Cardboard Warfare 2.5: World of Warplanes

Cardboard Warfare 2.5: World of Warplanes

Cardboard Warfare 2.5: World of Warplanes love it HAPPYYYY HAPPYYYY HAPPYYYY [all in the distance] BIRTHDAY Hey Lou, check under your seat man, we left you a little present Are you guys serious? Mom actually sent you a letter too. Oh my god it’s mom’s recipe Dear little Loius Christiensen enjoy the laxative cake But really, Loius we love you so much, we pray for your safety everyday It’s hard to believe you and your brother have been gone for 4 years. Seems like forever. I’m glad the war is going to be over soon, hon Stay strong and be safe!!! Happy Birthday. Love, Mom.*inaudible HQ flying on fumes over almost home. Captain, there’s been a change in plans. We’ve spotted 6 axis bombers with fighter escorts inbound to our munitions plants in Liverpool. We need you to alter your course and engage. If we lose the munitions plants…we lose the war. First thing, we land, refuel immediatel. Negative captain, your orders are to engage. You’re the only ones who can reach them in time. We’re all counting on you captain. Give ’em hell. We’re not making it back are we? We are grade A American pilots and I think we can all agree that we need to get home for mom and Christiansons apple crisp. Now let’s go fuckin’ do this Alright boys, take out these 6 bombers and head home Stick with your wing man, stay out of the storm. Like I always say, can’t fly a soggy plane. Let’s do it! BOOOOM!! Nice and easy, 5 to go. FREDDY BREAK LEFT *inaudible Get down Lou hit the *inaudible Woohoo, alright louie! Gimme that gun! DROPPIN PAST, DROPPIN PAST! I’m on your 6 I got you Tim. Twooo downn. Alright cap only 4 to go, we got this. bomber left 11! Left 11! Pressing! AHHHHHH Kirby’s Down! Break, break. Damnit! AHHHHHH I’m hit Lou, losing altitude! There’s one more brother, you’ve got this! AHHHHHHH! NOO! DAN YOU SON OF A BITCHH! The End!


  1. Isn’t the planes suppose to be suppose to be British fighters since the bombers are attacking Liverpool? And the bombers are a prototype and never used

  2. Dude I remember back when I first saw these. And it's just as awesome everytime. GREAT work to your whole crew.

  3. When you see a p-38 do a nose dive when in reality it was notorious for not being able to recover from them.

  4. something off…
    bombers (did not existed but only existed on blueprint)
    another thing on bombers (turrets are in the wrong place)
    Liverpool? German bombers can only reach northern parts of England
    these american fighters were built later on the war when the allies chased Germans from France
    P-47 warhawk was only used for a period in the Pacific theater

  5. I know it’s fake but why were there only 6 bombers and not 100 or more? 4:20 why didn’t he eject? Same as 4:40

  6. Better aerial battle than star wars space battles. The original. Not some crappy remake. Thanks again Marcia Lucas.

  7. if this is like 1945 there really shouldn't be a Luftwaffe beacause it had been destoryed in the years prior although this could happened I would doubt it

  8. And here we witness the beautiful skies

    USA: skrrrrrra bboboobobobobobo boom rrrrrrrttrrtrtrtrttrtrtrtrtrtr hdhsnrjudiskkwkwphssstsm

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