College Football Picks Week 14 – Sports Gambling Podcast (Ep. 757)

College Football Picks Week 14 – Sports Gambling Podcast (Ep. 757)

This week 14 college football picks Edition
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I’m Sean stick in the mud agreeing with my partner in pics.
Right. Real money. Kramer what’s happening Kramer dog. A lot. Dude a lot. What’s up big
dog. Having some issues with the Apple Corporation. Oh wow. Ryan what’s going on. They’re trying
to hold us back. I’m a heavy I’m a heavy heavy Kool-Aid drinker.
Mm hmm. Well not tonight. Tonight I’m drinking the fine Kirkland sparkling water. Couldn’t
couldn’t splurge for the Lacroix. That’s all right. It’s waterproof and Anyway somehow
the computer updates earlier today. And wouldn’t you believe it Sean the software we use to
record this fine podcast and the software I use to do post-production of all of the
other fine podcasts and the sports gambling podcast network no longer works.
What the fuck. Well if you’re listening to the podcast that
means Cramer figured it out. I scramble. Speaking of machines man the myth and the machine.
Colby dent. Okay the database joins us in studio as always
talking college football. Colby What’s up man.
How you guys doing. I got a confession to make sure and I want
to know if this is what life feels like. I’ve had nothing but just two salads today. No
meat. And you’re asking the right guy.
Oh boy Kramer I almost crashed the car on the way over. Bumper to bumper I started to
fall asleep. Your body needs it right. That’s what I’m saying man right there. I didn’t
do it on purpose. It was just kind of happened by accident. But how do you do it man. Weaker
now you’re blaming. We gotta get our shit on.
Now. You gotta remember to eat me. I know right. I know you’re blaming you almost
falling asleep at the wheel. Oh my God. On your incredibly healthy diet today not the
lack of sleep you’ve been using. I don’t want to hear about it. Listen you’re welcome to
hop. I’m not going to hold anything against that and I’m going to get to 16 when I leave
here. If you want to go to two maybe three four days I’m in your corner I’m like Shawn.
What are you talking about. I’m telling them it’s safe over here.
Oh in the in the soy zone your energy in life though your natural energy just goes down.
I mean exactly. Dog your dog won’t respect you can smell the
cell on your breath. It’s like that’s an apex predator. It’s a
guy guy who just seen a chippy burger. Yeah. The dog I murdered that chip tricked me. I
murdered it. All right. Well congratulations to you Washington State
cougars not to urine. Yeah. Would they won in spite of you bringing your shitty coleslaw
eaten sandwich Moe Joe to Pullman Washington. I got a lot of positive feedback.
No there’s no way anyone gained a lot of people really giving me a lot of credit for stepping
forward out of the closet. I’ve I’ve even been called the Colin Kaepernick of vegan.
Oh really really just taking that stance and kneeling for all I know is one that is known
as meat and sports in America. All I know is we were in that press box watching
that game when you had that coleslaw sandwich when you went to the bathroom that that scout
for the Washington Redskins. Where were you meeting. Are you serious with that shit.
He is. You guys from L.A. aren’t you. And I get. Well I mean look we live in L.A. but
we’re not. We don’t subscribe. You know he does.
I am from L.A.. Yeah. Now we all are. Which means we all have a little Fu in there was
it. There was a great moment while we were taking
a tour and we were hanging out with the athletic director.
Kind enough to hook us up to the whole thing and Kobe got stories like you know I’ve always
I’ve always got him in a closet a cougar fan closet fan and the athletic director goes
Kobe Why did you come out of that closet. And I go if he had a nickel for every time
he said that or he’s heard though that went over that crush.
I think I need a closet to come out of after two salads all day.
Yeah. All right. Where we at here. Let’s do it.
Let’s talk college football. You could’ve added protein to the cell. Colby. Yeah. That’s
not my fault. I know. I’m learning. You know it’s a part of my daily regimen not eating
just vegetable eating protein also heading over to my bookie John Agee. They are the
protein that fuels my gambling. It’s the if you’re degenerate. You need some energy. You
need a support system my bookie that a G is there to help take care of you. Thanksgiving.
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just a regular spread bet. No props. If you lose the bet they give you the two hundred
fifty dollars back. Almost as good as the Pilgrims hooking up the Indians with all that
sweet food and insane history. There are parks I mean mistakes are made after
that but on Thanksgiving they came together they celebrated the joy of eating the shit
ton of food watching college football watching professional football. I don’t know if any
NFL college teams are out but it’s going to be awesome Thanksgiving right around the corner.
But Friday you got the Apple Cup. Tons of Action Conference games heating up right around
rolling into full season. It’s a great time to be alive and it’s a great time to pet at
my book. Dad is a pumpkin SGP for a hundred percent deposit bonds play when you get paid
to my bookie dad e.g. recap. Well before we recap. Sure. And I mean I’m
going to have a little slight a prepared wardrobe change here. I mean no disrespect to the Washington
cougars when wearing the sweatshirt. Very excited about their. They’re going to
not lose a game for the rest of the season. We’ve lost them. I meant to do.
It’s an excited voice. But I mean I don’t know if you watch college
basketball yet Sean but earlier time I heard of it. My Virginia Tech Hokies 6 and 0 No.
Colby explain the game just give give everyone a 30 second breakdown about what we’re seeing
with this team win a great coaching job. Now here’s the thing here’s my only angle guys.
Oh geez. For the people watching at home.
YouTube accounts so the Mallee Invitational I sent in an invoice to try to see if you
guys could pick up my my trip to Maui to cover this this fine tournament. Never heard back
from you guys. You did Bush the. Bull. Play. But the Hokies play a Michigan State in Maui
this afternoon that’s what’s great about this week guys a lot of basketball tournament going
on Yeah non-stop yeah just games games games that you wake up and they’re on but the Hokies
look they’ve already they were supposed they were projected to finish last in the HCC in
college basketball and let me tell you Mike Young’s got this team rolling he brought in
a couple grand transfers love what he’s doing they upset the Michigan State Spartans won
it outright Yeah. All right. Not the bit the basics the basis
for the Kramer fuck my life tour. He he had an accident. He’s gonna be in the hospital
the tour is postpone currently. If you had had you had tickets for those shows
in Cleveland or Cincinnati they will. They will be makeup dates. A volcano gonna erupt
in a in Hawaii. Oh my goodness. No it’s all saving for UVA beating.
That’s what I’m gonna do. Why. Why why are they doing this. They’re just building me
a giant site. That’s cool. We’re just gonna ups that day. I mean outside of Duke or USC
I don’t know if they’ve ever upset at top 5.
And that’s gonna be one of those wins where if you get bad once you get battle tested
through a season play if you’re on the bubble that’s that’s gonna be a quality win.
Quality women you know crazy winning great great. Did you watch the game.
Yeah. So I was fortunate enough to be working in front of my TV today. Beautiful is trying
to focus I’m literally trying to focus on a meeting like it’s a video call to. Yeah.
My eyes are just Next. Next year if you guys want to going to Malik I’ll cover that for
you. That’s on the tape. Anyway recap Shawn back
to recap. I’m doing a five block salute to myself.
Five blocks in a row. Look out. College football expert Shawn Green
five blocks in a row hit my lock dog tees and bonus lock. Kind of a whiff there. Colby
of course had his bonus like bring in his bonus lock percentage up to seventy seven
percent. Ryan hit his bonus lock pushed on his regular lock.
What other what are the other ways. Let’s say that would be 1 0 and 1 or under
5 didn’t use the locker bonus ergo I know this is your guys show but I know I would
like to take the time to say if you listen to the college experience as a collective
we went 20 and for 80 s on our locks NC Nick might my my older brother 8 no ATX locks 8
and 0 on his college football locks past two weeks he’s had 15 and one that’s that’s that’s
insane. Please inform Patty C that the his chair is getting high.
Again. Okay. Let’s get into a crack one open. We
got the Colby six pack. Feels like a good week for the six pack.
We’ve been on a nice run with the six pack. I don’t know if anyone’s had a losing week
in like three weeks. Yeah last second last losing week of the Colby
six pack was weak 10. It was actually me but other than that. Yeah 11 12 and 13 we’ve been
at least 50 percent or better. Let’s keep that alive here in week 14. Here
you go. Somehow move the week 14 shoot Cincinnati heads the Memphis the 26. What is that is
that actually is that Thanksgiving Day or is it black Friday. Black Friday. Cincinnati
heads to Memphis Tennessee where Memphis minus eleven point favorite twelve thirty West Coast
kick. What are you doing here. Call me. I can tell you what I’m not doing is I’m going
I’m not going shopping I’m going to watch all these games and it’s gonna be fantastic
Black Friday I feel like quietly becoming a sneaky good. Yeah yeah. Day ankle in college
basketball too you got. I’m sure there’s other sports too but give me Give me the Bearcats
here. Memphis good team but the winner of this uh
was gonna have home field in the AFC champ championship. So if Navy beats Houston and
Memphis loses this game Navy would then take this take to the they’d play Cincinnati in
the AFC Championship if Memphis wins it’s a rematch of this game next week in Memphis
it’s a big number too big of a number so I’m not a big fan of Cincinnati but this is this
feels like a disrespectful member. Yeah. And I should get up for this one. Yeah.
Also important to point out this is one of those games 60 percent of the tickets on Memphis
but only 40 percent of the dollars I’m going to be I’m going to be square I’m going to
take Memphis. I think I just don’t believe in this Bearcats
offense and Memphis is at home. Good time get a good barbecue down there. Yeah.
And I think on Black Friday that’s I mean listen it’s going to be Thanksgiving is a
day before these I don’t know what their travel day is. But Cincinnati. Yeah you’re gonna
be either for Thanksgiving I think having home field advantage day after Thanksgiving
matters a little bit more. You know what. How many how many coleslaw
sandwiches do you think that that the Memphis you know way and run. I mean.
Thanksgiving the holiest of holy days. When it comes to eating meat will you consume
meat on Thanksgiving. Do you want to savor slots for the NFL picks podcast. Should we
tease it. I mean if you want to. Do you want a real answer.
Yes stay tuned to the NFL show. I will. I have some tasty meat like things I’m going
to be eating at Thanksgiving. Is this gonna sting.
All right. I’m single in Memphis minus 11 Cincinnati 1 2 4 8. Yes. Normally that’s them
not covering the spread as a favor. But I think it shows they just I don’t think they
have the offense to hang with Memphis so I’m taking Memphis. I think they I think they
cover kind of easily. Actually I’m I’m on the Bearcats. I just think
that Luke fickle specialties defense is going to have everyone focus for this one they’ve
got they almost got upset two weeks ago good South Florida. So so I think they came back
and really figured stuff out and they’ll be they know this is their this is their biggest
game in season showing you’re right about the offense but the number is too big.
All right. There you go. Clemson heads the South Carolina the square off against the
Cox Clemson minus twenty seven and a half point favorite. This is a 9 a.m. West Coast
kick. Noon in Columbus South Carolina. Colby cute dog Columbia. Yeah. All right.
Then I pick a woman. No no that’s I. Oh yeah. Yeah. What do you want me to worry
about. I know you fucked that up. We apologize since Columbia. So yeah yeah
I. I never know. You know I’m moving to Columbia. You guys know that really well. Oh so taking
a breather Gamecocks here. Twenty seven and a half it’s rivalry week
last. Last year I think they lost by just 24 and that was at Clemson. So now they’re
coming to Columbia. Have you watched South Carolina play football.
They beat Georgia from the mighty SCC. Other than beating draw you watch South Carolina
play football. But but here Clemson has been tested forever. This is gonna be a little
bit of a test for a little bit. Is it a look ahead spot this Clemson tech or Virginia.
Who wins the is it Virginia. That’s the decidedly winner. Yeah every week is a playoff. I just
think too many points man. Even if we’re even if Clemson is up 35 nothing. I think that
in the fourth quarter back backups will be in the game Clemson coming off a bye. Right.
Dude you’re missing the point. You know how bad the bottom half of the S.E.C. is. And
Clemson is in a few mode now. They’re going to cover that. This spread is only twenty
seven and a half because South Carolina is affiliated with the SCC. Lay the points. I
don’t care that. It’s not really a rivalry. Yeah I’m going I’m going shock. I’m in shock
here as well. I mean Clemson. It does seem like they’ve just decided to put their pedal
to the metal and just put their wet foot on the neck of the College Football Playoff.
What really makes you think that though. Like just because they played Wofford.
Oh I I just I just laid the trap for Sean. We’re not back in the private school policies
of Clemson. Yes you are looking ahead to the big bad Hokies. Blacksburg Virginia you’re
telling me the South Carolina Gamecocks we just so real USC.
Well listen to this. I mean forty five to ten against Louisville fifty nine to seven
against Boston College fifty nine to 14 against Watford granted Wofford sucks for NC State
fifty five to ten for its loss through the CDC is so bad that even this might be a step
up even though they’re bad and yes you. Last week I was out of favor at forty five to fourteen
Florida State. Come on. They’re going to all these teams. Well you think but you think
South Carolina is awesome. They suck. Wait a second there I see since
you only beat autos. Yes it is highly overrated. I got that opinion from the college experience
it is highly overrated. Yeah. I got I got. All right.
To base engaged in infinite loop the Big 12 is the best conference in college and Baylor.
Look out Wyoming heads the Air Force the Air Force Academy in beautiful Colorado Springs
Colorado. 11:00 a.m. West Coast kick where Air Force the academy Lane ten and a half
against a Wyoming. Not not horrible. COLBY You’re taking the dog here. Well I am.
It is the week of the dog man and then look Wyoming this shit. Wyoming is is Craig but
he’s got the seemingly lost chance Sean Chambers a quarterback for the year. Backup comes in
he started some some games last year for them he’s playing much better than he played last
year. Another thing is there a run heavy team which means they know and they’ve already
played New Mexico. They know how to stop the triple option play with it. So I think Wyoming
speak of some of the money line here. What is Wyoming. Wyoming university has to
be at altitude right. It’s in Laramie I think. I think it’s yeah
it’s there. They’re up in the mountains right there. So
this this normally is a key advantage for Air Force maybe not such a big advantage.
I will say I air Laramie Wyoming seven thousand one here and I am quite terrified that I’m
riding on some dogs with the Dan to base that’s that’s often an indication that winning the
dogs might have some fleas. No specifically with you on the dogs but I
met a dude who went to Laramie wrangler at a dude ranch this summer seemed like a solid
dude like to throw in a leper and drink a beer. So I’m going to take Wyoming am I going
to take those uptight cadets over there. I wonder I wonder if he’s had a coleslaw sandwich.
As a low rider information from my red meat. So really you don’t get like a gag in bull
rider. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you he was out he was plant based but.
No no one would. While we just took care of Colorado state and Wyoming secretly owns the
Air Force and the Academy 10 and 0 against the spread in the last 10 meetings against
Air Force 9 and for 8 years and their last 13 this Wyoming team is scrappy. I think the
elevation the cold weather those are both things that kind of work in Wyoming’s favor.
Usually that’s a huge advantage for Air Force Wyoming also has an extra day to prepare.
Love all those factors give me Wyoming you see ten and a half it just in general to it’s
gonna be a lot of points for a game that looks to be high winds snow potential. Yeah agreed.
I mean I get it. The triple option that might make them better but.
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GP. Let’s get to the second half of Colby’s six
pack. Wisconsin heads the Minnesota against the Gophers. A big big 10 matchup here Saturday.
Twelve thirty kick Wisconsin lay in two and a half in Minnesota. The Gophers already home
dog Colby. What are we doing here. I’m all over Minnesota. I mean look Wisconsin’s
left the state gone to some other college campuses what twice or three times down there.
There was one and two. Yeah so why would I not take a minute to minute so is the better
team they can actually throw the ball downfield they have Rashard Bateman they got some great
players that wide receiver that actually are athletes and they also have Winfield on the
defensive back is probably better than anyone on Wisconsin’s defense and yeah I just think
this team is just a better team than Wisconsin. Give me give me the Gophers to row this boat.
Okay. What does rowing the boat mean. It means like barely winning because you’re
going to get done do you get like Paul bunions or something. Yeah it’s the bunion show. Yeah.
Yeah. Is it an act. Yeah I don’t think Paul Bunyan
is famous for rolling your blood that’s all right.
Well Kohli said row the boat and that made me think wait why am I getting this mixed
up because I know it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a PGA flag thing oh wrote the book got it.
Got it. Yeah no I did I knew that I didn’t get the connection. I apologize. Now I look
like an idiot just like you. Yeah I didn’t know that. And I’m not pretending
to know that I like it. I like to be honest with the fans. I would be doing them a disservice
if I didn’t recommend the clients get all over the Golden Gophers. You saw it with my
like last week Minnesota team. They had their met and they had their misstep.
They had their misstep and now they’re rallying back 6 1 and 1 against the spread in the last
eight games this Wisconsin team just keeps disappointing in the big spots and going into
Minnesota again. Tough place to win. And what a better way for Wisconsin fans to
be more disappointed 1 4 8. Yes in the last five. The Badgers just they just seem like
a big ten team that doesn’t show up in big spots. Especially on the road. All right.
Kramer give us your take on the Gophers. Are you doing. Yeah I’m done.
I just I’m not getting in the business of playing Wisconsin as a road team. It’s as
simple as that and not not to mention where I understand why the line is here. I think
if some money poured in early on Wisconsin but I like the way Minnesota responded last
week that was uh as you call it Sean the dream crusher. Yep. They bounced right back. I believe
they scored on their first four drives. They have better athletes in Wisconsin. That’s
something that Wisconsin might might have the hog Marlies.
But I mean and it’s another weather game right. It’s gonna be right around freezing. There’s
gonna be rain or snow it’s going to just be a gross game and it’s gonna be who wants it
more. What’s Wisconsin playing for now. The winner of this goes to the big ten championship.
But what’s Wisconsin really playing for the bunion.
They’re looking ahead. They’re Look I I I’m going to go out on a
limb. They’re annoyed that Minnesota is here. They’re looking ahead into the Ohio State
spectrum. Sure. Fuck you if Wisconsin should be favorite in this spot. I agree.
Yeah. Dream. Respect. I mean again I’m I’m not a college football expert in but I have
hit five locks in a row. But I would remember that from your like three weeks ago that was
a real job. I mean I thought this I thought Minnesota should be favored like that. I thought
so too. If I had a guess this line ahead of time I would say Minnesota minus three.
Sean my power rankings have this Minnesota laying two and a half points.
Yeah. I mean at the very least it feels pretty even. And then Minnesota has a nice home field
advantage. It’s good spot. I do know that a lot of sharp money has come
in on Wisconsin. So you know what are the sharps.
Are the dummies at the square table Colorado and the buffalo’s head to Salt Lake City Utah
where the Utah Utes are laying twenty nine points. Jesus Christ that is a huge number
for this matchup. Colby what are you doing. I’m guessing you’re all over your buffaloes.
I am all of my buffs. They’re actually a bit better the record indicates the Colorado didn’t
play NFC East teams like half the SCC does with multiple FS.
Oh they should be bowling all right. They should be a bowl team and you saw last
week when they beat Washington vicious you know it’s probably the last game in his career
it is Stephen Montez his last game of his career. I like the buffs. Another thing to
keep an eye on here is I do believe this might be in the middle of a snowstorm.
So breaking news. Winter storms to pummel Utah throughout Thanksgiving
week and loyal listener to the podcasts. Tyler can fall at t pet 76. He’s sending a photo
of the blizzard in Utah. It looks really rough. Really bad. The snow is going to continue
to come down and that favors the buffaloes and a giant number.
Another thing to keep an eye on is Colorado. Use this live discussion order of the uh out
of the Wildcat a lot. And if that happens and if it’s a snow snowy game the best athlete
on the field is on Colorado son they don’t. Utah doesn’t need to dominate Oregon already
lost. You know they can kind of the Pac 12 is theirs for the taking. I don’t think they
need to show up and dominate and when the weather is that bad it’s Thanksgiving week.
You’re already looking ahead to the Pac 12 Championship against Oregon and it’s not like
an Arizona team. Colorado gets no time. Yeah. So I don’t think I don’t think the weather
is going to hold them down but Colorado. This is like hey man we win this. We might go bowling.
Yeah I say go bowling. If they win this game and then Stephen Monta senior quarterback
last game. Yes mission all its gonna go pro. I just think you know how Utah is trying to
make it into the college football player. I think they are but I think they do but I
don’t know if this is going to impact their resume. I if anything I think the snow could
really hurt them more than it could help or hurt Colorado.
You guys are hilarious. Colorado is not a good sport. Washington Colorado. What did
you. You’ve watched Colorado play football this year. I have. I have one player they
want. It’s gonna be in the NFL. My if I was a fan of Colorado he’s probably already better
than Daniels. If I if I Oh if I was a fan of Colorado it would be. It would be extremely
difficult to watch him. He’s not even come close to reach his potential his Colorado
team is trash. Utah rolls here Utah rolls here. You guys you spend half the time talking
about the weather like it’s going to matter. It’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be cold Utah.
They’re used to that. This Utah team is getting slept on because they play in Utah and they
play in the Pac twelve as I predicted before this. This is a very good team very good they
could still win the game and Colorado can cover it. Twenty nine points at twenty nine
points. Happily take anyone’s money. Who wants to
take Colorado. Plus the points here Utah lay minus twenty nine.
Are you booking your own action at 8 per head right.
Patty sees lack of the season. Wow. Well I like my position is that these guys
over 50 percent I will say this. There’s not many teams that Colby has bias
to besides just about every team but Colorado for some reason and you refuse to accept the
fact that they should be the bison their mass cut is a bison. No we can’t go down this whole
again. What do you know about animals. I know that’s
a boat you know about meeting animals right. I know it’s a bison and someone who’s eaten
bison before I know that’s about those. That was a lifetime ago.
As someone who used the phrase All right. So Kobe and I are on the correct team. Colorado
plus twenty nine Ryan taking a rare bad pick here and Utah minus twenty nine rare misstep
in the in the Kobe that college six pack for old Ryan Kramer over there soy boy Kramer.
Next up we got the Oklahoma Sooners squaring off against the Oklahoma State Cowboys team
that Ryan continually makes fun of and mocks. This is going down in Stillwater Oklahoma
Saturday November 27 5 p.m. kick Oklahoma Boomer Sooner lay in 12 really got nervous
last week when I had CCU plus 18 totally totally came through late Oklahoma just kind of fell
apart. Oklahoma State twelve point dog Colby what
are you doing here. Well first off the Oklahoma game last week
was horse shit because see you should have had the ball a terrible spot towards the end
of the game. But who on the.
I know it’s easier to see you had a chance to win outright and I mean they were down
21 nothing. I thought they were going to get boat race but they came back easily covered.
I mean that pick 6 was huge. Well here’s the here’s the play here man is
last year. Gundy came in and Norman scores a touchdown with like a minute left and I
feel like 20 seconds left. They missed the extra point descended into overtime. He’s
probably had this on his mind for a whole season. This Oklahoma team is flawed four
straight games where they either lost or scored or barely won. Oklahoma State has a running
back tuba Hubbard he’s the best running back in America he’s gonna run all over this defense.
Spencer Sanders their quarterbacks out but they have other quarterbacks capable Drew
Brown a grad transfer from Hawaii. So give me the Cowboys plus the 12 points.
Well isn’t gonna be one of those college coaches that make sure all of his quarterbacks get
reps. Yeah they’re always right. We’ve seen that happen before with backups come in and
it has looked good. So wait you’re telling me that Jalen her former
Heisman hopeful Jalen Hurts is not all that great and this Oklahoma team has massive flaws
on the defensive side of the football. I’d say both. The offense isn’t as good as
it has been the past couple of years. I mean one could argue that last week was
a look ahead. But what about the past four weeks. But I’m I’m with you.
Yeah they just ripped laps right now and their defense I mean if you’re playing defense for
Oklahoma and asked to be kind of just this running theme of just completely falling apart
missed tackles Jalen Hurts his head inopportune turnovers. Let’s think he’s been really it’s
like they run two separate offenses one where it’s just like the standard triple option
the other one where they’re trying to run and got him in there there’s moments where
they looks unbeatable and then there’s moments where they completely fall apart so there’s
a reason they’re 1 in 5 8 yes in the last six. And I think there just isn’t consistency
for this Oklahoma team. I’m going okay state I mean.
GIBSON And I don’t think Gundy remembers last year were.
They tied it up the senator overtime he misses the extra motivation and such as Kramer you’re
also 10 years old. Yeah Oklahoma said I’m taking. I meant I was gonna take all the dogs
but you guys I did guys were talking for me about fucking Colorado Utah. That’s crazy.
Virginia Tech squares off against you V.A. in Charlottesville Virginia. Kickoff is Black
Friday 9 a.m. West Coast kick. Ryan will be in a tent somewhere and off the
grid. Why are they enjoy Sunday. This is essentially a playoff game playoffs.
Why why are you having this game at noon. Ryan kick things off. No one is going to be
there in Charlottesville. It takes time to put on those ironed shirts with collars and
sweaters and all these other things they do put on those hood it takes a while to put
tiki torch. They try so hard to be private school policies.
I’m going UVA here plus two and a half Virginia Tech. Again this is this is where it all falls
apart for Kramer and The Kramer. Can we uh can we recap you guys both taking
a hit last week. What happened there. Well yeah I’m all over
it like that all offseason I was saying. This is Virginia’s year. Uh well I’ve changed
my mind here. I’m going Hokies. Foster in this defense. Killing it the past couple weeks
back to back shutouts which I don’t know. Has he done that before like they scored.
I think 14 points. It’s weird. There are more points on defense than they’ve given up in
the past. We caught five seniors only Henin hooker is undefeated as the starter and his
last game against Virginia. Can he go out victorious for 15 what is it.
Sixteen straight years whatever the fuck the streak is. Give me the Hokies to get this
done. I listen I think the Virginia Tech has been
getting insanely disrespected all second half of the season with the spread. They’re clearly
a different team with Hooker. Plenty has clearly had success when he’s had a quarterback that
will bang Gerard Evans. Yeah that team. He was a gamer hand handed hooker. Dropped Evans
with it was even smarter about the football. And I think that Bud Foster. I mean clearly
there is an edge with this defense because Bud Foster is retiring but they also have
a bunch of young guys who are kind of coming into their own.
I mean like I said it only five seniors on this team Yeah they all they and they know.
Listen they know the stakes here. It’s what 18 out of 19 and 15 in a row.
Yeah but here’s the other side of that those of Virginia make wins.
There are seven teams and seven years in the coastal have gone to the east since we won
one of these teams started high and has slowly been coming down the hill the other fell off
the cliff when they lost to Duke at home by thirty five and ever since they’ve they’ve
been climbing up the mountain. I think once again the spread is way wrong. There will
be more hockey fans in attendance at this game. Mark my word.
I’ve been to this game before in Charlottesville U.S.A. fans.
So were you surprised to see hope the Hokies were favorite.
No it’s get the respect is catching up. I got you the respect this humongous respect
and if you follow if you if you’ve ever been to Charlottesville you realize that it’s a
shitty stadium and there’s not really any home field advantage. And oh by the way you
know what’s good home the home field advantage dominating them in their own building. They
what eight straight. Yeah. All right. You guys do baby.
Ohio State Saturday 9 a.m. West Coast kick. Head to Ann Arbor Michigan to square off against
big blue Michigan nine point home dog Colby kick things off.
What are you doing here. What a great spot to catch Ohio State coming
off of the Penn State win in this Michigan team is heading and trending in the right
direction the offense has been great. I mean I thought Indiana was gonna give much more
of a game than what the final result was. Give me that give me harbor on the points.
I see what you’re doing here. You really want a wrench to get thrown into that playoff.
That’s what this is all that is Colby’s dream. I didn’t. Well I mean I didn’t say last week
you might recall us when I said sprinkle some of the money on an Arizona state you doing
all you did but you said for basically any time you take a dog last week only I said
to how many dogs did you take. And so both Toledo and in Toledo back for
Action Week their games got to watch out. Got to watch out for those. But no I mean
dude tell me tell me Josh Garrison’s offense isn’t opening up more and more each week.
I think regardless if you’re a Michigan fan your optimism is gonna be great considering
next year. You know McCaffrey all these players that will be there with this offense it takes
a while to go from that offense to another offense and as the seasons programming update
this line to nine and a half I was just on my bookie Daddy.
We know which side of this Sean’s taken. I’m also on the Wolverines Yeah. I mean some of
the money line huh. Harbaugh harbor is getting this Michigan team up there playing.
They’re playing well especially in big games. I have tons of motivation for Michigan and
Ohio State. That was kind of a rough game against Penn State.
It was it was the worst case here because Penn State had a chance to win outright. They
didn’t win outright. I of course picked Ohio State to cover. They didn’t cover.
Why is Penn State trying to block chase young with one. Why are they not double teaming
chasing them. I mean there’s a lot of holes in the Penn
State coach James Franklin. It’s weird. He has kind of helped transition the program
back to being relevant but then also you just watch the games and sometimes you just have
no idea what is zero adjustments. It’s like this guy is dominating the football
game. Let’s just keep that let’s just keep the tackle out there blocking him.
And maybe Harbaugh has finally figured something out there. He’s got the right press khakis
whatever it is. 5 in 0 8 yes. In the last five games seven and one showed up at the
last State and Ohio State again. I mean they’ve been great. They’ve been dominant.
But I think a big number against Michigan Michigan is just going to throw the kitchen
sink at him I think. I think Michigan hangs in this game.
House harbor then in this rivalry winless but.
But that was against urban meyer. This is Ryan day right.
Have they gone up or down. Well they didn’t play.
We know the five out of come out. I guess we don’t know the new guys stance on recruiting
murderers and thugs allegedly. Uh I uh yeah I’m not.
You guys are crazy have you seen that new commercial with Harbaugh and the guy taking
care of his khakis. Yeah I mean I have not. I don’t think the
great the great so we’re gonna fade that we’re gonna fade that guy and we’re gonna take Ohio
State. You know what. I’m surprised because Harbaugh
apparently doesn’t eat chicken. I thought maybe you would. You know see see the value
in that way. He Harbaugh plant based.
No but he doesn’t eat chicken or that he only eats red meat go all the way through the only
red meat chickens or dinosaurs or something. Ohio States the side here.
I mean I think they they they they played well enough to win last week. I think they
get up for this even more. This is a big day. Fans stormed the field in Columbus despite
being a 20 point. That was what that was like the Eagles defense
celebrate in the end zone down 14. Now look at those that are our finest moment
of the season you know what. I’m going to. I’m going to switch it up all right. There
you. You know what I’m going to go back to this. I’m trying to find the perfect music
remix remix remix. And speaking of remix there remix it. Their back man escaped. That’s right.
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you’re out there. Dayton in the single world I’m in love you’re in love. Wow. OK. Hold
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your perfect spreadsheet your perfect algorithm. I did. And now when you’re hooking up with
a girl. What. I mean Colby did that do. Do women I’m you know I’m a married guy. I haven’t
seen the playing field in a long time. My knees been blown out but even if I know to
keep things spicy you want to keep things fresh down there. You know you want to make
it as appetizing as possible. You want to give yourself a home field advantage. You
want the women that are coming there. You want them to be like hey this is a place I
like to play. This is very supportive great environment
smells good trimmed down great playing field. This is where you don’t sometimes feel. I
mean look at you. The L.A. Rams why did they have so much success. Because they played
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Oh my God. Guys I haven’t. I think I found out what it was. The six pack. We’ve been
winning ever since. I’ve been seeing this girl. So that’s what it really is.
The more energy I put in on the relationship the better I mean you’ve been like really
tired lately. True. That’s shocking to me. I know you don’t get enough sleep. You try
to blame it on a plant based diet that you plant based diet to blame it on the salads.
All right let’s round out the top 25 here. Auburn heads the Alabama in weight. What’s
going on here. I’m confused. It says Auburn Alabama but Alabama although
it’s in Auburn OK. You blame Cramer on the Alabama based heads
the Auburn for the Iron Bowl where Alabama is a three and a half point favorites. I mean
does to a matter Colby. That’s basically what this line is saying
five star after five star he does matter. But I still think both Nicks can’t throw the
forward pass very well. So that concerns me. I’m gonna write this is when I’m on the street.
This is one of them. This is what probably the least liked the game on the slate here.
But give me give me Bama to cover this. But I’m not.
I’m not feeling great about this one because let’s be honest Madison has a way.
I mean I think to in the last three they’ve won against Bama in Moby Irvin in Auburn and
those numbers fishy though it is and Bo nicks it so every time he throws the ball you just
didn’t like it. You know like is going to be picked.
I’m going to Auburn because they smell blood in the water right.
And I’m going Auburn because I just don’t want to have to live in a world where Alabama
loses their backup or loses their quarterback and they still get it done any other team
loses their starting quarterback and immediately that perception gets lower.
And with Alabama sure do they maybe still deserve to be one of the top team. No they
don’t. They deserve to be like number eleven in the country based on that I’d schedule.
I just I don’t see the argument. If they don’t win their conference and they’re not going
to win there. How about they have one win right now against a team with a winning record.
Again I don’t know why we’re seeing. I think it’s to the rest of the world isn’t. But at
the end of the day it’s very hard for me to justify a team making the College Football
Playoff that doesn’t win their own conference. Alabama is not only going to win it in Auburn
they’re going to fucking destroy Auburn. They’re going to be okay. Now in previous years they
came in as undefeated unheralded and Auburn had the motivation to upset the mighty giant.
But now Alabama’s coming in not as Goliath but they’re coming in as David they’re rallying
around the backup quarterback. And the fact that Saban. He’s you know he’s going to be.
Can you just see the press conference. Alabama wins by 28 in the Iron Bowl and he’s up there
in the press conference making a making a case for how he should be in the college football
player. This is what college football. It was built to happen. This is when you only
put four teams in the playoff all. Alabama is going to be the infinite thorn in the side
of the committee. And is going to destroy its town.
So this is Alabama minus three and a half in all. Yeah yeah yeah pointing that Britain
wrong. Well it’s tough to tell how good this quarterback was because oh they played Western
Carolina a bad FCX school last week and I wasn’t that bad. But that’s the reason to
take Auburn. That’s why I’m with you here because everyone’s in well they just got five
star after five so I can tell you I’ve to hear anymore about all the five star recruits
and now I get it. It doesn’t mean they deserve to be in the
tournament or sorry the invitational Yeah and not.
Anyway long story short. Auburn’s going to roll here because I think you’re wrong Sean.
I think the motivation edge is in Auburn because they feel like they can actually win. They
went from being 14 point dogs to three point dogs.
That’s too much for two. I just eleven point sling for four Saban’s insane motivation for
this game. This is his career. Like this is this is the game that save and win this is
why he’s a great coach now. But one of the things that I think to keep
an eye on here is if Bowe next can just find a way to pass the ball for all not going to
figure that out. This is Alabama’s worst defense I’ve ever seen in the next haven. So if they
can just by far by far their worst defense. So in a way wouldn’t you rather have Alabama
make the playoffs and just get rolled up. That happened last year.
They got rolled up last year by like 40 and like Clemson.
So Callie I feel like you’re going back and forth. Are you on Alabama.
We’re on camera OK. No I’m on I’m on Bama I’m on Bama.
Don’t you try to see that’s right. Well that’s what I was confused because you confused me.
I thought we were on the set. I was just saying from a game I’m covering
the game with bonus you can’t complete those passes. My my thing is I’m taking Bama because
until I see bone aches complete those passes I can’t take that Auburn team.
I think everyone. I think the Bama playing this one triple A team got everyone a little
too excited about the offense. I love how ESPN was like It’s like the playoffs
started last week so we don’t need a bigger playoff because it started last week. Well
it’s a great match up in the first round of the playoffs so Western Carolina and Alabama.
Yeah. What playoffs do you get to just take a week off because it’s conference championship
week and you didn’t make it that far. Your conference but you get to just hang out and
wait. It’s ridiculous. Absolutely. Texas saying em heads down to Baton Rouge
Louisiana where the tigers. LSU playing 17 points at home against Texas saying em four
o’clock West Coast kick Saturday. Right now at the top 25. Colby what are you doing here.
Kind of a big number. I was on FNM last week Adam as my dog certainly wore a live dog did
not catch but covered the 13 against Georgia pretty easily. Do they get up for this game
can they show up or is this LSU just saying no I’m with you I was on them last year or
else. And I think I and we’ll do it again.
I mean the real problem with name that they had their chances to win that game against
Georgia Kellen MOND is a liability man great fourth quarter quarterback when you’re down
15 points though. But um compared those stats to Jameis Winston. Yeah exactly. This is the
Jameis Winston of college football. Jimbo Fisher coach both but 17 still big too big
of a number I think a name is gonna keep it close. I like Mike Elko their defensive coordinator
despite LSU is offense being the arguably the best offense in college football.
Elko should have good enough good enough game plan and checked it to keep them away from
their normal numbers. Give me mind to come back late. Cover this one.
Yeah you’re you’re taking a team to backdoor. Well or speaking some of the money like oh
I’m no I’m going Texas say an AM as well I think I think this is a look ahead spot for
LSU LSU kind of new to being thrown in this college football playoff Eddie Oh hasn’t been
there to kind of keep these kids heads straight. It went the seven overtimes last year. Yeah.
This just LSU just needs to win the game. It doesn’t really matter how much they beat
Texas saying good bye and they’re already thinking about the SCC championship against
Georgia. They’re already thinking about the college football playoff. The Texas and is
just it’s like how are you gonna get motivated for that Texas saying em. I mean this could
be huge for them. They hung with Georgia. I think they feel like they can hang with
LSU. Could it hurt. Are they still calling for
rain really calling for rain. I believe they were calling for rain before an 80 percent
chance yeah. That actually kind of strengthens them because LSU is a finance passing team
I would say more so this year than years past. So I think that favors into them 17 points.
I mean I think I think Sean nailed it right. This is the motivation spot. And I think here’s
the problem Sean. And you didn’t call this one out yet. Oh certainly knew it Jimbo growing
up. The question is is he friends with Jimbo.
Yeah. Does he want to slit Jason. There there’s a 98 percent chance he’s had
chicken on a stick with it with a Jimbo Jimbo. Could be the name of his gator that passed
away recently and maybe this is a sentimental spot. I’m with you guys. I think you take
the points because LSU. No nothing. Nothing to play for here. They’re total look ahead.
There’s no reason for them to do anything would get out of this game and move on to
next week. All right. Before we go or before we wrap
things up going to hit a couple listener questions including what at welcome to UAB. He wants
to know Colby and US in general who wins conference USA West.
Hashtag we mattered damn it just the West divisions that what is it what is. Well his
name is welcome to UAB I’m guessing he wants him to say UAB UAB. He’s a bit. He’s a good
he’s a good guy in a way. Are we sure this isn’t a Sean burner account.
Welcome. Yeah. I said to myself Look I’ve been thrown. I
bet I’m calling you maybe I’ve been pro UAB ever since. They wanted to get the Komodo
dragon on the sidelines. I was big you. Know. So give me the Blazers to a to win this
thing. Louisiana techs had to suspend their quarterback and their wide receiver so they’re
a mess so they’re Miss kind of flying under the radar a little bit but give me give me
the Blazers to get this done. I’m with you. Welcome to UAB.
I’m in as well. Throw me on the UAB side please. Once you win the conference USA can you please
carry out that dream of your athletic director and get a real Komodo dragon get some dragons
on the sideline. Public school. There probably is. Yes please. Let’s go with
a poem. This week they get. Who is a loser in tech. Yeah. Wheezing in seconds sounds
like a private school. Washington State heads the Seattle Washington
Square Off on against the hated huskies and the Apple Cup. While zoo and the kids catch
in 7 points 1 o’clock kick on Friday Black Friday will it be.
Will it be a crimson Friday for our Washington DC cougars.
Call Oh man I’m going to go with the Huskies man now. I just think coming off a bad loss
it pains me to say it. I just think coming off a bad loss on the
road. Washington State celebrated like they won. Anthony Gordon you know going wild doing
the bull it wasn’t. It was a crazy year.
Give me the coup. Give me the Huskies to get this done.
But uh you know obviously I would be rooting for the Cougars that to me one of their as
we were on the field as the game ended when we were up there against Stanford one of their
giant behemoth offensive linemen as he’s falling out of the stands just kind of do this like
hair whip giant like God winning feels good. I’m not fading that asked me what is wrong
with you call we call you they’re undefeated since we visited we weren’t rocket tech give
me wise so give me was what I think you give me the helmet good the Huskies have made it
low. What are we can we do the well bunnies can
we finally do this man Voltron. Washington is highly fragile. The Huskies have nothing
to play for Kobe they made their ballgame. That’s the seasons of failure. It could both
be 0 and 11 here. I got something to listen to my bullshit logic. They’re having a failure
season. Mm hmm. Period. Period.
Hey. But there’s a lot of plant based dieters in Seattle now.
Pullman Pullman. Well that’s more our style. With the exception of Ryan Nicole s Burger
a bunch of meat eaters in Boston stay bunch of real men and they’re being led by real
man by the name of Coach Leach. And if you read his book Geronimo which I’ve
read and I’ve really enjoyed he brings that warrior culture mindset that Geronimo had
to Washington. And you know when he brings the Cougars into town I think we’re gonna
sneak up on Washington. I think they’re going to scalp the the Huskies although the Apache
actually didn’t scout very often it was in very rare cases and actually most often times
in retaliation of white men scalping some of them. So yeah a lot to consider here. But
again I’m going was to give me the why zoo and the seven points all day baby.
Yeah I mean think about it what’s what’s so exciting about scalped white man. That’s not
a cool trophy. Well some Plains Indians did do that but not
the Apache and these they wash and say Cougars are true warriors. I just don’t think Washington
can slow down their passing offense. It’s pretty insane. And if the defense can just
get a couple of turnovers I was actually pretty impressed in person with the open field tackling
that we saw against the Stanford game. I mean great they let up a shit load of points last
week I was going but I think if their tackle it could just be OK.
They can win some games and I think there will be decent against it was impressive how
quickly teams can move the ball down the line just as quickly as they can score. They they
can give up a nice 3 3 play 98 yard drive. I think we saw it.
Well I think that’s the reason why they haven’t been as good as as usual but since we’ve been
there they’re undefeated so they need Hercules. Give me was you again. What am I thinking.
Huh. I’m split. My dogs a husky. You know what I mean.
No your dog is Mike Leach and the washing cooks.
All right. BYU San Diego State. Our gals. I thought we so we’re done picking them.
Well we call me the most on them last week so I feel like we have to wait until we lose
the final. Okay. Strike. I’m taking the as x plus three. Again
the Mormons shown up there on Black Friday in San Diego.
Too much temptation so he might get into it get it make it into a Dr. Pepper. It’s a lot
of a lot of potential pitfalls for a Mormon. He killed a guy Oh I don’t know. Can they
have spicy peppers. Feels like feels like the devil’s work.
Also crazy documentary on Netflix about Warren Jeffs unrelated to BYU but kind of related
with a more nice Mormon to talk to elaborating. Are you familiar with the Jeffs in that whole
like cult. If they branched off from Mormonism but insane insane cult and they loved Percy
more than you. Well he loved. He loved other stuff as well and real sick.
Plant based diet or guarantee. Oh wow. Let’s see single. Oh here it comes. Give us
your pick. It was a disgusting act. Look I too I went with the Washington State
cougars. I’m not going to switch cougars I was up at that bar the cougar and yeah I had
my own cougar so I’m going to take the BYU Cougars to get this done and we’ll finally
get San Diego State off the slate. No this is the spot where you take San Diego
State Kobe now they’re at home. Rocky Long’s gonna have the defense ready. And like Sean
just highlighted these Mormon kids are gonna be just drained from all the the insane hot
ass San Diego pussy. I like San Diego in these small numbers. You
know I think when he gets when he gets big as if they’re like big favorites or even big
dogs then I get a little bit worried but small numbers as the issue shows up.
I mean if you’re San Diego State and you’re you’re you’re your bro down there you probably
got some money. Your your daddy’s big state. Yeah. Not wrong with me.
Oh they’re not really that red. You take advice from Lawrence Taylor and you just order up
a bus load of freshmen like sorority pledges and just unload them in the hotel.
There you go. Take one for the team. True. It just happens.
It will just happen. Break. Break out the sheets with holes in it. Will there be any
floating in soaking wet. No it’s just going to be good old fashioned fucking cash hot
California blonde Pelosi just saying hey what’s up to these BYU kids and they’re gonna be
like Oh my God save my homeland on the flight deck they’re going to say well screw football
what’s the point. What what. Like what are we here for right.
What are we here for. This isn’t a they’re gonna think they’re in Orlando Magic go Oh
no. All right everyone. Time for The Black Dog he’s presented by my
Bucky Donaghy promo code SGP Colby kick things off your watch dog and he’s like we’re gonna
go with the Minnesota Golden Gophers. That’s the lock. Like a week. They’re just
the better team. My dog. Do I dare. What. What is the money
line play on Colorado huh. Should I give my clients that after after I’m just here on
MONEYLINE start out. Yeah but I would say plus fifteen hundred
something like that. Uh okay. I mean I’m just joking. I’m gonna
go for the real money line play let’s go with uh give me Wyoming on the money line.
So I’ll say around for it because there was ten and half point dollars and throw the Ts
for the people Colby. All right. The ts. Let’s go people. Let’s
get uh let’s get. Oklahoma State up to 18. Well let’s get uh let’s keep it. Give me give
me uh. What’s it got. Ian m at twenty three. I love the way he he he adds all this drama
and you get oh no he’s prepared me Colorado at thirty five I was gonna give him.
All right the buffaloes plus thirty five. That’s totally not necessary. Do you have
a bonus block for the people. I do. My Eastern Michigan golden worry Eagles they
get it done the Eagles do uh in college at least. And uh oh is that the wow Eastern Michigan
this movement but my team all year I mean that’s my real goals this year.
Eastern Michigan’s been a covering machine for me. I’m saying you’re talking shit about
the Eagles. Well their names the Eagles and Shawn’s not a not even fighting. Well right
now he’s just got. That’s how you know it’s like the Cowboys lost you they’re still in
a game out yeah plenty games left right. I’m not. I’m just saying that it’s rare to
see Shawn not start chirping. Well what am I going to say they look like
complete dog shit. I’m not going to be like oh shut up Colby they’re awesome. You don’t
know what you’re talking about. Colby can watch a game and see the score and
know that the team is bad. Yeah like my jets. All right.
And let’s see if the Jets have won three in a row.
Why do you hate me if I can’t root for those uniforms those are the worst uniforms that
I’ve ever happened to see like a girl deciding who to root for based on those outfits are
gross. They don’t even match what’s their color scheme. I can’t get behind them anymore.
And three in a row. Does that win against the Redskins really count.
Yeah. The Redskins are out there. They’re playing. They beat the Lions somehow. All
right Kramer what’s your locker. All done my lock.
You know I was gonna go was you but what why I fuck you. Virginia Tech’s not losing the
U.S.A.. Lock it up. Wow. Lock all it. Couple of weeks ago he was shaking
in his boots about this game. Plus I don’t have to sweat this one out. I’m
going to put the bed and I’m going to disappear off the grid for a couple days. Suck on some
some fake meat made out of plant based shit for Thanksgiving.
So stay tuned for the NFL show. Look babe there’s a honey cycle for my dog. Yeah we
don’t. Do we not have we don’t have money one judge
on on Nope fuck. All right well give me Oklahoma State from
my TS let’s uh let’s start with uh let’s go Minnesota up to eight and a half I assume
as we get one. I assume everyone did Max is very intelligent. Well let’s uh go Ohio State
down a three and a half less intelligent. They’re and let let’s uh let’s tease that.
San Diego State game up to nine and your bonus like Ryan from my bonus lock Shawn I’m going
ahead. So here’s my thing. I was fully prepared to pull the trigger on a wise zoo bonus lock
forgetting that we have now committed to taking them every week so what am I going to do Texas
here. Here’s what we need to say about Texas. Texas
has not gotten shit done. I love this place where they need it when they need to get it
done. Give me Texas Tech. This almost made my six pack. Plus the points
I catch and 10 their catch in Texas Tech I shop around a solid 10 and a half. Are we
sure Tom Herman is a good coach or is he following the fate of Chuck strong Texas his fans are
just losing their mind. They open the season playing each other next year. Texas into extra.
You’ve got to think about this. Like it it isn’t.
And I think we don’t talk about this enough in the college ranks but it’s one thing to
be a super successful coach at a program that’s a little smaller. You don’t have the heat.
People aren’t crawling up your ass right away you’re given time to build a culture. Yeah
it’s another to take that on the road to a situation where you have to deal with fucking
media. You have your own TV station. You have people with money early. Hey y’all. When we
win and when we win football games and I think it’s interesting because I thought he was
gonna be a good coach. Yeah but at the end of the day when you can recruit the way that
Texas allows you to recruit and you just fall short.
I mean they’re 6 and they’re just 6 and 5 right now and they went to games on less than
I feel that’s not except one against Kansas. They’ve been I mean it sounds funny to say
this out loud but since Mack Brown they’ve been a real joke. Mack Brown I mean is he.
Mack Brown get in year one. He was never a great coach but he was a great
coach. He was a CEO you know. Yeah. There’s something about that like these guys that
come in and they’re in there fucking. They have all these ideas about how football should
be played and culture should be build and I it’s anyway. It’s super interesting because
I’m shocked. I think Texas needs to move on. Wow. Wow.
The Hokies were like two losses away from there for me. So you fired. I went to law
earlier this year. I almost fired. Fortunately I don’t have the power. He would’ve been out
of our future. I got to trust to say that he seems to be.
He’s young it seems to have. But he also hired Buzz Williams and sweet 16 for my lock.
Jimmy Alabama minus three and a half no. Argh. Give me the kooks outright winners of the
Apple Cup. Say around like plus two hundred plus to ten for my cheese. I’ll take San Diego
State up to nine. I’ll take Michigan up to 15 and a half and I’ll take the Gophers up
to eight and a half for my bonus lock. Chip Kelly has got these UCLA Bruins playing better.
No not amazing but playing better. They’re only letting two and a half at home.
I know. I thought I’d never hear it. Yeah well do you see the guy who brought Sam Bradford
to Philadelphia. Hey. Mistakes have been made but I.
I think I think they match up well against Cal give me Cal Arts sorry give me UCLA minus
two and a half. Sean what you left me explicit instructions
that had you ever tried to back your future date did I suggest maybe you don’t do that.
This is its small number. Cal I mean you look at how Cal played USC and how UCLA played
USC Shirley’s motivation differences but cows already bowling. Yes. I just don’t think Cal
is that motivated to show up. This just seems like a game that you know cows kind of checked
out there on holiday. I’m surprised no you’re not. I thought it
was assuming that you were gonna take the accurate number and go with a who’s who was
playing that pretty good it was that uh. Ohio Ohio I believe Ohio minus I’m Kevin play accurate.
Yeah I was gonna say what is UMass not playing this game. What happened.
I had a nice run but yeah. You start and you decided to get off that
gravy train for Chip Kelly. Look at Ryan look at UCLA friends. You said he’s gonna show
up in a big way. All right guys thank you for participating in the sports game and I
guess make sure you go to the i tunes reviews rate review and share on i Tunes. Make sure
you check out the college experience on the sports gambling network feed.
You can. What’s the best way to get that Kobe you. Well I mean you got it.
I assume you type in sports gaming podcast network or you just go to sports gaming podcast
dot com and then you click on the college experience and then you win a lot of money.
If you if you tell us listen waited for you know it’s more important than policy selling
your god damn show. Well now what.
Yeah well I haven’t gone to plant based diet yet. I did one day on accident. I’m gonna
go get a burger now. Right. Enjoy. Colby talking about burgers.
Anything else so I was given a variance I was gonna let Kobe know I have I have checked
with the scientists policy does not count as meat.
Oh wow. Well it should count as fish and at least your pesky right dabbling later now.
I mean what kind of situation you have to deal with. Well I mean if you’re going to
compare it to anything compared to clams. All right. Thank you everyone. Again as always
listening grading your review and ensuring never fuck the clam. You haven’t the Bearded
Clam for the sports gaming podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money green and he is Ryan.
Just influence into Kramer. Let it ride.


  1. Would it be too much to ask soy boy to put all your picks in writing in the description or something. I’m new to your lingo and all your locks and other shit y’all say. Would be easier to see the picks on paper lol

  2. The Big 12 the best conference in college football?! Does Colby do comprehensive research each week into how he can top his hilariously ridiculous statements from the week before. Dude that conference is flaky as hell and defense is both non-existent and a foreign concept. There isn't a Top 10 level team in that conference. Oklahoma is a joke this year, Texas is junk in every way minus the QB position, Baylor is a decent team and that's really where it ends.

    Wisconsin and Alabama both roll this weekend. "Rowing the boat" is corny as hell God that's annoying. Row the boat into the sewer. How should Minnesota be favoured guys?! Minnesota has had one…count it one impressive game all season against a Penn State team that turned the ball over like it had aids.

    Best and truest thing Colby has ever said though, that TCU spot was embarrassing. Hurts wasn't even close to the first down marker.

  3. Don't disagree with taking OSU cover with points over OU this, but the narrative that OU not covering the TCU game was on the defense is lazy and ill-informed, you all obviously did not watch the game. TCU had 204 total yards of offense IN THE ENTIRE GAME. The fact the game was even close was on the 2 red zone turnovers on Hurts, so offense was to blame there, otherwise TCU should have been smoked 42-17. Also in the Baylor game, the offense gave Baylor extremely short field on 2 drives in with turnovers in the 1st half, and the defense gave up 60 yards in the 2nd half. Defense has not been the issue this year, they are currently ranked 31st in total yards, 119th last season. The close games are actually more on the offense with terrible TOs and going too conservative as Hurts is no where near the downfield passer Baker and Murray were.

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