Duncan Hunter Admits To Taking Selfies With Corpses

Duncan Hunter Admits To Taking Selfies With Corpses

>>Trump’s new thing is pardoning members
of the US military charged with a variety of different types of war crimes. And in that effort, he has a lot of republican
defenders, including California Congressman Duncan Hunter, a guy who’s facing his own
charges of different variety. He’s a big defender of members of the military
charged with those war crimes and in defense of them, at a recent town hall, he actually
admitted to his own bizarre behaviors, as you’ll hear in this audio.>>Bay was a Navy chief. Around 40 years old, I think he was 39. 19 years in the Navy, eight or nine on combat
tours. There was a disagreement in their platoon,
so a year after coming back, some of the seals in his platoon basically came to the agreement
that they would accuse Eddie of killing the Isis terrorist, okay? Because Eddie did one bad thing that I’m guilty
of too. Taking a picture with the body and saying
something stupid, and then texting that. So he took a picture with the body, with his
knife out, and texting it to some buddies and said, I got this one with my knife, okay? I’ve taken pictures just like that, when I
was overseas. Didn’t text it to anybody, didn’t put them
on Facebook or Instagram, but a lot of my peers, a lot of us, have done the exact same
thing.>>Okay, so and to be clear, the individual
that he’s talking about there and comparing his own behavior to is Eddie Gallagher, someone
we’ve talked about several times on the show. Now, you might believe that you just heard
Duncan Hunter describe the one bad thing that he did, which was taking a picture. That sort of begs the question, what did he
take the picture with? That is the corpse of a person that he had
just murdered. Among the accusations against Navy Seal, Eddie
Gallagher, are that he stabbed and killed a wounded person, and also shot at noncombatants,
posed for a photo and performed his re-enlistment ceremony next to a corpse, according to a
charge sheet from November, Gallagher has pleaded not guilty. So yes, he didn’t take the picture with the
corpse after making it a corpse. He also would sometimes get into the machine
gun mounted in the back of an armored vehicle and then begin firing at residential areas,
just randomly.>>Yes, so-
>>I don’t know if he took a picture of that though.>>Yeah. So Duncan Hunter has two different problems
in that little speech. The one is the lying, the other is the truth. So the lies, he did one little thing. No, if you notice in the middle of Duncan
Hunter story he said, they had a disagreement in his platoon. And all of the other Navy Seals turned him
in because, that’s what Navy Seals do all the time, right? It’s a slight disagreement, he was jaywalking
in Iraq and we all decided to turn him in. That’s not what happens, no. All the other Navy Seals turn you in when
you’ve committed a horrible crime.>>Mm-hm.>>Including killing wounded people you’ve
already captured, or shooting at civilians wantonly, possibly leading to death. So if anyone who is on the receiving end of
those random bullets including men, women, and children. So the fact that the other Navy Seals turned
him in should give you a pretty good sense of how bad the action here was. And by the way, credit to those guys for caring
about war crimes, caring about doing their jobs right, and turning in a bad apple. So a lot of times you’ll say, they’re just
bad apples but the good apples never turn them in. But in this case they did, so it gives you
the sense of the severity of the crime and the integrity of the other Navy Seals. Now, we get to the problem with the truth. Duncan Hunter’s like, yeah, I’d committed
war crimes too, I take pictures with bodies of the dead.. Now, that’s not on the same level as the other
crimes that we just talked about. I don’t know what the ramifications for that
are. I’m sure that it’s wrong, and so I suppose,
not I suppose I’m sure that he should be reprimanded for that since he just admitted it. So, in militarily, I don’t know what that
what form that reprimand would take. He didn’t admit to killing anyone illegally,
thank God. I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but the
fact that he seems to diminish significant war crimes does not give you a lot of comfort.>>Yeah, and we’re gonna play a little bit
more video of him that will enhance that idea, that he perhaps does not take this entire
thing very seriously even though. The thing he’s admitted to is about the lightest
of all of the charges that I’ve heard. There are individuals or snipers, that decided
to shoot the elderly and kids when they had no reason to believe that they were threats. Again, randomly firing to residential areas,
maybe killing people, maybe not, that’s part of the game. Those are obviously far worse charges. But I do wanna focus on one thing that he
said in that first section. He said, they all came together and they decided
to accuse him. So, he is sort of implying that it is just
a accusation. And sure, all of these things will be investigated. It’s a bit odd that he posed next to the corpse
that, what they’re saying he didn’t actually kill? Everybody there agrees that he did, but the
narrative there is that lawyers are, he says in one case, he says, the military justice
system is corrupt. It’s run by lawyers who target war fighters. As if it’s ongoing campaign to just destroy
anyone who happened to serve abroad. Well look, I even track all the people who
have been charged with war crimes in the decades that we’ve been fighting in that country,
but I can name a few that are being considered to be pardoned. Like three, four individuals, how many people
served in Iraq? Tens of thousands, if this is a campaign against
our war fighters, it’s still in its incipient phase I would say. There’s only a few people whose crimes rose
to the level where yes, we’re having a conversation about whether this is what our soldiers should
be getting up to. Now, in the case of Duncan Hunter, a guy who
has a very loose attachment to the rule of law here domestically, get an idea of what
he thinks the philosophy for our war fighters abroad should be.>>If the American people, and if the American
people want to send men like me overseas to kill bad people, then let us do that, okay? If you don’t think that we should be doing
that, then maybe we shouldn’t be in Iraq, maybe we shouldn’t be in Syria, maybe we shouldn’t
be in Afghanistan, then lets not do it at all. But don’t pay me, and train me, to go kill
bad people for our people in this country, meaning for the American people. Don’t have me go do that, and then come home
and be punished because you made me into a person who kills bad people. I was an artillery officer, and I was an artillery
officer in Fallujah in 2004, we definitely kill civilians. That’s what war is, so it was not intentional.>>Purposely this one, this case.>>That’s what war is.>>Okay, so when the reporter points out the
difference between accidentally killing civilians, which is its own issue, and intentionally
killing civilians, he made this noise, eh.>>Yeah.>>As if the distinction between those two
things is unimportant.>>Yeah, and he kept saying you sent me to
kill bad people. Well okay, well there is an important qualifier
there, bad people. But we didn’t send you theoretically, to kill
innocent people. As it turns out, we killed a lot of innocent
people. Just over the weekend, Bill Kristol and Jennifer
Rubin who writes for the Washington Post were yelling at Bernie Sanders cuz he was impolite
to them about the Iraq war. Well, we kill nearly a million innocent Iraqis
in that war. I would argue that slightly more impolite,
and but two guys like Duncan Hunter, he just doesn’t see the distinction. He’s like, you said bad people, I killed Iraqis,
innocent, non innocent. Yeah, so does that now ratchet up the level
to which I would want to see if Duncan Hunter committed war crimes? Yup, because he seems to not really care about
this bad distinction at all, and no, not all Iraqis are bad people, and not all US soldiers
think like Duncan Hunter. In fact, apparently most don’t, and that’s
why these guys got turned in. There’s a couple of people that Trump is thinking
of pardoning, and at least two of them, including the person we’ve been talking about, Gallagher,
and Army major, Matt Golsteyn, are accused of premeditated murder of innocent people.>>Yeah.>>And so, that’s not what we call bad people
in this country, but Duncan Hunter is a terrible guy. He’s of course facing indictment on federal
corruption charges, so he doesn’t seem to really care much for the rule of law at all.>>Yeah, yeah, and again I’m reminded, he’s
talking about, like, hey, crazy things happen. War’s a crazy time. And he’s saying that all of that, whether
it’s firing artillery that might hit civilians, which again, that sort of chance that you
might be killing civilians is one of the reasons that we should be far more careful in the
military ventures that we choose to go on. Is somehow the same as a soldier seeing a
wounded Iraqi, taking out his knife, walking up to this person, who’s being treated for
his wounds, and then murdering him with a knife is the same thing. I don’t understand how any reasonable person
doesn’t hear that comparison and think, Duncan Hunter is an absolute monster. He doesn’t belong in the military, he doesn’t
belong in government. Probably should be being watched, and I would
assume counseled for the obvious damage that has been done to him, because his sense of
morality Is at best topsy turvy, if not shredded beyond any repair.>>Now this is the guy who of course says,
we should pardon war criminals because of how much he cares about people in the service. Now let’s remind you that part of the corruption
charges was that, he would rip off his own donors and others and say, well let’s just
pretend that we bought material for veterans and service members. So, it’s not what we’re not give it to the
people serving, of course not. I’m just gonna keep the money and spend it
for my own purposes. And we’ll pretend that we did something good
for the people in service. So, he doesn’t really have much respect for
the decent people serving the United States military either. He’s happy to rip off people under their name,
so that’s the kind of guy Duncan Hunter is. He barely won re-election and that does not
speak well that district. They knew a lot of these churches, not about
the war crime but certainly about the corruption charges ahead of time. But this time running against Ammar Campa-Najjar,
who is his Democratic opponent. He might be on the ropes but, look, if you’re
in that district in California, You’re gonna get to decide who you are.>>Mm-hm.>>Because you’ve now seen all this, and if
you think, yeah, I like that guy who doesn’t care between distinguishing it’s the civilians
and bad guys that were fighting. It’s okay with murder and things that people
should be pardoned. And then, makes a mockery of the people who
serve the country by ripping off and doing corruption in their name, when they didn’t
do any such thing. Okay, then that’s who you are and enjoy that
life, but that sounds pretty miserable to me, but yes, you do have another option in
that district.>>And one more thing for context. Remember that this Duncan Hunter is the guy
who ran the most Islamophobic campaign ad at least in recent history. That was very fast going. Yeah, just accusing him of being a terrorist
because of his background, the background of his family, his family heritage. And so this guy believes that, if you or anyone
in your family was or is Muslim, you have no place in US government. He also believes that Iraqi soldiers and civilians,
you can just murder them if you want and that’s totally fine. It’s totally part of the war, if you believe
that those are separate things, that there’s not some sort of ideological connection between
the way that they practice Islamophobia here in the US, and the way they believe wars should
be prosecuted. I think you’re insane, maybe as insane as
Duncan Hunter.>>Well actually, now it all makes sense when
you connect the two things. So his opponent was Omar who is not even Muslim. He’s christian, he’s raised by his christian
mom who is Latina, his father side are Palestinians, now he doesn’t have contact, certainly with
the people that were in the ad. Duncan Hunter Jr had to go back to his grandfather
and accuse his grandfather of terrorism, he never met his grandfather, his grandfather
died well before Omar was even born. But now, and actually at least I understand
the connection, cuz Duncan Hunter thinks, I don’t care, that guy’s an Arab. He looks brown, he has a Muslim sounding name. Good guy, bad guy running for Congress, or
someone I’m supposed to kill, I can’t quite tell. So, that’s who Duncan Hunter is. Of course he’s running Islamophobic ads here
in America in his own election campaign. He’s the guy who said, who cares who they
are in Iraq, just kill them. You just saw it on tape. Eh, innocent civilians or guys we’re supposed
to target. Eh, who cares? So that’s who Duncan Hunter is.


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  46. Dishonorable Duncan and 7 Cubic executives are guilty of bribery and corruption.

    March 28, 2016 – Seven top-level executives for defense contractor Cubic Corporation contributed a combined $4,250 to Hunter’s campaign. The contributors and Duncan Hunter failed to report their occupation and employer to the FEC.

    March 29, 2016 – Cubic announced that one of its business units was awarded a $2.3 million contract from the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence.

    The correlation between the cash and the contract couldn’t make the bribe any more blatant.

    Duncan Hunter’s campaign fund embezzlement establishes a direct motive for the bribes. Money in the campaign account was money in his pocket. They all omitted their occupations and employer in an effort to hide the bribes.

    Cubic’s Corporate Criminals:

    Walter C Zable, CEO & Chairman $1000

    Michael R Twyman, Senior VP & President of Cubic Mission Solutions $1000

    John D. Thomas, Executive VP & CFO $250

    John E Roberti, VP Government Relations & Strategy $500

    Mark A. Harrison, Senior VP & Corporate Controller $500

    Bradley H. Feldmann, Chairman, President & CEO $500

    James R Edwards, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary $500

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