Cardi B Liked Being a Stripper

Cardi B Liked Being a Stripper

All right, so let’s
talk about you. You’re from the Bronx,
and you’re 25 years old. And, what were
you like as a kid? As a kid, I was
always the funny kid. I always used to get
kicked out of class. It was like, Belcalis,
and I was like, OK I know. [CROWD LAUGHS] Get to the principal’s office. For acting up? I wasn’t a bad kid, I was just– I was just very
disruptive I don’t know, it’s just so hard not
to tell jokes and stuff. Yeah, well it’s good. What you’re doing
is disruptive, which is the most important thing
in the music industry. You want to be disruptive. You want to introduce
something new, which is what you’re doing. Yeah, but it wasn’t
that good in school. Oh, no? It wasn’t good to be disruptive. But you were a good
student, I heard. On things that I liked, yes. Like I was really
good in history. Ugh. Look at you. [CROWD LAUGHS] Who– are you– who is your– where you got that picture? I don’t know. I think I have that up
in my dressing room. I have that framed. How old were you there? Look at you, with your rose. Is that like a– 17. You were 17. And did you have any– did
you want to be a rapper, then? I always wanted to be an artist,
but I just gave up on my dream. Because I felt like, hmm,
music is not paying my bills. Right. So, and that’s when
you became a stripper. Yes. OK. And how long did you do that ? I did that for 19,
20, 21 like three– 3 and 1/2 years. Three years. And did you like it? Hell yeah. [CROWD APPLAUDS] I did. Tell me why. I mean, a lot of people want
me to be like, oh, I hated it. I don’t recommend it to nobody. I don’t recommend
it to everybody because it’s not for everybody. But it made me money,
it paid my bills. It got me my own apartment,
it got me my boob job. You know what I’m saying? I had about $20,000 when I
was 20 years old already. And it just helped
me a lot, you know? Yeah. And then how did you
make the transition then, from that to rapper? I did the transition because I
started getting a lot of money. And the money I made, I used
it to invest in my dream. In yourself. Yes, in my dream. And then the VH1
show helped you. Or were you kind of
famous before that? I already had like a billion– a million and something
followers on Instagram. What helped me was
my personality. My personality took me places,
you know what I’m saying? Yes. Who would’ve known? [LAUGHS] [CROWD LAUGHS] Well, all your classmates knew. Your teachers knew,
your classmates knew. But I think people don’t
see that that personality in a child is
important in school. And they should–
like you said, not always at the same time
when you’re trying to work. But I think it’s important. I made teachers
cry, when I left. It was like, we love
you so much Belcalis. And we’re really
going to miss you. But the smartest
person, the teachers wasn’t crying for them. Yeah. [CROWD APPLAUDS] You know who you are,
smarty pants’ out there. Yeah.


  1. I was a stripper for 11 years, and I loved my job. It helped me pay bills and pay for college. Now I'm almost done with my bachelor's in psychology, and I'm in training to be a 911 Operator.

  2. I just love her soft, cute voice, and her laugh, and how her rapping voice is so chill at the same time.

  3. Honestly, this title is in distaste. Shame on Ellen. How degrading is that? All through the video I could see Ellen wasn't being her genuine self.

  4. lol that's true, I was a very good student for most of my school years and some teachers didn't even remember my name, people like loud and funny students, no one's gonna remember you for your good grades lol

  5. Hey Cardi B , trust me , u say " U made teacher cry when u were leaving b/c they will miss ya, but they don't miss the smart people."But just trust me here , U are a Genius B.

  6. It makes me feel so sad how critical she is about how she looks/looked. She's an incredible artist but… she doesn't have good self esteem.

  7. If you aren't at Ellen's , being a stripper and a lesbian isn't right. But if you are there waiting for a tv or 100 dollars home Depot card….laughs and enjoyment. Good for Cardi for being unapologetic.

  8. things like stripping is a very real part of the way actors and performers pay for their bills at the beginning, it should be talked about and this stigma removed that its something you should be ashamed of


  10. In way that for that be that way inside that for you what. Now do this for your mother and for my mother as well

  11. I love cardi B……am from northeast India….I love Ellen alot but I know Ellen won't know that she HV fan in northeast because she will not even know where northeast is

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