Ellen’s Life-Changing Gift for Mom and Daughter Graduates

I was thinking to myself. I thought, you know,
Ellen, you know what haven’t done in
17 seasons, you’ve never talked to a
mom and daughter from Haltom City, Texas,
who graduated college at the same time. And then I was
thinking, well, what are the chances that two
people in my audience would fit that description. And then I realized
that there are two people in the audience that
fit that description, Lauren, Miranda, come on down. [MUSIC PLAYING] How are you? Hi! Luaren? Miranda? I’m Miranda. OK, so how did this
happen, first of all? So you wrote in. Yes, ma’am. And tell everybody
what you wrote in. Well, I am so happy
and proud of my mom. She is 53 now. She graduated at 52. And I graduated
last year, as well. I mean, last semester, we
graduated at the same time. And I did not think
anyone would respond. But I wrote in to Ellen. And I’m so happy to be here! So you– well, because,
it’s a pretty cool story. So you graduated
at the same time. Yes, we did. So were you were already going. And then you decided to go? Which way did it go? I was going. And then she decided to go. Yeah, I just– I was I was going through a low. And she finished. She got a bachelor’s degree. And she said, Mom, you
should return to school. She was working on the master’s. She said, we can be
in school together. So I did. And we finished at the
same time, May of ’19. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. All right, and you’re
both beautiful. You’re both– [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much! Whoa! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will give you a gift for
both of you graduating. And you’re going to play a game. It’s called Mega Memory, OK? OK. All right. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, I love that song. All right, so
here’s how you play. You’re going to turn
number one number. And you see what it is. And you’re going to look
for another number that’s going to match that thing. And whatever it
is, if it matches, you’re going to win it, OK? All right, so let’s
play the game. OK. All right, what number first? 5. All righty. 5. OK, all right? 9. 9. 5 and 9. The old nine to fiver, the
Dolly Parton hand in poker. All right, let’s– you
don’t want the candy. I mean, you probably had
enough candy for Halloween. The [INAUDIBLE] nice. But let’s turn those over. Let’s keep searching. OK. 3. 3. Whoo! $25,000 from GreenDot. If you don’t know a GreenDot,
the unlimited back account from GreenDot Bank is all
about putting cash back into your pocket. And they help you
save for your future. OK, that’s what GreenDot is. So $25,000, let’s just
choose another one. 14. 14, good luck. Oh, a 65″ TCL Roku TV. All right, turn those over. Let’s try again. 2. 2! Whoo! Gee, what number do
you want to pick now? 3. 3! [APPLAUSE] $25,000! All right, I want
y’all to keep playing. There’s never a TV under there. There’s other things. I know what’s under there. Sweet 16. 16! Oh, yeah, a disk player. Ooh, I hope you find
that matching one. 11. 11! Ooh! Another $25,000. That means there’s
another $25,000. Turn those over. Uh, 7. 7! Ah! [APPLAUSE] 11! 11! All right. Whoo! $50,000! Thank you so much! You’re welcome! OK, all right, I want
you to keep playing. Because there’s something
else under there that would be really
fun if you find it. Because the audience
will be very happy. So– [APPLAUSE] All right, pick a number. 12. 12! [APPLAUSE] 18. I think that’s a good one. 18! No! All right, I’m being told– I’m being told
we’re out of time. [SHOUTING] We’re out of time. [SHOUTING] You’re all coming back
for 12 Days of Giveaways! [MUSIC – “THE MOST WONDERFUL
TIME OF THE YEAR”] [APPLAUSE] It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. With the kids jingle belling
and everyone telling you be of good cheer! It’s the most wonderful
time of the year!

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