Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil (HBO)

Campus Argument Goes Viral As Evergreen State Is Caught In Racial Turmoil (HBO)

Last month, Evergreen State College
in Washington went crazy— when a professor of evolutionary biology named
Brett Weinstein objected to a Day of Absence— when white students and faculty
were asked to voluntarily leave campus. Weinstein branded it a form of racial segregation. A group of student protesters called him a racist. The confrontation incited further protests, debates over free speech, and claims
of systemic racism on campus. And things haven’t calmed down. Tomorrow, Evergreen will hold its graduation… at an off-campus location… 40 miles away. — This is the video, viewed by millions, that put Evergreen State and Weinstein
in the national spotlight. — “This is not a discussion—you have lost that one.” — Yeah, “you’ve lost that one.” — So what are they doing here
if they don’t want to talk to you? — Well, this is part-and-parcel of their central note— they’re just shutting down somebody
that they don’t want to hear from. — Weinstein has taught at Evergreen State for 14 years. He describes himself as “deeply progressive,” but has been denounced as racist tool of
the alt-right by some students and faculty. — Weinstein objected to the Day of Absence
in a “formal protest” email to colleagues, arguing that, quote, “one’s right to speak,
or to be, must never be based on skin color.” Calls for his resignation followed. — By virtue of the way they constructed this, you were making a statement by being
on campus that you were not an ally. And I feel like I am an ally to people of
color in their attempts to gain equity. — Do you have a sense at this point
of why they want you to resign? — Well, they think that I’m a racist. Because if you stand up against one of these
things because you think it’s ill-considered, that you will be branded as a racist. — We just wanted to be like, until you’re accountable for these actions,
you don’t get to teach students at Evergreen. You don’t get to spread this problematic
rhetoric and instill it in students. — So at this point, we would like Bret to be fired. But that isn’t happening. The administration is refusing to take action. They’re choosing to protect this white
cis-male professor over its students. — Later that day, the students held a raucous meeting at
which they presented a list of demands, including the disarming of campus police and
mandatory sensitivity training for all faculty. It’s the one point on which
the protesters and Weinstein agree: Evergreen’s embattled President,
George Bridges, has mishandled the crisis. — I think their concerns are legitimate. They’re articulating ideas that have to do
with race, ethnicity, power, privilege, and we’re taking a look at them. — People were criticizing you for using hand gestures. — Absolutely. They were. — That seems crazy to people
from the outside of Evergreen. — It may, but it’s noise. — But the noise has been effective. — I mean, it essentially sounded
like you’re being held hostage there. — If you were gonna go to the bathroom,
you have to go with two escorts. Is that true? — That’s what the students felt was true. — I was going to go to the bathroom—
— What do you mean, that’s what the students…? — Well, that’s what they said,
if you want to go to the bathroom— I was going to go to the bathroom regardless,
and they wanted to escort me. — I felt very safe there.
— Why? — Why what? — Why did they want to escort you to the bathroom? — I don’t know. — Did you ask them? — No, of course not. — The situation on campus grew even more
inflamed after Weinstein went on Fox News. The protesters say his appearance
provoked threats from the alt-right. — Although Bret has not personally said, you know, “Go out and attack these students,
go out and threaten these students,” that has been the result of his actions. He has incited white supremacists and he
has validated white supremacists and Nazis in our community and in the nation. And I don’t think that should be
protected by free speech. — We received a threat saying that people come here and execute every
single person they see on campus— at that point… yeah, fuck free speech. — When we’re dead, when people die,
and you’re sitting here like, “Well, at least they got
to practice their free speech.” I’m so sorry about it, your free speech is not more important than the lives of, like, black-trans-femmes
and students on this campus. — Yes! — Hate to break it to you. — The protests have been effective, but it’s unclear if they’re widely supported. Many students told us that they’ve
been hesitant to publicly dissent. Kirstin, who also didn’t want us to use her last name, is one of Weinstein’s students: — I’m afraid of having a nuanced opinion, because I’m afraid that my opinions
and I will be stigmatized. — It’s a rather strange sentence
to hear on a university campus— “I’m fearful of my nuanced opinion.” — So I feel that I do not have the ability to speak, if I have disagreements with the methods
that are being used in the protests. — There is this issue of what
I can say and what I can’t say, and who’s going to dismiss me
or demean me for saying it. And that is new in the American discourse. — A student told me that you’re a white supremacist. — I’m assuming the students have
said lots of things about me. I don’t believe I am. — You don’t believe you are,
but you accept that you might be. — No. Well—it depends on what you mean
by a “white supremacist.” What does that mean? I’m a white person in a position of privilege. — Okay. I guess that’s part of the confusion for me, is the precision of language seems to be
being lost in a lot of this conversation. — It is. — Bridges has acceded to
many of the students’ demands. But there’s a demand he hasn’t given into— that Weinstein be fired. Weinstein won’t rule out the possibility
that he’s taught his last class at Evergreen. But if comes back to teach next semester,
he can expect the protests to continue. — I don’t care what happens to Bret anymore. He can go and be racist and be a piece
of shit wherever he wants to do that. Hopefully, long-term,
we can just weed out people like Bret. — At this point, why not beat a hasty retreat and say,
“There’s no point in doing this”? — Frankly, every student in that hallway who had chosen to make that protest has
Ia clue about where they are going wrong. But I think that my standing there did some good.


  1. And as well as these kids who are being indulged so badly that it is actually damaging them,we have Greta Thunberg who for some unknown reason politicians are falling over themselves to give concessions to…It is time adults were adults and kids knew their place.

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  3. THis remind me of the german Movie "Die WXelle" (The wave) in which a teatcher teach his class how totalitarianism takes hold in society… Very disturbing movie, more now than I saw those freaks…

  4. They keep accusing of him being racists. Do they even realize they are the racist ones? A day on campus for black people only? Could you imagine, if you had the same thing for white people? Do they know what Segregation is? That's what they are calling for, and when the professor writes a letter saying he is against that, he is the racists? excuse me?

    Typical Democrats, they were Segregation back in the 60s and they are for it now.

  5. How dare the reported to ask the professor to retreat at the end? I can't wait for 2020 . I will t- shirts with quotes made to make snowflake ❄ cringe.

  6. I can't stand listening to the horseshit that keeps coming out of this girl's mouth. Holy shit, how indoctrinated is she?

  7. The short-haired bleached blonde shows some duping delight in her smile. It would appear that she finds 'white cis males' and that kind of jargon to be absolutely hilarious.

  8. When the adults are bleeding hearts when the kids watch too much cnn when everyone feels the need to tell everyone what they think and expect it to be law this is what happens it would save tons of future problems to just drop a nuclear bomb on whole school

  9. Where is the malitia the swat team and the national guard all these protesters should be arrested for disturbing the peace and expelled.

  10. Time for the far right to take control of America. And by far right I mean the actual far right. The left has become childish and silly. We now need white supremacists, the KKK, white ethno nationalists to take control of the country. My advice to you Americans: as your population grows exponentially, space and resources will become more valuable. The government will understand that tyrannical control over the people is the only way of avoiding outright chaos. So, therefore, you need to buy more high powered weapons, ammunition, grow your own food etc. It's coming guys.

  11. Fucking leftist. Please stfu or go away. The rest of us are tired of your "victim" mentality and we dont care about your feelings. Your problems are not my problems. I dont care about you and expect the same from your crybaby asses.

  12. Wow, I had idea this happened, I heard people were getting fired but I didn't really believe it, this is ridiculous, an absolute breakdown of our already terrible, failing education system, fuckn snowflake's.😭😭

  13. I want to buy a MAGA hat and go to this campus, it would be fun, so many snowflake's, so many tears, I would die of laughter.😂🤣😂🤣

  14. Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.

    It’s actually funny how the people who are teaching these students all these lies are the ones who are getting taken down first… that president is a waste of space, the guy has no dignity, he needs to resign and let a real man take over job.

  15. Why are the kids calling teachers by their first name ?? When I was in collage they where Mr. or Mrs. or Dr . I don't think I want my children to go to collage anymore.

  16. Dumb self obsessed narcissistic little cunts empowered to act as fascists by a stupid marxist college.
    Sucked in Lefties!

  17. Omg. This is what the rich gave us, with all their special schools and what not? These retarted little brats. Most of them are fucking white.

  18. Universities need to start accepting less students. The levels of intelligence among student bodies have fallen below zero nation-wide.

  19. Sad indictment on the mentality of those students. A pity this is tolerated in a university. How dare the students adopt an attitude that would not be out of place at a fascist or Nazi rally. Those students are ignorance personified. They have a hard neck. Put them in a gulag for a month. That will put manners on them

  20. Why do we tolerate this? They're the entitled brats and it's so sad to see the campus president defend these fucking morons.

  21. Wow just Wow. All them wonderful people who had to fight everyday for no segregation and wanted everyone to be judged by there character alone, what a bloody spit in the eye for them, especially the black community who faced real sick racism everyday for years and years. What they was fighting for was right and proper humane. This this shambles is literally sticking 2 fingers up to those people. Makes me sick this ain’t progressive it’s regressive. Humans are humans all unique in there own right. No humans should be put in box’s due to colour race religion nothing

  22. "I believe that children are our future, let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside…"

  23. When someone starts cursing at you, it no longer becomes a discussion, or debate, but intimidation and harrassment.

  24. I remember when I was attending the university a student told me that if I did not attend their LGBTQ meetings I would be considered an enemy. However, in reality I simply did not have time for that, because I was only focusing on earning my degree and graduating to start my career.

  25. Where are their parents who are probably paying for the college tuition . Yes now I remember, their part of the problem !

  26. I’m still confused why there were white protestors allowed lol. The group of people at 4:55 has me rollinggggg. Good for them though, they’re finding something to try to do lol

  27. My man with the streamers in his hair looks like singer "Cisco "from the group dru hill. Lol what he doing up at evergreen college ? Weird !!! " whose that alt left protestor dressed so scandalous with a look in his eyes so devilish. He's trying to connect the racist dots while living la Vida loca. He had lace gloves like Madonna what what. Professors move your butt butt. The protest us wrong wrong wrong wrong instead of fhong fhong thong thong !!" Haha

  28. This is so fucking disgusting. This is the product of liberal indoctrination, and these little fucks are going to destroy this country. It enrages me so much.

  29. I believe that theirs only so many types of people and they change. The right used to be like this with things like the kkk and Nazi's, now it is the left. The right used to criticize uncensored things like videogames and movies for being to violent and would make people mass shooters or something of that sort. The left now is shaming the Joker movie coming out and many other things. I think these are the same people doing these things just switching sides.

  30. These children / students are as disrespectful as any I have seen in my 71 years. Calling the president of the college by his first name and using profanity over and over ….then if all the crazy things I have ever heard as a teacher they say F …free speech ?? Boy are they taking free speech for granted …

    They can support their gay and trans friends but WILL learn eventually you should never cut your nose off to spite your face….. good luck with your protest kids because you’re just digging into a deeper hole that you may not be able to crawl out of later when going for a job interview! I sure wouldn’t ever hire any of you weirdO’s!!

    This blonde haired weird girl and the pink haired very weird boy/girl are going to see that when they get out in the REAL world with those weird ass looks that they won’t be very well accepted in the work place except maybe the circus.

    “ F ….Free Speech ! I can imagine there are people in other countries, including ours, who died for freedom of speech who are rolling in their graves at these ingrates and their spouted wording!

  31. Jesus Christ I thought Vice was gonna try and spin this with their normal liberal bullshit rhetoric, but they didn't do it too much. Good for them. The world has gone to shit.

  32. This is what happens when you lower the entry requirements to a college for a certain ethnic minority you get ghetto thugs…

  33. 4:04 she blames winesten for her and the other students actions because she thinks it's his fault 4 being held hostage

  34. Wait, why does this weird school have no evolutionary biology programs but "evolutionary studies" which si right wing, while attended by a LARGE and incredibly insanely vocal annoying SJW activists? THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I SMELL A VERY LARGE COMPLEX SET UP.

  35. A group of racist students telling white professors and students they can’t come to the college for the day.

    When white people show up to go to either their job or the place they payed to attend. They’re called White supremacist.

    When are we as a society going to stop catering to these insane people.

  36. These people are so fucking LOST and clueless. Strange how America gives birth to the biggest non sense and worst human beings in the world…

  37. I don't feel much empathy for these lecturers. They have brought this upon themselves by empowering the students with this awful rhetoric.

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