During the 5th China Helicopter Exposition
in Tianjin earlier this month, China showcased Z-20. The Z-20 is expected to replace several helicopters
in People Liberation Army service including the Super Frelons Z-20 helicopter looks very much similar to
American UH-60 Black Hawk. This has reignited debates that China is very
good at copying products from other nations. In this video Defense Updates reports on China
reveling Z-20 which is copied from American UH-60 Black Hawk
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20 million players from all over the world! Chinese interest in Black Hawk dates back
to the early 1980s. It wanted to acquire the Sikorsky S-70 which
was the civilian version of the Black Hawk At that time, the U.S. allowed the country
to purchase 24 Sikorsky S-70s as a diplomatic gesture. One Black Hawk was also abandoned by US special
forces in Pakistan during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden on 1 May 2011. Several sources indicate that Pakistan allowed
Chinese officials to examine the Black Hawk wreckage China used these two inputs to develop the
Z-20. It is to be noted that there are several modifications
by Chinese engineers on top of the basic foundation. The Z-20 has a five-bladed main rotor and
more angular tail-to-fuselage joint frame This allegedly gives it improved lift, cabin
capacity, and endurance when compared to UH-60. In addition, it reportedly has a Fly-By-Wire
system. There is also fairings installed aft of the
engine exhausts and on the tail spine, which are likely housings for communications with
the BeiDou satellite navigation system. This is not the first weapon China has copied
from the U.S. Here are some important once: CHINESE DONGFENG EQ2050 BRAVE SOLDIER is copied
FROM AM GENERAL HMMWV HUMVEE LIGHT TRUCK For 30 years, AM General’s Humvee has served
US troops around the world, achieving iconic status. In the late 1980s, AM General, a major vehicle
manufacturer based in Indiana, wanted to sell the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle,
also known as the Humvee, to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA rejected the offer and picked up one
Humvee that was left by AM General in China. They also gathered the few civilian Humvees
that Chinese oil companies had bought in the 1990s. Using reverse engineering, they built a prototype
and named it Dongfeng EQ2050. Y-20 DOPPELGANGER is copied FROM C-17 GLOBEMASTER
III Beginning in the winter of 2009, two Chinese
hackers began sending malicious e-mails to Boeing employees disguised to look as if they
came from familiar people. Even if one employee opened the mail and downloaded
the attached file, it could give hackers a portal to secrets, corporate and US Department
of Defense plans, engineering details, and potentially classified Pentagon files stored
on Boeing networks. And that’s exactly what happened. Over the next two years, hackers stole some
630,000 files from Boeing related to the C-17, the third most expensive plane that the Pentagon
has ever developed, with research and development costs of $3.4 billion. Chinese obtained detailed drawings; measurements
of the wings and fuselage, and other parts; outlines of the pipeline and electric wiring
systems; and even flight test data. On 26 Jan 2013 Chinese copy of C17, Y-20 Doppelganger,
first flew. Currently, 8 are in service, more production
GENERAL ATOMICS MQ-1 PREDATOR UAV Beginning in 2011, a series of weaponized
emails—PDF and Microsoft Word attachments with malware inside—were sent to people
who work to build American drones. A cybersecurity group found that the attachments,
many of them with benign titles like “Boeing_Current_Market_Outlook_2011_to_2030.pdf”, originated with a hacker group in Shanghai
linked to China’s military. Of the 261 attacks uncovered, 123 targeted
U.S. drone companies, from large defense contractors to small firms. According to analysts, these were largely
successful. The newest Chinese drones build with stolen
data; closely resemble U.S aircraft visually and in performance, a remarkable turn-around
time for China’s aviation industry. CHENGDU J-20 is copied from LOCKHEED MARTIN
F-35B LIGHTNING II The NSA estimated that the Chinese had conducted
more than 30,000 cyber attacks as part of the massive defense industrial espionage and
that more than 500 attacks were significant intrusions in Department of Defense (DOD)
systems. More than 1,600 network computers were penetrated
and at least 600,000 user accounts were compromised, from the Chinese cyber spying. In all, the NSA concluded that the Chinese
compromised key components of F-35. For example, designed details of AN/APG-81
active electronically scanned array radar for the F-35 has been stolen. Importantly critical aspects of F 35’s stealth
capability moved to the Chinese hand. The Chinese stole data on the methods used
by the turbine to cool gases emitted by F 35’s engine as well as other heat reduction
techniques. Z 20 is powered by the indigenously developed
engine. According to the South China Morning Post,
the Z-20 suffers from weak the engine, an issue that plagues many PLA aircraft including
jet fighters. Song Zhongping, a military commentator in
Hong Kong stated, “The Z-20 is already much more advanced
than those imported Black Hawks, although it might not be as mature as the latest Black
Hawk variants,” Regarding the engines, Song stated that the
issue “needs to be tackled from the ground up.” China has not only copied American weapons
but also Russian weapons. J-15 Flying Shark is a derivative/illegal
copy of the Russian SU-33 which was originally based on the Sukhoi-27 airframe. But the copying has been done with limited
success due to complex engineering involved. China for the first time unveiled Flying Shark
in 2010 and according to China’s own Defense Analyst, it is unlikely to achieve the same
performance characteristics of the Russian Su-33 carrier-based fighter. Russian news outlet Sputnik shed some light
about the Chinese failure, The site stated,
“Love for the fourth-generation J-15 jet is seldom shown in Chinese circles. The Asia Times noted that Chinese media has
disparaged the plane in numerous ways, including referring to it as a ‘flopping fish’ for its
inability to operate effectively from the Chinese carriers, which launch fixed-wing
aircraft under their own power from an inclined ramp on the bow of the ship. The J-15’s engines and heavyweight severely
limit its ability to operate effectively: at 17.5 tons empty weight, it tops the scales
for carrier-based fighters. The US Navy’s F-18 workhorse, by comparison,
is only 14.5 tons.” Russia is conscious of China’s rampant reverse
engineering. Over the years China has copied several Russian
weapon platforms with total disregard for intellectual property rights & contractual
obligations. The Chinese have often bought limited quantities
and then reverse engineer the weapons. For example, Shenyang J-11 based on the Russian
Sukhoi Su-27 & J-15 Flying Shark is an illegal copy of the Russian SU-33. The impact of these copies is so large that
some quarters of the Russian power circle objected to the sell the S 400 to China. The deal was eventually sealed after Russian
analysts felt that S 400 is too complicated to copy. Keeping all this aspect in view, especially
the engine issue we can predict that Z-20 may look similar to Black Hawk, it will not
have the same performance or reliability.


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  19. Never sell small quantities of civilian versions of military equipment to China. Their intention always was to reverse engineer military versions.

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