EC7 TA   Exploring Colleges   Finding the Best Fit for Interests and Climate

EC7 TA Exploring Colleges Finding the Best Fit for Interests and Climate

If we want our
students to do well, because they’re not motivated by
grades and other kinds of standards, they’re going to do well in
what they’re interested in doing. So it’s very important to
start to get a sense of what they’re interested in doing
and starting to look at what schools actually have programs
that are going to match that. In my son’s case, there were
only two schools in the state that had programs that
he was interested in. And so, one school that he was being
channeled into because of his grades was not going to be
the best match. And they were looking at —
they were very excited — this is what he’s
capable of doing. But capacity and motivation to
do well are not the same thing. And so, for him, we needed to
look at not only the program, but also, you know, is this school
going to be overwhelming for him. And this isn’t a decision
that I made. This was a decision that he made
when he actually went to visit the schools and felt what it was going
to be like to go from dorm to class. What it was going to feel like
to go navigate the area around on the weekends. Other interests that he has,
are they around that town so that he’s going
to feel at home? And so we took time
to investigate that. We would have done well
to begin investigating that a couple of years sooner. It was a mad scramble
at the last minute, it felt like.

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