Fijian military visits Newmerella Primary School

Fijian military visits Newmerella Primary School

The principle of Numeralla Primary School
rang us and asked could the kids come and look at our big army trucks? We said
of course they could so they came along really enjoyed looking at our Bushmaster
PMV’s, had a close look at our Air Force kitchen that’s feeding us here and then
got sung out by our Fijian allies.


  1. what a great selection Fiji Armed Frces our Air Force and our Army those kids would have been on top of the world keep up with your great work all of you stay safe

  2. DoD – Are you sure about that unit name in the banner for the Major? When was 8th /9th Royal Victoria Regiment raised? Perhaps you mean 8th / 9th Royal Australia Regiment? Don't believe it's 5th / 6th RVR or 8th / 7th RVR either.

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