DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL (If This is You)

Being a doctor is an awesome profession, but
it’s far from perfect. Society at large idolizes the hard work, dedication,
and status that being a physician entails. But I would argue that there is a significant
subset of individuals who want to become doctors, but probably shouldn’t. In this video, I’ll help you figure out
if you’re one of those people. What’s going on guys, Dr. Jubbal, As many of you know, Med School Insiders is
much more than just a YouTube channel. We have been offering courses and services
on our website for people who are interested in either getting accepted to medical school or matching
into residency. It may seem counterintuitive, then, that we
would be making a video focusing on reasons one should not go into medicine. From a business perspective, we should want
as many people to go into medicine as possible. After all, that would be the most profitable to
us. But Med School Insiders is about much more
than that. We seek to create a better future of happier,
healthier, more effective doctors. And a big part of that philosophy is keeping
it real with you all, and cutting through the nonsense. Unless you’re in the thick of it, it’s
hard to truly comprehend what it means to go through medical school or residency. I’ll do my best to cut out the noise and
help you decide whether or not this field is a good fit for you. Here are 4 signs that becoming a doctor isn’t
for you. First, parental pressure.
If parental pressure is a significant factor in your motivation to go to medical school
and become a doctor, do yourself a favor don’t do it. I’ve seen dozens of students enter medicine
due to family pressures and it almost never ends up well for them. They usually either quit in the middle of
medical school, or if they continue on, their disdain for the profession and their life
is heavy and readily apparent. Some have even told me that they wish they
could quit, but they feel trapped because their family would disown them, or their significant
student loans have them cornered. It’s a tough situation, no doubt about it. But if you continue down the demanding and
arduous path of becoming a doctor because your family wants you to, it does not end
well for you. Being honest sooner is almost always better
than being honest later. The pain and hurt of quitting once you’re
already a couple years into your training will almost certainly be worse than being
upfront and quitting sooner. Number two, hating people.
You know the type – the people that get easily frustrated by others’ seemingly endless
stupidity or incompetence. If you’re not patient with people, then
being a physician probably won’t make you happy. Some medical students joke that they’re
pursuing pathology because they don’t like people, or even surgery so that they can put
the patient under anesthesia so that they stop talking. But the reality is, every field in medicine requires
good people skills and regular interaction with others. Sure, in pathology you’re not interacting
with patients as much as a psychiatrist or primary care doctor would, but you still need
to regularly coordinate with other healthcare providers to understand and analyze the specimens
and provide tailored guidance to the healthcare team. Similarly, a lot of surgery involves face
to face interaction and clinic time. Even as a surgeon, you’ll be spending about
two days per week in clinic, not operating. And on surgery days, you’ll still be spending
a lot of time speaking with the patient and their family pre-op, with the healthcare team
intraoperatively, and with their family again post-op. Be warned, not all patients are kind or appreciative of your work. If this is a deal breaker for you, think long
and hard about your decision. Number three, You’re Allergic to Hard Work.
Even if you’re incredibly intelligent and skated through high school or even college
with great grades and minimal work, that will not sustain you. Trust me. I have a few friends who have brilliant minds,
so getting into medical school was pretty easy for them. But the adjustment to the vast quantities
of information you need to learn in medical school is a different animal entirely. I would argue that intelligence has less to
do with being successful in medical school than you think. It’s more closely tied to work ethic. Medical school requires more memorization
than critical thinking abilities, and that’s far less dependent on intelligence. And same with residency. The hours are long, and the amount of knowledge
you need to acquire and hours of experience you need to put under your belt are nothing
to scoff at. If your idea of hard work is a 9 to 5, five days
per week, then medicine isn’t the right career path for you. And number four, Medicine Isn’t Your Main Focus.
If you’re like me and have a variety of professional interests and pursuits, then
medicine will not be conducive to your long term vision. To be successful as a clinician, medicine
has to be a central focus in your life. Sure, you can have side hustles and hobbies,
I’m not arguing against that. But to make significant progress in other
professional pursuits while pursuing medicine is neither feasible nor sustainable. Many medical schools do not allow their students
to work on the side because of the intensity and rigor. Schools understand that medical school is
expensive and you want to get a job to help pay the bills, but it’s much more likely to contribute to burn
out and overall harm your medical school performance. In residency, your hours will be even more
intense and your lifestyle even less conducive to pursuing side hustles. And depending on your specialty of choice,
attending life won’t be a walk in the park either. Looking across all specialties, only 13% of
physicians work fewer than 40 hours per week. Most of them work between 40 to 60 hours per
week, and a quarter of them work between 60 and 80 hours per week. If you’re going into something surgical,
expect your hours to be on the higher end of the spectrum. Now Before You Go,
These four points aren’t meant to be hard rules, but if you do find yourself identifying
with them, then I advise you seriously reconsider medicine as your career of choice. There are many other ways to make a comfortable
and rewarding living with far less effort or sacrifice. Being a doctor is a special profession for
a special breed of person. If after hearing these points you are still
set on becoming a physician, then more power to you. At Med School Insiders, we want to help make your dream become a reality. We offer the highest
quality, systematically designed courses and services to help you become an effective doctor. If you’re a pre-med, check out our Pre-Med
Roadmap to Medical School Acceptance, which lays out a customizable template with high
yield content to help you craft your college career and set yourself up for a medical school
acceptance. If you’re further along in the process,
our How to Ace the Medical School Interview guide will help you put your best foot forward
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customers, so get yours while the coupon is still available. Additionally, all courses come backed with
a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, let
us know and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked. Talk about a sweet deal. Thank you all so much for watching. If you liked the video, make sure you press
that thumbs up button, and if you’re not a fan, let me know with a thumbs down. New videos every week, so make sure you’re
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  2. Awesome! I wish I knew this before going to med school and dropping out to become a teacher/professor after a year of residency! Very true, and better late than never.

  3. Professions are dream jobs for a reason. Not everyone is molded out to do them nor care to. I come from a family of career minded folk and still wouldnt step into their shoes. IF you dislike people then that is gonna be difficult for that person.

  4. medical school is hard. There should no such thing as a good reason for going into medicine. Most people cant do it anyways so let the few people who have the talent do it so we can have enough doctors for everyone.

  5. I just wanted to comment how much it saddens me up to see that some are "hating people" and they just feel ok with it. I kind of understand because I used to be very shy, but I always cared for people, and that was what helped me to become the very opened person I always wanted to be. I just would like to say if you are "hating people", why do you? We are all the same, hating people will just end up with you hating yourself, but if you take sometime to actually understand how others think, how they feel, what is their world like, you will be able to understand yourself and be a better version of you. And not to be only sentimental, a lot of well-paid jobs require you to deal with people. Remember that we were not just made up a certain way, you decide who you want to be. Don't be afraid of getting out of your place of comfort, go out there and discover who can actually be, you probably don't even imagine all the wonderful things you can achieve if you dare to go further

  6. so I'm still calculating how much a day is 80 hrs per week. 11 hrs a day , every day all the week? Are doctors morally allowed to have kids? or marry? cause honestly with that much of working they can never be a good mom or a good partner …

  7. I don’t hate people some people just annoy me. But I’m very good at hiding it. And I think it’s impossible to not hate anyone

  8. i’m under parental pressure, medicine isn’t my main focus and, because of that, i would be miserable if i had to work so much in a job i don’t enjoy. Still, i want the money (period). I have really great grades but i’m not an entrepreneur and couldn’t find a way to earn money on the business field. I love math, physics and technology but i don’t like the idea of working in a company for someone earning a fixed salary that increases along the time. Idk, what fucks me up is that i can’t stand the thought of choosing an area that, although i love (like physics major), don’t have a very big potencial of making me earn a lot of money. I know it’s futile but that’s the truth. Please help me out, i’m so lost here?
    (sorry if there’s anything wrong, i’m brazilian)

  9. One of my friends wants to become a doctor, but she is NOT up to the task. How do I stop her from making such a terrible decision? People like her are what make the medical field so corrupt.

  10. Well it’s a tough call for me. None of these reasons apply to me. I’ve always worked really hard. But I have debilitating anxiety. Sometimes it’s a struggle hour to hour and a lot of it is school but mostly poor genetics. Idk if I’m stable enough to be in med school in all honesty 🙁

  11. 2 years in medical school and I’ve hit all 4 points. I’m in deep regret and I am never happy. I just wish I had the confidence to stick with engineering, where my heart is. I hate myself.

  12. Thank u very much doc especially about intelligence only is not enough I am about to make a mistake ?? and now I got the point

  13. I am a final year medical student and I match 3 points from this video: family expectation, inpatient with people and not my passion. I am going to graduate this year and and going on to starting my business, hopefully i would never have to look back. Like medicine or not, for me it is a backup plan now that I have come this far

  14. No. 5: If you don't like the idea of being in debt for the vast majority of your life, if not your entire life, don't go to med school.

    Med school should be free for anyone to attend, which probably won't happen until we hit the doctor shortage.
    That probably wouldn't happen either. Rich people could just buy a personal doctor, so they only people who will suffer because of the shortage will be the poor, which is exactly what rich people want.

  15. My situation is the exact opposite

    My family wants me to pick something easy because they think medical school with be too difficult for me.
    People can be annoying, but I don't hate them.
    I can be lazy, but when I want something done I work my ass to get it done. I'd also like to this I have good memorization when it's necessary.
    Finally, yes being a doctor is my main focus. It was has been I just finally realized which field I was most interested in aka Neurology.

    Idk it's just the more I feel like I can do it. My family tells me that it could be way to difficult for me, and I should just be a nurse.

  16. Honestly there’s a lot of professions that will tell you if you’re not the right fit. Helpful yes but really take the time and ask yourself what do you wanna do with your life before committing to med school if you see yourself as a doctor go for it. But I will tell you time isn’t something you get back so be sure in your decision. In my personal opinion I don’t think I’ll ever find a job that I’ll be content doing. But from my perspective id rather be doing something respectable and meaningful and if you look back on your life and see your accomplishments you’d be glad you did choose med school or whatever it is you want to do with your life. I can’t see myself not getting a PhD whatever that may be in. I love learning and on the way if I do like medicine and feel I can contribute in a way that’s going to make me a good fit I’ll do it there’s many specialities and I believe I wouldn’t be a good surgeon but maybe emergency doctor for example. Do what you love and you’ll find your way. Especially since most people wanting med school are young we can’t expect to know already if it’s in us or our passion but I believe it comes with time as well.

  17. My family always told me it was too hard to go into medical school. I'm now in nursing school and medicine is my passion. But it definitely is very hard work. 🙂

  18. I'm a 2nd year med student and i really want to quit esp after reading all these comments the amount of pressure there's in med school is insane and as u mentioned in the video i'm more of a critical thinker than a hard worker i have an exam this week and i'm not even studying it makes me feel burned out i got depression i cry everyday i stopped working out i was planning on learning guitar but can't find the time to do so i wanna travel work on the side but medicine won't allow me but i'm also afraid if a few years from now i'd regret it plus i can't determine what i want as a career i'm interested in a lot of fields and my medical studies make me feel trapped ??

  19. Im in that loop hole where my parents have been pressuring me and now all of a sudden I like the idea of being a doctor and having the medical knowledge to help people, but I'm unsure if I should pursue it as a career and I dont even know if I wanna be a doctor so I'm not seen as a failure by my parents or if its clear passion. I dont mind the idea but memorizing and the hard work and all is very intimidating

  20. I wish my parents could’ve force me to be a physician. If I have my own kids, I would want them to be a physician. I am going to be a registered nurse someday because I love humanity.

  21. im just bad at math lol and that's what scares me the most , plus my parents are the opposite they are trying to convince me not to go into medical

  22. Thank you now I have more motivation to work on going to medical school as I don’t have any of them ♥️♥️

    I guess i need to close YouTube and go study ?

  23. 1. I definitely have heavy parental pressure.
    2. I love people.
    3. I’m a hard worker.
    4. Medicine is not my main focus.

    I’m not very sure at the moment if I want to get into medicine. Yeah, it’s great in name in prestige and money. But if I have nearly none in interest in it then why should I continue?

    I definitely love people. That’s a reason why I loved working security just so I can get exposure to meeting people. I’m a lover of hard working. I don’t mind working in a field where I spend much my time working. As long as I get to do my job, talk and work with people, and get paid everyday… I would be happy.

    So, I’m still wondering what my next step will be…

    3. GENIUS,
    9. DONT WANT TO BE $200,000 in Debt
    10. DONT WANT TO GET YELLED AT CONSTANTLY BY medical office MANAGERs. I’ve seen it myself!

    Go get a biomedical graduate degree instead and work for a pharmaceutical company instead you’ll make $100,000+ per year, go on vacations, freedom, relax work environment, better quality of life just saying.

  25. What if your parents encourage and want you to go into the Medical fields, and you're not sure if that what you want to do. BUTTTT if you look at choosing that type of profession, you feel like you're just doing it for your parents, but then you actually get interested, and then you get conflicted if you're doing this for yourself, or to satisfy your parents? I'm nowhere near Year 12, but I really want to find a passion, that I want to be confident in, and work towards. I really enjoy Biology, but my parents are quite strict and pressuring. So, whenever I do something they want me to do, I feel like I'm doing it to impress them and this blinds me from seeing if MYSELFFFF is really enjoy it. I feel the need to rebel against then and not want to impress them, and do something the complete opposite of what they want me to do, even if I hate it. This probably didn't make sense, but if you made it this far, CONGRATULATION! You deserve a good day, and I would also love some advice…

  26. I do not get identifyed with any of these, i really like hard work because it makes me push myslefe harder. Sorry if i write wrong but i am from chile and my inglish is not that good but i understood all the video it was excelent

  27. The biggest problem with being a doctor is the nature of the work itself. What do brain surgeons actually do? The bulk of their practice consists of digging tumors out of the brains of people who are overwhelmingly likely to die within a year or two anyway, or picking bone fragments out of the brain of some kid who crashed his motorcycle and, if he is lucky (?), might survive as a vegetable the rest of his life. Think about the reality of what doctors who practice pediatric oncology do and what they have to deal with. It is wonderful that people do and dedicate their lives to such work, and I have nothing but the highest respect for them. But the work itself has to be depressing and likely to take an enormous emotional toll. Are you really up for that?

    If you aren't truly dedicated to doing such work and wouldn't still do it even if it only paid minimum wage, medicine is probably not for you, not if you are a "professional" in the true and classic sense of the term. And I say this as someone who was pressured by his parents to be a doctor but was honest enough with myself to know that I would hate such work, said "medicine is not for me," and have never looked back.

    Edit: On the other hand, if you worship money above all else and don't particularly care what you have to do to get it, medicine just might be right for you after all. It does seem to attract the extremes. Just be honest with yourself.

  28. I'll be honest I want to pursue medicine so that I can tell people they're dying….
    But prove myself wrong by saving them…

    Me: You have a week left…
    P: Bu-but…but my family!
    Me: It's too late…
    P: Oh god no… please tell me this is a sick joke!
    1 week later
    Me: Congrats!!! You're not dying!!!
    P: Wh-wha-what? Bu-but yo-you said I-iii-i was dying….
    Me: You're not dying!!! Hahahaha! I'm your doctor dammit, of course you're not gonna die XD!!!

  29. In all honestly, doesn't it apply to every single activity that involves more than a minimum interactions with people? There are parents who preasure you to study law or architecture, or they make only support you, and you interpret it differently, because you wasn't honest with them. In which faculty you actually can hate people? Is there any at all? What does a hard work mean exactly? Doing something you don't like from reason that isn't yours or sending hours and hours on something that thrilled you to know more? Only very few people can tell they experienced the latter. So, your primary focus? How long do you need to have a interest in something to say it's your primary focus? How intense it needs to be? 2-3 hours a day reading books, magazines, looking for events? Or 2-3 years of constant thinking: "Must be a doctor. Must Be A Doctor. MUST BE A DOCTOR!"?
    Don't get me wrong, I understand the purpose of this video, and it gives you a moment of thought, but then… It's simply TOO GENERAL to relate to it in majority of cases. Just like astrology: "if you believe in happiness, it finds you and fills your life", but when, how, why, what's be the signs, etc.

  30. Huh this just supported me
    1. My parents would support me if I’d be a plumber as much as a surgeon. They say I should do what makes me happy.
    2. Grew up with two older brothers, they taught me how to treat people right and be PATIENT.
    3. Working my ass off every day to get these As.
    4. Working as a surgeon and saving lives is my motivation to work that much.

  31. I am still doing medical school I WANT to help people in need . I dont care if its stressful ill go through fire if i have to 🙂
    The only thing that is bringing me down is financial problems

  32. I'm an engineer that was sick of working around nerds without any girls around, so I started med school.
    I identify with all 4 of the points. I HATE MEDICINE! It's the most overrated subject on the planet.
    Even the girls aren'T that hot nor intelligent.

    I now want to be a banker.

  33. it’s really sad reading all these comments of kids talking about how they feel pressured by their parents to become a doctor. In my high school SO many kids I know are being forced to apply to medical programs which is NOT. OKAY. Please do NOT let your parents pressure you into pursuing a career you have no interest in. I know many people want to make their parents happy but remember that it is your life, not theirs!!! Parents like that are extremely close minded and ignorant and clearly do not care about their child’s happiness/ mental health. If you notice, engineering programs and medical programs have the highest suicide rates, mainly because those are some of the 2 programs many many kids are forced into. My parents told me as long as I get some sort of education and do what makes me happy, they are happy☺️

  34. I’m an almost graduated medical student. I admit I’m lazy, I prefer to work less than 40 hours a week, and medicine isn’t my main focus of inspiration and on top of that I hate working 9 to 5. Yet, I found my perfect niche in Finland: general practice clinic work in the evenings and nights, specifically being the ”backup” doctor. The money is better than specialized docs get for a day job, I can work as much or as little as I like, the job is not boring, I get lazy mornings, and when I finally arrive to work everyone loves me as I’m there to relieve the long patient queue, and there’s always colleague support. It’s just perfect!

  35. I don't think I'll be able to work >40 hrs/week (I seriously malfunction and have panic attacks if sleep deprived), have many hobbies besides medicine and I'm gonna graduate in 7 months HELP

  36. Thing is, I don't know what I passionate about anymore. I love to write (or at least, I used to. I'm trying to rekindle that passion that I have had for years), but I know I can't just go out and write stories with the hope that it'll be good enough and hope that a publisher will publish it and hope that I'll get paid for it. So, I looked into other careers that I could get with an English degree, and none of them really interested me, except for being an author. There was copywriter (very popular), publisher, editor, lawyer, public speaker (ugh), and other things I'm just not into. I was also thinking of being a teacher, but I thought about how I would actually teach and deal with students and grading papers and wasn't sure if that was my thing. So, I turned to my next favorite subject: science. I've always been a fan of psychology, anatomy, and forensics. That's what Criminal Minds did to me, and I was always amazed by it. Long story short, I went from forensic psychologist to forensic pathologist. I don't know if I'm passionate about it or really what I want to do. But this is what has interested me the most. And if I don't get into med school, I'll just join the army or something and become a biologist there. Idk. I'll do more research on other things I might be into. But people have to realize that the world is changing and that everything is becoming more expensive. So, yeah money is also a big factor. I know teachers and some counselors don't get paid a lot. They are following their passion. But like I said, other than writing, I don't know what I'm passionate about. Except music. I do like music, and I'm learning how to play the cello. I'm a beginner, but if I learn to enjoy it more, and look forward to my next sessions, I might change my major. Except, I don't know what I would do with it. And I love movies and shows, but I don't know what I would do with those. I was considering being a director or something, but I don't know how to get on any of those paths. Besides, the school I go to is an agricultural school. It was a last minute decision and my test scores weren't high enough for me to go somewhere else. And if I did choose to go somewhere else for any of those fields, it would not be in Georgia
    It'd be somewhere else. Idk what I'm doing with my life. I'm just waiting for these days to pass by. Honestly I'm tired of wondering and reasearching. But I don't want to be miserable either. I'm already in college, about to enter my second semester in a few months. It's whatever by now

  37. Honestly this a very discouraging video. Anyone who watches this and feels that they cannot be a doctor just because you are lazy right now in med school…it's total bullshit. Time works in different ways to different people, but it doesn't mean you sit back and do nothing.
    Encourage people don't discourage them in what ever the path they have chosen in lives. Who knows the laziest person today would end up in being one of the best surgeons in life.
    All the best to those Med students who are struggling to remember those things in books, you are doing a great job. ?❤️

  38. I'd like to become a biochemist but i have a feeling that when i do become one i will end up disappointed and won't earn any money. My parents say that i can choose any profession i like but they also say that i would be a great doctor. So i guess i'll apply to med school ?

  39. i honestly wish it was an easy decision to continue or not but i REALLY don't know what to do with my life if i don't go on the medical school path. i don't have passion for anything enough to major in it but most of my family members are in the medical field as nurses and doctors so that's the only field i have a mild interest in. i also love biology and psychology. the problem is i don't think i have the work ethic to be a doctor, i am not good at speaking in social situations even though i love listening to people and being around them, and i always get worried about having to make decisions on people's health. plus, i don't think i can handle seeing people in medical emergencies. even though i'm just a sophomore in a CC with no dept right now being at the best time to change majors, the thought of changing majors makes me stressed so I'm just gonna try my best to be a general doctor and go work at a small clinic. if all else fails, ill try for dental hygienist or something idk

  40. There are lots of practice options, especially for primary care docs, that don't involve medicine totally dominating your life. Urgent care centers, occupational medicine, and sports medicine are examples. You can be paid reasonably well and work closer to a 9-5 sort of schedule with benefits and generous vacation time. PM&R, dermatology, even orthopedic surgery (after training) allow for a life outside medicine. If you want to sow the wind and be a surgeon, then of course you will reap the whirlwind of being dominated almost entirely by your professional life. This is true of certain other subspecialties of internal medicine as well. My point simply is that your are not ipso facto doomed to professional slavery after training. As with most meaningful endeavors, you must be self-aware and have a clear head as you make training and career choices.

  41. I got all 4 points in me ! Still did good in my med school and now handling my clinical year beautifully too.. so anyone out there like me .. do not feel bad after these points Exceptions are always there? lods of luv for the video but??‍♀️

  42. I love medicine and every single thing related to it … but my biggest problem is .. I'm lazy and the biggest procrastinator in the world…
    I'm in last year of my high school and kinda feel like medicine my very own field. ..
    These reasons (except for the last one) are sort of like a challenge or obstacle to overcome. ..

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