Ellen Meets Deserving Mom and Army Sergeant Son

We love celebrating
military families, and this video of an army
sergeant surprising his mom during a high school pep rally
is one of the many reasons why. Take a look. I’m here to surprise my mom. I haven’t seen her in two years,
but I did a year in Korea. So this is exciting, highly
anticipated, and just glad to get as much support as I got. So yeah, I’m nervous. [LAUGHS] [CHEERING] Why did you lie to me? [LAUGHS] From Atlanta, Georgia,
please welcome Shakir and his mom, L.J. Hi, you, two. Hi. I’m so happy to meet you both. We’re happy, too. That was the sweetest
thing that you did. That was amazing. So you were away for two years. Yes. Yes, I was. Yeah. And I know that you
cried for, like, two months when you
dropped him off. I did. Yeah. That must have been hard. It was. Honestly, I was so vocal
about how much I missed him that I was ready to
start a support group. I was on Facebook. I was on Instagram. I was telling all my friends. And I wanted to
start a support group for moms of kids who
were away at college or going into the military,
because this is my baby. I had him when I was young,
and we grew up together. Yes. This is literally
my best friend. And when we was in the
airport that last moment, it was really tough just
seeing her be emotional, and also with me
being emotional. It’s a pretty touchy topic. I’m sorry. But no, I knew, at
that very moment, that I was going to come home
and just give her the most biggest surprise ever. But I didn’t know it was
going to be this big. It went viral. It was amazing. Yeah, when we saw it, we
wanted to have you on. So you’re an officer at
a high school, right? Yes. OK. And so your students– you
said your students helped you get through this. Yes. In a way, they were my therapy. I took all the energy
from missing Shakir, and I just poured it into them. I gave them love. I gave them a listening
ear, if they needed that. And they gave me love back. Some of the kids– some of them come
from hard lives. Some of them are hungry. Some of them needed shoes. I bought them shoes. I bought them meals
after school sometimes. And I even gave
them a ride home. And whenever Shakir
would FaceTime me, I would share it
with whatever kid was in my office or my co-workers. So everybody knew him,
because I missed him so much. Well, they love you. Thank you. And they made this for you. [GASPS] Officer Williamson–
that’s my best friend. We all love her. It’s like, any
time you’re having a bad day, hey,
Officer Williamson, I need to tell you something. And she’s like, yep. Sit down. Come on. Officer Williamson is a
resource officer in our school, but she is way more than that. When I think, or when I hear
Officer Williamson’s name, I’ll be like, oh,
that’s my mama. She’s the mother of our
school, and she’s always making sure that we are good. I can just say, hey, ma! Any time– walk into the
office, ma, what you doing? She’s like, hey, baby! Officer Williamson
buys us food, snacks. She gives us money if we
need it– but not too much, you know. Sometimes I have low
self-esteem about myself, and she just encourages
me, and builds me, and just tells me that I’m beautiful. She’s better than a counselor. You can really go to her, and
you can talk to her and stuff. It’s just a lot. I just– I really love her. A time when she
helped me was when my mom lost my little
brother, and I was sad. And she was there to lift me up. And I needed someone to talk
to, and she was always there to talk to me. And she really helped me get
through that tough time– that tough period. She’s family. And when you’re family, we
take care of each other. And she means so much,
because she cares. [CHEERING] They love you. We’ll be back. We have two boxes here. And one is something
that you really need, L.J. One is something
that Shakir really needs. And the problem is,
Shakir is in the army, so he can’t receive gifts. So I’m going to give L.J.– they’re both going to you. You can do whatever
you want with them. You can keep them. You can share one. But we’re just not allowed
to give him anything. So they’re both
going to go to you. So L.J., first of all– oh, I should tell
you something first. I’m partnering with Hyundai
to celebrate people who make life better for communities. We think you’re both
doing that, and we want to make your life better. So this one is– L.J., open this up. That’s– [SCREAMS AND LAUGHS] All right. That’s $30,000, so
your debt is paid off. Oh, my God! [LAUGHTER] Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you. All right. It has Shakir’s name, but
we can’t give him a gift. So we’ll give it to you, and
you can do whatever you want. Thank you. All right. Open Shakir’s box. Let’s see. [SCREAMS] That is the key to your
brand new Hyundai Sonata. Come on over. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Oh, my God! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Get inside. I can’t even sit– Here, here. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] How about that? How about that? [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] You are going to love this car. The Hyundai Sonata is sleek,
stylish from the inside and out, with all the
best new technology. We love you. Thank you for everything
you’re doing for us. Thank you! We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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