Fact-checking Trump’s Naval Academy commencement

Fact-checking Trump’s Naval Academy commencement

President Donald Trump gave the commencement
address at the United States Naval Academy late last month, and during his 35-minute
speech, he made a few claims that require a fact-check. First, pay raises for the military. “We just got you a big pay raise, first time
in 10 years. We got you a big pay increase, first time
in over 10 years. I fought for you. That was the hardest one to get,”
Yes, military service members just got a pay raise, as they have every year since 1983. Before that, the last year in which they didn’t
get a raise was 1961. This year’s increase was the biggest bump
since 2010, but it wasn’t the first pay increase in a decade. “We are rebuilding our defense industrial
base to forge American iron, aluminum and steel — which, by the way, we just put tariffs
on when it comes in from other countries. We’re taking in a lot of money now, our country. They pay that big beautiful tariff, it goes
right into rebuilding new ships.” The money from tariffs goes to the National
Treasury, and from there Congress and the president, together, decide how to spend it. “We have now the lowest number of ships that
we’ve had since World War I. And very soon you are going to get to 355
beautiful ships, 355. That’s almost a couple of hundred more ships. So you will be around for a long time.” The Navy has 283 ships. It plans to have 355 ships by the early 2050s
or potentially sooner. But either way, that’s not “very soon.” Also, 283 to 355 is an increase of 72 ships,
not “almost a couple of hundred.”


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