College Kids React To 10 Upcoming Games In 2019 And Beyond

College Kids React To 10 Upcoming Games In 2019 And Beyond

– Is this– wait, whoa!
Is this Halo? What the heck? – FFVII remake! So, still relevant,
Square Enix, Nomura. – I’m back! (laughs)
– Ahhhh, oh my god! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’ll be
showing you 10 trailers of some of the most anticipated games
that are coming out soon in 2019 and beyond.
– Well, very nice, ’cause I love video games.
– (FBE) This episode was actually chosen by one of our Diamond members,
Marty McSlamberg. – (gasps) McSlamberg! Oh my god.
We know each other very well. We call Marty just McSlamberg,
and McSlamberg only speaks in the third person.
He’s always in our streams. We really appreciate him.
– McSlamberg’s in the house. – (Kyle) Yeah!
– (Sierra) Yeah, yeah, McSlamberg! – (Kyle) Where you calling from–
– (McSlamberg) A great idea I was thinking of, like, video games
that aren’t released yet, like try to do like a little–
possibly a try to guess that video game by little
small clips of the trailers. – (Sierra) What if we made it
more like 10 video games that are coming out this year
or something like that. – (McSlamberg) That works too, yeah.
– (FBE) So, every month, our Diamond members have access
to an exclusive livestream with the producers here at FBE
where we brainstorm ideas. And these Diamond members get
to pitch their own episode ideas that we will actually make
into episodes just like this one here. – Ah, cool. Oh my gosh.
I’m loving this interaction. – (FBE) Fans watching at home
can check the links in the description to find out how you can pick
what we cover here on FBE next. – That’s so cool. How fun. You get
to basically be like a producer. – Come join the SuperFam.
It’s a lot of fun, and we get to hang out
with you guys extra. ♪ (upbeat rock music) ♪
– Pokémon! – Anything with Pikachu,
I’m down for. Pokémon, down for. – Oh, heck yeah.
– Maybe this will bring back a resurgence of Pokémon GO.
– See, I’m actually super excited about this, ’cause I was watching
a lot of gameplay of it at E3 and I’m like, “I want to play.”
I was feeling so nostalgic. – Sword and Shield. Okay.
– You’re literally playing through the original Pokémon
but with completely updated graphics. It’s still pretty much the same story
and everything. It just looks so good. – I feel like the Switch right now
is the hottest thing, and it’s very smart of them to put this out
on something everyone has. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– “The Jedi have fallen.” – Oh. A Star Wars game?
– Damn. This is a video game? Wow. Looking like a straight up movie. – (Cal) Trust only in the force.
– This deadass looks like a movie. – Jedi Fallen Order. This looks
like it’s gonna be good. I might have to get this one.
– Why would you not wanna play that? ‘Cause it just looks beautiful.
– This one looks a lot better than Battlefront.
This one actually looks cool, ’cause it’s a story game
with the Star Wars universe. – I’m not taking any chances with it.
I’m waiting till I see it out, till I see people playing it,
till I see reviews. Because they’re still under EA,
I’m like, “Uhhh, you’ve got me on a teeter-totter here.”
– As someone who bought Battlefront 2 on day one, uh…
you know, they’ve tried. As crappy and disgusting
as the loot boxes were on day one, I have to say DICE has really put in
an effort in trying to kind of redeem themselves. Do we trust EA?
No, we don’t. Let’s see what happens. – (voice-over) To move forward,
simply jog in place. – Oh! (laughs)
They’re adding Wii Fit to the Nintendo Switch!
– (voice-over) You may find yourself paddle boarding,
flying through the sky… – Oh. Exercise, huh?
I don’t know about this one, bro. – (voice-over) Or rolling ahead
to get to each destination. – It’s like a ghetto Temple Run.
– I never buy these things, but I love that Nintendo
does crazy stuff like this. – (man) Playing this adventure game
every day will become a natural way to enjoy regular exercise.
– There’s a full band! See, this is like
the whole Wii Sports thing where it actually
forces you to get up. – (man and woman) RingFit Adventure.
– I’m not sure how much it will actually do for me.
I don’t think it’ll make me all that fit, but it’s fun to have
a little bit more of an active game than an “I’ll just sit on my couch
and play on my Switch.” – Real fitness, you know,
you want progression, you want tension, you want
all these different variables to obviously keep you progressing.
It’s still, I think, at the infancy stages
of maybe AI or VR or AR to really see what we’re really doing. – (voice-over) They threaten
and extort money from shop owners, get drunk by noon, and cause trouble.
– Ooh. What’s this? – Yes, Shenmue III.
– This is like a mix of an anime RPG, like, Mortal Kombat. (laughs) – (man) Wait, right there!
– This game looks like it came out in the early 2000s.
– This is so chaotic. – This is so weird. (giggles)
– Someone called Huber from Easy Allies,
he was really hyped about this. – What is this?
Shenmore III? Oh, Shenmue.
Where’s Shenmue I and II? – (FBE) First two Shenmue games
were released in 1999 and 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast.
– I was about to say, they still look like Sega graphics!
– (FBE) Those two games grew a cult following
but were commercially failures. – Oh my god. That’s kind of cool,
though, ’cause now they have a weird cult audience
that’s actually gonna buy it and make them some money this time.
– (FBE) The third game has spent over 10 years in development
with a Kickstarter campaign launching in 2015 that became
the fastest campaign to reach two million in just seven hours.
– Seven hours?! Two mil?! – (FBE) Knowing all this, are you
more willing to check this out? – Yeah, I’m always interested
in new games. – I’m a little picky when it comes
to games, so I would look more into it first.
– I would need to see more gameplay first,
’cause from what I’ve seen, it’s just an old PS2 game.
– “His friends have gone missing.” Oh, Luigi’s Haunted Mansion!
– This had a lot of hype too. I haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion
since GameCube. – And I love the sounds always.
I don’t know what it is. Something about the sounds these
characters make is just my favorite. – I think, pound-for-pound,
Nintendo games are just the most fun overall to play. – (Luigi wailing) – Yesss! The third one!
I’m so excited. – Nintendo’s just great
at making games, so I almost kind of just
give them my wallet at this point. – For advanced gamers,
for gamers of maybe my age, it ain’t the move,
unless you really like Nintendo. It’s up to personal preference. ♪ (intense rock music) ♪ – (Heidegger) These sewer rats
appear to… – Okay, this is
the Final Fantasy… VII? – FFVII remake! So, still relevant,
Square Enix, Nomura. I’m really hyped for this game.
– I’ve always heard a lot about Final Fantasy,
but I haven’t played it yet even though I’ve heard
only good things about it. – (Sephiroth) I have a favor
to ask of you. Run away. – I couldn’t get into the games,
but I loved the movies. – (Sephiroth) You have to live.
– (Cloud) You bastard! – Oh! – Graphics are cool
in this one too. – (Sephiroth) Hold on to that hatred. – I’m happy for the fans
of this franchise. – Final Fantasy.
They’ve made a million of those. – I’m so hyped for that game.
The music, I love! The composer’s amazing.
Can’t wait to see him come back. – It’s probably gonna be amazing
to see the difference between PlayStation 1
to PlayStation 4 now and how different it’s gonna look.
And I’m sure this is long awaited by the fans and MAYBE
I’ll give it a try. Maybe this is gonna be my intro
into Final Fantasy. – Oh, what’s this? This looks spooky.
– (system) …detected. Tag desig– – (man) This is UNSC Pelican Echo 216.
– Graphics have really just picked up. Do you see the cold
coming from his breath? Is this– wait, whoa!
Is this Halo? What the heck? – This is like an alien game?
Oh, no. This is Halo. – I love good trailers,
and that was a hella good reveal. – (man) Okay, if you can
hear me in there, I hope you’re ready. Please don’t die.
– This is why people get so invested. They’re so dramatic! (laughs)
– (man) Yes! – So much hype when
I saw this the first time. – (man) We’re going home! (laughs)
– I’m so ready for Halo Infinite. – This is what Halo–
this is Halo 6 now, right? Or they’re on 7. Infinite?
Oh, so they don’t even number it. Okay, that’s cool.
That looks pretty tight. – It’s the franchise
that made Xbox if we’re being real, I mean, going back to the OG Xbox
all the way to the very beginning. – (FBE) So, Halo Infinite
will be released sometime in 2020 with rumors pointing that this
will be one of the first games to release–
– On Xbox 2 or Project Scarlet, yeah. – (FBE) Exactly.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Do you think it’s time
for a new generation of game consoles? – I’m so bummed. I’m so happy
with my PlayStation 4. I don’t wanna spend more money!
– Consoles are always evolving, and I think that’s something
that us gamers are okay with. You know, with a new console
comes new technology, and I think that’s something
that we can never say no to. – Ooh! Is this gonna be
an Avengers game? – (Iron Man) Was that a joke?
Did Thor make a joke? – I don’t like different voices
coming from them. (laughs) – I don’t know why
this game’s getting so much hate It looks like it could be
so much fun. – The animation’s a little…
I don’t know, weird to me. I can’t pinpoint it. – This is gonna sell
like hotcakes. – Wow. I’m excited for this.
– (FBE) So, the highly anticipated Marvel Avengers game was met
with negative feedback with many fans poking fun at the character design
and the graphics. Developers have taken into account
the negative feedback and have promised
that the finished product will be true to the franchise.
– Hm. I hope so. – The graphics looked a little cheesy.
I feel like for something that probably would
have a huge budget, they could’ve done
a little bit better. – (FBE) Regardless of the backlash,
does it still look like it’ll be fun to join
the Avengers in this way? – I think any time you can
suspend reality and put yourself in a situation
that’s different, it’s fun. – I don’t care. It looks great.
It looks cinematic. I’m really excited
to play as all the Avengers, and it looks like
they’re gonna add heroes. – (man) Just take
the [bleep] chip, Dex! – Ooh, it’s Cyberpunk.
– (Dex) Every corpocop in this city is gonna be…
– I just finished Detroit: Become Human,
and I love it. – (Dex) …after what you
and your psycho friend did. – Cyberpunk 2077.
– (Dex) …attention, dammit. – 2020, game of the year.
I’m gonna call it right now. – Yo!
– That’s like cyborg Wolverine going ham right there.
– I prefer games that are action-packed like that. – Whoa, this is crazy.
– Oh, [bleep]. She’s badass. What is this? This looks cool! I’m getting Terminator vibes. – Yes. It looks like a fun game.
– That looks awesome. and I mean, CD Projekt RED
even said it’s not gonna be– the world itself won’t be
as large as Witcher, but it’s gonna be
way more in depth. – (FBE) Cyberpunk 2077 is adapted
from a 1988 tabletop game similar to Dungeons & Dragons.
Actor Keanu Reeves also has a starring role in the game.
– Ayyy, that’s gonna be tight. I love Keanu Reeves.
– It was already a day one purchase for me,
but Keanu is just the sprinkles, the cookie dough pieces
in the ice cream. – Incorporating a big
Hollywood actor into a game sparks interest from people
that don’t know what the game’s about. Now, that kind of makes me–
and, you know, for example, in my case, wanna look up the game
or wanna look up what it’s about. – (FBE) For FBE fans who have
watched us play this game years ago, we saved the best for last.
– Oh, Last of Us. It’s gonna be Last of Us.
It’s Last of Us 2. – Oh. Oh my god. Oh my god.
Is it The Last of Us 2? The last time we got an announcement
for it was like a year ago, and they never gave us
a release date. And then, now finally,
we got some more news for it, and I’m gonna lose my [bleep].
– (Tommy) You have no idea what you’re walking into.
– Oh, this is Last of Us 2! I did see a trailer
for this recently! – Straight film-level-type stuff.
– Naughty Dog is on next level stuff. – I think this game
would be stressful to play. – Thank you Neil Druckmann.
Thank you Naughty Dog. – I need to play the first one.
I know. Get off my back. – My heart fluttered just because
I just remember playing it and being like, “Oh my god!”
(chuckles) – And the best part.
The best part! – (Ellie) What the hell
are you doing here? – There he is.
– (Joel) You think I’d let you do this on your own?
– Bro. – I’m back! (chuckles)
– Is that Joel? He’s so old.
– I’m gonna be so mad if that’s a dream sequence
or part of her imagination. (groans loudly) Oh my god!
– Oh, man. That’s gonna be a good game.
I don’t even need to play it to know it’s gonna be a good game.
– Believe it or not, I actually watched this on FBE.
This was one of the first series that I watched myself.
– People were always saying how epic it was, and I think
that that just proved it to me. – (FBE) So, the highly
anticipated sequel finally has a release date,
coming February 2020. In this golden age of games,
why do you think this game in particular is so loved
and people can’t wait to play the sequel, arguably more
than any other game right now? – I have never really been
into the whole zombie scene. Anything like that,
I always found super cheesy. But for some reason,
the way they told the story, just with the scripts,
you got SO invested in the character. It felt like I was watching
a movie while playing it, but I had a say.
– You know when you’re watching TV, but then you’re watching
that next level TV where it’s really well edited,
directed, shot, written? That’s what Last of Us was
for video games. Please have me on.
I’d be more than happy to play it. – (FBE) So finally,
with so many video games, you know, out there,
we want viewers at home to leave a comment on what games
they are excited to play that we missed. But for you,
is there a game we didn’t cover today that you’re excited to play even if
it’s a more recently released title? – Yeah, dude. First of all,
Gears of War 5 wasn’t on this video. Call of Duty wasn’t on this video.
– It’s definitely Death Stranding. – Animal Crossing: New Horizons
comes out in March 2020! – It’s a really exciting time
right now for video games, so yeah, I’m just happy
to be part of it. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. Shoutout to Sofia.
– Don’t be a noob. Make sure you subscribe
and hit the bell, so you never miss an episode.
– Bye, guys! – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer at FBE. These are just 10
of the many, many games that are coming out in 2019
and beyond. What are you looking forward
to playing? What do you want us to cover
here on FBE? Let us know down in the comments.
Bye, guys!


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