– The man, the myth, the legend.
– I always forget YouTube is global. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re going
to be showing you the current top 10 YouTubers of all time.
– Oh, nice. I’m interested to see
who they are. – PewDiePie. PewDiePie again! – (FBE) And we’re gonna see
if you can correctly guess the order that they’ll appear in
in the top 10. – Oh, no. Okay. – (FBE) We’re omitting a few types
of channels here, however. There won’t be any
of YouTube’s own channels, no music or Vevo channels,
and no channels from brands. We’re looking only at channels
that would consider themselves YouTubers.
– Oh, okay. – (FBE) One YouTuber also
has their second channel on this list, but we’re sticking
to just the one with the most subscribers.
– Fair enough. – I’m ready. I was born ready. – (gamer 1) Welcome
to the cooking show. – I don’t know
if I know this person. – Gaming shows. Of course. – Vanoss. – Oh! VanossGaming?
I know Vanoss. – (gamer 1) First,
what you gotta do, you have to tenderize the meet.
Put it between your hands, slap it up. Yup.
– They’re in the top 10? – (gamer 2) Question.
I have a question. When do you go in the oven?
– (gamer 1) I never– I’ve already been cooked.
– Ohh, dude! I know nothing about
the gaming side of YouTube. – I’ma put you on a seven.
– He’s really funny. He and his friends together
are pretty funny. I’m gonna set that at number five. – Eight. I don’t think
it’s super high, but who knows? – (elrubiusOMG speaking Spanish)
– elrubiusOMG. – Oh my god, my brother watches him! – More gamers. Let’s go!
And they’re all playing Fortnite! – I hope all 10 of them
are Fortnite channels. – I always forget
YouTube is global. – (elrubiusOMG speaking Spanish) – Anyone who’s a gaming channel,
I have absolutely no idea. – Dude, I gotta start
making gaming videos. – I’ma put you
on a six. – You’re going eight.
– Number eight. I don’t know of him.
But again, I don’t really know of anything.
– I’ll put it at number nine. I’m just surprised.
These are the top 10 most subscribed, and already
two of them, I have never heard of. – (PewDiePie) Hey, it’s me.
– The man, the myth, the legend. – PewDiePie.
– PewDiePie! – (PewDiePie) We’re gonna talk
about a video I made a year ago. – He is the king of YouTube. – (PewDiePie) It was
about forced positivity. Remember that video?
– I don’t really watch PewDiePie, but I know who he is. – (PewDiePie) I don’t think
being happy all the time is something desirable at all.
Now, if you watch my older videos, I might seem a lot happier,
and that’s because… I faked it.
– Aww. I thought it was gonna be
because he’s number one on YouTube. – He is very much down to earth.
He knows how to talk to his audience.
He’s extremely topical. He knows how to keep
his channel moving where it doesn’t get stale.
– He’s number one. I’m pretty sure
that’s a known fact. – He should be
the most subscribed to person. – Number one.
He’s the only person who’s received the YouTube Ruby award
for 50 million, and homeboy’s at 60 million now. – I love him! Ahhh! Germán! – I love HolaSoyGerman. – (Germán speaking Spanish) – He’s talking so fast.
I can’t even read the subtitles. – He talks so fast. – (Germán speaking Spanish)
– (chuckles) That’s true. – No, it’s a trap. It’s a trap. Ahh! – I speak Spanish fluently.
It’s easy for me to watch, because he’s going so quickly
that it’s like, he’s getting everything he wants
to get said in a certain amount of time, and it makes you intrigued.
Like, “Oh my god. What is he saying now?”
– Put him at five. I’ve only known one.
This is pathetic. – Three. Everyone
that only speaks that language and not any other languages,
they have to– that’s their go-to.
– He’s collabed with a few people I follow.
I’m gonna put him at three. – Five, just because I love him. I want him to be
on the top of the chart. – (Fernanfloo speaking Spanish)
– Fernanfloo. – Fernanfloo. It’s really nice
to know that a lot of Spanish-speaking channels
are high up there. – (Fernanfloo speaking Spanish) – Wait, that’s a lot
of Spanish-speaking… There’s been three. – International YouTubers
kill the game. Clearly, I’ve been sleeping
on a bunch of ’em. – (Fernanfloo speaking Spanish) – Holy crap! That was amazing. – Still, nobody
from the United States. I’m just gonna put him at 10.
– 10, ’cause I don’t know what else is coming.
– Number five. (giggles) I noticed that a lot
on Twitch as well, that a lot of the bigger streamers
and stuff are all international. – All right, DudePerfect.
[Bleep] yeah. – Oh, DudePerfect.
Finally, one I know! – I know them. They do
all the cool tricks. – (man) Ty, you got a package.
– What is this? Oh, yeah! I’ve seen this! – Hooo! That was–
(gasps) – ♪ A little tune to play
to make the good times roll ♪ – Oh, this is insane. I feel like I’ve seen
videos like this before. – ♪ Na na na na na na na na ♪
– Now, those are some skills. – Number four.
– Four. I feel like people
are super into that. – Eight. With trick shots,
you don’t really have to understand the language. It’s just about
watching the cool tricks. – Let’s say seven.
They have such a huge audience. You see them in toy stores.
They have Nerf sponsorships. – (Yuya speaking Spanish)
– Yuya! (gasps)
– Ah, it’s Yuya! (speaks Spanish) – Ah, I’ve seen
some of her videos. – Is this the first girl
we’re seeing on the list? – This is the first woman.
Come on, guys! Equality on YouTube! – International beauty guru,
I’m assuming? – She was kind of
the inspiration almost to why I started makeup. – (Yuya speaks Spanish) – Everyone talks so fast.
Is that how you get subscribers? I’ve got to start talking quicker. – I’m gonna put her on a three. These are a lot
of Spanish-speaking YouTubers. That’s crazy.
– Seven. I don’t know if a makeup or hair channel would be that high.
– She seemed fun, energetic. I’ll give her fourth place. – (Vegeta777 speaking Spanish)
– Vegeta777! – Dude, there’s so many
Spanish people, yes! Viva los latinos! – (Vegeta777 speaking Spanish) – It’s another gaming,
of course. – I don’t even know
what this game is. – Ah, that game
was the [bleep]. I loved Zoo Tycoon
and RollerCoaster Tycoon. – He’s gonna be on eight right now.
I’m gonna change you. – I’ll put him at nine.
– I’m gonna say 10. Based on the clip that you showed,
I don’t think he’s super wacky and zany, so I don’t think
he has the kid audience as much. – Okay, Smosh.
They’re OG YouTube. – Finally, Smosh.
– (boy) So this weekend, I think that Emily and I
are gonna be making out. – Ah, it’s Smosh!
Oh my god! Guys, I’ve been watching Smosh
since Mortal Kombat. – (girl) Well, doesn’t she
have braces too? – (boy) Yeah, so?
– (girl) So you have to be careful. Otherwise, if you kiss her,
your braces get locked together. Everyone’s gonna
know you’re kissing. – (boy) Oh– (cries out)
– You guys are gonna hook up. Literally.
– (laughs) Aww, okay. It’s kind of funny. – I’m gonna put that on two.
I just love them so much. – Three. I can imagine
that they would still be up there just with a younger demographic. – Two right now.
They were the highest subscribed YouTube channel years and years ago, so I think they’re still
up pretty high. – (FBE) So for this last video,
it’s in Portuguese. We’re not able to find a usable
translation fro this episode, so we’re gonna play it
without subtitles. – Okay.
– (Whindersson speaking Portuguese) – Cool tattoos. – I’m just feeling
a little uncomfortable that he’s got his shirt off. – He’s just using a fisheye lens,
no T-shirt, just kind of chilling in his room.
– I don’t know. That kind of says a lot
that he doesn’t have a lot of production value.
A lot of people always ask, “Oh, how do you have
a successful YouTube channel?” You just need a story to tell,
and you need a camera and a wifi connection.
– FBE’s not even there. Come on, guys.
We’ve got to step it up. Guys, hit that Subscribe button
right there please. – Number two for now.
– I have number three left. – The only option I have
is number three. – He’s getting eighth.
I knew that YouTube had such a giant international market. I didn’t realize that 70%
of the top 10 were interna– no, 80% of the top 10
were international. – (FBE) So now that you’ve watched
through all of these videos, we’re gonna give you a chance
to make some changes. – I’m gonna move Yuya
to number five. – The dude with the sevens,
he’s going to number seven. – Something about Germán
just kind of tells me that he’s number two.
– You know what? Screw it. I’m just gonna leave it.
Stick with my gut, and we’ll see what happens. – (FBE) So now that you’re done,
we’re gonna go from number 10 to number one, and we’ll see
how many you got right. – All right, guys.
Let’s do this. – (FBE) Coming in at number 10… is Yuya.
– Damn it! I had her at nine! (ding)
– Yes! I got that right. The one girl in this list is 10.
– Dang. I almost made her number 10. She turned out being the only girl
on the list, which is surprising, because there’s so many great
female creators out there. – (FBE) Coming in at number nine
is Vegeta777. – Aww, man.
– See? It’s already going so bad. – Aw, [bleep].
– Woo! Okay! We got one. – Okay, I got one right.
– (FBE) Coming in at number eight is VanossGaming.
– Oh, I put number seven. – I put it at number seven.
– I thought since they had the word gaming in their name,
they’d be higher. (ding)
– Yo! What?! I got it right!
– (FBE) Coming at number seven is Smosh.
(buzzer) – What? I totally put that
for number two. – Noo. They’re on seven?!
– I’m sorry, Smosh. (ding)
– Yes! Yes! I got that! – (FBE) Coming at number six
is Fernanfloo. – I thought that
he was number five. – I am so disappointed
in myself. – I put him at number three
just because I want him up there. – (FBE) Coming in at number five
is whinderssonnunes. – Wow. Good job,
you Brazilian man, you. – So that makes sense
that people speak Portuguese need someone to watch.
– If he vlogs with his shirt off, that makes sense, I guess. (ding)
– Oh my gosh! I got one right! I knew vlogging had to be
a little higher up than some of the other ones.
– (FBE) Coming in at number four is elrubiusOMG.
– No way! – Ah!
– No! Gosh dang it! – I didn’t realize
they were that high. – (FBE) Coming in at number three
is DudePerfect. – Uh… no.
– I put ’em at 10. – Ah, no!
– (FBE) Coming in at number two is HolaSoyGerman.
– Germán is at number two?! – I’m surprised by that one.
– Oh, [bleep]! I got him! – That’s one! Yeah, let’s gooo! – (FBE) Germán has
over 33.4 million subscribers. So as we mentioned,
we didn’t include second channels. But Germán’s second channel
would come in at number seven on this list with
over 25 million subscribers. – Holy [bleep].
– (FBE) But even when you combine them, he still
wouldn’t pass the number one slot, with over 61 million subscribers,
PewDiePie. – That is so crazy.
– 61 million?! – Woo hoo! I got one point!
– Two! – I got number one right.
I got two right this time! – Good [bleep], Felix! – He’s been the king of YouTube
for what? Five years now? – The top five
one of them I wanna say was from where we’re at.
And so, it’s just crazy to see that, ’cause you see
it’s not only here. Like, no, no, no, honey.
It’s everywhere. – I knew deep down
that everything was– most of it was gonna be gaming.
And very surprised that a lot of these YouTubers
are Spanish-speaking, which is really awesome. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – Want a shoutout like Joy Icy?
Then leave a comment below. – Subscribe if you want a shoutout
like Daryl’s Story. – Thanks for watching. Bye! – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of College Kids React. Do you want more top 10s?
Let us know down in the comments! Bye, guys.


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