Cry Reads: World’s Best School Psychologist

Cry Reads: World’s Best School Psychologist

World’s Best School Psychologist When I was 12, I came to the conclusion that everyone in the world, including my own family, was against me. I was never a problemed child, but my parents sure teated me like one. For example, I um I-I used to be home by 5:00 PM everyday This clearly restricted my amount of “play time” outdoors. I wasn’t allowed friends over to play at the house, nor was I allowed to go over to anyone else’s. I had to finish my homework directly after I came home from school, no matter how long it took. My parents refused to buy me videogames and forced me to read books and then write a book report on them to prove I actually read it Now, even though these rules listed above were quite frustrating to me as a child, they aren’t what upset me the most. What really hurt me was the lack of compassion on behalf of my parents. My mother was a bitter woman who, always made me feel guilty of accidents, or mistakes I’ve made. My father only knew one emotion: frustration. The only time he spoke to me was when he screamed at me for receiving poor test scores or beat me for misbehaving. But enough about them, let’s talk about my school’s psychologist. For his own privacy, we’ll call him Dr. Tanner. Like most junior high schools, Psychologist is always available on campus during school hours to assist any students in need of counseling whether it’s emotional, academic, social, behavioral, etc. To be honest, I have never seen any students talking with Dr. Tanner. Every day, I would walk past his office on my way to the cafeteria and peek through his door’s little window. He would always be alone in there, working on some paperwork. I guess that most kids were too afraid to speak about their problems to an adult who was practically a stranger. For this reason, it took me three weeks to muster enough courage to go into his office. March 2nd, 1993, was the day I decided to voice my troubles to Dr. Tanner. During lunch break, I stood in front of his office and knocked. Through the window, I could see him raise his head, smile and motion for me to come in. I did He greeted me by introducing himself and asking for my name. Dr. Tanner was a very soft spoken man who seemed to radiate kindness. So in less than thirty minutes, I rambled to Dr. Tanner about how mean my parents were to me and how they didn’t care about me at all. After a while, my voice began to quiver and I stopped speaking. The psychologist listened patiently to my whole spiel, arms folded and head nodding. I half expected him to begin talking about how everything I had just said was untrue and my parents loved me dearly and blah blah blah. But he didn’t. Dr. Tanner leaned forward with a grin on his face and said “You know… I’m the best school psychologist in the world. I promise we will fix this.” I rolled my eyes. “Okay, but how?” “I have my ways.” “I’m a man of my word. I promise that within just 1 month, the relationship between you and your parents will change for the better. forever.” After a brief pause, he continued; “Although, I do need you to make me a promise.” “You have to promise me that you’ll come back to my office after school tomorrow, and that you won’t tell anyone that we had this conversation today. It’ll be our little secret.” I promised. The following day I returned to Dr. Tanner after school. It was around 4:00 PM when I entered his office After a warm welcome, he asked me to have a seat in front of his desk once again. Upon sitting down, I watched Dr. Tanner close the blinds on the door’s tiny window. “There,” he smiled, “now we have all the privacy we need.” We began to talk about my likes and interests, my favorite subjects in school, my least favorite teachers, and things of the like. About an hour into the conversation, Dr. Tanner offered me a soft drink. I gladly took the offer, considering my parents never allowed me to drink soda. Dr. Tanner reached over to the mini-fridge and fidgeted around before setting down to open cans of soda on the desk. Afterwards, we continued to talk about what was going on in my life but it wasn’t long before I passed out from whatever drugs Dr. Tanner put in my drink. It took me a minute or so to adjust my blurred vision upon waking… And when it did, I had no idea what to think. I was handcuffed to a bed and my mouth was sealed with duct tape. I immediately began to panic- squirming and tugging at the cuffs but gave up soon after. My eyes widened in disbelief after looking around the room. There were posters of superheroes pinned up along the walls and photographs of famous athletes on the shelves. In the middle of the room was an old television and Super Nintendo, various cartridges stacked alongside it. I didn’t know what to think. Here I am in a room filled with items most kids would die to play with. I’d probably would have cried out from joy hadn’t I been handcuffed to a bed frame. My stomach sank once again as the door opened and Dr. Tanner walked inside. He sat down on the edge of the bed. “Now listen, remember that I’m here to help you, and that I would never hurt you, okay?” Dr. Tanner gently removed the tape from my mouth and then the cuffs from my hands. My first instinct was to begin crying but, something about Dr. Tanner made me feel safe. He smiled at me. “You’re going to be staying here for a while, and during this time, you’re allowed to play with any toys in this room while I’m here at home.” “But when I leave the house, I’ll need to cuff one of your hands back to the bed. You can still watch television, but I want you to only watch the news channels when I’m away.” I sat in silence, still trying to process the information he had given me. “So!” Dr. Tanner yipped, slapping me on the knee. “You go ahead and knock yourself out; I’ll be back when it’s time for dinner.” He got up from the bed, walked across the room and click the TV’s power button before locking the door behind him. Several minutes passed before I realized that Dr. Tanner wasn’t joking. All that was left for me to do was boot up the Nintendo and play Mario until nightfall. At about 7:00 PM, Dr. Tanner returned to the room carrying two plates of mashed potatoes and chicken strips. I finally gathered up the courage to ask him how long I’d be staying in this room. “Oh, about a month give or take a few weeks. I just have some work I need to do.” The following morning, I awoke to Dr. Tanner’s hand patting my head. “Hey bud, You don’t have to wake up right now if you don’t want, but I’m gonna need to put this back on,” he whispered, clamping the cold steel handcuffs onto my wrist. I gazed up at him. He was wearing a collared shirt and slacks, a coat draped over his shoulder in his suitcase at his side. He looked just how he always did when I saw him around school. Before leaving he placed the TV remote next to me and told me to turn it on and watch the news. The first thing I saw upon turning it on was a “breaking news” segment. An important looking police officer stood at a podium surrounded by people with microphones. I happened to begin viewing half way through his speech. “A statewide Amber Alert has been issued as of this morning. We have several investigators working towards identifying potential abductors, but as of right now there is not much evidence. Faculty members state that the boy had been last seen around 4:00 or 5:00 in the evening on-” I began to feel nauseous as a photograph of me appeared on the screen. It was my yearbook picture from last year. Captions for the photograph displayed my name and age, my school, my town. Above my picture alternating titles: FBI begin search for child and kidnapping suspect unkown and potential runaway. The live footage continued and, two figure I soon recognized as my mom and dad stepped up to the podium. Both appeared to have reddened eyes. Tears streamed down my mother’s face as she took hold of the microphone. I’d never seen such emotion come from my mother as she wept on live television, Stuttering on sentences such as “please return my baby back to me” and “I’m so sorry” and… “Please come home to us.” When my father took the microphone, I nearly expected his attitude to be stone cold, but he too had tears in his eyes. He pleaded to the world to bring his son home safely and lastly beg for my forgiveness! “I know I haven’t been the best father, but goddamn do I wish I had been now. Please bring my boy back.” I turned the power off shortly after. My emotions were mixed for I had never seen my father cry. I felt miserable that my parents were being put through so much, but at the same time I I felt relief. I know now how much my mom and dad love me. Nearly 4 weeks have passed and Dr. Tanner has been treating me with the utmost respect. He leaves me in the morning cuffed to the bed frame, but returns in the afternoon to eat lunch and dinner with me, talk, and play games. I never would have guessed how good Dr. Tanner was at Monopoly or Scrabble. But one morning when Dr. Tanner woke me up before heading off to work, I noticed a stern look on his face. I also realize that it was 3 hours earlier than he usually wakes me. “You need to watch the news today. No exceptions. I want you to keep the television on all day and pay close attention to it.” He stated grimly. I, of course, complied and watched him exit the room. About two hours later, a breaking news segment interrupted the toothpaste commercial I was watching. The title, Human Remnants Found. Two staunch looking men in suits stood aside one another and began speaking: “We are displeased to bring up such unfortunate news, this morning regarding a missing child case from earlier this month.” One of the men bowed his head while the one speaking shuffled through some papers. He continued: “Remnants of a body has been found in a garbage bag beneath a highway overpass. The body appears that to be of a child, although not much of it is left. The body has been decapitated and much has been burn to ash and bone.” The screen shifted to a helicopter view of the freeway, dozens of police cars gathered near the bottom of a tall overpass. The man’s voice could still be heard: “Within the bag police found a junior high school identification card labeled as such.” The screen showed the school ID card I always kept in my backpack. The plastic was sort of melted away, but my photograph and name were intact. After the two men dismissed themselves, the camera panned over to my parents. They were sitting among the reporters; My mother’s face held a painful grimace and my father sulked his head down at his knees. I shut the television off. Dr. Tanner returned home very late. He hurried into the room, unlocked my cuffs, and placed a bottle of fizzing water into my hand. He placed his hands on my shoulders and smiled. “I made you a promise, didn’t I?” I nodded Tears squeezing their way out of my eyes. “You need to make me a promise again.” He told me that I needed to drink all the water in the bottle it would help me sleep and that from here on, I am never to tell anyone that I ever met him. I promised. “I told you that I’m the best school psychologist in the world, didn’t I?” And he was right. I awoke later that night to find myself lying in the middle of a park, star shining brilliantly across the night sky. I recognized the park; it wasn’t too far from my school. A mile or so down the road, I saw my house. The lights were off inside, but I could make out my father sitting on the step leaning into the front door I hesitantly called out to him. He lifted his head slowly, but when he saw it was me, He sprang to his feet, ran towards me arms open, yelling my name. My mother erupted from the house behind him. Dr. Tanner was right. Things have changed my family and I. My parents smile more often and treat me lovingly. I could not ask for a more perfect ending. Every now and then, I see Dr. Tanner on campus- talking to and from his office. Rarely do we ever make eye contact, let alone speak to one another, but sometimes he’ll shoot me a wink and a smile. I’ll always keep my promise to him and pretend I never met him, but there will always be one question forever floating in my mind: who did Dr. Tanner decapitate and throw off the overpass?


  1. This story was amazing! Usually I visit Cry Reads for a thrilling creepypasta but I didn't expect such an emotional story.

    And again, I always find ways to relate. My parents were the exact replica of this child's originators, but I never needed proof of their unending love.

    It was tough love…but love none the less.

    (The theory)
    Apparently, Dr. Tanner decapitated his own dead son in attempt to shatter the parents hopes leaving them vulnerable to guilt and sadness while exposing the truth to the disbelieving child. Which would explain a lot considering the fact that Dr. Tanner had a child's play room along with toys fit for a minor.

    Perhaps Dr. Tanner also treated his own son with disrespect and probably abuse. I'm still on the fence about it but the possibilities that could have resulted in the death of his own child range out to 3 prospects.

    (A) the repulsion Tanner put his son through caused him to commit suicide.

    (B) Dr. Tanner Killed his son.

    (C) his son died from an unfortunate event.

    All horrible options, yes I agree.
    But i must point out the facts.

    What ever caused Tanners son's death obviously opened up his eyes. That he should have shown more compassion and patients, to fully understand his child. And as the regret and guilt washed over Dr. Tanner, he realized that if he could help children it would be the closest thing to an apology to make up for his own actions.

    So when Dr. Tanner tumbled the parents hope for their own child's life. He wanted them to feel the exact guilt he did when his son died.

    So I think that's why Dr. Tanner was the Worlds Best School Psychologist…

    Ahem, Anyway…

    The decapitated corpes was most likely already decomposed but it was burnt for good measures so it's true identity would be left unknown, that's probably why they couldn't classify who it was based off the body. They could only distinguishe the carcass by the child victim's SID and that it was in it's youth.

    Disturbing, yet lovely in the demented way

  2. Some people say Cry's voice is sexy. I wouldn't know, I'm asexual. Some people say Cey's voice is disturbing. I disagree.

    I think that his voice is really calming and expressive, even though it's relaxed. Him reading this story with that voice of his stopped me from crying.

    I guess he's like a really enjoyable pain killed haha

  3. I thought mr.tanner was gonna rape him. Then i thought mr.tanner was gonna kill his parents…. I swear I'm not a pessimist XD

  4. Duuude I watched this already but I'm still drawn in like 2 years later. The audio cut when he said he passed out was extremely ominous as well!

  5. To be honest, this would work Psychologicly. The whole "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing is true. I'm going to school for this stuff, so take that as you will.

  6. I think the body was his sons. I think he neglected him and the boy was kidnapped. The dr then realized how he took the bit for granted and felt guilty and just wanted him back to show him he truly loved him. I think he was murdered and the remains were dug up or whatever and used to scare the narrator’s parents. This was his way of making amends with his dead child.

  7. My theory is honestly dr tanner killed his son, or something similar to that. It sounds dark but why would he have all these kid toys prepared? Its not like people often went to him with their issues, they said earlier no one was ever with him.

  8. That was a touching story… cry voice just sets the mood 😍😍. that was my last question too. Who did he kill?????

  9. I listen to this when I do my math homework and IT ACTUALLY HELPS ME FOCUS. cry's voice must have an effect on me…

  10. This and The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas are my absolute favorites, not straight up scary, but very creepy and intriguing. I'm super excited that Cry's making more now!

  11. I love his voice. It allows me to sink into myself, and allows me relax in many ways. These stories that he reads allows a size of me to come out that is hardly active. And that, is a great feeling

  12. He really is the best psychologist, not gonna lie i had a feeling he would do what he did b4 all of it happened, honestly i might have done the same, nothing brings a family together like the sudden appearance of a 1month missing child to his parents 😃😀👍

  13. It’s kinda crazy how this story was a tear jerker. Just knowing what it was like for the kid’s parents to be so worried about him, then finding out that he had “died”.

  14. I feel like this would be on the dark web literally titled "World's Best School Psychologist" or on a sketchy/not well known site.

  15. When I started listening to you reading these I haven't been able to stop. These are amazing. Please consider doing more of these!

  16. I truly enjoyed it! Many parents worry for their child to be "the perfect child" and do not try to love the child as he/she is .

  17. 80% of comments: RAPE

    10% of comments:: Your voice is sexy

    5% of comments:: you’re a good narrorator

    Other 5% of comments: you’re my favorite youtuber/I love you/can I marry your voice, etc.

  18. it is more pleasing for me to imagine that he threw a already dead body from a morg over the over pas. it didn't specifically state other wise aside from 'I wonder who he decapitated and threw over the over pass.' not on quote to what was actually said.

  19. That ending is so weird like was it another random child I'm so…
    Except this is better than the audio books I like. I was listening while doing my homework and it was just fantastic.

  20. People are confused at the ending so I'm gonna try to explain what I think. OK so I think what happened is Dr.Tanner killed another kid to almost shock the parents into thinking that their kid died. So when he DID come back home they wouldn't take him for granted and it'd be like a miracle and they'd actually care about him. Kinda weird but that's what I came up with. Reply and lemme know your thoughts or if you have any other ideas, cause I'm interested.🙃

  21. i always hear this whenever im having English test the next day. I listen to cry reads vids to get some inspiration and tomorrow is my finals so im gonna miss doing these before exams

  22. This is the first I've heard this story… and I'm blown away… you come by creepy/epic endings like that… it's makes you think about how one person that no one has ever bother to acknowledge go's out of their way to and risk everything they hav… just to fix a child's broken heart…who thought his parents didn't love him…I'm well impressed in the fact that he did all this in a month… and managed to dig up a recently dead child and decapitated their head and burn the evidence with the first kid's school ID just to make it believable…kinda fucked up but in a weird way I see the solution to his madness…both the parents and the kid learned a valuable lesson…the kid learned his parents do actually love me and the parents learned that they shouldn't hav so damn hard on the kid… GREAT STORY BRAVO

  23. It was dark, sad, and wholesome in the same time
    the fact that i left my house when i was a 3rd grader because my parents always fight really caught me in the feels.

  24. Some things I hate in comments
    1) if they are uniriginal
    2) bad speln
    3) when when when words are are repeated
    4)when people ask for likes and subs
    If u agree, like thus comment and sub to me!!

  25. "The following morning, I awoke to Dr. Tanner's hand patting-"

    hears a knock on the door
    glares at the door
    Boi you better not. Stop.
    I have the chills hnngggjbddjbsj

  26. Ok so the fat man told us not to acknowledge American dad but still a little bit of this story reminded me of an episode of it so I had too not that I care what any of them think

  27. Holy shit, I didn't even think about that question at the end until he said it. That's an amazing way to end the story.

  28. Cry saying chicken strips is hilarious because of that suspenseful tone to his voice I like snorted from laughing

  29. Whenever I have a headache that can’t be cured with Tylenol or water, I listen to this. Your voice is so soft and smooth, it always manages to dull the pain! Thank you!

  30. A lot of people (as of about 6 years later) are talking about how this story is either creepy or not, but it personally really got to me. Every moment until the very end, I was terrified, yet for different reasons that kept switching in my mind, which a lot of people keep mentioning. One, Dr. Tanner was going to rape the poor kid. Two, that he was gonna kill the kids parents. And then three, all of the above. This story makes me very uncomfortable, because I'm going to my first day of high school in 5 days as of typing this and have yet to meet my school counselors (we apparently have more than one, or we have some other faculty and/or volunteers who also deal with helping students with their problems, it's unclear). My feet were glued in this kids shoes all the way through, and the feeling of uncertainty and having no clue of this Dr. Tanner's intentions was very effective at making a truly unsettling story, in my opinion at least. Cry's voice also had a great impact on making this story really come to life.

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