Expert College Counseling Helps Student Find Best College | College Admissions Success Story

Hi, my name is Sky and right now I am at
Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Originally I am from Denver, Colorado
though, and my reason for being here in large part has to do with my help from
Mark Montgomery and his college counseling services. My parents contacted
Mark because i think they were a little bit worried about how things were going
to go for me and applying to college and where I was looking at. I was looking at
some really big schools that I didn’t know much about. And I was kind of just
generalizing basic things off of how popular they were and how famous they
were, and I didn’t have any real reason to want to go to those schools. But, after
working with Mark and talking to him and looking at my GPA and my test scores and
kind of mashing those together and looking at where I could realistically
go to, he came up with some options that fit with what I wanted to do. I’m a
dancer and a singer and an actor, so he tried to find a school where I could do those things and still get a well-rounded education that I wanted. And
also, you know, have cool people there and no just be, you know, out here in
Michigan freezing my butt off and being all like oh my gosh, this sucks, I
hate college, why’d Mark send me out here? But he gave me a good list of
places that I could go, a wide range, all over the country, some places I’d
never even heard before, like Otterbein. What’s that? But no, it was great! Mark did some things that really helped me out. He let me work
at my own pace. He would give me a deadline and then I’d tell him, hey I can meet it, or I can’t or– He’d be really understanding though about
what I need to do and he’d accommodate my schedule and really work with
me on getting into college and being patient with me, and not seeming like
he was hovering over me like a like a parent or something. He was really just there as a friend, as a helper. Another thing is he took real
deep interest in to what I wanted to do and didn’t have any personal bias about
where he wanted to send me to college because, I mean, he had no vested interest
like a parent would have to send me to a certain place. So another, let’s see–gosh there’s so many things i gotta pick a good one–what’s another good one?
Mark gave me a lot of options. I applied to schools in Alabama, in Tennessee, in
Massachusetts, in Seattle, in Michigan, in Colorado, and California, all over the
country. Texas, Ohio, all these different places. There is a college for
everybody and Mark knows where to find it. He’s just got such a wealth of
knowledge about colleges and he’ll go visit them all the time, go see them. He’ll find the ugly ones, he’ll find the pretty ones, he’ll the big ones, he’ll find
small one, he’ll find the one that fits your religion, the one that fits
your style, your talent, the way that you dress, everything. And I’d say, all that considered, it was a pretty good choice that I made and that my
parents made to work with Mark. I guess it would be a
life-changing decision to be honest. When I look at where I had considered going
before talking to Mark and having his help, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be very
happy where I am right now–or where I would be right now. Does that makes sense? Okay. I can’t ask you because you’re just watching a video.
But still though, I’m happy where I am and I’ve got Mark to thank and I’d
strongly recommend you working with him. He knows what he’s talking about, he knows his stuff, and he honestly–he cares. He wants to get you where you fit. Yeah. Cool. Handshake, fist pound, something. Alright, goodbye.

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