1. that's not including how many common day civilians kick there asses weak as national guard but in different ways DOGMA

  2. I remember when he had his eyelids ripped off during a mission, the surgeons were able to construct new ones out of skin from a circumcised patient! The Dr said the surgery was a success But, “She’s a little Cock Eyed”…. 😂

  3. She is a wonderful example of a Trans-woman making her way through life. I attended Army Airborne school with a few Navy Seals taking their quals.

  4. You sound like a dude, you look like a dude, you looked better as a dude but I commend you for your service and hope you're happy now

  5. I don't understand what he is; but from this conversation, she seems to be a kind, warm caring person with a wonderful attitude. Most transgender people whom I have seen on TV inspire a desire to laugh and to say "Oh, spare me"–Kristin Beck does not.

  6. Mad props for making it to be a seal but this is a disgrace to the military !! I'm sorry but if that man really was comfortable with being a chick he wouldn't be on national TV talking this shit !! I call BS, this is government disinformation !! They trying to indoctrinate our youth into thinking this is normal when it's light years from normal ! This country has got everyone so blind and dumb !! Were doomed

  7. He was a much better looking man than she is as woman. I guess everyone has a right to look s ugly as they want..If you don't think so go people watch at Walmart.

  8. are they an ex-navy seal or former navy seal? Ex means dishonorable discharge. Former means honorable discharge.

  9. Cant stand for this. Because hes seal team 6 we have to suck it up. I hear countless soilders conplain about females in combat mos. This man gets a pass though.

  10. this man is shameful. God doesn't make mistakes. He was born a man, he is still a man, and he will die a man. He isn't 'brave' dressing like a woman. He is mentally ill.

  11. Liberals keep harping about 'settled science' so here's some 'settled science' for them: if you have a Y chromosome you're a male.

  12. What a embareement to your country .cross dresser that's all a man in drag always be a man ..commen sense went nuts .. Why is the world going insane. What a fucking weirdo drown yoursrlf you satanic freak die die die . Wrong body your a man in drag ….fact fact

  13. She's entitled to live her life, the one she fought to ensure everyone could live in whatever way they choose. Live and let live, people.

  14. My god what has he done? You can be trans without cutting your cock off. It ruins sexual function. Most wish they have never done it.

  15. That's not the toughest of the tough in America. Last time I heard they Army Rangers beat the Navy Seals and physical competitions to which they have constantly with each other. On top of which I'm sick and tired of army saying that they are the best when they lost to Vietnam. When a champion and gets beaten by Contender the contender becomes a new champion and has the belt around his waist. Right now the championship belt is around the Vietnamese waste. Because they kicked our asses including the Navy Seals.

  16. Does anyone know where I can find that video with Travis Lively in it?!?! I saw him in the BUD/S 234 documentary and it'd be nice to see what he got up to

  17. Ugliest “woman” ever. Inside and out. Sounds like a man looks like a man, like’s it up the back door. Was great as a man then lost it. PTSD

  18. LMAO what an embarrassment to the seals. I don't care how much of a bad ass he masqueraded himself out to be something is very wrong with a man trying to be a woman and if you think this shit is normal your just as mentally ill as he is.

  19. Um? Not a women, when ever it transgendered itself the navy seal was gone. Seals do some weird shit to make the best fighters.

  20. Good god people. I respect his service but this transgender shit is so out of hand. “Brave” because he is crazy. I hate these days.

  21. Ill never ever ubderstand but that is a personal thing that has nothing to do with the fact that this human is a warrior and one that 13 times went over to defend our nation and help those brothers and sisters on the front line. I salute you beck and wish you all the best..

  22. I respect the hell out of this guy for what he did as a SEAL. While I was Army for 23 years, I have no doubt that (even as he is now) he could kick the shit out of me in a fight. I've got no issues with him. My issue is with equating transgenders with people like him and saying they can function just as well in the military. I know it's trendy to say that people who eventually get transition surgery were female the whole time (like they say about Bruce Jenner back when he was winning Olympic gold), but that's just not true. They weren't winning gold or kicking ass in the military special ops as a woman. They were men. After retirement, THEN they decided to transition.

    Being politically correct and focusing on "feelz over realz", they were female even with a big ass beard. Being realistic and looking at the physical science, they were men when they did all this badass stuff (no matter how they identified. Then they decided to try to be female. (And just to head off all the white knights out there furiously typing, "Stop mis-gendering her!", I'm not trhing to be disrespectful, just rational. A man or woman isn't decided by how you feel or what body parts you have before or after a surgery. It's decided by whether you have XY or XX chromosomes. Show me that changing and I'll freely call that person whatever their chromosomes have changed to. Short of that, while I respect his military service, he's a man with a lot of undercarriage work…and some delusions.

  23. What the hell goes through their heads to make them think this way? I think it should be illegal doctors to physical change people. The word abnormal comes to mind.

  24. Contrast this to the way they treat a former Navy SEAL (Carl Higbie) that disagrees with them using logic in his argument and a POS sitting there telling that SEAL he should be embarrassed for himself. This is an agenda… they're going to push it. They don't care about service members unless it is a story that fits their agenda. No disrespect for this SEAL, my comment is completely about CNN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxADfOx7x4s

  25. Hey man whatever floats your boat. He's on the out so he can do whatever he wants as long as he's not hurting anyone.

  26. As a 3 armed conflict Marine who has had 20 operations in the past 50 years because of Vietnam, I don't care what the color of your skin is, your religion, your nationality, or what

    your sexual preference is; the only thing I want from the person in the hole next to me, is that they stand their ground, which obviously Kristin Beck did.

    So for all the people who don't think transgender, or gay people should serve. Only 1% of Americans join our military, and If I had a choice in the armed conflicts I was in, I would choose 1 Kristen Beck, over a thousand Donald Trumps, Bush Jr's, and probably 99% of the no people!

    When the last body bag is filled, the last taps played, and we are done planting our gardens of stone crosses all around this world, you people who don't serve but whine about gays and transgenders should get down on your knees and be grateful that the Kristin Becks, have the guts to do what you won't do yourself.

  27. God bless you sir. I mean ma’am. I mean sir. I mean ma’am. I mean sir. I mean ma’am. You know what I mean.

  28. I can't even watch this was a straight face. It's ridiculous looking. It's like picking out a manly man at the gym and then saying – "Can I interview you with this wig, lipstick & eyeliner on?" Looks just like a dude (because he is a dude) with long hair. #fail

  29. She is such a beautiful Amazon woman! Such courage not only to serve her Country but to decide to be true to herself and be who she truly she is!

  30. He just like others like him has some type of mental issue just like bruce jenner. What causes it or how to fix it i dunno but it is something not right in their head.

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