Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats

Former Indiana Senator Dan Coats

height one member you are on the
republican national convention we are the young turks of course and that your
d_s_l_ former senator from indiana four pricing for many at former ambassador to
germany advent cuts how r u bonfire looks like
the operative word is former if i thought you know that most recently he did that
was in the news of course senator was your shepherding of harriet myers of
native congress now that didn’t work out bleeding went longer well uh… it looked it was clear that
what was what congress of majority congress was looking for whether it’s the democrats and
republicans and somebody had a long list of judicial qualifications chris bury it didn’t there but other people pour the string
quartet then the privilege of the president whichever whether it’s democrat
republican the elected can really work necessarily along pedigree of judicial
uh… experience uh… but were put on for different
reasons but clearly in this case uh… both sides we’re looking for someone who had that
pedigree and she didn’t and ran into some problems with that but the power
one choice uh… justice leo then judge alito appeals court says was the polar opposite the advertisers
uh… up-and-down is our network were very
impressive there’s no question about that whether
you agree or disagree with her now just adjusts alito he did at
credentials did have a long record on uh… on the court of course jerry myers was selected and with that
lack of experience which is white house counsel and people forget that that she had quite a distinguished
record uh… first woman ever to really was britain’s
barriers the first woman ever help up all-male law firm in dallas
first woman elected to head the bar association for not only dallas before all taxes uh… was about two receive a very high
position in the american bar association should the white house counsel source
was is that he didn’t have credentials but she didn’t have the on the bench
experience i think uh… coupon adjudicating cases uh… and scholarly writing in terms of constitutional
issues that uh… either justice roberts header
justice alito had again writer on she’s out to close the president president
felt repeat roster now some would say that’s cronyism
others would say that’s logical that’s who’s close to the president soviet-style go on other issues now
uh… obviously with the hurricane gustav huge in the news people are reflecting
back on hurricane katrina and what was not done right there what’s
your sense of lessons learned from that what what one wrong during hurricane
katrina but the administration did not respond
to what well i think what went wrong was first
the analysis of the the word of team was that the world survived uh… everything’s fine and he was top
wind and so forth and so on no one anticipated the levee breaks and with the levees broke then we were playing catch up from that point
on and that’s up one less that the other lesson
is this the the initial preparation them also that is usually left to the
state into the mist municipality i think the lesson learned their is that the
federal government needs to get involved assisting the state assisting the town’s an evacuation and ended preparation for housing all these people for feeding all
these people dismissive magnitude that overwhelmed
the ability the city at the time in the state be
really weren’t prepared doesn’t have a government probably
should have stepped in early enough the great contrast is is that all the
preparation that has gone into this current do stuff it appears repeating your fingers crossed and
singer prayers but it uh… it appears now that that preparation has been very
adequate in terms of protecting human life and protecting property that’s interesting point you made i want
to go off of that before we do that too
early said that no one could have anticipated levees would break as to the president and the three
sessions the dead a warning to the levees would not stand
so anxious for the record i want to crack down on of but uh… you said that
the federal government should get more blogs is too big an issue don’t the servers normally argue against
the federal government getting involved in local issues like that normally but
this is the local issue what we learned here’s this is a national issue than
sometimes the magnitude of the tragedies such that it was a perfect example to treat it as an example overwhelms the ability of the state of
the misspelling him i think it’s our bodies would say look uh… we are not against federal government involvement
were saying in contested what should could be done but local
levels should be done local levels what can be devastating levels too
because the levels then that only that before that can be handled at a local
level or state level should the federal government be involved instead of reversing that as a federal government
come in tell the states are on the states until
the city several other cities sarcos that brings about another
interesting issue which is very large part of this campaign which is health
care a lot of people would say that is
something that also cannot be held on handle the local level and then it’s the throttle government who would dare be best uh… position to handle an issue that large and in fact like the armed forces road there are some issues that the
government should handle and some of the private company should handle but with
all the profits being made it cetera that the government would be in a better
position to handle health care how what’s your sense of why that is applied
if you think it’s not right we’re talking about a fifteen eighty
percent of our economy him talking about the private sector becoming subordinated to navy federal
process and we’ve also had the opportunity to look and what other countries have done with
their national health care systems and what we’ve seen is that significant
decrease in quality in a lot of people with a larger cancer can i ask
house annexe because a lot of people argue that uh… other systems canada france spain when
the center do handle more people and he seemed to
handle it at a lower price where does the quality issue come in and
how we measure that quality issue comes in with innovation
comes in with the ability to get uh… take advantage of the bs research what
happens is you what we’ve seen some of these countries
is a lowering of the standards now the real issue is how can we maintain those
standards and still provide that quality of health care to people that don’t
currently have access to it india i think the debate is over the role of government in terms of
supporting and encouraging the private sector to do a better job in terms of
reaching out and providing insurance providing
coverage providing medical care government system of of medicare in
place too medicaid in place but we also have choice for consumers a
lot of people argue that the conservatives who argue that if you don’t give the consumer
choice then you have a graph receive making decisions as to who gets the care
how much care that they get impaired people ought to know uh… ought to have the ability to
student has a selection of first matter because they’re who’s not going to make the choices in
their own economic interests and of course like this last question for you in france and some other countries to do
that says we started including which are still making i’m not saying you can’t
devise a system where i can retain their choice and i think that’s the operative
question and i will be the debate coming up here that’s that’s the news trying in
this country now services held their plan is the last question seventy his
healthcare plan involves packed a key health care away from
employers providing it and letting you make private sources one and also take away leverage because combined you’d have more
leverage with uh… h_m_o_’s and p_p_o_’s and that individually we would have less
leverage in advance prices might rise for consumers well my understanding of
this plan is that doesn’t take it away from lawyers employers but it also gives
the employee piano option if the employer is not bring a lot of
employers have scaled back and what they’re providing to what he wants to do is give employees
in option to pat an alternative to what the employer provides and i think again that goes to the question of
choice and in that case i think it’s a superior planning amended right you
would you know if you would involve choice but then you would have you would have less leveraged is you’re
not all united to get a better price from the
healthcare as europe or would be fewer drive the ammended bringing all these people miss a lower
the price in a better situation with your soul employees of i_b_m_ than you
would have less leverage with h_m_o_ personal herewith employee then has the
opportunity to take a look at uh… if if this together they can negotiate
uh… acceptable health care plan i would
think most of what was they were there if for some reason the company doesn’t
yield and they don’t get the health care plan they want why not give them the opportunity to go
outside of that plan i saturday coz it again i really
appreciate it if it is a way to build monetary issue


  1. Well spotted, this talk about quality of care is a nothing but an attempt to detract from the fact that the US has one of the worst health and education systems of any developed nation. I'm from Australia where we have a reasonably good health system where everyone can get the care they need without having to pay exorbitant prices and everybody is covered. I know French people who say thier system is even better than Australia's so why can't the US have decent health care?

  2. it seems like if u ask a republican "what should we do?" about any problem, they can talk you up for a while… but the short answer is always "nothing"

    energy, health care whatever. what they want to do always boils down to nothing. sometimes doing nothing is a wise choice, but if its all you got… its suspicious is all.

  3. Its all talking points. All the Log Cabin guy could do was repeat "I don't think the federal govt is the solution to every problem." Time after time, Cenk pressed him for details and all he could do was repeat his talking point.

  4. That was a good interview. Cenk was respectful, but asked all of the important questions. Coats defended his views well, which though I disagree with him, is something I respect (and I don't see too often with Repubs).

  5. BullCrap What law stop people from buying their own health care now!? You can find health care outside of your employers system and drop it, if find lower cost health care insurance. Once again the RebU. are using a none issue to fool folk in to believing they are gonna help them.

  6. you guys suck and so does Dan. a vote for coats is a vote for the same old republican and a guy that tells you sweet little lies and then votes to kill freedom you can count on that if he get elected.

  7. @TheCrimsonBlur he is a lair and a bullshit artist. he is no hosier just like Bush isn't a real Texan. if you live in Indiana please do not vote for this guy he will support the establishment and follow his orders and its not from us who live in Indiana.

  8. @underweightHater but the solution the democrats offer is a plan of destruction. id rather have no solution then a harmful one. but you are right Dan Coats sucks and is bad for Indiana.

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