1. What a coincidence Judea was mentioned at the end of this farce….Where is the kinder gentler world King George promised us?  A world where the trans racial, trans gender, trans species Lesbian Bi Community can be a free and wonderful people? Where Bruth Gender can go to the Olympics and win like the women he knows he is? When will the pain stop?

  2. lol pathetic, never again should anyone say special forces, rangers, seals are great warriors. They are nancy boys and bitches on record.

  3. I can say this…successful graduation of Ranger School, does not make you a Ranger. To be a Ranger, you have to be assigned, and accepted into a Ranger Unit after completing R.A.S.P. (Ranger assessment and selection program) No women are accepted into Special Operations Ranger units. Having said all of this, I do not know if the female criteria is the same as male in each individual Ranger School training class.

  4. Times have changed I believe those women wouldn't make it if the standards were as high as it was from the 1960's cause you know the drill instructors aren't allowed to get physical and aren't allowed to be as rough to the recruits

  5. The "Israeli" Army can take the chance of allowing Females in their "Special Forces" Unites… Because They only "Fight" People who have no weapons, and Primarily use Rocks and Molotov Cocktails to Defend Themselves…

    "Israel" as an example? Give Me a Fucking Break…

  6. if genders don't matter then why wont the army give the exact same PT test to women as the one they give men? equal should mean EQUAL

  7. This is a great example of woman who have proved that true EQUALITY is 100% possible even in the military. I despise new age feminism that teaches women to be victims! I do not believe in women getting jobs to fill quotas, or giving special advantages/ exceptions and treatment to help them succeed. These women had to pass the same standards as the men and they did. Women are not victims. Women do not need special treatment. Make it a fare playing field, if they can pass the same standards as everyone else at army ranger school they deserve to work like anyone else!

  8. third wave feminism: demanding options for male obligations is not equality. Who will be socially pressured by women to die in droves running into direct fire in a world war?

  9. Two women graduated Ranger School, out of 19 who began the course.  A graduation rate of about 10%, which also means a failure rate of 90%.

    This may be a victory for two women who now get to sew a patch on their uniforms, but when you look at the time and money expended to get them those patches, its a defeat for everyone else.

  10. After they were recycled I can imagine the top brass had them pushed through no matter what.  But if they actually did it with the same standards, job well done!

  11. One of them is an army pilot who will never engage infantry business to begin with. What a waste of resources. For both of them, the army has heavily invested in them to make this happen. Besides, the Rangers drop their standards quite regularly to meet quotas and I bet they were happy to lower standards for the women even more.

    Look at the thubs-down for this video: nobody is buying it.

  12. I wonder what the commander would do when the mins trial cycle starts. All that emotional shit going on bloody spills (if you know what I mean) the tampon thing.  How about when their in combat or in a in important mission while these bitches are going through this or if one of them want to be mothers or about to have a kid. They can just leave just like that. What would they call this leave now. I mean there is so many names when a guy leaves. All that can effect a team or whatever mission that is coming up that is important; And would need these two.

  13. That is *ucking BS. Equality but they can avoid combat drills because involves physical training but you know the whole have to understand the pussy feminism nonsense rule. Watch how these feminine's are going to change everything about the combat rules . That has been around for years to fit the status quo for these feminism bitches to avoid physical stuff as much as possible but then say the accomplished it. I am so sick of this shit already. Is favoritism to the extreme but always waving the equality card.

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