College is a Waste of Time and Money? (top 5 mistakes you may not know)

College is a Waste of Time and Money? (top 5 mistakes you may not know)

Hi guys, this is Lee. Welcome back to the channel. If you want to see videos about game development
and programming, consider subscribing to my channel and turn on the bell. Then you won’t miss my next episode. Some of my audience are young people who consider
going to college. One of the questions they asked me is that
if they need to go to college to learn to code. I would say, no, you don’t need to. If you follow my channel, you know I am a
self-taught developer. But I can still land a job in top tier IT
companies like Microsoft and top tier communication companies, like Ericsson. But does it mean going to college is a waste
of time and money? To answer this question, I would like to share
some facts you may not know about college. Make sure you stay to the end. Before I started, I would like to tell you
something about my education background. I was born in a city in the south of China. The population of the city is around 4 million,
just like Sydney in Australia. I enter the best high school in the city as
one of the top 20 students. I think I am doing well in school, because
you know all my competitors are Chinese students, whose parents are crazy about education and
exam scores. After that, I went to one of the best colleges
in Beijing. I got a bachelor’s degree at college. My major is electronic engineering. I landed my first developer job before graduation. If you want to know how I get a job before
graduation, you can check the video on the right corner. I also got a computer science master’s degree
in my spare time. You may think I like the school system a lot
based on my experience because it looks like I am doing very well in school. In fact, I don’t like or hate the school system. I know each system has the advantage and disadvantage
at the same time. But I find that many people may have some
misunderstandings about college. The first one is that people treat college
as a place for job training. Then they found that college education doesn’t
meet their expectations. College is more than that. I want to treat college as a pre-society. It is a place where we can prepare ourselves
better before actually entering society and taking a job. We don’t just go to college to learn job skills. We can expand our other skills, which plays
essential roles in our life. e.g., learn to communicate with different
people, observe how smart and intelligent people work, learn to deal with pressure and
stress, and understand teamwork when to complete the projects with different people. I have to admit that sometimes the knowledge
taught in the college is outdated, especially like computer science, which develops very
fast every year. Unfortunately, a college education couldn’t
catch up with the changes. But it doesn’t bother me that much. The reason is that I have spent over 12 years
in school before entering college. I don’t need someone to teach me how to study
anymore. I already build a system that can help me
learn things effectively and efficiently. Another benefit is that there are so many
other people in the college who are smart, intelligent, and hard-working. You can learn a lot from them to improve your
learning system all the time. From my point of view, the biggest issue is
that many people enter college without a clear goal. Sometimes college students choose the subject
and stick to it because their parents tell them that’s what they need to learn. Or it is easier to land a job in the future. Or the subject is popular at that time. They don’t have a clear goal instead of following
other people. In this case, they have no motivation to learn
things. I can fully understand it because I was there
before. I don’t enjoy my first subject in college
too much. That’s why I felt depressed. Then I took some time to think about where
my passion is and what I want to do in the future. I found that I want to study computer science
and work as a programmer. Then I decided to learn computer science in
the second year when I entered college. After that, I started enjoying every day at
college. It could be full of difficulty and challenge. But having a clear goal in college makes my
life much easier. Another misunderstanding is that many people
think they will get an excellent job once they get a college degree. So they tried very hard to pass the exam and
get high scores. But what they don’t know is this is not enough. A lot of companies don’t treat college degrees
as the main factor of high-performance employees anymore. Many top tier IT companies are looking for
talented and intelligent people to join companies. Getting a college degree doesn’t mean you
are a capable candidate. Just keep that in mind, a college degree is
not the golden key to land a good job anymore. You also need to have concrete job skills,
communication skills, and capability to deal with a difficult task under pressure rather
than having textbook knowledge only. One of the misunderstandings is that many
people believe they will become successful automatically when they get a college degree. I have seen many college students throw their
books away once they graduated. Because they believe they will have a bright
future once they get a degree. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Sometimes I feel sad to see people throw away
the books. They believe they have had enough. They don’t need to study anymore. But the fact is we need to keep learning when
we get into society. All the difficulties, frustrations, and stress
you have experienced in college, they are nothing. If you have a chance or opportunity to get
into a college, don’t waste your time playing games, You can fail an exam in college. But you don’t want to fail in your life. Getting a college degree is the start of your
education, not the end. Another misunderstanding is that many people
with great success don’t have a college degree. That’s why it is a waste of time and money
to go to college. Unfortunately, I couldn’t agree with it. The reason is that there are also many people
with great success in their life with a college degree. The reason that many of these successful people
drop out of school is not because of the college is useless; it is because they have a clear
goal; they know what they are doing. To achieve their goal, they have to drop out
of school to make things happen. No matter we choose to go to a college or
not, having a clear goal, making ourself being teachable, being willing to develop all the
skills continuously, all these will make us become a better and competent person. Do you think college is a waste of money and
time? Please leave a comment and let me know. If you want to be a better programmer, I also
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  1. Many people say college is worthless. Do you need to go to college to learn to program? These are some facts you may not know. Don't forget to smash LIKE, LEAVE A COMMENT and SHARE your thoughts below. 🙂

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  2. All those beliefs are actually well founded. That's how college used to be maybe like 50 years ago. It was a guarantee that you'd land a good life-time job. But things have changed. I do have to say that this varies between industries as you would not get a good job in science if you don't have a PHD. Now I do agree with the benefits of college but the real question is not whether college offers any benefits but whether those benefits are worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars in college fees/debt + 4 years of your life.

    I can safely say that for sofware engineering, college IS a waste of time and would not give you any advantages or makes economic sense. Interviewers are not really going to care whether you have a degree or not and are going to evaluate your knowledge based on a whiteboard test. If your goals for college are social, there are other social outlets you can explore. If your goal is knowledge, there are many online resources and courses from which you'd learn a lot more than college again at a tiny fraction of the cost.

    But all your points and the root issues that you point to are spot on, good job!

  3. Great advice Lee! As a current college student, these are some great things to think about. I'm not necessarily looking for a job directly in my major, but I am using the opportunities there to help me get towards my goals.

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