1. Fight for a country who sells out allys. No thanks.
    Maybe they should all pose with DEAD guy trophy's.

  2. There is a Peter, muscular, doing his exercises 5:30 in the morning in freezing water and there's an Igor, pale, sipping at his bottle of vodka and riddled with cardio-vascular problems hammering away on his keyboard. And…Igor is winning. The US is in total shambles because of Vlad and his inexpensive army of Igors. One of his finest assets: Igor Trump. Too dumb for typing but excellent at Nazi-style propaganda.

  3. اصيل مثنى:انا اصدقك انه قد يكون حصل لك نوع من غسيل للمخ او تنويم مغنطيسي او ايحائي، تستطيع الاستفادة من خبرة الدكتور خالد سعد الدين الشريف، ايهاب صالح حسين اليماني، واخ زوجته محمد… انهم يتقنون هذه العمليات رالخلايا تعتمد عليهم في ذلك.
    سعود القحطاني واخيه سلطان، احياء ولايزالوا متسترين علي زهرة وزوجها وعهرهم السيبراني، شكرا. It's all about AL-QADA 11-9, 7-7-2005 andisis and alots of 28-10-19evidence.

  4. Whiskey Warrior 556 Is innocent- this can happen to any of us. Stay strong and never give up your rights!

  5. How long has this tradition been going on? My maternal uncles graduated from the US Naval Academy in the 1930's. I wonder if they did this then. Amazing.

  6. Refreshing to see Victor Blackwell not pulling out the tissue box over his home city, Baltimore, getting trolled in a friendly jesting fashion by the President. Why so serious?

  7. What a great story, and not one attack on our President squeezed in there. Is that so hard CNN?
    Gratz and Thanks to all those positive young people. God bless.

  8. I remember this man-child crying like a little girl when President Donald J. Trump correctly called Baltimore a rat infested dump! 😅 #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  9. Remember when Don Lemon had a sign that read "NIGGER"? Remember when Don Lemon said all White men were terrorists? I do. #CNNsupportsRacism #CNNisFakeNews

  10. We have the greatest military on Earth, I was lucky enough to head to West Point and meat these amazing people, defending Freedom, just wish more of our politicians (the Republicans) can respect these amazing people, especially when testifying.
    USA USA USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. US NAVY interested in GEN X Academy…☺…could be a great time to teach you crafting in the dreamscape…from text it doesn't look like i have it but i do have The Excalibur ….it took lots of years in study concentrated and concentrated decades of meditation to extract it from the hieroglyphs …i scanned your experts and the Rosetta stone got you to a specific point as intended…but now ..it complete ….it wasn't just hid in hieroglyphs it was also hidden in christianity Judaism and islam ….also a vast amount of runes Stonehenge celtic kingdom stone glyphs…the sword was showing me …creation aspects and destruction aspects …as a solid boundary ..plus perhaps many people will learn , the navy can keep a grip on reality and reach for the fantastic…

  12. ahhhhh, look at all those future Officers who are gonna get yelled at by a Chief, lol. If you've never seen that before, that's some funny ass shit.

  13. The Americans in this video are the antithesis of Trump, honorable, selfless, civic minded and team oriented. 🇺🇸 USMC
    'Always Faithful'

  14. I am a proud American United States is my home I am very proud to be an American make no doubt about that the older I get the more stronger in my beliefs of America NR young man and women that will stand up invite for us in some give their lives God bless them all

  15. Man we can talk about the Military all day. These guys regardless of Political figure in charge is what keeps other Nations from attacking us despite the senselessness coming out of Washington.

    +1 for CNN for supporting our Troops. More like this, less “vote Democrat” clips. Help us decide on our own…don’t decide for us <3.

  16. Great story CNN – but I'd have enjoyed it a lot more if 25% of screen hadn't been blocked out by your unnecessary banner! 🙄

  17. Republicans don't care about the military, the constitution, or rule of law. I don't what the party stands for now expect debunked conspiracy theory bullshit, lies, and misinformation. Even when Trump has attacked numerous highly decorated soldiers, they've stayed quiet. No morals and full of lies.

  18. I can feel the toxic musculinity through the screen , 50/50 representation is needed now ! Better yet we need 70% women .

  19. Definitely couldn't do this. Does not look fun or fulfilling. Kudos to those that do serve in the services, because I won't be joining. Had somebody suggest this to me, not doing it. Will never happen.

  20. G'day,

    The Hitlerjugend did all this shit, 80 bloody years ago.

    They, too, had great
    Fun ;
    Playing at Boyscouts
    With a Gun.

    And they were cheering, joyfully, while being led down into doom, gloom & utter destruction…

    By a psychotic narcissistic Megalomaniac empowered by a personality Cult of deranged debasement of all Human standards of Ethics & Morals.

    AmeriKa be cruisin' f'r the HELL of a Bruisin'…
    Runnin' hard,
    Goin' flat-chat.
    Screamin' straight down
    The Hitlerian

    This promises to be a quite FASCINATING spectacle to observe…; from diagonal Trans-Pacific Distance…

    Such is Life.

    Have a good one.


    Ciao !

  21. U.S. Naval Academy's Semen Trials
    The military is needed for reasons that are psychological- not political: It's a safe place for straight men to be gay.
    How do I look in my uniform? How about my decorations? Is my hair too short are my shoes shined brightly enough? How do I look? How do I smell? I know other men R going to be checking me out and I want to look good for them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVPn14A1mschttp://www.


  23. "Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions, Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens."

    – Hebrews 11:33-34

  24. Fuck you CNN. Happy to hear after Thanksgiving your getting indicted for all your lies. Many Lawsuits are coming for all your Liberal Bitches.

  25. It must hurt democrats to see such hard work. These men and women fight so you can sit on your ass and collect hand outs.

  26. My youngest son Justin Wolfe went through that. He's a Naval Officer. Graduated the Naval Academy in 06. Best day of my life.

  27. I don’t understand why everyone is bringing politics into this.

    This is about the commitments that these men and women made to serve their country and what they’re doing to achieve that at the USNA. Let’s focus on that. Thank you to these fine men and women who are dedicating their lives to serve their country.

    Go Navy Beat Army.

  28. You've got to be out of your fucking mind to join any US military force in this current climate of the upper echelons being pro-terrorist and anti-serviceman. The US Navy will crucify any serviceman who actively engages with and harms one hair on the head of an enemy, terrorist combatant. Even self-defense will be dealt with harshly. Obama's legacy of installing jihadist leaning Islamists like Brennan, Mattis, Kirby, and Clapper in all military leadership positions have led to this. If US Navy brass had their way, a 500 foot black flag of ISIS on a 1/4 mile long flagpole would be flying over the Pentagon.

  29. Our MILITARY is the BEST IN THE WORLD and the most honorable. Keep us STRONG and our foot 
    on the necks of Oppressive Freedom Hating countries like CHINA and IRAN. TRUMP 2020, BABY!

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