Female Transformation Body | Full Body Gym Routine That Helped One Of My Best Training Clients

Female Transformation Body | Full Body Gym Routine That Helped One Of My Best Training Clients

good YouTube back in the building with
Lamont Tyson we’re talking life gains fitness again today a subscriber last
week hit me up and asked me to show them a training and what I’m gonna do is show
them what I consider a great full-body split with some of my clients and I love
this flip because if you’re doing your diet you hit this quit twice a week you
will get results and I’m gonna go through and walk you through the
training but first y’all know in this channel we always put on our plus seven
glasses of sexy as Hale because we’re working on skill in our craft bringing
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there are looking to get some training with life games I know my team consists
of me my wife who’s a nephrologist at Duke and my coach who does the biggest
MPC show in Greensboro Quincy Roberts that’s the team that’s who’s gonna be
helping you out you’re getting knowledge from all that to help you make those
games so let’s take a look at my client I’m gonna walk you through the workout
but this is something you can do on your own if you fix your diet if you’ve got
your cardio going but if you need help with those things you can always hit me
up on my website I do do one-on-one online coaching let’s jump into it
what’s going on YouTube it’s your boy Lamont Tyson I’m here with
my number one strongest female client ever and LM I just want to show the
people some of the transition you have been through LM at one point I look like
this and now she’s the lean mean fighting
scene you see here today so Alan what made you choose me to help you reach
your fitness goals and I’ve kind of hit a plateau right
mostly because the primary exercise I’ve been doing in that three years has been
which is great for a lot of things but it’s not going to get you
it’s not going to make you very strong especially your personal training and stuff that you
might be able to help me reach more muggles to have more
upper-body strength have more have a more turned about a hopefully there are
some of the extras losing a lot of weight over sort of leisure current have
you enjoyed the train and so forth and being too intense you sometimes it’s
intense but sometimes I I know I need it borrow and I’m not afraid I’m not afraid
of pushing myself to where I don’t feel like I can do it anymore
that’s because I just never last I got a special treat for you today
candidate Donald Trump is in the building we’re gonna go ahead and jump into the
workout let you see what Ellen is working with shouts out to my homegirl
Ellen for entrusting her fitness goals with life gains and me I’m so proud of
her and all the hard work she’s already accomplished first on her exercise
regimen today and her training we had to do three sets of 12 squats and as you
can see she can get low with her squat she’s in the bucket and this was her
first set we did turn up the heat with the weight but I wanted to make sure
that she was feeling good today and got a form right and she did and y’all y’all
watch out for this young lady she is a beast and she is really hungry
and she’s gonna get into her goals real soon watch next compound movement I had
her doing with the chest press and as you can see she comes down to a chest
touch and go nice and easy warm-up for her not too big of a deal she felt
really good this day mind you this woman had just ran 11 miles the day before she
makes no excuses she’s gonna get this job done and she don’t want a candidate
Donald Trump as president let’s just put that out there next is her pull-ups when she first came
to me we had to assist her with about a hundred and fifteen pounds on the
pull-up she is now down to only in assists of 85 pounds and not that long
of a period she was well on her way there is a pretty good athlete inside of
Ellen and she is letting it all come unhinge now look at those great pull-up
she’s doing well into the top she’s squeezing and contracting her back doing
an excellent job I had her get about three sets of ten to twelve on this and
she makes gaze on this each and every week next up on deck I had to work at her
lower back as you can see she extends all the way down and comes all the way
up on the last set of this I feel some weight on and boy I got cussed out from
that but you know what she got through and she did well with it I like having
my clients do this a couple of weeks before I start running through apps you
know you can hit your app just by sitting upright sucking them in nice and
tight kind of difficult to hit your lower back so this is a good exercise to
hit that lower back else with your posture and it’s really really good
about helping you sit and stand upright throughout the day hit this for about
three sets of ten next we work on her abs now would you believe she didn’t
think she could do this she is doing a lower ab exercise just just a simple leg
raise and once you get too tired where you catch raise your leg and straighten
them out all you do is finish by dropping and raising your knees which is
what she’s getting ready to do right now I had to do three sets of fifteen and
when she reached the point she couldn’t keep her legs straight I just had to do
knee raise really really good for the little AB using your bodyweight next we
go to shoulder presses never good compound movement and she’s pretty beast
on this exercise I had to do three sets of ten to twelve and in about three
weeks this young lady has jumps probably about thirty pounds like I said there’s
an athlete in there look at that upper front of her chest and upper front of
her shoulders go ahead and jump in there and help on down and she’s beeston next I had to get in some curls for the
girls I think this is her favorite exercise she’s working on those
humongous cannons getting them right this one we went for three sets of ten
to twelve and she made some really really big gains and just as well look
at the form under control nice and squeeze at the top and I was trying to
get a little heavy to her Ellen smiles when the weight is too intense for her
she doesn’t run or frown she smiles last but definitely not least is we did some
tricep pushdowns and this was really really intense for her we had going
through pretty much total body that day and she was burned three sets of 10 reps
on this video all right we’re doing the post workout taught one of the most
important parts and so Ellen how do you feel that for this workout today oh my
goodness was it intense for you getting all your goals so what barriers are you
going to face this week that could hinder your fitness goal so we can talk
about hopefully not too many nothing’s really missing up scheduled workout
schedule is going to be pretty on it’ll really just be making sure I get the
protein right so they’re not gonna be any work stress anything like that
shouldn’t be too much no household stress no unexpected guests all the
stress you’re gonna have us the political stress of Donald Trump
becoming our next president so that was it ladies and gentlemen that’s pretty
much all you’ve got to do you just got to make sure your nutrition is right
make sure you’re doing your cardio effectively and if you still are doing
those things that haven’t seen results have won a coach to give you some
accountability hit me up check me out on my facebook life gains page send me a
message let me know how I can help you for you in the Triad and you want to
come train with me I do have slots available now just hit me up that’s
gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video please comment
subscribe don’t get yourself that lie
yeah higher brother I’m here to make those gains for you
I was 310 at one time now I’m down to 199 and I’ve been able to sustain it
because what we do on this channel is about making those light gangs and until
the net sex is hell video I’ll see you you


  1. One of my best training client's shows off her full body routine she incorporated to make this full body transformation. #LamontTyson

  2. Thanks brother LAMONT. Much appreciated. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your weekend brother. Love ya

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