FINALS WEEK: a college vlog (queen’s university) | Zoe Maya

FINALS WEEK: a college vlog (queen’s university) | Zoe Maya

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is Zoe I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe down below today I’m going to be filming my first day of my last week of school and I’m gonna be filming all week because it’s like my Final week of the semester so all my tests and all my projects are due this week So it’s gonna be a very busy week today is Monday November 25th It’s about 10:30 and I’m just waiting for my breakfast to arrive. I don’t have any classes on Monday So I’m just gonna be hanging out at home and studying. This is my agenda by the way I’m just looking at everything I have to do Tuesday I have a test in one of my classes and then in my other class. I have a short film dude Wednesday I have another test Tuesday I don’t have anything but Friday, I have a quiz two assignments in the same class And then on Sunday, I have my research paper So I’m just gonna go on my phone for a bit till my breakfast gets here And then I’m gonna start my day Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy and follow me on my social medias Let’s get this final week started. Okay, so I got my waffle It just has Nutella and then I got strawberries apples and blueberries on top of it It’s Larry my favorite breakfast ever and then we’re just gonna be watching friends with that I’m at Chandler Monica’s wedding part 1 so I’m gonna watch part 1 and part 2 and like we’re watching friends right now But as soon as I’m done I’m gonna start watching Gossip Girl Gossip Girls. My favorite show gonna get watched in like two years. Literally. This is a huge fight My plan is to study for my test tomorrow Obviously she’s gonna give us a list of like 12 terms and we have to choose 4 to define She give gave us a list of like 50 terms So I just have to like look through my notes and like prepare all the ones that I know and then also she gave us 4 essay questions two of them will be on the test. So I just have to like practice those That’s basically what I have to do last night. I did a few of the terms I don’t have definitions for all the terms because there’s no like power points in this class is just like listening to her lecture Which is like sometimes hard to keep up with I did not start any of the essay questions So I have four essay questions to do and have like my course back here with all the readings because they’re probably gonna like help Me for that say part. This is my outfit today. It’s really nothing special because I’m just staying home I have this purple sweater from garage with like these really big sleeves and my Lululemon leggings and then my fuzzy socks because it was A really cold this morning when I woke up So I have like seven pages of terms here now I’m gonna do the essay part blink If I have time later tonight I’m gonna go back to all the terms and I’m gonna like practice writing my definition for all of them But if I don’t have time, I’m just gonna like read over the note and then in the test I’ll just write my definition on the spot. Basically. There’s four essays She’s gonna put who on the test and then we have to choose one to answer That means I only have to practice answering three because it will definitely be one on the test that I practice Okay. I’m so happy. I finally got all my outlines done kind of like made points and what I want to talk about I’m gonna go make dinner Paula just like mac and cheese or something simple. I Made some popcorn to accompany me on my final grind of the nights what I’ve decided is I’m gonna make Definitions for like some of them but I’m not gonna like stress about making definitions for all of them and like reread my short essays So that like they stick in my brain I have to go to bed kind of early though because I have to wake up at like 7:00 because my bus leaves at 8:00 And then I have breakfast at the cafe next to my class and then my class is at night. I literally like I Only made this popcorn cuz I realized I’m like leaving in like four days and there are so many snacks that I have not finished I just got an email that I got upgrade back for my essay in this class that I’m studying for that has a test. I Got an 85 which is not bad, but it’s like the worst kind I’ve gotten in this class I’m kind of like oh well back to studying now. I finished reading over all the terms and like my short essay outlines I just like read them over like three times. I’m kind of like over the test already. I’m done for the night now I’m just gonna work on my other project. That’s due tomorrow It’s like a short film in my film production class and I already edited the whole thing But now I just have to add music to it. This is the film It was like a chase scene one of my other group members But I’m like all this music and I’m just gonna add it to the project when my camp friends is actually in my old friends From last year though. We used her room, and it was so weird like being back in my res It actually meant like someone who watches my videos I met her in the elevator I absolutely like love when people come up to me and like tell me they watch my videos So thank you. If you’ve ever done that this year like quite a few people have and it’s just like it makes my day I’m really tired. I have to wake up really early tomorrow. I’m just like not feeling good out Like I had a fever ten minutes ago. So yeah, I’ll catch up to you when I finish editing this Thank God that did not take too long. I’m already done. I want to show you one part of the film. That’s like epic I made the music change right on the beat of like when I steal the wallet and it looks really cool Whoo, I know right. I will see you guys tomorrow On test day and project day and then tomorrow I get to study for my test on Wednesday because it never ends. Okay Good night for you Good morning. I just got dressed. I wash my face and now I’m gonna do my makeup But I’ll show you what Tuesday’s outfit looks like. So this sweater is from American Eagle It’s just like knitted and it’s really comfy. And then these jeans are from urban man. Yeah My notes are on Google Docs, I’m just gonna do it from my phone Okay, I’m gonna head to my bus now but I just opened my window and it’s literally sunrise outside I don’t know if you can tell but I do not want to be awake this early Okay, so pretty little update about my bus stop and I’m the only one here. I don’t know why it was waiting for my path Look how pretty the building looks gonna go walk down to the water Breakfast sandwiches cinnamon rolls language abilities, but the other kind Wish me luck. I’m Finally home from both my classes today I got my tests done and my projects and they did the test is like actually fine There was like a huge list of terms I thought it was only could be 12 terms But it was like 20 before the test started like my friends and I were talking we really wanted one of the essay prompts to Be on the test. That one was on the test. So that turned out great. I’m gonna make it Well, she’s like the only thing I know how to make so I got her bread in the second week of school I was cutting this bread and I cut my finger It’s not gonna focus but I have like a scar on my finger right here This is like a cooking with Zoey now, then you take your ham Take one slice take another slice your Swiss cheese one slice for this piece one slice for this piece and you have your sandwich and then you put It in the microwave and then we wait And then you get to enjoy your meal with some fresh fruit and a drink of your choice Just treated you to a little as mark. All right. I hope you enjoyed that cooking with Zoey segment I mean they eat my lunch now and then get back on the study branch. I’ve already made my notes for my test tomorrow So I think before I start studying I’m gonna treat myself to a few episodes of friends Honestly at this point friends should sponsor this video Yeah like I just did a test and I’m exhausted from leading up so early so I just want to like chill but before that I Get to do something super satisfying in my agenda I loli need to check off everything I do so that I feel like I’m being productive I already did my readings like two weeks ago three weeks ago. So my short film Test Now it’s time for friends. I’ll catch up with you when I actually start studying for my test. There’s two powerpoints for this exam I filmed myself taking notes for the first one. So I’ll insert that Yes, thank you, sir Are not caramelized what I’m excited though. Okay. So this is my traditional mozzarella pizza with tomato sauce and caramelized onions I don’t never the last time I had pizza. This is so good. I’ll buy you something. What do you want shoes? Hi, it’s like almost 8 o’clock. I just spent my whole afternoon watching friends. I don’t regret it I was like stop chatting my friend Sam and I was like joking I was like Beauty Brains and he was like, ok. So now I’m actually gonna start studying for my test tomorrow cuz it’s like 8 o’clock It’s about time I just want to mention like I realized that it doesn’t really look like I’m doing much but that’s because I did it all last week or like two weeks ago so that I wouldn’t be stressed this week because I was looking out for my future self all the Assignments that I have left to do like I’ve already done them. I just have to submit them for now I’m gonna take my beautiful white 5 star notebook that costs $10 more than the regular colors But I really wanted to play and I’m gonna study my notes. See you later That could have almost knocked down my lamp Good morning, everyone. Happy Wednesday. It’s about 10:00 in the morning. I just finished getting ready for the day I’m just gonna spend my morning reading over my notes because that’s all I have to do to study until around lunchtime I have to go meet with my teacher before my afternoon class So I’m gonna head to the film building a bit early and then I have my class from 2:30 to 5:30 And then I have my evening class which is the one with the test. This is my outfit of the day I’m wearing my Urban Outfitters jeans again this new like black turtleneck from hmm, but I kind of look like Steve Jobs Okay, I’m gonna get back to studying and I’ll talk to you later. I’m on my way to Peter pit right now I did not know anybody got the last Notorious, I’m just gonna lunch here and I’m gonna go straight to meet with my teacher Okay with Warren now whoo cats movies now come back and study for our test make comment on that it was fun Back at Lauren’s we got our booster juice now. We’re just gonna study until our test wishes luck We made it to practice. It’s gonna be in length under next week. This is our last like clot and I’m done. Listen, I study here Hey guys, I’m home now I changed into a t-shirt because I was sweating in my turtleneck and I ordered my dinner Usually I don’t order overeats a lot But I had this $10 coupon for this restaurant called Montana’s that I really like But it turns out it’s ten dollars off an order of $40. I was already in the mood for it So I decided to get it anyways, but I couldn’t use my coupon But I just got some french fries and some chicken tacos, and I’m just gonna be watching friends while I eat this Obviously I finished my exam that I had today calls an exam, but it’s literally almost a quiz It’s barely even a test, but it was so hard There were three of these like same exams throughout the semester and the first two were so easy Ly about 100% but this one was so much harder That was just a bummer But then I went with a group of friends to my friend Emily’s house, and we did like a quiz for the same class We got 100 on her first try cuz you have two attempts to do it so that made me feel a lot better and I just got an email that I got a hundred percent on one of my assignments for my like online class and that made me really happy and I got my food and had my friends and it’s just a Good end of the day oh and I saw I was meeting with my teacher today because I wanted to talk to her about my midterm our cuz I got A 77 and I was like really bummed about that and like I didn’t really understand why because I left the exam like pretty confident She ended up adjusting it from a 77 way 98.5 because the TA like calculated my grade wrong So I’m so happy that I went to go see her about that for the rest of the night I’m gonna pack because I’m leaving right after my class tomorrow to go home Okay, so I just did this test and then this is the quiz we did together Hey guys, it’s Thursday morning. I’m in my dad’s car right now because he came this morning He’s gonna drive home with me right after my class this afternoon So he came early in the morning and I got Starbucks for breakfast. I got banana bread My class is from 11:30 to 1 But before that I’m gonna go to like the arc. It’s like the Athletic Center and I’m gonna get my magazine I was part of like this magazine Club this semester and next semester too, and I’m like a videographer for them The print magazine came out today I’m so excited to get it and then I’m gonna go check up on my friends Maggie and we’re gonna go to our last class Of the week and then I’m gonna head home for winter break I’m home. Now with my dog. I got home like a little while ago. I just like chilled with my family We had dinner. I was reading the muse magazine in the car It was so good and beautiful and it has my name right here If you guys aren’t already you should follow them on Instagram But now I have my agenda here and I’m ready to cross off my last assignment I have my last assignment for my writing editing class And then I also have like a 2% bonus where you just write your thoughts about the class and then I have my big research Paper so all of those assignments are done But I have to read them over like a million times before I feel confident enough to submit it. Sorry Cooper. I’m sorry I just finished reading over the first assignment. I’m gonna submit that right now. Okay, I did it. Okay. It’s a little while later I just finished reading like my bonus response to the chorus post There is my answer now. Last thing to read is my research paper, which is very long. So that will take me a while It’s almost midnight right now. I’m just way too tired to read this right now But right now I’ll take my agenda and cross off to assignment. I did some little learning assessment Assignment alright, I have read over my research project. I’m ready to submit it. Oh My gosh now, of course, you know the next step I did it check it off in my agenda So that’s it. That’s the end of my week I hope you guys enjoyed it coming along with me and getting all my finals done and submitted If you still have assignments or exams, I wish you the best of luck Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe Down below and I will see you in my next video. Bye


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