Danish International Sniper Competition 2017 – International Marksmanship Competition

Danish International Sniper Competition 2017 – International Marksmanship Competition

Competition is indeed a test of all marksman skills in the first place. There has been an increased focus on making competitions and a weight in the competitive especially after we no longer sends combat troops as we used to – until a few years ago to still keeping them sharp And especially marksmen may have additional needs for competition to get close to those situations where where you can feel whether you can or can not do. Someone will be relatively young and have not tried a contest in this way before. and then they will be much pressure that they have to perform up against 22 other teams. Some consider …..an extra pressure by the international competition and others will feel the pressure when the wind are up to 10 m/sec out here in this terrain A very trixie terrain to calculate the wind in – and it requires very routine I think that it’s very different what the hardest part is. “Ok, he is clear right now ..” “HIT“ … -“ yes thats the way” “There comes a white in against him” – “yes – got it…” “He’s clear” “THATS the way… man” “STOOOOOO … Ooops” “The shooting is over” “So I see …” “400 when I take binoculars out there, I see clearly where they sit along ….” “But I tried on 500, and could not see anything” “We had a bit too many miss on 500 on the little one….” The competitive element puts the things a little bit at the tip and promotes this performance anxiety that can be difficult to train on an ordinary day at the shooting range and it is clear that when you run it up in the format we do here, and when you have international participants then it will be put up on the big tip And many of shooters – especially the more experienced and skilled competitive people in the mix package himself into a bubble and then they are very focused and competitive, in that context. And you learn a lot from.


  1. Way to go ,this shows true sniper skills ,that's skill offing targets in 1 shot ,next target then ,if it was a Canadian sniper then they think missing and having another go on target is sniping ,WRONG, know you rifle, eliminate the variables to a minimum, one shot on target ,It's the sniper way

  2. Jeres sløring af de 2 soldater ved 1:28 er for ringe. Man kan pause videoen og se deres identitet da i ikke har sløret det korrekt fra start af.

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