Fukushima abandoned: A Pachinko Hall (Found money&coins)

Fukushima abandoned: A Pachinko Hall (Found money&coins)

In Belgium we would be rich. We’re at a pachinko hall, famous by Japanese people for gambling. This one should be abandoned, it looks deserted. The front door is open. Cool? – Yeah. Pretty dark. Money. No big bucks, but still. There are some prices you could win lying here. Pretty nice. We’re in an old red zone, where they lifted the restrictions. I think it’s even green now. Nice hall. Cool to see.
-Very cool. Can you imagine 40 Japenese people playing here? With crazy Japanese sounds. An active pachinko hall ! We saw at least ten abandoned ones. Some other kind of gambling machines, it’s a bit too dark here. The smell is bad here. Here’s a safe. And another one here. They earned a lot of money when you see those safe’s… once… It was a hell of a job to order food. Another pachinko hall. I thought it was a mall, i didn’t do my homework properly. Strange that those coins are scattered on the floor everywhere. It’s a huge one. Ifeel like Scrooge McDuck. We won the jackpot. It’s an huge pachinko hall. We have the first footprints here. Bling bling. A few machines are disassembled. In Belgium we would be rich… Or at least play a lot. The famous calender again. Check the next building? We wanted to fly in the red zone, there’s a nice street there. But after 1 minute a guard showed up, because there are camera’s everywhere. So he ruined our idea, so now we try to inside the car, a little less obvious. We are going to make shots in the street. There are many wires, so it will be difficult. En you don’t see them that well. Let’s record in case it goes wrong. Yup, we managed it! I hope we can use the material. Good job… Good job Bob.
-Next stop!


  1. This looks so horrible, imagine having to run out of your house just at a random moment, leave all your valuables there and just go…
    This place looks like people are still living there but at the same time it looks so dead..

  2. I'm surprised nobody took the stuff. Are there checkpoints around the zone that you have to pass before entering? Or can you just enter freely? I think its guarded.

  3. the more you think on it the more you realize what kind of morons build a Nuclear power station in an earthquake zone Next to the ocean? pretty stupid if you ask me

  4. How you got a permit to this area while this area abandoned due to radiation? Isn't there any safety procedures to entering that area cz can see you didnt wear any any radiation or something

  5. Can I come with you guys on the next trip. I can pay my own way. I can help you film too. I just don't want to go alone. Lol

  6. Heartbreaking that so many lost their lives their homes their security and the life they had built for themselves. Thanks guys for giving us just a glimpse of what it’s like there now you have done a fabulous job 👍👍👍

  7. das kommt auch bald nach europa nur das es danach nicht so aussehen wird sondern noch schlimmer ….

  8. i see active road, and you're using functional vehicle, but why??? it's abandonned city, isn't it?

  9. theres a millon in things just there, i see a gundam and a rei ayanami from evangelion.. all this things are contaminated? because is surprise me nobody collect them..

  10. NOooo , the Good Kools at 6:26 I have to buy CLass B Kools fron Spain, because they aren`t available anymore in Germany and there are laying the high quality Kools and rotting… I would love to have a box of them 🙁

  11. Few of my fellows part of inspection team from us found deadbody with 2 dicks its not joke japan hidden too much about this disaster

  12. 日本人でも知らなかった廃墟の数このような動画は、とても素晴らしいのでこれからも動画投稿頑張ってください!

  13. Some americans are always like this. What do you expect after the earth quake and the tsunami? You are just showing your ignorance. What a shame.

  14. I think your other videos are wonderful.
    But please respect the people of Fukushima. The house where you entered is the house of the one who comes home.

  15. Congratulations on the drone pilot first class job, really enjoyed it, thanks for the sub titles in English 😉 do they drive on the left in Japan as the car is right hand drive ?

  16. This truly is the beginning of the end for Japan. It's sad, but the radiation problem is far worse than the Japanese government is telling us. It's over for them. The radiation problem is killing and hurting fish and wildlife over 200 miles away. Even California and Alaska are picking up radioactive isotopes. The Japanese government recently said it will be 40-50 years before it's under control. I can't imagine just how bad things will be in 40 years.

  17. Foolish asshats, walking around in all that radiation. Complete Imbeciles. Let's see you idiots back in several years, full of cancer.

  18. This is technology that destroy our life and environment better to live hard life and live with nature …..health is wealth

  19. 5:54 4 reel machines. Only two pachislos that I know of have 4 reels, and they are Ridge Racer and Biohazard. However, these don't appear to be either of them. What could these mysterious machines be?

  20. I live in seattle… I remember the day this all occured. It was like midnight for us and it came over our news stations as breaking we thought we were coming into a middle of a movie or something and then we saw the Japanese news stations speaking in their native tongue and our news stations trying to break down what we were seeing. For a seattleite, the tsunami and the earthquake hit home hard for us locals. I've lived through two major quakes, one I was 5ft under ground when it hit. We all watched in horror and shock for what the locals there were going through. Most of the world has heard or is aware of Seattle's "big one". Locals roll our eyes at it cause we know someday, some time we will be hit with a quake so large that Seattle itself will crumble to the ground and the surround areas will be horribly damaged. We are fortune that Hanford has been in a ongoing process of being shut down and it's a ways away from the ocean and such and a tsunami wouldn't hit this far in land. But our infrastructures here are very under developed for the type of earthquakes we get. We joke often that Seattle is Tokyo sister in many ways, we dont get big quakes often, we just have constantly small ones that locals no longer feel we just get dizzy once in a while and just go on with our day. But we are surrounded by the "ring of fire" which is a giant circle of dormant and some active volcanoes we know when we get the big one, our cities will fall and the volcanos will wake. Well be even worse hati, Chile, Mexico, and Japan. Seattle will be all bit wiped out when it hits. This abandoned cities will be us someday and it's quite interesting to seereally. .

  21. It's not direct gambling per-se. The drill was you'd win 'prizes' which would be redeemed for cash nearby. The prizes would then go back to the parlor. It's interesting that they switched to plastic ball-buckets. They used to be metal to provide payout feedback similar to noisy slot machines. I guess the din of the old halls finally ran into regulations for hearing protection (old videos I've seen were as loud as an industrial factory). Anyone in Japan, feel free to let me know.

  22. The April 2011 Fukushima earthquake was a potent magnitude 6.6 Mw intraplate aftershock that occurred at 17:16 JST on 11 April, in the Hamadōri region of Fukushima, Japan. With a shallow focus of 13 km, the earthquake was centred inland about 36 km west of Iwaki, causing widespread strong to locally severe shaking.

  23. Oigan dejen de estar tragando y digan que paso por que el abandono de todo soy de México y no ablo su idioma por fabor e visto los videos y no co prendo por que

  24. Did you know… Sunken ships during ww2 that become discovered rarely have their locations published because of looting.
    Why go to the trouble????

    Because ships sank during the war have highly valuable steel and metals.
    Far more valuable then surface scrap steel because it has NEVER been exposed to radiation.
    Thus can be used in very specific and highly profitable situations.

    now you know……

  25. Ah well, at least nature will have it's home back. Humans have pillaged, plundered and raped this earth for too long. My heart goes out to those who suffered and lost their homes of course.

  26. 0:38 comment sa se fait que à chaque fois on voit des voiture qui passe c’est juste à côté de la zone interdite ou quoi ? Si c’est sa comment sa se fait que dans les bâtiments personne ne vient rien piller si cela est si facil d’accès ?!? Même si il y as des objets contaminer suffit de les décontaminer

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