FAIL – Sniper falls on his face

FAIL – Sniper falls on his face

Trying to cut a way through to the fort we are to capture And this is why I hate the bang rule… Raised his gun anyway…oh well! I counted 3 targets but only hit 2, the other must be behind this bush Let’s go use a dead man to get him ;D He’s down. Time to rush the fort. Gun hits count on this field… πŸ™ Let’s not forget this utter failure… I don’t know how many enemies are with the ghillie sniper, let’s just frag them out πŸ˜€ Gun slide not racking all the way again…


  1. Thumbs up your subscriber from Philippines. Please comment on my latest video. Hope to earn support from you.

  2. Awesome video man, it was nice to see you kill Peter with that grenade just after you shot me. I tried to throw a grenade at you before you did as my gun had just battery died but it was a terrible throw hence all the smoke just in front of the two of us xD

  3. Great video mate, and great seeing you pew pewing with the team, you now have the Wolfpack subscribed to you

  4. I'm about to upgrade my Marui VSR 10. So hopefully I'll see you at the next Bravo 22 game with a sniper which can actually shoot at distance πŸ™‚
    It's Matt btw (I usually wear the shoulder ghillie and hat)

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