CHINA loudly for the US Navy patrol THE SOUTH CHINA SEA

CHINA loudly for the US Navy patrol THE SOUTH CHINA SEA

China said it opposed any country pretext
“freedom of navigation” to infringe upon “sovereignty” of Beijing in the South China Sea. According to Channel News Asia, said at a
regular press conference February 21, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Sang
Scene: “China has always respected the freedom of navigation and overflight of all countries
in line with international law “. China’s reaction came after the US Navy said
the strike group deployed aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to routine patrol in the South
China Sea. Earlier, Monday February 15, Beijing has loudly warned Washington not challenge
the so-called “sovereignty” in the country’s East Coast. In the latest statement concerning this issue,
he also stressed Sang Scene: “We are resolutely against the most relevant national and threaten
to damage the sovereignty and security of the coastal State under nominal freedom of
navigation and overflight. ” “We hope relevant countries can act much more
to safeguard peace and stability in the region” – Mr. Canh Sang continues. However, Major Matt Knight, spokesman for
the US Pacific Fleet, earlier stressed: “The US Navy has been operating on a regular basis
and legal in the Western Pacific region, including the South China Sea , for many decades and
we will continue to do so “. This is not the first time a US Navy warship
appeared in the South China Sea. Islamic October 2016, frigates USS guided missile patrol Decatur
made around the Paracels (under the sovereignty of Vietnam) is being illegally occupied by
China. It is not clear schedule of group patrolling the South China Sea Combat aircraft carrier
USS Carl Vinson.


  1. Tensions between the US and China over trade and territorial issues under President Donald Trump raises concerns South China Sea could turn into a new hot spot.

  2. let's fuck the bluffing Chinese government who said they aren't scared the U.S. So where the hell all the chinese ships now? Why the yellow cocky small Chinese government suddenly all disappear in the South China Sea?

  3. N Korea is dominated by China communist dictatorship. China dictators US leaders or American can't trust China rulers that sweet lips but hypocrisy, and wild beast ambition to overthrow US democracy system and diplomatic tie relationship, China propaganda spreading since decades ago,"21 century is China century. to surplus US both economic and technology, china communist will become world superpower," Most China people happy their dictators to gain power, to keep people slavery laborers endless, as underdogs.

  4. Not let them play game with America !!! do not trust Chins or Russia, China bringing with Army force weapons but American are not afraid Chines forces why we have The God's Name Jesus Name we pray Amen.

  5. China will not Go to Fight Against America..and if the War Happened,China wil not Last for an Our Fighting Against Super Power USA..

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