Ex Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump, Sues Obama & Comey Over Political Prosecution

Ex Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump, Sues Obama & Comey Over Political Prosecution


  1. What? I never got any notifications that you went live and even though I kept refreshing the feed….

  2. This law suit will be dismissed the first time a judge hears it, if not before. You can not claim damages because the law you broke was not applied to another party, no matter how unfair that law may be.

  3. Saying he shouldn't be jailed because Hillary got away with similar is bullshit. I served on a sub too and they're scrictly off limits for photography. His photos if released could be used against subs by enemies to take advantage of weaknesses in design. That's why he was jailed. Don't like it, take it up with SECNAV. Hillary very much deserves to be tried and jailed for her email handling as well, but don't bash the crime or punishment because someone with power and influence gets away with it.

  4. No the sailor knew he could not take pictures of highly classified technology which could fall into the hands of our enemies. Military personnel are bound by the UCMJ and can be prosecuted for breaching security while in the military or naval services. Also the sailor has no case in federal court because SCOTUS has held that accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt. Thus he is admitting his guilt.

  5. So the problem with what he did as to oppose to Hillary Clinton, yes what he did was absolutely stupid. But Hillary Clinton was intentional, she broke every law pertaining to classified information and in one hearing with Trey Gawdi Comey admits she lied about everything. Now put aside the fact that lying in a hearing alone should’ve put her in prison, The subject in which she lied about meaning classified information being on a personal server and outside of state department oversight wasn’t even larger violation of law, which proves it was intentional. Comey then states that she has done nothing but practice poor judgment which the sailor also has done to a lesser degree. You’re talking about one picture as to opposed to tons of government information that was known to be hacked, not a matter of if it was hacked but had evidence showing that it was. On top of that you have all of her WikiLeaks emails that shows her conversations that verify all the information that was stolen. Now there’s the matter of the material Clinton lost showing she was taking money from Saudi Arabia and all the other bullshit she was doing which should’ve been investigated and put in prison as well. So to sum it up, Clinton’s illegal actions to hide illegal information showing she was committing illegal acts doesn’t warrant an arrest, only shows she was practicing poor judgment. isn’t that what we say about low-level criminals?

  6. You are right about Fox news…and the same thing is just as true for CNN. There is no such thing as unbiased news anymore…if there truly ever was I do not know. What we should all agree upon is the law..that is what we all we have that binds us. This guy did something wrong….he should have been punished…but it is hard to justify him being punished and the lawmakers did much worse and did it more often with what any casual observer would describe as "immunity". Hell Comey basically said for Hillary….her standard for prosecution was she had to admit to understanding that what she was doing was wrong before she did it. That is immunity..no other way to look at it.

  7. The law??? Too funny. C'mon, this is nothing new, almost to the point of"no shit Sherlock". In America (most countries really)the law is fluid and the rich direct it as best they can to favor themselves. Hrc… super preditor rich, lawyer— most enlisted service people…super not rich, not lawyers. one gets a cage, the other sells him that cage and lives off the profit with a smile on her face. it is the way of the rich. Now what?

  8. FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, NY Times, Washington post are all propaganda machines for their respective biases.

  9. Then he needs to sue the government.
    Buuuut okay. This is basically going to be another political stunt for the right.
    And not for nothing consider this. The same shit happens in 'Merikkka everyday. Except that's a three tier system. Color, and class.
    But hey, between the ratty republicans, and corporate dems, if we're lucky they'll create enough disdain for BOTH parties.

  10. Legitimate question : Would the sailor would have been pardon by The Great Distractor if not white?

  11. I heard on honey badgers channel that George Bush also had a private sever but the deals was that he had to hand it in, and the emails will be available to us in 2021.
    That’s just what I remember from the story. I’m sure there’s more to it.

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