Discovery Channel: Submarines – Sharks Of Steel 1of4: The Submariners

What is a submarine? A submarine is a steel tube in which we put three thousand pound
hydraulic pipes, 4,500 pounds per square inch high
pressure air, everywhere you can reach we’ve got 450
bold AC power, 250 volt DC power we have fans and pumps. We armed with the weapons have almost unimaginable suspected power we propelled with a nuclear reactor and then we take it out and
intentionally sinked in salt water. That’s not inherently safe. The latest Los Angeles class fast
attack submarine is limited in its capability by only
one thing: how much food she can carry. Usually its
60 days supplies for her crew of almost 150. Getting them on board is a tricky
maneuver everything that enters the
submarine goes through a narrow hatch: food, men and weapons. The low is a sealed world of work, drills, sleep and more work in a cramped and
sunless enviroment. The Topeka is preparing to go out on
patrol only a handful of people know where
she’s going and for how long she may be gone 12
hours for six months patrolling close to
Russia, or lurking in the Red Sea. This is the
world the submariner regardless of his
nationality The former Soviet Union still has the largest submarine fleet in
the world though much of it consists of aging
diesel electrics like this Foxtrot. She is nearing the end of her useful
life nonetheless this patrol could take her far as the
Mediterranean and for six months Returning from two months sea trials in
the Atlantic is her majesty’s submarine (HMS) Unseen. She is also
a diesel-electric and is the Royal Navy’s most modern non
nuclear submarine. Submarines have always inspired both fascination and
fear. their movements remain closely guarded
secrets in the lives at the men on board is a mystery. They all belong to a closed
society members have an exclusively male club. Separation is a fact of life shared by all submariners and their
families want a man goes on patrol he may as well
be on the moon it’s a continual cycle love separation
and reunion some say it’s like a divorce every six
months others that it’s a honeymoon Not at myself but my views on the Navy so
so as much concerned and going to see I think to spur love affair
pressure on a marriage. ownership to see the ones I T A the last minute safety at sea maybe 5-6
days with a little pools we go out and spend six to eight weeks
it’s a in a BBC BBC regular but it all the time you can
come to the family car want to them me there hardly the family hardly the
children have to launch I want to your own they really
understand six months put even have only gone for a week then are gone for a few days in the
store ask mom where’s daddy that sort of thing stand in front window
where’s daddy when she coming home was dead you know her dinner he said and you’ve seen for I am he takes any kind p i like it him when his bold moves away from the dock a
submariner enters a world which he cannot share with anyone except those around him by tradition submarine service is the most secretive
among the military in any country once the topeka reaches deep water of
San Diego she will die entering her true the first
dog was frightening I mean a school that Allah the some dreamworks a put together without any died when she
stood there and the of afterward and festival out some control
thank you this is wrong and I’m backwards and that goes down from within actually
died after the Dec when your study on course merge Fisher static course worshipers
I’m operating a submarine requires precision teamwork the captain’s orders are repeated and
relate several times before being carried out it’s part of a system of multiple checks designed to eliminate possibility there
merchant 150 be online be nice dying way the the Friday to submerge ship a submariner must do
what every surface sailor dreads take water on board ballast tanks are
flooded for extra weight and diving plane steer the boat below
achieving what’s called neutral buoyancy is a fine balance
between submerging and sinking thanks a lot wash nicer up 33 down 72 technically it would be possible to
automate or any of these functions 7 wanna
submarine operators deboers 1500 feet a minor mechanical problem could push it
to crush on him go quicker to identify emergencies signs computers cannot
combat them as in the cockpit of an aircraft there
is no we’re on our mistakes seeing the foxtrot crew taker down you
could be forgiven for thinking you are watching war two movie but once again rigorous teamwork is everything more than any
other branch naval service each man relies absolutely
on his crewmate to do his job correctly submariners overall navy’s know their
lives depend on each other whoever else maybe friend or foe they
share a common enemy the sub-mariner has only one enemy and thats all-round him the immensely
powerful and utterly implacable C the United States nearly suffered a
tragic disaster drama not always written when the
submarines responded to the bottom of the sea of the North Atlantic historically
submarine ing has proved dangerous business reflected in the traditional hazardous
duty pay CD even peacetime brings its own
disasters as in the case at the square looks like
to help 33 survivors now report everything about
it the bench and the prospect of rescue remains uncertain in most of the waters
of the world you cap recovers submarines as one
admiral said the only point in locating a wreck is to
know where to send the flowers of fun tonight coming home a second
miles attorney want rescue workers proved act this way why family back toward to the safety record a bar submarines is not perfect in particular we have
lost two nuclear submarines over the course of the program the thresher 1963 in a scorpion in 1968 were very significant events an hour program April
1963 a pleasure made her last day and again
the watery tomb for a 129 men 8 the thresher was the deepest
dive in combat submarine in the world her loss caused by flooding and a
reactor shutdown was a tragic reminder that submarines
operate along in an environment as unforgiving space there is no margin for mistakes in a
submarine you’re either online or did for the deck for sports right bike reversed course there a unique way by
here alright 25 require measure analyze a record want euro responded all my aspect where r wright 25 degrees or commander injury on
skews putting to Piqua through her paces
usually he wants to crew but not this time among other things it’s a good checked to see if everything
stowed correctly if you’re being chased the last thing
you want is a tin of baked beans banging against the whole and giving
your position away they call it angles and angles to this day the US Navy will only admit speeds in excess of 20 knots but it’s
accepted that boats like the Topeka are capable of nearly twice this speed
almost fifty miles per hour submerged in the underwater games tag played
between the superpowers speed and maneuverability are essential
ingredients vital for outrunning your opponent and
hopefully even his torpedoes largely remain almost
two-thirds turns now let that Gary writer static or smart you Petty Officer sure is a nuclear engineer his work spaces after the cruise mass and occupies
almost palpable it’s a classified area where no cameras
are allowed beyond this store is the heart of the
Topeka the nuclear reactor highly radioactive uranium generates
intense heat which superhits water in a separately
both types to produce steam this drives a turbine to create
electricity which in turn powers the propeller although nuclear safety is taken very
seriously there’s a friendly rivalry about the
pros and cons of working on nuclear as opposed to diesel electric boat’s
they call as new clips we call in these woods is this the
smaller you get from like a long time with with the Rio Samaras mean as you can see over that week we
were there the boren’s first marines and then these
lights come on take order your take along one side speaking on and
bring is the the call themselves and their proper
some owners and these diesel boats in the back time you spend
most time on surface some no rest my case admitted the service
nucleotides micronet but I’m water we don’t need
citizen was when he died he stayed on as long as the food last at the only
lead to a long as they died food the broader turn off the lights and glow in the dark
do not have a name which is which is what’s gonna happen with you
hurry you that question a clear up to me when I started I had no idea what I was
getting too I had the same ideas about glowing people in material stuff as China how is no very safe every person and use your army fact
everyone on the boat I tertiary where’s dosimetry measures toasted radiation
media my national like this review smarting over my bell and it measures my
gamma neutron radiation the US Navy is intensely sensitive to
public perceptions of nuclear power and the safety of its man but unanswered
questions remain about the affected exposure and the potential danger of nuclear
submarines in heavily-populated ports even the welfare of civilian refit
workers is now a matter for debate safeties abuse asking safety is
everything and entire voters decide cue everything in the boat if anything
happened russian nuclear submarines have a poor
safety record despite the claims that their designs
water was religion as a personal attack yeltsin you need some help some of you ask me my assessment of the
radiation added on board these boat I kill the infected strange as it may
seem the lever radiation on board nuclear-powered
submarines is lower than what you and I are exposed to on a walk around the city all submarines are designed as weapons
of war once underway the rhythm of the machine
takes over whether it’s an antiquated
diesel-electric like this or a modern nuclear bombs priority is
given to the propulsion and weapon systems on a deck built for missile tubes living
quarters must be crammed the space is left over 1 5 11 all the time submariners life is unique in the
military unlike the Aviator all the tank driver
he doesn’t Park his weapon at the end of the day he lives inside the machine they used to
call them sewer night sailor’s but nowadays
atmosphere control is a rigorous apart from indulging smokers Aerosoles
luminous watchers and even boot polish or forbidden list they contaminate the closed
environment fresh oxygen and water are made from the sea
by more they say the food is the best in the
service but unlike the Royal Navy no alcohol is allowed on board and
listed many the same as the officers but there’s a
Childline rather than silver service trash must be compacted and dumped into
the sea heavily weighted so as not to betray
your position underway distinction between night and
day quickly disappears your time is broken
into watches six hours on six hours of Rick Rick timing I’m going what weekends
become a thing of the past the routine is relentless yet I’m arkla company your months earlier on
the place that that’s yours and we we have to do
things they’re kinda keep our morale of my guys bring personalize sheets when they go to see
watching Snoopy sheets i’ve seen. sheets with hearts on ARM even seen one guy where a
guy and a computer image of falling computer image of his wife
former she so honors very little privacy barriers here no I don’t knowingly only
on your rack yeah its that’s the only place somewhere
that you can really neo go your thoughts together it
released day you just have to jump it close a curtain that’s all you got as
far as probs yeah Rustenburg share share our lives here good bread e public takes a special type of bloke 27
submarines I not all the possible it is however one but there are very few people in fact I
can only think about two or three you have not enjoyed the comradeship my
closeness and the sort of independence that you have a submarine which is a here barbecue your
characteristics that means you are quite literally living in each other’s pockets do get close the I mean Friendship Heights yeah the car
in her units builds a something so special for friendships you know that’s a you
wouldn’t outside any on something you live in on such component spices monarch and
because surely together you literally sleep on top one
with not but yeah this a.m not been able to a pizza are you got drinking together when you
arrive at a port my heart see-saw bodies all bodies in bucks is a sin very
close on board but we on patrols attention you can go
too much at times he need to get away from someone but no
to run your own booze Eastham economy it takes a special kind
of visibility I’m stressed times econ stress call upon
the Lord well-mannered things about well added now it’s just like a big family when you’re on your way everyone’s really tight you know the way
you talk to people the way touch people I’m I think
everybody here Roy secure with themselves making booze
like this underway in this kind of environment played in public they will be acceptable the engineers or nukes joked that the torpedo man’s job is to
protect their reactor torpedo man or cromer’s called the nukes their chauffeur’s either way the torpedo
is central to the hunter killers lethal anti-submarine world sophisticated actors mark 48 torpedoes right into its target
by 20,000 York maximum speed of 55 miles an hour the
advanced capabilities version is fast enough to catch the
swiftest russians summary topeka also carries tomahawk cruise
missiles demonstrated with such ferocity during
the gold for buyers sisters tools loaded to be ready for action mothers a very little difference between
a submarine operating peacetime and wartime is farr’s the submarine is concerned we’re going
out no we r Colbert 0 we’re doing the same type bold missions we do everything up to the point does
actually firing our weapons in and that is wanna
the reasons why our readiness is so high is
it where we going to an area were not
detected con no one knows where they’re so we can
conduct our operations just as if we had a wartime mission in that area this is the captain our situation right
now is that we are moving into way area where there’s been a hospital submarine activity we’ve received offers
the who is back in the hospital covering and
we’re conducting our sonar search for those contact now carry
on it sounded the sounder dole water running their hydrophone we use for underwater
communication we can also hear other Clark night and
we’re listening her close contact with hear their school
flavonoids coming in that coming through that
speaker a fast attack submarine is always only
minutes away from responding to for initiating aggression at the same
time she might spy on enemy maneuvers or
intercept their underwater communication systems
essential to hold this is still remaining undetected it
requires a state of constant alert commander jim Blonsky his first priority
in wartime would be destruction up enemy boomers
before they could launch their nuclear missiles this might involve intricate maneuvers
under the polar ice cap traditional territory for russian
submarines are you gonna do it not to do it his
medal of of Hill ballistic missile submarines like the typhoon operate to a different
rhythm much of their time is spent simply
hiding like cosmonauts aboard an orbiting space
station their crews live a life virtual
suspended animation all but not even Jules Verne pictured life
like this at the bottom of the sea as the world’s biggest submarine the typhoon deserves the traditional
nickname up the floating hotel in its atmosphere
above comfortable it’s likely dated health its easy to forget its deadly purpose doing it’s one way maintaining room around
despite very low pay uncertainty about the future and poor
conditions at home despite all his responsibility even captain Julie of earns only a few
dollars a month the news you well ruled the 0 lmao well 0 0 0 and then there’s the traditional fringe
benefit to the nuclear submarine ok in would russia may be finding it hard to
feed its civilian population but it clearly attach is importance to
taking care of the submarine force little things are important now the cops
burnt out the whole crew gets past can show the movie when you want to upsets people we messed with each other
a lot will know something agitated I so will
will do that advocating just to get to a those last three more weeks patrol
Taylor base ready you know their bodies like at each
others throats here goes just just gonna face starts out
everyone’s a pretty good mmm am happy to have a long climb year fortunate we tend to get pretty uptight we do
little things that are funny to us Mike from the other people we freeze people’s
shoes stealer Palolem sounds like kid stuff but it breaks the
boredom out there the isolation is in tenths you can call
home or even write a letter buddy times each patrol the Navy allows
you a message from home whatever news can be squeezed in 250
words they call them family grams I’ll I know you’ll think I’m crazy but I had to bring home just to hear
your voice on the answering machine 0 it made me cry can’t wait to see you are my love had boo mammograms really important once we get
underway and on toward the end patrol as ago you know
you just gotta have something to keep the guys up
and evening going and added that the morale background and
the Grammys is is the baby on the boat one enjoys being a rating means after
what began to walk to the ship you got a whole stack family grams in hand papers and they’re
gone we’re going to gramm I get a gram know it’s kinda bad as when
you have to give a gram per mom right on my mom had right but down my wife as are you find out that their kids are
doing great basketball yes yes am some even it’s a good feeling
it’s a great night so I got milk: on the old movies well call in the confinement and
isolation boredom can become a professional hazard
I think anyone has more time with their job sometimes but thats you me sittin on watch and then you pick
the bus on a min pick up a contact in what was a boring mid-march now you’re
chasing somebody I tajik control we have one been
classified as a hostile submarine cr3 for now bear 098 the context gone to the way my intention
is to move around behind a min get in position to attack them with the mark 48 torpedo carry on ship we operate in realistic scenarios you
don’t think about it a lot but did in the back to your mind
you know that your profession called Moniz to go out
there and destroy the enemy we’re ready to do that up build for the course 39 years old commander Edward job lansky controls a billion-dollar weapon system
it’s a responsibility relations it’s a very challenging time and and it get your heart pumping because you
know that you’re in a position where if you make a mistake you have the potential to to give away your position them opens Aug 30 30 be the first to about
you for be the backup you rebirth to for
back up dude our mission is to go in there and
destroy specific targets whether it’s with or torpedoes or with
or cruise missiles and but whether we carry
nuclear weapons are not is not something then you know can be
discussed in the on class by level so believe the question at that it’s a violent profession if you look at
it you know it the fundamental level but you’re not going to deter aggression
or be your enemy without some destruction
up or funny up up very well lip up talents but I’m what well block back hear from them scared one somewhat obscure battles care about ship all stations not slowing paid 150 be every numbers help words is clearly the best submarine in
the world I mean there’s there is no compares as far as I’m concerned there’s no other
platform that I would want to be on it if the shooting
started we could take on and defeat anything
that’s out there I’m sure the deck proceed occurs group
to for months on end the captain along will
decide on the submarines operations reporting is results only non return to
base constant drilling like this anti-submarine exercise keeps
the edge on his men during the long periods of confinement tough ruthless training isn’t just a
game professionalism it’s because as another kind of pressure it’s not just the cu2+ exerts pressure
it’s a circumstances the psychological pressure aboard the
submarine had a the navy’s operation hideout draws to a
close after two months of being sealed below decks for the 23-man volunteer
group it’s been a test the human fitness over
prolonged periods of submerged conditions and the cruise reactions will
largely determine the human factor in the Navy’s first atomic submarine designed to stay under indefinitely
what’s the first thing these parents the dogs wanted to do after 60 days in
confinement by shave with bridge popped water federal recover said we don’t know if we
have any problems wears a rich because we don’t sense a
Carter said them and I rather and/or slapped one atomics not less on the card and historic underwater voyage from
Hawaii we had a psychiatrist for example on board the Nautilus when it went under poll and looking for the stresses of the
people the stressors aren’t there people are
stressed submarine operations if they are they
will get in on more than okay to the only persons trust button populace
was psychologist because the crew teased him so much one
place I want when I was on one suffering we had very limited amount
of water underneath this family had very limited amount a water
Obama’s because polarize the job you did then was very very
important one mistake im everything gonna you hit the boundary and the RA’s
so its trust will be in out there all by yourself the pressure
of separation contributes to the highest divorce rate
in the armed services one bad things about them some reading
in general usually around each run windup maybe 22 remorse after a while reading the same Rams over seeing when there’s a problem Graham they lose after a while reno Hansen don’t really
want to get the guiding them with NaCl posted I better you don’t hear
about it there’s nothing you can do about it
having gonna be out there on the drawing on the day and doing your job and you don’t know about it you’re
better off you know it in your bag the people who survive that pressure and perform really well those who had
the toughest raining sometimes people say okay how do they
release that pressure well i can tell you the best way by far it’s six wives and girlfriends are really crucial to submit this for more than a month and personal
welcome from wives and children families and brand a scene in which
america joins while ago in that maybe traditional was a cruise well some allies get off or longley and they won’t let their husbands know
that their love Lee saw there said Diana you get some spicy family grams and not not to to the point being bothered with
slightly risque something like I can’t wait to wrap my loving arms and legs around you
or something to that effect or I can’t wait for you to bring home
the they have a special dinner ready for you
can’t wait for you to bring home the me yeah things that affect and those kinda
grams will talk about the names know that no one gets in various to
protect the innocent or guilty or whatever and a those become the family grams in
the week with posters down a mess decks are right get a laugh at them if it weren’t for
the gramm sometimes would go insane thereby as to know that you know missus an adventure I wish to go home 30 miss you know ruinous our families threat well typically this is the hardest part of a
submarine family’s life the Georgia is preparing to depart on
patrol today when they say goodbye in a couple hours
time her cool and their families will not see
each other for three months are me once and has been in for almost 14 years and can get used to it you myself the street are fortune wheels on really want my
children being born I was gone shortly after and I I’d leave
home you more so long backing the before five months old and
in some cases you know 67 it’s real hard children growing every year and find anywhere lemme 269 know the people talk about well I was
with my dad and I did this message well child go on this time we mine uranium mines radioman effort back courtroom and again and again fundraising not just when they come home remind them
in the coming home to you labor leaving the family an hour after the Georgia has pulled
away from the war she must pass through this floating
bridge on our way to open sea under patrol area four wives and
families it’s the last glimpse the submarine with
their men on board and by tradition some gather here for a
final farewell in I’ll no

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