Chinese Warship Plays Chicken with US Navy

Chinese Warship Plays Chicken with US Navy

On this episode of China Uncensored, The Chinese and US navies have a close friendship. Or maybe just a close call. A reporter from Chinese state-run media learns
about democracy. And a famous Chinese actress is free! To apologize. This is China Uncensored. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. A Chinese warship played a game of chicken with a US Navy destroyer in the South China
Sea. Apparently they’re 45 yards apart, but it sure looks a lot closer than that. The US ship was forced to maneuver out of
the way to prevent a collision. Which means…America blinked first. Sad! The Pentagon called the Chinese move an “unsafe and unprofessional maneuver.” Well that’s rather a polite way to put it. The encounter happened in the Spratly Islands, where the Chinese regime makes territorial
claims. Actually, they claim pretty much the entire
South China Sea. Needless to say, not everyone agrees with that claim. The US has performed regular freedom of navigation
operations in the South China Sea since 2013, as a way of saying, these are international
waters, and what are you gonna do about it, huh? And this was the Chinese military saying, this is what we’re gonna do about it. This also happened right after the US postponed a planned mid-October security talk between the Secretary of Defense and his Chinese counterpart. So US-China relations aren’t doing so hot
right now. If tensions continue to escalate, things could get serious, fast. Ok, who TP’ed the US Navy destroyer? I knew it! Of course the next time there’s a US-China military encounter, it may be Xi Jinping himself leading the way. He looks so natural in the pilot seat, doesn’t
he? I guess you could call him a “great helmsman.” Xi Jinping: not just the head of the Chinese
Communist Party, not just the president of the government, but also the chairman of the Central Military
Commission— among many other titles. He gave a military inspection this week, and reminded everyone to be ready for war. Not with any country in particular. Just, you know, in general. I guess Xi wants the PLA to be like the Boy
Scouts. Always be prepared. But, for war. Meanwhile, one war the US and China are already fighting is the trade war. And the latest battle was fought in the new
trade deal between the US, Mexico and Canada. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, USMCA, which will replace NAFTA, has some clauses built into it that will affect
China trade. Take article 32.10. It’s about free trade negotiations with non market economies. China is considered a non market economy. The clause gives all three countries the power to block each other from making free-trade agreements with China without approval. It effectively gives the US more power in “weakening Beijing’s negotiating power
in future trade talks”. Technically, China is not mentioned by name, but, come on, we know who they mean. Keep in mind, the USMCA has been agreed on, but not ratified. It still needs to be approved by each of the three countries’ legislatures, which probably won’t happen till early next
year. But regardless, Canada’s Prime Minister
Trudeau still says that despite the USMCA’s restrictions, he’s really excited about closer trade ties
with China. I mean, sure Canadian citizens are being illegally detained there. But what’s not to love about partnering
with China? I’m telling you, it’s the pandas. Every. Time. Hey, ever want to challenge your friends to see who knows the most about China’s glorious leader Xi Jinping? That’s a dumb question. Of course you have. And the good news is, now you can! There’s a new primetime game show all about
Xi Jinping! It’s called Studying Xi in the New Era. According to the South China Morning Post, it’s being broadcast on “Hunan TV, the country’s second most watched channel, which is wildly popular among the younger
generation for its entertainment shows and idol dramas.” It takes place on a spaceship, with Karl Marx and a robot. The show is part of a general trend pushing “Xi Jinping thought.” It’s his very own brand of ideology that was added to the Communist Party constitution. The gameshow tests your knowledge of Xi Jinping, plus has a smattering of questions about Karl Marx and Mao Zedong. And the best part is…there’s no cash or
prizes! It’s the perfect Communist game show. And I assume that if a contestant is too intellectual, he gets sent to the countryside. Speaking of great Chinese state-run television, a reporter for China Central Television attended an event held by Hong Kong democracy activists
in the UK, where she yelled at one of the speakers that he was “anti China” and called other attendees “traitors”. Then, when a volunteer tried to escort her
out of the meeting, she…slapped him. If you hit me again, I will call the police. Oh, how democratic UK. Wow, she really doesn’t understand democracy. The police came and arrested her. But then the Chinese embassy intervened, she was released without charges, and state-run CCTV demanded that conference
organizers issue an apology to her. Because did you see how they violated her
rights? Well, you might think that she got off easy, since a professional journalist from the UK who did the same thing in China would have probably been kicked out of the
country. But you would be mistaken, because CCTV reporters aren’t professional
journalists. That’s not me saying that. That’s former CCTV president Hu Zhanfan,
who said, “Journalists who think of themselves as professionals, instead of as propaganda workers, are making a fundamental mistake about identity.” In that case, I think this reporter, sorry, propaganda worker, is probably going to get a promotion. Speaking of journalism versus propaganda, NPR just released a wide-ranging interview with Chinese ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai. After Cui pushed for more “openness” in
the US toward China, the NPR reporter asked if China would be willing to have more openness for foreign reporters to go into Tibet, where they’ve been banned from traveling
for years. And Cui says, well, the altitude in Tibet is kind of high, and the climate is pretty tough. I mean, the Chinese regime is just looking out for foreign reporters,
you know? They wouldn’t want them to get altitude
sickness. The NPR reporter pushed back, saying that “we have high altitudes in the United States.” And Ambassador Cui promptly pivoted to the
fact that they can’t have too many visitors in Tibet, because they need to protect the local environment. I mean, sure the local government has been encouraging tourism— mostly from other parts of China— and now Tibet gets 25 million visitors a year. But even though the Chinese Communist Party would love to have foreign reporters over
in Tibet, it’s just that, you know, the house is a mess and they really should
clean it up first, but they’ve been so busy. Maybe in another decade or two. Oh, and about those political re-education
camps in Xinjiang? Ambassador Cui is not saying there are camps, but he’s also not saying there are not camps. But you know, if there were camps, they’d be a great place for people to learn
skills and… …look over there, it’s terrorism! It’s spreading all over the place! What a diplomat. We have an update on Fan Bingbing, the missing Chinese celebrity superstar. “Fans heard very little of Fan Bingbing when she suddenly dropped off the radar in
June. Until now. The Chinese superstar has released a statement
on social media, apologizing for tax evasion.” She owes 130 million dollars now, a combination of back taxes and fines. As we reported two weeks ago, the entertainment industry in China has been using what’s called yin-yang contracts. Basically there’s a fake contract to show
tax authorities, and a real one with a much higher salary that the actor actually gets paid. Fan Bingbing’s sudden disappearance and then public apology falls in line with an age old tradition in Communist China— of secretly detaining people until they see the error of their ways. “In her statement, she says, ‘Without the good policies of the Communist
Party and state, without the love of the people, there is no Fan Bingbing.’” And without publicly apologizing to the Communist Party and the state, there’s also no Fan Bingbing. Speaking of putting pressure on things, this dramatic video posted to Chinese social
media shows a giant boa constrictor squeezing the
life from a dog. Three boys attempt to help. And presumably there’s a fourth boy, who does NOTHING, just stands there holding a camera. Anyway, they attempt to unwind the huge snake
from the dog. And I wouldn’t end this episode without
something uplifting. So don’t worry: they’re finally able to set the dog free. At least this China Uncensored episode has someone being set free. So what do you think? Leave your comments below. And before you go, now is the time when I answer questions from
you! The loyal members of the China Uncensored
50-cent army who support the show on the crowd funding
website Patreon. David Michael White asks, “Chris, where did you get those socks? Ah, the important question gets asked. I noticed that many of you noticed my socks in the recent interviews. Perhaps I should try longer pants? Perhaps, shorter legs? Either way, those were some good looking socks. But I can’t tell you where I bought them,
David, because I didn’t. They were a gift from my mom. Thanks for you question. But now I have a question for all of you. I got so many YouTube comments about this, should I be selling China Uncensored socks? Wait, what’s that Shelley? When people say, “Nice Socks” they don’t actually mean nice socks? Fine. Well thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time. As I mentioned, China Uncensored is supported mainly through direct viewer contributions. Go to or click this orange button. Check out all the cool rewards you get for being a Patreon supporter— including, of course, having me answer your questions on the show.


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    CHINA MUST BE STOPPED! the sooner the better.. we know what china wants in that fucking china sea.. it's fucking 2nd hitler in that region..slowly by slowly, getting closer n closer to other countries, that chinese bitch is hungry for other countries to enslave with its fucking communist dictatorial regime

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