1. The US military is not going to put innocent civillians, especially school children, in any type of danger by dropping training cargo onto the entended LZ's. And they sure as heck aint gonnuh be dropping a weapons, ammunition, & explosive cargo load of any kind, no matter the size on innocent civillans way of harm. The package obviously drifted off course from its intended LZ target & no one got hurt in the process. Shut up & let my fellow warriors conduct their training exersizes. Im sure the US Army has oppogized for this mistake. If they have to drop any type of weapon or ammunition, they will do such in designated, restriced/no trespassing , open field, training areas.

  2. I’m sure everyone can agree that, everyone’s thankful that no one got hurt.
    With that being said, we all can learn from this… The military as well as the schools.

    But, Kids jumping on it?
    Where were the recess monitors? Please. I understand and I beg. We can’t control some things from happening but we can at least try to protect the kids that we leave in the school’s hand when we drop them off.
    For Example, parents were saying what if it was a weapon or bomb?
    Now, as a parent I expect the school staff to think the same as well. Right? I’m just saying, Teach our kids some common knowledge. Stay away from foreign objects. Keep them away from it.

    Anyways, I’m sure the school will, for I have trust in them! They’ve been doing a great job so far!

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