China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US


  1. This is dangerous! We cannot take chances! America must also regroup her allies and do a drill around the shows and gulfs of Iran in particular. …! ;-{

  2. Just want you Americans to know that if India is involved, its not the citizens decision. Just take out Modi and India is out of Russia's ally.

  3. Good!!
    50% of the World HATES the other 50%.
    Bring on WW3!
    This is what the phony liberals have wanted all along anyway. And of course conservatives ALWAYS have. That's a given!
    Now, which 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate
    will have the guts to promise to eliminate all the world's population that doesn't agree with them?
    Warren maybe????😁….✌✌.

  4. Trump got america in trouble now with civil war pending from. Within. We. Are done it took a hateful peckerwood to do it

  5. Hasn’t anyone realized that Trump supports red flag laws? He’s probably in on what’s going on in Virginia. We can’t trust the government.


  7. Funny how US Army is the best yet you only Attack weak countries you bark at Iran,Nk,China, still cant invade them

  8. All these are happening because of US bullying of Iran, China and Russia. These bullied countries have finally decided that they must come together to fight back the bullying USA. Soon to join them are the Europian and asian countries who have been bullied by US.

  9. It's not in your backyard let's say Carribean,it's on the other side of the world.
    It's not like the world is yours.

  10. As God as my witness I'll never have the government pigs take my guns away. Virginia needs to stand up and fight back.

  11. Russia, China, and Iran teaming up is never a good thing because they have one thing in common: THEY HATE THE US. I don’t know, may be the US dis something or they did something against the US or perhaps planned something against each other..who knows..BUT ONE THING FOR SURE, WE BETTER CHANGE OUR LEADERS BECAUSE IF THEY STAY IN POWER FOR LONG IT WILL OUR OWN UNDOING AND WILL LEAD TO OUR DEMISE..

  12. These 3 countries still aren't no match for America…… our American military's will devastate them if they mess with us …..we don't play

  13. The biggest threat to the world are the greedy oligarchs in America. Ww 3rd will take the lives of innocents. The poorest of the world will be used as tools and the rich will try their best to watch the poorest dogs fighting.

  14. MIC are going chiching fear mongering is the best way to keep a nation in line those who give away their liberty for security don't deserve neither

  15. We also have Naval drills with foreign countries. Why shouldnt they? Fake news made to make people scared for no reason. Stop trying to make news stories.

  16. Turkey is supporting UN recognized government . Italy, France and GCC supporting another decorator . Saduis can't handle democracy near thier boards . They supported the coup in Egypt that Sisi want to president for life now . freedom is contagious those monarchies are afraid from free country close to them then thier citizens will ask for the same freedom .

  17. The American people would be better off without the insanity of Washington themselves.
    What actually does Washington do for the American people?

    U.S. atlas published in 1994 shows South China Sea islands part of Chinese territory
    RSS Feedback Print Copy URL Large image More Source: Xinhua | 2016-07-09 11:57:01 | Editor: huaxia
    NEW YORK, July 8 (Xinhua) — An atlas published in 1994 by a renowned U.S. map publisher clearly illustrated that Huangyan Dao and other key islands involved in the South China Sea dispute are part of China's territory.

    The 1994 revised edition of the Illustrated Atlas of The World, published by the Chicago-based Rand McNally, clearly shows that Huangyan Dao, Nansha Islands and Xisha Islands fall under China's jurisdiction, Chia-Chi Tsui, a retired Chinese-American professor, told Xinhua on Friday.

    The Illustrated Atlas of The World is published by one of the most recognized names in American map publishing. The atlas shows clearly that Huangyan Dao is out of the Philippine borderline as the island, which the Philippines calls Scarborough Shoal, is located to the west of the 118 degrees east longitude — the western limit of Philippine territory, said Tsui, owner of the atlas.

    The 1898 Treaty of Paris, the 1900 Treaty of Washington and the 1930 Convention Between the United States and Great Britain all give the western limit of the Philippine territory at 118 degrees east longitude, which was also reaffirmed by the Philippine Constitution in 1935.

    The map also shows the key islands in the South China Sea are marked in Chinese pinyin, while other places in Southeast Asia are marked with English words.

    Furthermore, the word "China" is clearly written under the mark of Xisha Islands and Nansha Islands on the map, Tsui said.

    Neither the borderline of the Philippines nor the mark of Huangyan Dao was shown in the first edition of the atlas published in 1992.

    So far, Rand McNally, which was founded in 1856, has not responded to Xinhua's inquiry about the changes to the 1994 edition of the map.

    In 2013, the Philippines unilaterally initiated an arbitration on the relevant disputes between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, ignoring the common understanding the two countries had reached on solving the disputes through negotiations, and its commitments under the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.

    China has declared that it would neither accept nor participate in the arbitration.

    In recent years, tensions in the South China Sea have escalated with Washington continuously sending warships and aircraft to the area and actively enhancing military ties with claimant states such as the Philippines.

    (Intern Li Nan in New York also contributed to the story)


    China will not be "forced" into accepting South China Sea arbitration decision

    BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) — China on Friday dismissed the United States plea to accept any decision in the South China Sea arbitration to be announced next week.

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is set to announce its final decision next Tuesday in territorial disputes between China and the Philippines. Full story

    Spotlight: Truth about South China Sea should not be misrepresented by Western media

    BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) — On the South China Sea issue, some Western media have spared no efforts to make "news", tapping lies to cover the truth and misguide public opinions thereon, which is considered by experts and scholars to be unfair and misleading.

    "Beijing says 60 countries back stance on international tribunal; only 8 have publicly stated support," wrote the Wall Street Journal in a recent article sub-title. Full story

    Sri Lanka supports China's stance on South China Sea issue

    COLOMBO, July 8 (Xinhua) — The Sri Lankan government understands China's stance on the South China Sea issue and supports countries concerned in solving the maritime disputes through negotiation, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said on Friday.

    He made the remarks when meeting with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Full story

    Interview: South China Sea arbitration likely to stir more regional tensions: Italian expert

    ROME, July 8 (Xinhua) — The forthcoming arbitration on the South China Sea dispute by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is likely to stir more tensions in the region, said an Italian expert.

    "I reckon the judgement of the court will not help the dialogue between the two parties involved, China and the Philippines, but rather worsen the crisis," Domenico Losurdo, a famous Italian historical philosopher and professor at the University of Urbino, told Xinhua in a recent interview. Full story

    Spotlight: U.S. stokes unwanted tensions in South China Sea: Russian experts

    MOSCOW, July 8 (Xinhua) — The United States' activities in the South China Sea are raising tension unacceptable for the countries in the region and may force China to abandon the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), Russian experts said.

    "The U.S. has always advanced the freedom of navigation issue in the South China Sea pointing to its special role in world trade, but such an approach is misleading," said Vasily Kashin, a senior research fellow at the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the Moscow-based Higher School of Economics (HSE). Full story

    African media voice support for China's stance on South China Sea

    BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) — China's position on the South China Sea is getting more support from international experts, said several media from African countries while commenting on the unilateral arbitration initiative by the Philippines.

    Manila has been unilaterally pressing ahead to bring a maritime dispute with China to an international tribunal since January 2013. Full story

    Equatorial Guinean ruling party calls for peaceful solution to South China Sea dispute

    MALABO, July 7 (Xinhua) — Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, Secretary General of Equatorial Guinean ruling Democratic Party, on Thursday called for peaceful solution to the South China Sea dispute.

    In an interview with Xinhua, Osa insisted that the disputed countries should solve their dispute through dialogues and negotiations. Full story

    Interview: Unilateral arbitration will endanger peace, stability in South China Sea: French sinologue

    PARIS, July 7 (Xinhua) — Arbitration by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) following the unilateral application of the Philippines over its dispute with China in the South China Sea "would endanger the peace and stability" in the region, said French sinologue Pierre Picquart.

    "What seems questionable is a so-called 'international arbitration,' unrecognized by China, trying to impose a settlement between Beijing and Manila," Picquart told Xinhua in a recent interview. Full story

    PNG says respecting China's position on South China Sea

    BEIJING, July 7 (Xinhua) — Papua New Guinea (PNG) said on Thursday that it respected China's position on the South China Sea issue and supported direct consultation between parties concerned.

    PNG upholds that maritime disputes should be peacefully resolved by parties directly concerned through consultation and negotiation in accordance with international law, according to a joint press release between China and the PNG, issued after the meeting between President Xi Jinping and visiting PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill at the Great Hall of the People. Full story

  18. If a Red Dawn happens you better believe the foreign enemies had assistances from the domestic enemies I.e government officials.

  19. All this and an Invading Army will be fed with Californians rice! What is the shelf life of rice? I'm from California and this worries me! Republican farmers too!

  20. Lol their navy is a joke. China only has 1 aircraft carrier and it doesn't work. Our navy will absolutely decimate these clowns if they try anything.

  21. War GAMES, hahaha!! Stop believing propaganda America. We need to be more worried about our own government taking our right to arm ourselves.

  22. “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.”

  23. Remember the foot hold that was given up in Syria and the troops that were moved back to Saudi Arabia instead of being brought back home.
    A deadly game is being played, who's being mislead?

  24. It’s important to keep an eye on these but don’t become paranoid. The US does the exact same thing with its allies.

  25. And we Virginians are not about to give up our legal guns to anyone who leaves us defenseless against them or any other country!
    The only reason they want our personal, legal firearms is so they become armed, using them against us! What else would they do?

  26. Trump allowed this . Trump is the USA worst enemy . Trump keeps saying these are his friends. Wake up all of you. Fox sucks.

  27. JESUS CHRIST is LORD. May GOD bless you all in the name of JESUS CHRIST, and may his HOLY SPIRIT guide you all. Amen. John 3:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Revelation 22:20.

  28. Make sure you stick to your script Lady! Fox and delusional friends of CNN and scripted garbage and propaganda. Doing their best to keep people hypnotized while the government is doing other things. If you look at her eyes you can tell she doesn’t even believe the crap she saying.

  29. Well people I didnt start this nor did yall. So let trump go fight himself maybe him and Putin can go at it and leave us alone. Why go die for lies

  30. That breaking of the JCPOA is going really well. What a dumb move. The Iranians appear quite pro US (or at least were). No efforts made for peace, just conflict. Obama was wiser much more than the current Admin.

  31. This must be the most uninteresting and unthreatening thing to America.

    America can do a joint exercise with itself and still have a bigger and way more intimidating navy than all of those countries combined. What are they going to exercise with? Their 2 aircraft carriers? HA. Ok. We have like 13 or whatever number we play with these days.

  32. We have nukes pointed towards us WHY we did nothing to China and russia we have a lot of our plate of dealing with war this is a act of betrayal from China and Russia this is ridiculous now we have to deal with war which we cannot protect hell we just got done killing the terrorists leader why can’t we live and peace and stop this act of war but unfortunately that won’t happen this scares me that nukes are pointed at us and so as weapons

  33. Yo can all these super powers just nuke my job and no where else that being said. With no one in there. So nobody is hurt. JUST THE Building people internet and whose reading. No one getting hurt

  34. why not just pull out from middle east? i get that it is a strategic point bla bla bla but is it worth the ww3? china and russia both have thousands of nukes. nothing seem to be worth the war. either we go HARD or just pull out. US is definitely #1 in military but russia and china is right behind us. which means the end of the world if the three nation actually gets into a war. so lets not be hasty and just pull out from iran… it won't be couple thousand american troops dead if this war gets started

  35. Well they can have tennisons but are smart enough not to 🖕with the United States. We are not no push over by far. We have enough for those three countries and also have some for North Korea . We won't go alone bitches so when you feel lucky make the USA day. You won't live to see🖕

  36. please somebody attack America, i mean like a full military force, tired of these brainwashed fucks spreading nonsense and lies

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