Dental School Interview Tips and TOP 10 Questions

Hey everybody welcome to student dentist Gibby!
My name is Jared. Thanks for watching. Today we are going to talk about interview tips
for dental school and I came up with a ‘Top 10 Interview’ question list.
First tip is to use the school’s resources. What I mean by that is to use your undergrad’s
resources, where a lot of universities have contracts with airlines; because you know,
sports teams go and play other places, and so, you can actually go and meet with a travel
agent and get a discount on your flight. As well as hotel or rental car, or you can also
call the dental school that you’re interviewing at and ask them if they have a list of dental
students that would be willing to host. The second tip is to bring a notebook. Now
I know this sounds kind of like, well ‘Duh” but, with that notebook write down every single
question that you’re asked in your interviews. You’ll find this to be really helpful when
going to later interviews because you can study these questions and read over them,
and be like, ‘oh yeah, that’s what I said,’ or you can study the responses that you also
gave and be like, “well, I liked how I said this but I didn’t really like this.’ So you
can kind of use it as a study tool for other interviews.
Tip number 3, I’ve coined it as the Rule of Threes. Basically what this means is be able
to give at least three examples for almost every interview question. For example, be
able to give three of your strengths, or three weaknesses, also be able to share with them,
you know, three things you love about dentistry, or three experiences, or stories that you’ve
had. I’m just telling you, the rule of threes really helps out a lot and if you come prepared
than your
interview will be a lot less stressful.

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