DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2

DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2


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  2. I think this dude is missing the point. He has to stimulate himself with physical things. The point of us "9-5 guys" is that…..we went to college, so we can have a job that intellectually stimulates us, such that we can use our knowledge to solve problems, and hopefully elevate that standing of our field of specialty. Physical things are nice, but their excitement doesn't last. Solving puzzles, problems, and offering solutions to complex problems……that's what gratifies most people, and thats the purpose of the "traditional" college to 9-5 route.

  3. He just said there's "dinasaurs out there that don't understand social media and are going to get roasted for it" and said "they're Tivo'ing it" in the same sentence. lololoooolololo

  4. Basically what he's saying about happiness

    -financial freedom
    -being grateful
    -relationship with family and friends
    -Building things and doing something constructive to build self esteem

    Dan said he doesn't like not being in control and hates fear. He's got anxiety and I think when u start living in fear is when u stop putting yourself outside your comfort zone and growing. Dan then goes on about times where he didn't know what was going to happen and how he didn't have control and that was exciting. Living in the moment and not just doing things to show off to other people, enjoy the present.

  5. Please get the message right. He can enjoy a simple day on a beach because he has no worries of bills with him. A person who has to take care of shit wont enjoy simple things on a beach with all his worries. So better take care of the stuff and then go enjoy on a beach.

  6. 46:00 "puritan America with the family values!!??!?!" BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!! I've never witness a more debaucherous and less family-values place on the planet than United States Of America.
    Where do all these people even get the idea that America is somehow "puritan", where does that myth even originate from, I genuinely curious???

  7. I like the part where he said that he is "drug sensetive", "you should start at a small dose" and that he heard from people never coming back from psychedelics. All the famous podcasts, first and foremost Joe "you should try DMT" Rogan, are portraying psychedelics like it's a drug for everyone.

  8. Kinda ironic he doesnt like taking orders but joined the military. Thanks for the cool interview! Mushrooms on the beach w friends sounds like a great time.

  9. You know, is you know, cool, you know, to have money, you know, Right? Exactly you know because you know

  10. 11:07 "And was this only a plan?!? Is there a masterplan behind it because say you're this social media genius?"

    The beauty of watching a recorded interview is that you can run it again and again and observe the sub-communication to the smallest detail. These 10 seconds pack more information than the whole interview.

    Look at the interviewer asking the question how his eyes are blinking, then Bilzerian stroking his beard while leaning back and lifting his eyebrow.
    The whole interview is a set-up. I watched Bilzerian on an interview on BBC as well. Basically Bilzerian is on a tour to promote his brand of canabiol e-cigarettes and in order to penetrate the market to the average looser he needs to transform this untouchable, filthy rich "male whore" image into something that the average Joe would not be repugnant of so he can buy his product and continue and maintain his influence.
    And look at these silly puppies in the comments section "deep down he's just a regular dude" :))
    Bilzerian is as much of a regular dude as Donald Trump is when on campaign trail. Both expert manipulators.
    The world will never run out of loosers and manipulators know that and they are ready there to bank on their credulity.

  11. Subbed! Great interview, made me really rethink my opinion of someone I already put in a box.
    Laughed out loud at the situation of the millionaire Playboy telling the suit to "maybe take less shrooms bro".

  12. How Dan Bilzerian wins: Haters come to comment on all videos of him just to hate on him.

    But yeah guys, go on about how Dan’s “out of touch” or a “fraud.”

  13. I love how the first thing he does is trash Spain. Out of all the European countries I visited, Spain was the most racist

  14. the way brian interviews is so nice and chill to listen to he really does the job right and he seems to know what he is doing. Keep it up

  15. i have a quetion… why would you selectively grow more hair on your face than you have on your entire body? i mean you shave your legs……… but grow a beard?

  16. Chasing girls and money isn't happiness

    Happiness is free money you didn't earn and the gold diggers that pretend they like you

    Thanks Dan

  17. Money doesn’t make you happy unless you don’t have money. Just because you have a ton of money doesn’t mean you have to be a hedonistic douche bag. You could find a lot of happiness in philanthropy, raising children, and falling in love with one partner. Dan seems like he focused his wealth on superficial things therefore he is unhappy!

  18. The trust-fund spartan who lives the zillionaire (multi-millionaire, billionaire, multi-billionaire, emerging trillionaire, eventual multi-trillionaire) lifestyle, says friends matter more then money.

    The interviewer asks "so does money buy happiness?" Trust-fund spartan goes "fuck no", the audience is thinking yeah right (sarcastically)

  19. Jesus said, “It is finished!” (NLT)

    Jesus knew he was suffering the crucifixion for a purpose. Earlier he had said in John 10:18 of his life, “No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.” (NIV) These three words were packed with meaning, for what was finished here was not only Christ’s earthly life, not only his suffering and dying, not only the payment for sin and the redemption of the world—but the very reason and purpose he came to earth was finished. His final act of obedience was complete. The Scriptures had been fulfilled. 
    It says in John 14:6…Iam The Way, The Truth and the Life, no nan cometh to The Father but by me “ And what that means is you can’t go to God or Heaven without Jesus Christ and If you pray to Allah or Buddha etc You will not have no luck but only through Christ. God Bless you all!

  20. you know, you know, you know, you know, I don't know, you know. you know, you know, you know, you know, I don't know, you know. you know, you know, you know, you know, I don't know, you know. you know, you know, you know, you know, I don't know, you know.

  21. Dan is Awesome ( sexy girls to look, guns to look at and cool cars to check out) but this is very cookie cutter responses and statements from him. It is easy to have these perspectives and answer's when your life revolves around social media and you have lots of money from "poker"( wink wink ) . Take someone from a different perspective and they will have totally different answer's and responses. Everything is relative. Didn't seem real to me, seemed like Dans normal awesome sales tactic , I'm better than you , my girls are hotter than yours and I am rich as fuck lol. People watch and follow that , its as simple as that.

  22. 8:11 Yeah c'ause it's such a great idea to fly a private jet filled with homemade explosive devices over densely populated areas.

  23. Dan was really under pressure here in the presence of a more sophisticated interviewer, also it exposes his lack of intellect and slow thinker. The usage of YOU KNOW in every sentence is clear evidence of that. It's insane that Millions of people follow him and fall for his propaganda!!

  24. i'm here after hearing Dan Pena mention your name in some interview. i see in this vid you dressed up a bit. he is definitely an inspirational man.

  25. mushrooms are the best. it definitely gets you out of the matrix and makes you think. also gets you out of your ego, which is always a good thing. it should almost be mandatory in small quantities. lsd is like a sloppier artificial version.

  26. The simplest secret to attracting women in hordes is to first get the lifestyle they're attracted to. Dan explains it very well. Money is just the means to that lifestyle, but even if you have money, it doesn't necessarily guarantee women. Your lifestyle however does.

    In today's world, lifestyle often means adventure, fame and grandiosity – things today's generation of social media addicted and instant fame women are often commonly attracted to.

    Plenty of guys are out there who are good looking, rich AF, with high paying jobs, but they don't have the lifestyle which attracts or turns women on – neither their demeanor does. They don't know what to do with their resources, or simply are living minimalistic or boring lifestyles which many women are simply not into.

    Dan is smart AF, he learnt that pretty early, and how to utilize his resources well to build a lifestyle to get the women easily. He understands basic female/human nature very well, as he says he started it all to get laid in the modern dating marketplace which is often a huge sausagefest and 80% of women are often banging 5% of guys. So he's dropped plenty of useful tips for other guys who already have the resources, to learn from if women is what you want.

    "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women". – Tony Montana

    In today's times, it should actually translate to:
    "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the lifestyle, then you get the women. And then you get and build the fame, and then you get even more women."

    Once you hit the fame about your lifestyle, your reputation itself introduces yourself to women and then you often don't have to chase them as before.

    Most guys (even those who aren't filthy rich), who are consistently getting laid with multiple hot women are doing so, because many of these women are already attracted to the "ladies man" fame or reputation these guys have already built up for themselves. The Chads and Tyrones. Women are instinctively attracted to these men who are desired or bedded by other women, and these men have built up that fame which gets them even more women.

    Dan's interview was pretty cool. He understands female hypergamous nature which is unchained and the present social dating market very well, but as he says, honesty is paramount even in a STF.

    If she's planning to use him for her own fame or be a part of his lifestyle in exchange of sex, it's fine but she's gotta be honest about it. That's why prostitutes were considered to be honest women, but modern dating today is often covert prostitution covered in a mirage of fake feelings. He's simply not into that because he doesn't want to deal with the fake BS, and just wants to get straight to the point and get down to business.

    He's pretty upfront and unapologetic about his expectations with women (his fame, wealth and power allows him that), but that was still refreshing to see than to see all the fake BS guys have to commonly endure today just to get laid.

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