1. Oh…. I was wondering how he got to speak at Google without being avid anti-gun.

    "..and his outreach for LGBT and gay communities."

    He is right about guns being equalizers. It's why we do not need gun control. We need MORE gun ownership. He's also right about the Koreans defending themselves during the Rodney King riots. Same kind of things happened during Katrina in New Orleans. Asians have lived through some very tumultuous times and political uprisings so they well understand the right to self-protection is important. You can't rely on anyone else to protect yourself but you.

    Props to Mr. Cheng for winning Top Shot 3. Keep up the good work and spreading the word.

  2. To answer the biggest question…. If banning guns (all gun for argument sake's) would reduce gun violence, you could show how Chicago's gun violence was reduced after banning ALL guns… But in REALITY it had ZERO effect !!!
    Bad people will do bad things no matter what the laws are. There is a saying that explains this type of situation very well… "The Road the Hell is Paved with Good Intentions".

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