1. lol next show: tinley park, ill. i'm from all over the south side (of chicago, not the state lol) and this is just silly

  2. Whatayaknow? Another youtube original that has something wrong with it. At least it looks like some decent actors were picked this time instead of more no talent youtubers.

    We need the 2nd season of Cobra Kai back already.

  3. The Foul mouth over the top beastie boy-lite white rapper with his partner the blonde hair sorta gay but not gay cousin sexing black rapper. Another show about being as F'd up an goofy as possible society loves looking as overplayed nonsense like this. Let me guess they'll get into a lot of craziness slap stick and mayhem then end up falling out for a bit then coming back to do this thing in the name their falling friend. Sounds like a winner and sadly it probably will be.

  4. woah woah woah

    I'm about to graduate from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign
    I do understand the campus town and the rest are insanely different but i can at least say one thing for sure
    not enough corn

  5. I don't know what is going on here. Some kind of marketing ploy to encourage people to destroy their lives to become rich and famous. In the words of Friezsa.. such a thing is meaningless

  6. Uhh… I'd expect that a show with a name based off a location to at least get some shots and filming in the place? It's like Harold and Kumar goes to white castle and instead of actually being in white castle, they had it delivered to them at home. Defeats the whole purpose of their journey, in this case it defeats the whole purpose of using the setting as Champaign, Ill.

  7. For real the comments from all that people that either live or frequent champaign is much better and more entertaining than this entire trailer and most likely show/movie. Youtube getting so far away from their audience we might as well call them Activision or Bethesda.

  8. It is not a gangster high crime area and don’t even record in Illinois? You’re just framing a “almost” peaceful town.

  9. Man they really did a disservice not including the ribbon lady at Hazel Park or the regular homeless folk on Green Street. RIP Richie

  10. Came here because I saw the ILL and thought it was about UIUC. Nope. Not even related to Champaign. This ain't it Chief Illiniwek

  11. Thought this was actually gonna be in Champaign, but I guess not. All the Chambana moms would’ve been blowing up Facebook if it was

  12. I don't live in Champaign, I live in a neighboring town. Most of the time I go into Champaign for the stores and stuff to go shopping. I have one thing to say, there is no way this is Springfield, Decatur, Danville, Bloomington, Gibson City, or anywhere else. They probably filmed it in a less crowded part of LA. (Sarcasm)

  13. `Everyone is so funny!!I am from Illinois too.. First, it is IL not ILL… and yes.. They are no where near Illinois probably Georgia. Look at the trees, they look different… no cornfields anywhere? where are the amish? farm houses? trailers? soybeans? lol!! Also, the land is so flat up there.. So Wrong.. hahaha.. cute though. i am from the bottom of illinois and have been all over ILLINOIS… You picked the WRONG STATE!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  14. Applaud using champaign as a title / subject for something i guess, but this is so obviously not even close to being filmed even in the STATE of IL that it turns me off from watching this completely.

  15. @YouTube Originals #GetMoreCorn #WeVoteCorn #Notaccurate #DeleteVideo and Urbana is only like 2 Minutes away from Champaign

  16. I've lived in Champaign for 4 years and was hoping this would actually be filmed there….not mad just disappointed

  17. Thought I was coming to see my city repped to the fullest…I was wrong. What in the "Universal Studios Sound Stage Back Lot" hell is this???!! Will the real Champaign folks PLEASE stand up!

  18. If yall gonna kinda rip off Atlanta, but try to make it in Illinois, maybe don't film in Atlanta?

  19. Could you guys at YouTube Originals freaking STOP putting adds about this show everywhere on Youtube! It's so goddamn annoying!!!

  20. Not enough corn cuz, come now, bring in the Market Place Mall, or even something that repersents the Champaign people, at least have State Farm in it 😀

  21. Does it really matter where the show is filmed? Champaign was picked solely for the name. "From Champagne to Champaign." I don't see what's so difficult to understand. The show isn't about your state. I came here hoping to read some reviews of the show and I didn't get anything but people from Illinois complaining about your state not being properly represented in a show on YouTube. It's already filmed and it's already named so the complaints are pointless. If anyone has any legitimate opinions pertaining to the actual show, I'd love to hear them, thanks.

  22. I used to live in the Champaign-Urbana area when I was a young teenager in the late 60's. It was a pretty cool place back then, at least I thought it was, so I definitely want to see this series. Had a mixture of grain elevators and college students. Oh yeah, Hal from 2001 was from Urbana, lol.

  23. What’s funny is that this isn’t even isn’t Champaign lmao I live in Champaign and this is nothing like it.?

  24. wow just watched this series and it's fuggin hilarious, like on par with HBO's best comedies. it's a shame YT premium couldn't get it in front of more eyeballs

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