1. How the fuck does this have anything to do with their races? The cop shot him cause he believe was carrying an actual loaded weapon not because he was black. If anything it's the one who called that should be blamed.

  2. I fucking hate the media. They make it seem like it’s all about race. Like my man is holding an AR-looking BB gun and they are told he is pointing it at people. I don’t see how the cop was in the wrong.

  3. this man is not a victim cause of stupidity. This is not police fault. Love how cnn makes the point white police officer. Black man holding toy gun.

  4. I hope his family Sue's Walmart because their surveillance should've ended any assumptions. Usually the police will go straight to the camera room and see where the suspect island the ppl in there could've easily said the guy picked that gun up off the bb gun rack and is no threat

  5. And the caller didn't get arrested? He even admitted to cameras that he lied, it's clear he was trying to start something out of notihng.

  6. Why people are racists these days? God could we just respect each other, we are all people we are the same but no one will listen

  7. Given the current time of events you dont walk around a public area by yourself with a gun, especially an assault rifle looking type. Terrible situation where the person wasn't trying to hurt people, but you just don't do that shit in public, learn from this.

  8. I feel sorry for the parents. Why was he carrying a gun, loaded in a store. There is so many shootings. The Law Enforcement has a job to do protecting our citizens. I don't care what color a person is, they have no right to be carrying a gun in a store.
    Wait for investigation on this. To many young people on drugs. Prayers

  9. Why was he walking around walmart with a BB gun? He either brought it or that's a display model. A BB gun is NOT a toy like they said and that one particularly looked threatening.
    If you see someone walking in the mall with an AK no one will go "but he wasn't pointing it at anyone!!!".
    What does it matter if the officer was white? Not everything was about race.
    This guy was an idiot, and if the officers shot before they asked then they're idiots

  10. Blah blah blah. how tf is SHOOTING a person WITH A BB GUN justified like THEY KILLED HIM and that just say it’s “justified” like SUE THEM or kill that cop

  11. Why the heck do they sell BB guns unpacked?
    Stupid shop staff cost a human's life. They should be made responsible for that.

  12. Wait shouldn’t the bb gun have some type of packaging? Why is out just like that? That being said, the caller should face some charges.

  13. how the fuck was he pointing it at people, honestly the caller and the officers should face charges because the caller shouldn't of lied and shit, and the cops can't just open fire on somebody just because there holding a gun like who knows the gun could've been some fake shit and in this case it was.

  14. Okay but it’s a BB gun in the states? Here in Canada we don’t sell real guns the same place we sell BB guns. Did you ever think he was buying this gun from the Walmart? They don’t have video of him walking into the Walmart with the fucking gun nor did they say he got it from the Walmart which makes me think they don’t wanna admit this guy was trying to buy a BB gun from a American Walmart the same Walmart’s that sell REAL guns and they shot him over it. Maybe sell BB guns in boxes so you aren’t rolling around with a fucking ar replica looking for your sour patch kids and get shot just my opinion.

  15. Not going to lie carrying a gun around in your hands does look suspicious and for the caller probably wants to prevent another shooting. The cops had no idea what was going on and in the vidoe it looks like he tried to run. It does suck that a life was taken from a man who had no wrong attention.

  16. So the guy picked up a toy gun in the store and the cops interrogating the girlfriend are asking her where the shot man got the gun from???

  17. Sometimes other customers will remove things from packaging to try it out,and he possibly picked up what another customer had opened,in some stores they are on the shelf as they are

  18. For the people toting the man was shot because he was Black, please attempt to use your two malfunctioning brain cells and recognize the guy had an air soft gun in his hands that resembles a Scar-L. Regardless of what the guy should or should not have done, the police were acting out of protocol. This wasn’t some racially motivated bullshit the cops were responding to a possible active shooter situation and the guy matched the description.

  19. Whoever falsely reported it should be counted for murder. This isn't the cops fault because this is obviously. The football player shouldn't be doing this. These cops did their duty and for called to a person holding a gun at people. That's considered holding someone hostage and 9/10 those people die so I'm not surprised but whoever called it she be charged with murder for falsely reporting this.

  20. That men is worst kind of snitch

    He lies, slender and cause the person die, that's was lowest than low…the men that die remind me my uncle he likes to collect bb gun and other Toy gun for his collection, this make me sad for the men who's die

  21. Ronald richy is a murder. Put him in prison. And the cops that shot him are not professional. Was he ever given a command to put down the weapon or did they just start shooting, looks like they just shot him. Fuck the police, until they are trained properly they are dangerous to our community. Even the score.

  22. It’s pretty stupid how they don’t hold the police officer or the guy who made the 911 cal accountable. The fact is that both of their actions lead to someone innocent in the situation to lose their life. A family now has to suffer the loss of a loved one over stupidity.
    A simple order to “drop your weapon” for the officer would of changed the situation in an instant. But no he instantly shoots a man clearly not shooting or doing anything that says he’s an active shooter. The entire time the police were arriving on scene no shots were fired and the guy was pacing on the phone. I’m pretty sure if he was going to shoot someone and it was a real gun he wouldn’t be waiting for police arrive to start shooting. If you kill someone intentionally or accidentally you are held accountable for the loss of life period. That officer should go to desk duty, horrible judgment and training. Why would you leave police officers like that on duty??? They need to be held accountable. No one is forcing them to be police. It is a hard job and I have respect for law enforcement but I can’t be ok with police roaming the streets that shouldn’t be.
    Yes the guy shouldn’t have been walking around with a BB gun/rifle…why it was out of the box and in his hands doesn’t make sense. And if he was going to hold it he should of held it a way that doesn’t look like he’s holding it to use it. Yes the responding officers had information that he was “pointing it at people”. Still none of that is justification for shooting him immediately on sight. Again people active shooters/killers don’t “point” guns at people they shoot and kill which has been the case in 100% of the active shooter incidents. They enter and kill almost instantly. Gunshots are fired. The guy didn’t point the gun at the police when they got there. Just overall fail on the officers part and the 911 caller giving bad information even though they shouldn’t take that information like
    It’s 100% factually anyways when responding obviously. Also, the dispatcher did not hear shots. I think that officer should be removed from his duties. You can’t just kill innocent people and continue like nothing. His training and judgement sucks. If you can’t distinguish a threat from non threat even with LOTS of information beforehand that clued you that this guy may not be threat you shouldn’t be a police officer.

  23. They should all get charged including the interrogating officer. Who was that jury also, the cops killed without hesitation without warning, you had yr weapon drawn and facing the victim, yr an officer not a killer on call

  24. I’m so sick of these damn cops being so trigger happy all the time. And whoever called the cops should also face charges

  25. Thats fucking America 😡😡. Lets see wats gonna happen to the next walmart shooter. And of course its gonna happen again. Is A matter of time when we will find another crazy white man killing people😡😡
    Hopefully it doesn’t happen again though

  26. Guys we don’t now if the guy who called lied I might have thought he was gonna die! The gun was probably a gift to their son or something

  27. When the story starts.. "a black man shot… by a white police officer" then you know the liberal media is preparing for their racist bullshit agenda! Dumbshit walks around with a fake gun, gets shot. White or black, doesn't matter.

  28. Can we take ethnicity out of the equation for a sec. a man lost his life because some idiot decided to call the police and lied about the whole situation. He's the one that should be locked up for calling this in. The same way Tyler Barriss got arrested for swatting someone resulting in an innocent mans death.

  29. They’re always twisting these stories to the point where you question if they’re even human. Americans shouldn’t just idly take this.

  30. Why’s the bLck dude walking around Walmart with the B.B. gun in the first place ? He shud know ppl are retarded and will call cops on you thinking it’s a real gun .

  31. Yeah man, the caller should be strung up for this shit. The cops just did what they are trained to do, the caller is the criminal. On a different note folks, don't carry a goddamn unboxed bb gun, that looks fairly real, in any public place. People are fucking stupid.

  32. And the girlfriend died in a car crash on New Year's day: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/alisonvingiano/girlfriend-of-ohio-man-killed-by-police-in-walmart-dies-in-c

  33. Stupid white peoples justice what about if 2 kids picked some guns from toy department and start playing America is f up in every way

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