[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ Jacket shooting sketch

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ Jacket shooting sketch

Before I knew it, I’m at the new album cover shoot The theme is the strong energy of artists I saw something like this at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence It’s like we’re pretending to be Medici heirs I’m bringing out my sexy side for this shoot I think the photos look good The theme is “The Last Supper” I don’t think there’s a theme we didn’t do We are back with another album We still have a lot left to show you so stay with us Fighting!! I think we’ll try many new things with this theme so I hope you like it I will come back during breaks Are these grapes real? Oh they are!! They’re real
[Jung Kook is intrigued by the real fruit] Will you pour me a glass? [The theme of the group shoot is “The Last Supper”] Day one of our photoshoot is all done Well do our best on day two, three and four as well! Bangtan, Bangtan, Bangbangtan! [Day 2, BTS transformed into swans] The outfits are white, unlike yesterday’s because the theme is “swans” A desire to be black swans and the insecurity and anxiety that comes along with it, that’s what we’re expressing It’s dropping too fast Seokjin, your photos look great Taehyung, you’re so handsome How do you become handsome like you? You have do be born that way! The props and lighting are really bright and I am very happy with the photos I like this kind of vibe We’ve been in the same unit for a very long time, huh? Right How do you feel, being in a unit with me? Hmm… It’d be nice to shake things up a bit -What?
-What? Come here you! It’s comfortable like my mother’s lap… I think the photos look great Today’s shoot made me look forward to tomorrow Let’s crush it tomorrow too See you tomorrow Crush it! [Day 3, BTS transformed into black swans] We are now Maleficent, everyone I saw the movie recently Jung Kook, you’re acting like you have wings You guys are amateurs I look like I have wings because I’m a pro I look like a devil, but I’m a black swan I’m wearing the boldest set of wings to show that I’m the most intimidating character SUGA! Upgrade your character! You need to put on your gear The wings are usually the strongest items in video games True Are these the famous wings of Icarus? We finished our last unit shoot for today The wings are uncomfortable [Flap flap] I was sleeping and someone took my wings That’s how I became human We’re doing cute tomorrow, right? We are? -Aren’t we? We’re wearing school uniforms
-Let’s pose– -pose– Should we pose like this and wrap up? One, two, three, ow! [Everyone is light hearted on the last day’s jacket shoot] [We shoud do the hamburger!] This is the longest I’ve worn my hair Hope you like it There were different themes and the shoot was relaxed so the photos turned out great, everyone looks comfortable Huh?
[Jung Kook found V photo bombing] We wanted our 4-day shoot to turn out great so we worked really hard We really did, so I hope ARMY will like it When the album comes out I think I’ll be happy with the result Black and white pictures look great! I hope it turns out well We’ll work really hard and see you soon! Stay with us, and I love all ARMY who’ve been cheering us on We tried on uniforms that you like so much As always, we tried new styles this time around I think you’ll like it Can’t wait to show you! Argh! [Jimin’s jumping pose is spot on!] What are you…seriously ahhh!! What the!! Today’s shoot is over! Already Wow, amazing All we did was goof around but its over now Our shoot today ended so quickly… So we did our shoots for 4 days Right Ah, it was something… It was really tough -It’s our comeback soon
-Really– -We were out by morning
-I know… -By the time this video is released it’ll almost be comeback time
-Right Anyways, I really like our pictures -I hope you like them too!
-Let’s do our best Four versions, they’re great


  1. 5:25 Oh my goshh yoongi looks like a puppy or something cuz his hair is like curly like a poodle and his face is to frikin' cute-

  2. JiKook droppin hints 2:23

    Jimin: How do you feel being in a unit with me?

    JK: Hmmm..

    JK: It'd be nice to shake things up a bit…


    Jimin: What? 😳

    JK: What… 😏

    Jimin: Come here you!

  3. alguém me explica como é possível eles estarem cada vez mais perfeitos a cada comeback?! Tenham piedade dessa cadelinha

  4. I don't know why but when they were doing the photoshoot of "the last supper" it made me think that this is their last album, but I don't want to think that so…a black swan also symbolizes doing something that isn't expected or to move on from one position to another…please help I'm being ridiculous.😂

  5. Conversación normal entre Jin y V:

    Jin: Taehyung! Eres muy guapo!
    V: Seokjin, saliste muy bien en estas fotos!
    Jin: Como hago para ser tan guapo como tú?
    V: Jin fue el mejor aquí!
    Jin: Enserio, eres muy bonito
    V: No tanto como el Mr. Worldwide handsome!

    Y la saga continúa…

  6. sooooo, if this is the last supper, and the on mv was also referncing biblical stories then my theory is that Jk was about to be betrayed and shunned by people for his power or something but then he ran and, when Jin discoverd that he was alive he called the other members, including army (the little girl) and other orphans/ innocent villagers (yoongi seems to be in an orphanage) so that they can set JK free and then go together toward their fate.

  7. Эти фото сессии потрясающи. Некоторые образы им особенно идут. Чёрные крылья, как у чёрных лебедей.) 4:48 Намджун и Чонгук такие милый, как старший и младший братья.)

  8. Why is there only an English translation on the videos and you know that there are a lot of Arab fans who do not know English for this, and I hope that you will run Arabic translation for all bts videos

  9. People: BTS is all about plastic surgery!
    JIN: to be handsome like us you have to born like that.
    Army:haha see that haters?🖕🏼😂😱💕💜

  10. Ahhhh, it"s not fair, you guys are so cool, handsome, adorable and super cute >< <3 !!! I can't handle these photos TvT

  11. Taehyung: Someone took my wings off while i was sleeping. That's how i become human.
    The Human at the back who took the wings from is practising to fly to become a black swan.

  12. why nobody is talking about how jungkook grow up he is now so manly just look at how strong his arms looks

  13. Хосок немного пополнел. Приятно видеть этих парней. Намджуни как всегда крассавчик 😎👍❤

  14. O Jungkook tá de tatuagem genteee aaa big rith não mata agente com esses meninos não fecha agente vê eles primeiro

  15. Não sei qual é o engraçado desse vídeo se é o Jimin tentando voar e bate o pé nas teia ou se é o Suga abrindo e fechado as asas kkk

  16. their eyes are so sharp it looks like all of them are glaring when their taking pictures🤣🤣and then off screen it's back to being puppies

  17. jin @ 4:24

    never knew a side profile could hurt me so much

    ALSO EVERYONE IS KILLING IT IN THIS COMEBACK i don't even have a bias anymore after so many years with them!!!! really OT7 all the way my babies :'))

  18. I swear Taehyung becomes more handsome day by day oh my godddd 😭😭😍😍😭😭and suga’s smile is the best thing

  19. 2:37 + 0:13 + 3:39 + كل لقطات RM احس اني بموووووووووت

    2:55 حبيبي نمذة انت ايث مثوي بالذاكيت؟ تبغى تموتني؟
    أحد ينقذني قاعدة احتضر يا جماعة الخير 🔪
    – تاكل ريش اسود عشان تصير بلاك سوان –
    بنات بتس نزلو ام ڨي لأغنية بلاك سوان روحو سوو ستريم بسرعة باليز

  20. I'm glad they had lots of fun shooting. It's great they're having fun and laughing around with each other 😊😊😊😊

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