Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big – Denzel Washington | Goalcast

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big – Denzel Washington | Goalcast

I was flunking out of college. I had a 1.7 grade point average. I hope none of you can relate At A 1.7 grade point average. I was sitting in my mother’s beauty shop They still call it beauty shops now what they call it. Yeah, I’ll sit in the beauty parlor I was sitting in my mother’s beauty parlor and I’m looking in the mirror and I see behind me this woman under the dryer And every time she looked up she every time I looked up. She was looking at me Just look at me in the eye I don’t know who she was and I said you know she said somebody give me a pen give me a pencil I have a prophecy March 27 1975 she said boy you were going to travel the world and speak to millions of people Now mind you I’ll flunked out of college I’m thinking about joining. The army. I didn’t know what I was going to do and she’s telling me I’m going to travel the world and Speak to millions of people Well, I have traveled the world And I have spoke to millions people But that’s not the most important thing success that I had the most important thing is that what she taught me? And what she told me that day has stayed with me since I’ve been protected. I’ve been directed. I’ve been corrected. FAIL BIG That’s right Fail big you only live once so Do what you feel passionate about passionate about? Take chances professionally Don’t be afraid to fail There’s an old IQ test was nine dots And you had to draw five lines with a pencil within these nine dots Without lifting the pencil the only way to do it was to go outside the box So don’t be afraid to go outside the box Don’t be afraid to Think outside the box don’t be afraid to fail big to dream big but remember dreams without goals Are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment. So have dreams but have goals life goals yearly goals Monthly go daily goals. I try to get my cell phone every day and understand That to achieve these goals You must apply discipline and consistency You have to work at it every Day you have to plan Every day, we’re just saying we don’t plan to fail we fail to plan hard work works Working really hard Is what successful people do and in this? Text tweet Twerk world that you’ve grown up in Remember just because you’re doing a lot more Doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done Remember that just because you’re doing a lot more Doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more? done don’t confuse movement with progress My mother told me yeah, yeah. Oh you’ve been running plays all the time and never get anywhere, so Continue to strive to have goals continue to progress And anything you want good? you can have Go claim it Work hard to get it When you get it reach back hold someone else up each one teach one Don’t just aspire to make a living Aspire to make a difference


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  2. isn't it supposed to be four lines to connect nine. if its five you can do it without going outside box XD.

  3. Look at the girl in the back on the left not appreciating the blessing she’s getting to witness. Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. Fialure mean never stop rather it mean have to go forward to acheive goals so never be disappointed from your failure

  5. Cuando ustedes van YO ya estoy de regreso y LO TESTIFICÓ CON EL PODER DE JEHOVÁ Y JESUCRISTO AMÉN AMÉN AMÉN

  6. "That old lady was big fine!!!!!!! Not sorry, but I like em old and big!!!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! Denzel the man, GREATEST ACTOR OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!" Fye O aka The Lord's Warrior

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  8. Gave me goosebumps with Headphone….Try it
    ….Max sound and wear a head phone and put the phone away and close your eyes….
    Just listen to the words and the music…….
    Very very strong…..

  9. Don't confuse movement with progress.

    Because you can run in the place all the time and never get anywhere.
    Wonderful phrase

  10. The funny thing about this video..
    He was telling (FAIL BIG)
    BUT in this ceremony they all will get the REGULAR JOB and SALARY

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  12. Why do you cut out the clips he talks about putting God first….?
    You may have dreams, may work for it. But to get eternal lives, you must know Jesus, be born again, put God first to get the real success in life.

  13. That’s awesome, but That a word of encouragement sent by God. A prophet would have told him exactly what he was going to do to achieve him traveling the world.

  14. That moment the lady thought to tell this man a prophecy is what changed time. These moments are rare. Sharing the moment makes up for it. not entirely but still does it. Now what you do with that moment is up to you. "Azrael Dycree"

  15. I Watch this everyday and it makes me feel good inside and out but sometime it's hard for me but I believe my life will chance for the good I just have to keep my faith and believe in myself and God ……Good Morning Everyone

  16. This is why American is the best of all kinds of human…
    from my Asian perspective
    Thank god for such a nice coincidence to reach this awesome vid

  17. My idea of achieving a goal is having "ONE IDEA, ONE IDEA ALONE. GIVE UP ALL OTHER IDEAS". There should be no place in your mind for other ideas.

    "Until and unless we sacrifice every other idea for that one idea, none can achieve it"..

  18. Goalcast is a fantastic channel which inspired me to start my own Story Tube channel to tell you some super stories. Keep up the good work. I like it.

  19. 2:18 student in the back is seriously on her phone? (The left side) I would literally pay to listen to this speech live.

  20. Im really gettimg sick of these elitists telling everyone else to fail while they succeed….if they beat down society then it keeps them elevated.

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  22. You're always my hero 👍👌

    I don't know but I cry every time I listen to him or read him, and then filled with a new courage

    Thanks Denzel … For inspiring us, thanks

  23. I'm preparing for the UPSC IAS examination and whenever I feel low, this video fuels me up, always.
    "Don't just aspire to make a living,
    aspire to make a difference"

  24. I aspire to never work again. To only spend time with my children, and to work on being a leader in their lives and in mine. Work out my mind, my heart , and my life. Instead I'll work 65 plus hours a week… !!! The thing that people do NOT understand is that everyone one of these mother fuckers have a charismatic personality!!! They could of succeeded at anything they wanted to… and they could sell a ketchup pop sickle to a old lady in white gloves. Its great that so people have the skills to be like this, but many of us unequivocally do not. So enjoy the emotions, but realize it will never work for you. You must instead focus on being okay with what you're given. Working as a garbage man or a secretary etc. and to raise your family. Quit watching garbage like this, it will make you miserable.

  25. My dream is to work at Google as a software engineer.
    "Fail Big" = . I have rejected 3 times from Google.
    "Dreams without goals are just dreams" = I will give my Dream another try.
    "Hard work. works " = I will prep this month and next month from 5:00 am to 11: pm to get into Google.
    After listening to this speech I realize . –> No Doubt = No Limit


  26. Watched this first time last night and I have to say it was the most compelling speech think every one could use this when feel like its a no go in life

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