First Graduates of the Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies

First Graduates of the Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies

The reason why I started this degree is
because I felt like I could make a real change or impact to the society to
community and I thought it’d be a really good opportunity for me to really branch
out globally. We also got to learn in the environment that we would one day hope to be in. So that was a massive drawing point for me. Some of my highlights would have to be the international placement, the New Colombo trip to
Indonesia and the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand. Being able to see how the Indonesian government and aid organizations were responding to certain disasters and also how the community in Aceh was able to respond to the 2004 tsunami. I really enjoyed the way the classes worked and having our smaller classes that were more specialised towards our
degree so our smaller groups of students The curriculum was really interesting
understanding new things about different countries, societies, cultures and overall
just understanding how the world plays out in a bigger picture. Try to take all the opportunities that you can. There’s going to be a lot of opportunities along the way and try to take as much as possible. I think it’s it’s changed the way that I understand how international development work proceeds. So when I found this course it was perfect for me. The most amazing experience I’ve ever had and I don’t think anything can top it.

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  1. Hii WSU…..i have accepted your offer and i have applied for VISA on 5th June, my classes are starting on 22 July. Love from India 😄🤗

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