Chicago’s Best Fries: Nobel House

Chicago’s Best Fries: Nobel House

When we put out a call for the
best poutine in Chicagoland, Katie was the first to
reply saying we had to go to Nobel House. Theirs has cheese curds,
gravy and smoked meat on top. I’m so excited, I can’t wait. And I don’t have to
because our Jeep Compass has a remote start. See you in Glen Ellyn. (upbeat music)
(chatter) Nobel House, do you
give out prizes? – We don’t, but we
give out lots of love. We take our inspiration
from Alfred Nobel. We strive to have the same
excellence that he looks for in his awards, that we
do in our categories. That include food, booze,
customer atmosphere, and overall experience. – I was drawn by
the craft beer list, but then once I got sucked
in by the smoked meat menu, that’s what brought me back. – It’s just great quality,
great neighborhood, and at a reasonable price. – It’s fresh and
fun, great food. – And they do a great job
spicing things up here, so that’s why it’s so good. – I’m hoping to get some
sort of prize before I leave. – We’ll see what we
can figure out for ya. – I will accept poutine.
(bell dings) – Then we will do double
poutine, how’s that? – Yes, and extra prizes! Okay, poutine is one
of my favorite foods. What goes in to your poutine? – Our poutine basically takes
my four favorite food groups, french fries, cheese,
gravy and smoked meats. – We could be in
the same family. – And rolls it all up
into one big heaping of a healthy bite. – Very healthy.
– Very healthy. – That is exactly
what I was thinking. Oh, that sounds very healthy. – It’s right up there
with apples and kale. – Yes, kale! Why do you think fries are
one of America’s favorites? Probably the world’s
favorite foods. – Well, I think it’s a
combination of the potato-y fluffiness and if they’re
done right, with a good crisp. (upbeat music)
(chatter) – It’s the perfect finger food. – It’s the American food. It’s funny that they call it
French, it always cracks me up. – Potatoes and salt and grease? Like, it’s lovely.
(laughing) – What three things
go together better? (upbeat music)
(fries shaking) (upbeat music) – Chef Garrett, I
don’t know if I’ve been this excited in
a while, poutine. – Poutine. – Fries drop first?
– Fries drop first. – ‘Cause that’s our
main ingredient. It begins. Okay, what’s next? – Put our Cheese curds
in the Salamander. Then we’re gonna start
our brisket gravy. – I nearly kissed my
producer on the face for giving me the poutine today. Thanks, Emma. Love her. We’ve gotta boil. – Alright, we’re
gonna add some roux. At this time we’re gonna
add a little bit of our other seasonings as well. – Okay. – Fresh thyme,
fresh ground pepper. – Alright, brisket time?
– Brisket time. – Yum, that is some smokey
brisket perfection, right there. – Our brisket is seasoned
with our house rub, it’s what we use on
most of our meats, that we smoke in house. (giggling)
– I wasn’t listening. I just had to try some.
(upbeat music) – We’re gonna take some
of our brisket scraps and we’re gonna add that
into our gravy as well, just to add a little
bit more flavor. – This baby’s ready,
time to build. – We’re gonna start with our
fries, dump our gravy on top. – How much? – We just want to
coat all the fries. – Chef, little guidance here. – Perfect.
(laughing) – As I just poured
the entire pan out. – Cheese curds, and off to
the most important part, our house smoked brisket.
– Yes. Sorry, I don’t even
realize I’m eating. – Three or Four strips,
just right across the top. (upbeat music) And that is Nobel
House’s brisket poutine. – It was lovely to meet you. – You too. – But this is calling my
name, so see you later. – Bye.
(funky music) – Perfect poutine, a beer, the best way to
start your evening. – Absolutely, let’s dig in.
– I’ve been dying here. (funky music)
– You’re at a loss for words. – This may be one of the
first times in my life that I am finding
myself speechless. Wow, the brisket is
smoked to perfection. I don’t even need this knife,
it just falls right apart. Adding the brisket to
the gravy makes such a huge difference. – It does take all these
different textures, whether it’s the
richness from the gravy, the flakiness of the brisket, the creaminess of the cheese, and you don’t lose
that fry crunch. – And it’s a really
good texture. You feel good eating this,
and I don’t know why, I don’t have the words for you. – It’s a good comfort food. – Why is Nobel House
Chicago’s best? – We take a different approach
to traditional barbecue and we have great beers
to pair with that, in an open, relaxing space. – And you make a
mean brisket poutine. – And we make an
awesome brisket poutine. – Seriously, I’m done. Just count me out for
the rest of the show. I don’t know if I
have more to do, but I’ll just be here eating
this if anybody needs me. (twangy music)


  1. Just mouth watering😋😋😋 When I'm starving in the middle of the night 😐 wrong timing for me 😅 however I enjoyed watching🤓

  2. I generally enjoy most of the Chicago's Best videos (except for the annoying Elliott B) but must declare this one to be a disappointment. The title clearly says Chicago's Best Fries, when the proper title would be Chicago's Best Poutine. Additionally, another poster mentioned that these must be frozen fries, which is what they appear to be. Otherwise I'd suspect some attention to the preparation of a fresh, scratch made french fry would have been in order. The Nobel House does look like a well run operation. I love high quality fries, not a big fan of poutine. Also have enjoyed past videos featuring Ms. Payton. She is a sweetheart…

  3. Is the menu diferent now? Its $14 and with puled pork only.i was ready for brisket and was given pulled pork because it was on menu like that😒but i am still lucky that Geneva location is 2 mins from my house

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