia] (whooshing sounds) [Kristina] Whoa! Eia, it’s getting bigger as you do that [Jenn] She’s a witch! [Kristina] It is Saturday, no… Saturday morning?
[Joe] Hi! [Kristina] Sunday morning. It is Sunday morning!
And we are making omelettes in a bag This is my fancy bag full of egg stuff. So you pick
all of your ingredients and then you put it in the bag Then you put all of them in the kettle together And then everyone’s eggs get cooked exactly
the way they want them [Justin] I wanted mine not cooked
[Kristina] Then you don’t put it in there, Justin [Kristina] You just drink it
[Justin] They’re not cooked the way I wanted! [Kristina] (laughs)
[Justin] Oh, that would be gross to just drink it [Kristina] Too late! That’s what you asked for I was really cold and I didn’t have a hood So I found the next best thing [Kristina] (laughs) So now I’m doing really well [Kristina] How are you doing?
[Joe] Great! [Kristina] (laughs) [Kristina] Here’s what the finished omelette looks like.
Joe, how’s yours? [Joe] Delicious but it’s really hot [Kristina] Mmm?… Mmm?… Mmm?… Yeah! [Nick] I was about ten seconds away
from asking if anyone wanted that [Kristina] Oh man, yes
[Becky] …so they use this sort of hydraulic hose [Becky] To loosen up the sediment so that they can kind of release the suction and pull the… [Kristina] Jenn… Joe, you getting the… [Joe] Only you! [Kristina] Yeah. I’m in!
[Joe] Only you! [Kristina] Here. I need a hug. Can I have a hug? [Kristina] Thanks Smokey [Jenn] (quietly) I really wanna try the rice
but the whole thing just scares me [Kristina] We are rolling lemons right now.
They’re the biggest… can we get like a size reference? [Kristina] Can you hold this up to your face?
[Joe] Yeah [Kristina] Biggest. Lemon.
[Jenn] No but do like this one [Kristina] Do that one
[Jenn] (laughs) [Eia] Or Tina’s
[Kristina] Do it with Eia’s face – she has a smaller face [Joe] Oh yeah. Eia’s face is big
[Kristina] So big [Kristina] So we’re rolling the lemons
so that we can make Shake a Yucca You’ll see… I’m gonna keep you
on board the whole process [Kristina] But, stage one – roll lemons
[Joe] Yeah! [Kristina] Remember how I said I was gonna
take you through every step of Shake a Yucca? [Kristina] Well, I…
[Jenn] We put the ice and the vodka and the sugar in [Kristina] I forgot
[Jenn] And the lemons and the limes [Eia] Did we show cutting up the…
[Kristina] No – we showed them nothing [Kristina] We showed them lemons
[Jenn] We might have pre-gamed a little bit [Kristina] That’s fine. Put the lid on Put this towel around it Start shaking… start shaking (laughs) [Kristina] All right. Now we do this for like an hour.
Or more [Eia] Gotta swaddle
[Jenn] The world’s drunkest baby [Eia] We gotta swaddle it
[Kristina] You gotta swaddle the lemons and vodka [Joe] Call it “Swaddles”
[Eia] We call him “Swaddles” [Kristina] Somehow Joe got roped into
playing with all of the kids And I’m not really sure how
because we are all over here Oh no! Oh no! We got a kid down We’re all over here drinking by the fire Joe’s over there! [Kristina] Justin! How’s it going?
[Jenn] That’s what you do with it [Kristina] Yeah – thanks Jenn!
[Justin] Uhh… shakey [Kristina] Yeah?… Awesome [Kristina] Dad, how was day two clam digging?
[Randy] It was good [Randy] Very, very nice out there
compared to yesterday [Kristina] Oh I bet
[Jenn] Maybe not raining sideways [Kristina] Yeah! (laughs)
[Randy] Oh there’s no wind out there now [Randy] It’s beautiful
[Kristina] What? There’s so much wind [Kristina] Going on a rescue mission (kids shouting and laughing)
[Kristina] Joe’s getting tackled Joe’s getting tackled to within an inch of his life [Joe] Arrrrrr!… Aaargggh!
(kids laughing) [Joe] Arrrgh…
[Kristina] Any last words? [Joe] Um, I… I win! [Joe] (muffled) I got ’em right where I want ’em [Joe] (inaudible)
[Kristina] Joe… Joe… [Joe] (laughs) [Kristina] When Nick was driving here,
he hit an air mattress out in the wild And now he has to scrape it off the front of his truck [Kristina] It is the last morning of camping
and who will win the tent takedown races? Will it be Nick? Oh crap, it might be Nick [Nick] Gross!
[Kristina] What? [Nick] There’s like ten slugs underneath my tent [Kristina] Oh God, oh it’s horrible [Kristina] Nick, they wanted to snuggle with you We all learned something here today Slugs love my brother [Nick] Yes
[Kristina] Nick’s got a bad case of the slugs [Kristina] So we found this thing But look what happens when Jenn
tries to step on the… [Jenn] I mean, it feels…
[Kristina] Oh, it’s pretty solid [Jenn] (squeals) Oh, a frog there (laughs)
[Kristina] Oh my God [Jenn] I’m out! [Kristina] What are you? We stopped in Port Gamble on the way home
cause it’s like so nice out after a weekend of rain [Kristina] We had to get ice cream… cheers
[Joe] Cheers [Kristina] And now we’re just hanging
cause we’re not ready to go home yet [Eia] Hanging in 1912
[Kristina] Yeah (laughs) I think this is the end of our trip.
We are taking the ferry home On Monday. And we’re sitting up on the top
which is awesome This has been Memorial Day weekend
in the Northwest Thank you for coming along with me
on our camping journey [Kristina] And I will see you next time. Bye guys!
[Joe] Bye!


  1. I feel like this is such a normal and fun trip for those of us in the PNW, but anyone one in the south or whatever is gonna be really People always ask me why our beach is so gloomy but I love it!

  2. My husband and I took our kids camping in Port Angeles a few weekends ago. Such a beautiful area. Glad to see a fellow Washingtonian enjoying the camping in our area! 🙂

  3. Yeah I think you may have made a video a couple years ago on your second channel from your trip. Though I enjoyed this one a lot too!

  4. I WOULD be interested in you making a more in depth video about your strangely vast knowledge of shellfish.

  5. Recently visited the PNW for the first time. Had a day and a half of camping, and that was without a doubt the best part of the trip. Can't wait to go back!

  6. omg it's so nice to see a video from you again! and this one was SO CUTE AND WONDERFUL. (minus the oyster shucking because no thank you hahah.)

  7. The box thing on a pole at 8:31 is actually housing for bats! 🙂 This entire video looked like it was so much fun omg 😀

  8. I just moved to the PNW! It's super cool to see some shots of stuff around where I live! I'll have to check out the Hood Canal area. Still haven't made is over to Seattle yet.

  9. It was amazing to see how much fun you guys were having. Though it may have made me a little sad since I moved to Korea and I haven't been able to have these kinds of adventures in quite some time.

  10. you have uploaded clips of your camping trip but never a whole video about it from what i remember. That waterfall was gorgeous ♥.

  11. Looks like Dosewallips!! And the waterfall!! Port Gamble! Those are all on my side of the puget sound! ^.^ The water was a lot higher at the bottom of the falls when I went. We couldn't scale the waterfall like that, and my friend dunked herself in the water. We've probably also sat on the same log joe was on. Haha. That's awesome. I love seeing familiar places in the vlogs I watch. 😀

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