Gabe White – Shooting as a Martial Art, Gun Culture 3.0

Gabe White – Shooting as a Martial Art, Gun Culture 3.0

hi everyone so today I have Gabe White,
for those who doesn’t know Gabe is probably the only master shooter in USPSA that shoots always from appendix (AIWB). He’s also known on YouTube as
origamiak DK with his training videos and because of his school Which is
pretty widely known in CCW community. We’re here today at Area-1 2019 in Bend
Oregon and I thought we will do this interview not really about
technical stuff but more about culture. We’re gonna call it feels over
realz (sarcastically) Alright, how did you start shooting? Well, like many people I’ve been shooting
since I was a little kid but I didn’t become very skilled until very much later I kinda did the basic marksmanship safety shooting thing and was
taught got that as a kid but training didn’t really start till I was about 21. I started right away with handgun and I got into a little bit
of training but being 21 you don’t have a lot of money and so I didn’t didn’t
really do much training until a bit later.I did a little bit to start with and
then continuded training in my later 20s and throughout my 30s and I
was very very fortunate to just happen into some good training to start with at
the time and certainly training is very widely available now including lots of
great training but at the time it wasn’t nearly as widely available and I’m sure I
could have found another path that wouldn’t have been as good. So I was very
fortunate to have good trainers and schools right away. When did you start carrying and what was your first carry gun? When I was 21 and my first handgun I bought was a Ruger p95dc it’s
a DA/SA action Ruger P series. It’s not a bad gun its
kind of size inefficient but other than that it was at least durable and
reliable and I could have made a lot worse choices to start out with. So you started carrying right away and when did you start shooting USPSA? USPSA came far later. So I started out training a little bit my in early
twenties & a lot more in my late 20s and early 30s and right about then after I
was a few years deep into a much greater frequency and quantity of
tactical training eventually I started to become aware of the kind of technical
performance levels that existed in what is recognized as upper-class
competitors in the competitive shooting world. So think Master-GrandMaster level of shooting. I thought of how awesome it would be to be able to produce that level of performance and performance in terms of hits and time and
gun handling. But with what I really walked around with on a daily basis and that’s
when I really started to go out and technical skills and use the wisdom that exists in the competition shooter community to work on
technical skills improvements and I really just drive that skill level a lot and grind it down and drive it a lot harder but sticking to using my
carry gear from concealment. And there’s kind of a flip side to that is when you talk about from concealment for a lot of people that means a big compromise in gun
capability and round count. Something like that. And I’ve always gone the opposite direction I carry the most capable roughly speaking the most
capable gun I could figure out how to carry or something in that ballpark so I
mean I’m carrying around you know Glock 17 with lots of rounds
and so it’s not like I’m trying to do what I’m doing with you
know Glock 43 or you know a gun that’s gonna have a lot more challenges. So now you’re Glock 17 ? And today you shot it? – Yes But before you were shooting Glock 34? Yeah I’ve been shooting a Glock 34 for
about 8 years or so and I love those gun, they are great but I was shooting
for about 8 years and I just had to change something a little bit. I didn’t
want to switch to complete other gun but if something I had to just refocus my
attention just a little bit and switch from a gen 3 Glock 34 to a Gen 5 Glock 17 kind of did that that since then. And I really like both those guns both are great. OK, so what was your motivation to start carrying and then start competing? Why? Why Carry? The answer comes from the time I was a small child which is always very apparent to me that
the first right and responsibility of every living thing is to attempt a
continuous existence and self-defense is absolutely central to that I personally
believe that self-defense and the carriage of the tools attended to that
right is the most fundamental to human right from which all other human rights
are derived. I mean if you recognize any other thing as a right whatever that is
where there are things you enumerated in the Bill of Rights or other things that
may not be even enumerated at the Bill of Rights what you consider them to be a
right whatever those things are you’ve got to be alive first as far as I can
tell and so it’s to me it’s the root of all human rights
that’s an interesting way to look at what yeah basic with self-preservation
continuation okay so how did you first hear about use BSA and white in distress
man well USPSA I don’t think I even knew of its existence when I was in my late
twenties and early thirties as I started getting a lot more heavily into tactical
training I think I was at least dimly aware that it existed I don’t think I
really thought about it and I was I was at the time mildly affected with the
Congress people get you killed in the streets thing and took a couple of years
to see them grow up I’m glad that I I’m just glad that I saw the light at all
never mind as early as I could that I would love it
if I started us BSA in my early 20s but you know it didn’t happen that way so
that’s okay the motivation should USPSA is that I could see that it was it was a
different type of whatever you want to call it training practice testing it was
a different shooting activity than the other things that I did and really it’s
I think it’s just the example of seeing the actual once I start becoming more
familiar with hey okay what did this kid sometime mean in terms of skill level as
I progressed through tactical training I can that kind of a semi aware of my own
level of skill okay you know got a lot of time we reduced that a little bit I
was somewhat aware of some of those things and then when you look at
comparison from from that to what upper-class competitive she was throw
down in terms of his of time I wanted to have that too
it’s really that simple and I think that I’ve always just liked carrying a very
capable gun I really want the first overall capability that I can have and
that’s kind of accommodated that’s a combination of skill and equipment and
so I just wanted to drive my skill level much much much harder at some point I
would say that I started out training for self-defense but at some point you
have any lightly and even some unlikely self-defense paces you start to get
those reasonably covered and you just start going and you keep doing it
because you love it for always that’s why I do it I keep doing because I love
the bottom line is it becomes a bar floor well that’s probably why we’re
here running about a very similar gun I’ve got it rigged and everything else
we remember your mindset on the door still get killed in the streets camp I
was never very heavily in that camp I think I had been been probably cautioned
against it at some point by somebody or another and kind of absorbed a little
bit of that idea when you’re in that place so we could go back to a
conceptual framework that comes from those attacked to the world and I think
has a lot of value yeah mindset tactics skills people yeah and they get divided
different ways depending on you know who’s talking but let’s just go with my
time tactic skills for the moment quite problem and I’ll say that quite properly
the tactical world focuses on the larger stuff that occurs at the front end and
if done well has the largest effect on the outcome of the situation
with the least of all by the person so here’s what I mean by that awareness
mindset biggest thing whatever you think you’re gonna do about the problem you’re
gonna shoot it you’re gonna stab it you’re gonna you know choke it out
you’re gonna punch it you’re gonna run away from it or pepper spray or whatever
you think you’re going to do to solve the problem
you’ve got to be aware of it first you’ve got to be aware of it in time to
with enough margin to employ that solution or create the opportunity and
then we’re into a lot hairiness thing so I think quite properly the self defence
world focuses on awareness mind sound seeing the problem coming in time and
when it’s high and and so that so that you can avoid it you can employ good
tactics create distance lose barriers defensive body language and
verbalization and try to diffuse deescalate get away all those things
those are things that keep it from becoming assuming and then if those
things don’t work or maybe you just didn’t have the opportunity to employ
those in the first place because sometimes you get caught unaware that’s
just how it works sometimes the other guy did a really good job with their
criminal tactics and work you we painted you into a corner so that by the time
you were aware of it of course you want to be aware of that stuff so that you
can start to short-circuiting earlier but that doesn’t mean it’s going to
happen that way and if they get you painted into a corner it can come down
small our small margins execution of skill and so those things could be
meaningful to and ultimately you know you to kind of bring skill and tactics
together yeah you want to have a deep well of skill so that when the facts
amount of reality shows up takes a lot of your stuff away cuz reality is our
and real life is hard and there’s chaos and stress and all the different
performance difficulties go along with all that stuff when that happens you
want to have a deep enough well of skill deep enough to account an account of
skill that you can pay the tax planet you still have enough left to do what
needs to be done to save your life from somebody else and so you want to have
that much you also want to have that because you can’t always adjust the
circuit sentence I want to use your awareness to enable your tactics to
improve your position so that you’re in a very strong position relative to the
adversary and skill almost doesn’t even come into play because you have really
easy shot they have really hard shot so you know even if maybe you’re kind of a
parody but still and win that’s what you want except you don’t can always change
the conditions may not have the physical opportunity or may not have the time of
opportunity to do that and so you want the deep well of skill and a taxes go
along with it and ideally you lean out from you know just to conjure up some
students two Asian you lean out this much from
the cover two inches and write to me on and you you know stop the threat right
now so there’s a skill and you want to tie this you want have both yeah it
totally makes sense and all these things that are the front end for the technical
stuff you discuss all this in more detail in your classes well I do
training in a couple of venues so I work for a sheriff’s office in Oregon where
we have a publicly available defensive handgun program that is not just a
concealed carry class but a full comprehensive training program at the
public safety training center in Clackamas Oregon with the clock Kings
County Sheriff’s Office and it’s a wonderful program it’s great to be there
that’s that’s their program and I am very fortunate to have the position to
being the public range training specialist there so I teach most not all
but most of the publicly available classes they’re all the intermediate
advanced ones and that’s where we do that foundational training so that is
very frankly resembles the tactical training that we all know a lot you know
good quality excellent Buy level good tactical training and it has to start
with the foundation and at some point at some point you have the basics cover
mindset tactics skills and that’s time sharp to could if you want to keep going
it is time to start sharpening those things one of the deepest directions
that you can go because it’s so accessible and reasonably easy to
measure is technical performance and if we made a list you know of all the
things that one could a hypothetical excellent really powerfully confident
and skilled defensive handgun practice or have experience would be extremely
high up with however that’s the largely a moot point because for many of us if
you know if our role is as private citizens is spot problems come in far
enough away that we can solve it by I’m out of here
then you’re never gonna accumulate experience right if that goes right
you’re never and even if it doesn’t go right you’re gonna get some little tiny
bug it’s not gonna be a massive accumulation of 12 been in you know
three dozen gun fight try to stop the way it’s gonna work and so given that
we’re not gonna have experience we need to make sure that we have all the other
things that we can have and like a lot of them and one of the
things we can do is if we can’t be experienced at least we could be really
good ok simulate yes there’s a lots of fact similes of experience that you can
you can also gather into that so this program start with a shortage heart it’s
like if the program was already there you joined them yes that’s correct
so the facility already existed they were already running the program I
actually went there as a student in about 2006 or so and and went through
the program there and as it works in a lot of the tactical training world you
know if you’re a diligent student you do well you go you keep going to classes
you keep trying and doing well how to have a command of the material and able
to demonstrate capability as they have taught it to you you’re going to get
abducted to be a volunteer instructor what’s gonna happen they’re gonna dirty
you’re gonna come and help with the classes and lentils are not willing to
do it but that’s where you’re going and and over time you just kind of advance
and eventually I think a they hired me as an employee and then I was a
part-time instructor there assisted with the existing classes kind of went
through a doula trying to ship period with them and also Oregon firearms
Academy that’s another great school in Oregon actually they’ve retired her at
least some my retirement close down now like I was instructed there as well and
that’s where we kind of did a dual apprenticeship at the PS BC and OMA and
worked with very experienced firearms instructors led a lot of operational
experience and it’s very important to lean on that bedrock of experience
because I’m kind of defines what we need to do in the in the in the practice
environment the training environment and and and learn learning with them and you
know eventually became lead to the base of classes and then lead it the other
classes too and recently and last fall I was finally able to get a full-time
position there and so that’s what I do now I work at the range I teach and then
I also go around to teach nationally so to get back to your actual question so I
talk about this in my classes the things that we’re talking about now are things
that are more the subject matter of the foundational training foundational
classes now those would be the ones that you find at the public safety training
center my own class that’s separate from the sheriff’s office and I go out and
teach naturally it’s called pistol shooting solutions and that’s probably
one more on internet for I think and that is
actually a I call it an intermediate slash advanced class because you could
at least get productively started with it what I’m going to call the
intermediate level so you’ve got a you know the basic foundation of defensive
handgun skills and tactics in place and now where can we go from here that
person with at least several days of training they can get started in that
class but my hope is also that it is a deep enough class that even very very
experienced experienced training or real-life wharf-boat those really big
standouts the class still has something for them to and it’s been very very very
gratifying that thus far it seems like so I usually go to classes but I think I
just got sold and the tuition is the tuition is a little is a pre
significantly below market value CP less for tuition before paramo and it
balances out – it’s pretty much the market price so so by the time you but
it’s all said and done you’re gonna spend something like 500 bucks on a
class between the tuition and that would be like a two-day class the one-day
classes are about 160 bucks plus plus smaller for two days or people like Gabe
teaching that’s like a steal that’s a steal I mean the what’s the name of this
Cole technical response is five hundred bucks plus your own ammo so it’s
actually already moist for two days handgun and I was
unfortunate enough and I didn’t see it and I tried to defend them but it was
real when the instructor jumped off his bus no that was laying in the gravel and
in discharge of rough estimates on my part not misquoting in any of the price
because I got it depends on what calibration but but you know something
like that vibes for 20 bucks it’s good so links below okay we wanted to do the
fields but it’s kind of it kind of was all the reels okay so question what’s
your experience with violence in real life very little or none I have some
time I’ve been a little kid I’ve always been interested in martial arts and
self-defense because I recognize I’m not being strong there’s always so many
bigger stronger meaner the big fish eat the little fish it’s the way it’s the
whale it’s the way of nature it’s the way of life it’s the way of universe and
I have always felt like if I didn’t attend to this skill set I would be
extremely sorely lacking in it and so I am NOT a professional I have never been
a professional and so I have been fortunate to see it coming far enough
away that I’m out of here and that’s as far as it gets and after
living in the you know the city of Portland Oregon for about shoot about 15
years now I have a you know small handful and rather anti-climactic
stories I could tell that all resemble something didn’t look good and I saw it
so I went away and it never got to me they could have been a lot worse
if I didn’t manage it at the friend or maybe they wouldn’t event don’t know and
that’s that’s what’s good is I don’t know so it’s all tactical TVs that guy
can put two in the head box at seven yards
what’s the turbo pin plus well the turbo comb time McQuinn class is no no it’s a
it’s actually a pretty bit quite a bit more generous than that so two seconds
but you did like one seven or something well that that would be a probably a
fairly typical time something like one five to two seconds is pretty typical
for me a class demo which is one of the two
most stressful circumstances I shoot in class demo per score and and competitive
shooting right so that would be typical for that and then and then in practice
you know I’m more like 1/2 to 1/4 for that but see that’s I think a big part
of the puzzle though because if that this is Kart this is a big part the
argument for getting a deep well and technical skill because if you expect to
perform at this level when everything becomes harder then my opinion at this
point so what you should do is train to way up here so that when everything
sucks and your lips hurt real bad and you gotta pee and if you’re under stress
and you tumble down the mountain that you’re still better on your worst day
than the other guy ever dreamed of being on his best day that is the mismatch you
want a manufacturer damn but still even under stress like 1 7 most of you guys
can’t even draw at 7 yards in the upper alpha and not in the head that’s doing
the head man I know how hard I had to work to get a 1 point 5 second drawn for
a shot just to a big a zone at 7 yards from concealment with any form of
regularity I know how much I had to struggle with that to make it past that
and look how much further I’ve come since then so it’s I think one of the
most powerful things that you can do is the strategy that I’ve used to improve
my technical skills really boils down to this identify people with the highest
highest discernible performance levels attempt to copy them and extend from
there I’m still trying to copy them but what I will fully doing is giving much
giving very much allowance for different year or saying well but I’m shooting
from concealing or I’m shooting a pretty closed stock gun and now gosh all those
M’s and GM’s in limited or shooting race guns which they are and what you need to
do about that that’s all an editorial observation that is neither here nor
there the personal policy needs to be I don’t care
try anyway anyway just do it yeah throw up pollution
did the yoke of low expectations and an attack it and see how far you can get so
you didn’t have experience with violence what put your mind like what
moved you to this idea of self-preservation like there must be
something that deep you think they were just smart from the start no look out
the window it’s self-evident if it’s to me it’s self up okay we just lost all
our liberal base but all Antigone is just gone I’m I’m a liberal by the way
there’s another link there I am documented liberal so guys shut up I’m
not I’m not talking shit about anyone I’m just saying but accept the truth
violence is a part of the human nature yes no I suppose it must be it seems
like it seems pretty strongly recurring you know I mean at this point I think
what are the insidious things at this point is that it’s real easy to keep
yourself about violence because does it regularly confront everybody all the
time it’s really easy to go about your life being a victim or attempt to pick a
major crime like you know murder aggravated assault robbery sexual
assault something like that you know major violent crime that accumulated
over the lifetime there’s a very real risk of that it doesn’t mean it’s going
to happen lots of people will get through their life and it will not
happen at all so it’s really easy to keep yourself but the flipside is it’s
going to happen to a pretty significant number of people that it also is alright we’re trying to get the feels and not
get all nerdy and stuff fucking gun culture thoughts tactical team ease so
dunno whether the concept of gun culture 1.0 2.0 at least vaguely yeah how to
find out yeah I think that’s where we’re going so here’s here’s my very bad idea
gun culture 1.0 is basically your Fudd’s shotguns hunting stuff like that then
culture 2.0 people who start thinking more about self-defense so it’s a little
bit humor genera should probably starting with boomers they may start
going to guns because they sell depends technically teamís are there all the
tactical pros are must killing culture is there but it’s not performant yet
it’s not really focus on gun culture or or the things surrounding as looking for
as a martial art and then there’s gun culture that emerges 3.0 where people
actually start trying to compare themselves and actually practice the
thing as a monster martial arts I think that’s pretty accurate that’s that’s
roughly how I know disagreement there I pretty much feel that way about it I
think there’s a for that third group that you mentioned I think there’s an
important maturing process that also goes on there it’s very easy to get very
wrapped up in the numbers because they’re so easy to do relatively
speaking easy to measure tactics awareness yeah I require a lot more
subjective judgment and some you know experience for more efforts to kind of
be the bedrock guide for it but it’s easy to measure it sometime and so it’s
it’s it’s something that you can become very wrapped up in to an extent I think
that there may be maybe there has to be a period where a person does that
because that’s a big driver for performance and that is ultimately what
it is all about but there’s also ultimately to me the answer comes back
full circle to the fundamental answer that which is correct that it is the day
it is about making the hit under the conditions imposed upon you this is what
you have here now make the hit this is what you got but the feel task is once
it comes to that point is just make it it’s in sharpening what that product
will ultimately be that’s where them that’s I think where the very numbers
oriented facts comes in so you know there’s perspective that you get over
tactically would you be interested in next generation of shooting competitions
that’s face more force on force did you think about it
I haven’t really considered a competition based on that because if you
say competition for some force to me I would just look directly at an existing
competitive force on force environment I think right and there are lots of
variants so this is something we kind of talked about earlier that you know all
the different ways of training ways of practicing ways and testing they all
have some relevance there apiece the puzzle whether it’s kind of big piece or
of any kind of smaller piece or somewhere in between they all have kind
of a piece of the puzzle and the concept of training scars I think is a valid
concept the idea that that you know you if you practice something that is
represents reality unrealistically that you then go on to copy that and then it
doesn’t end up being a valid action or tactic or whatever it is when it does
come to reality yep that is not wrong but where that comes from more than
anywhere else is when you practice or train whatever it is that you do is the
only thing you do you do that exclusively don’t do anything else
coming from any other direction and so then the things that are not accurately
represented they just become a hole in your game what you need to do is fill in
those holes shore up those weaknesses by coming at the problem from lots of
different directions so the fact that paintball is highly
unrealistic in many ways it’s absolutely true to me is neither here nor there
it’s basically irrelevant yes that’s true no kidding he has not beat your buddy
not like martial arts class the other risk no my other risk go the other way
okay now I can do the defense they’re not cooperating they’re coming to shoot
you and you gotta shoot them instead and and so the line of sight base dynamics
which are hugely powerful the communicative element and the movement
element is all brought crystallized and brought to the front and something like
paintball teaches you to use cover extremely well teaches because you lose
that elbow sticking out two inches it is getting shot like right away and you’re
out of the game so so however on the flip side it would
teach you to identify cover extremely badly because everything is covered from
a paintball the things that are not covered from bullets right and they’re
producing on another example if you get shot you are not out of the fight yeah
it’s time to continue right right so there are all kinds of realistic and
unrealistic things but to the to the side of the coin there are the benefits
they’re big what’s the angle I haven’t been in it for quite a while but
generally 300 feet per second or sometimes a little less pretty fast it’s a big break on somebody right but
when it be no paintball breaks it’s paint wise it’s kind of like you get
snap with the towel it’s kind of like that it’s like a 50 Cal or even bigger
okay so we discussed this before and you perform painful over airsoft as as a
piece of a puzzle for us for like technical training so why would you say
people is better so let me kind of calibrate that a little bit so I think
that for something like scenario training decision-making training
airsoft would be much better because you’re going to be able to use a
projectile firing device the gun is going to be much more realistic now
right what I’m getting at is the value of composition that’s one of the things
that we have here in USPSA is that everybody is really trying to win as I
said they set the bar very high in a competitive environment it has to be
fair there are a lot of problems in paintball fairly adjudicating did
somebody get hit or not with airsoft pellet that doesn’t even
leave a mark yeah I don’t know how you could possibly
create a worthwhile competitive airsoft environment I mean maybe it can be done
and I’m just unaware of it but given my experience in paintball I don’t know how
that would work and that’s the reason that I for the purpose of just a
free-form force-on-force shoot each other environment where it’s
not couched within a context involving tactical prioritized decision-making
that I would go in the paintball direction now scenario training now
we’re not gonna have you know what if pull out the giant paintball gun and
shoot the mugger at the fake ATM no that’s not gonna work
have airsoft gun for that or something but but just for the purpose of get
experience shooting and getting shot at and dealing with that situation I think
that you know the competition the fact that is a competition raises the bar of
technical performance by a lot when everybody is like well I just have a
role to play I’m just a dumb bugger and I’m like gonna kind of point my gun at
you and maybe if you don’t start shooting me in about five seconds maybe
I’ll get around to it you know these people in paintball they’re not playing
walk we just cost us a little bit and you said you know I didn’t know where
I’m aware of its existence that’s all and compared to so if you have like a
perfect video game that’s like ideal for training tactics and aggressiveness and
adversary and stuff how do you think it’s gonna compare to airsoft paintball
in terms of like just learning these sure so I think big downside of a
first-person sources used first-person shooter video games I think that big
downside is controlled by this not by you physically moving around and I one
big pitfall of them is contextual so it needs to be considered like I’ve been
talking about with paintball where it’s just a free-form
from each other environment devoid of any realistic context it is not I’m
going to the store to buy a you know jug of milk when this happens no that’s not
it it’s just we’re just gonna go have a big fight a big gunfight that’s all and
get and thus gain experience of hopefully facsimile of experience and
hopefully gain sharpen our skills at that I think that another thing that you
could really got to watch out for with first first-person shooter video games
is the artificial fur rat the lack of an artificial horizon line created by the
hands and gun when you mount the gun so when you aim a real gun whether you got
a dot or you got irons or whatever it is if you mount the gun you get it in front
of your face use the sights where you mount the rifle to get it in front of
your face you use the sights or use the dot it creates artificial horizon line
here of your hands and by your hands and gun it is different depending on the
city exact situation it is difficult or impossible going to be up difficult
impossible to see what’s below that horizon line while you have the gun now
this creates a critical chain of observation to decision-making to action
that has to happen or you are at severe risk of catastrophic problem bad outcome
on in a couple of different ways you’ve gotta have unobstructed vision to see
and make a decision in the first place and after you have made the decision you
can present the gun wherever that was coming from whether it was the holster
previous target ready position whatever that is but you’ve got to start out with
unobstructed vision make a fast and accurate decision as fast accurate not
just appreciated also about decision-making then carry out this
whatever that decision was and I forgotten about this decision was to
shoot then you’re gonna mount the gun
necessarily creating that artificial horizon mind because in order to
responsibly and effectively stop the threat then you’re gonna need to mount
the gun to shoot well that probably was outside of contact is that’s probably
what’s gonna need to happen so that’s an issue with a lot of first-person shooter
video games because they use the cross-hall there’s a crosshair in the
center of the screen and you have no artificial horizon line and those that
use em down sights is a little bit better I do think it’s better it’s still
imperfect but it’s better better because the hands are just too low right and
like obscuring the letter right right so those those altitude
changes that a human being could make I mean even when I didn’t talk about them
quite getting up on a structure or something but just people standing on
ground they can be standing they can be somewhat lower they can be balled up all
the way down on the ground when you’re looking for them you have to have an
unobstructed vision all the way down there or you may not locate them it may
be that the first thing you know as you’re on the sides too early is black
black black first thing you know is your shop because they got some free shots at
you because they could see you and you were prematurely aiming prior to having
found and decided to engage this is gonna sound really stupid to you guys
but all the old series of games called fall out there was a third one full out
tactics and what they introduced is introduced different positions prone on
kneeling and and standing and more in games the shirts they have the same
thing and I always saw that those are like a tactical thing Aegis you know to
simulate stuff it actually helps if you go prone in class they don’t see you if
you go prone in the room they come in and you tell me now how powerful was
that when when they don’t have that when they don’t don’t have a practicing
trained with in accordance with that and you’re all set up down low and they walk
in creating you get free shots you get at least one free shot probably a free
burst yeah so how pump do works is you have a circle that’s closing and it’s a
big map so the circle is there to just force players to move and they have more
it’s actually looks like East Corrigan by the way and one of the maps looks
east Oregon one hunt and they have these little shacks that you can get into and
what I don’t like about pub G is everything is pretty much covered
nothing is concealment so stuff that you can shoot through in real life in pop G
it’s like concrete wall that but yeah basically going to the shack your first
there you lay down you’re waiting for the second guy you share the steps he
comes in lying down bright clear and you already shot him he’s dead get out you can stand up out of them
very quickly and I think those things are better so just just just kind of the
caveat if distance is pretty close I would not want to go prone specifically
the altitude change of getting lower and getting under the the frankly it’s a
pretty pervasive thing I know how hard you have to work in tactical training to
get people to quit hey get ready to shoot that guy okay
and they get on sites and get on trigger early and you got to get them get rid of
that you can’t have on the trigger early you’re all you’re doing is cording
negligent discharge oh you can’t be got on the site even getting the dad out of
there you can’t be on the site too really they’re just before you can shoot
you got to decide to shoot or you can suck decide to shoot generally speaking
you must see something most the time you have to see something that tells you it
is now time to shoot so it is you know even having discussed it getting people
to actually do it is a whole order of magnitude a whole another step forward
that you’ve got to do a lot of work on to get people to actually quit doing the
wrong thing with pre mounting the gun and so you know that take it takes up
quite a bit of effort to get somebody out of that and it’s not even the
pre-gaming ahead of time prematurely mounting the gun it’s not a universal
behavior but it’s pretty darn pervasive and so rolling the dice on there’s a
good chance he’s walking in a man ahead of time there is a very good chance of
that and so you know as a strategy I’m going for lower altitude changes to
exploit that that very pervasive error I think it’s good bet yeah talking about
prone and just this gives you three choices standing kneeling in front in
real life our controller is so much better you can lean against the wall you
can hide yourself you can do all the ninja stuff that you can see what
somewhere there on this channel we have a lot of controls it games is like more
like you driving a tractor so yeah that definitely and this is what I think is
going to be cool for official revenue Virtual Reality later down the line when
they will have controllers only for hands but also for like maybe my
positioning maybe the suit basically with lamps so the game will know where
your or tactical simulator will know where your body’s it’s precisely located
so that I think is gonna be very cool stuff but probably like ten years later okay it’s 246 or – it’s 146 already
let’s wrap this up I guess do you have anything to add just just
for yourself not really I think I think you know so many different types of
training for self-defense I have a lot of value and you know here we are at
USPS a matching you know it’s it’s the technical bar is set so high it is just
really hard to not get your butt kicked by that you know none of us ever shoot
as well as we want to but it’s a it’s a cold hard reality check of on-demand
technical capability that despite all the criticism that is sometimes leveled
at us PSA you know quite honestly I think it is one of the most accessible
open honest competitive on-demand shooting environments that one of the
ways it’s really hard to come B to come here and be a good babe
your turn and what you got is what you got it no you don’t you don’t get to go
again because it didn’t work out how you wanted and don’t you don’t get to go
again cuz your gun didn’t work right you’ve got your score and here it is and
then later here it is listed publicly for everybody to see and all that adds a
lot of stress and it’s a way to shoot under some leveling stress yeah you guys
would CC don’t be always saying when you uh when you strap on the gun and you
leave your home you have to beef your air go there well come here should use
BSA yurga is gonna be beaten abuses and left on the side of the road I throw it
up a little bit at home you like won’t have it anymore anymore it’s just it’s
bad so last two questions what would you in
command or ask competitive shooters to do in regards to become more tactical
team you more martial artists or like us oh that’s an interesting question you
know since I come from this defensive world I haven’t really thought about it
much in that in those terms one of the things that I have really valued about
the competitive world is that you know what if you come here and you’re safe
and especially if you’re safe and also you know if you can shoot reasonably
well nobody has any problems what I’m doing I mean I you know you and I shoot
this a different way than almost everybody and USPSA does and they don’t
care we can have a come and come and have a place at the table with everybody
else and it’s perfectly fine so what could gamers quote unquote do
you know I think it depends on the person because the fact is there are
there’s a wide variety of people in competitive shooting many of them are
experienced in the real world many of them are have been through
tactical training some of them have not so you know if a person occurs to done
for self-defense I would get that step I think even even though you may well be
worlds beyond the technical demands of that foundational level of defensive
training there’s a lot of other stuff that’s far better important parts of the
puzzle you should know you should know the law you should know judicious use of
deadly force principles criteria for justified use of deadly force against
other people and there’s a whole litany of foundational tactical things that
would be really good for you and the only other thing I would say is if if
somebody comes here and can throw down some very very high skill level you know
again everybody’s different lots of us psdh shooters do carry a gun
out there in the world but I wish that everyone because you know if you’ve got
that level of skill like comes with any significant amount of USPSA
participation and factors for it I I don’t know how you don’t want to walk
around with that still available to you I mean if I were like a world champion
harmonica player would never not have a harmonica in my pocket you would always
have woods wouldn’t so I am good you can carry a handgun around all the time
so you’re really good I never wished it but there was this
episode in Game of Thrones where someone was talking about fencing and someone’s
teacher was the greatest sward man or whatever and he died because he didn’t
care his work and the guy was like and the guy is like a tiger or whatever he’s
like the best swordsman whew country did no carry a sword okay same concept that
that that makes it for competitive guys what about tactical team ease who are
who think that we’re gonna get killed in the streets what what do you want to say
to them just don’t expect competition to
represent tactics well because that’s not what it’s about it’s a technical
skills contest end of story that’s that’s it back to
the different things have different pieces of the puzzle
what competitive shooting does not have just tactics
unless except of course the tactic is total aggression but even then it still
doesn’t apply I mean what you know are you really gonna have like you know 12
guys that don’t move and you know six of them are all you know have hostages
because you know the way they stack the targets and USPSA so it’s you know it’s
just not gonna be unrealistic what it is gonna be it’s really hard really really
really hard it’s gonna be that and you’re gonna be up against a whole bunch
of really really good people and you won’t be able to BS yourself about what
your actual capability was beep when it was your truck yep that’s what you get
from awesome thank you so much for doing this I hope I don’t
I didn’t delay here for too much no no thanks so much for your interesting and
talk about exams thank you sir and that was key boy guys you should totally
check out his youtube and get his training and I guess that’s it it’s your


  1. Texas License To Carry. I am taking Gabe's Pistol Shooting Solutions class at KR Training in July. looking forward to it!

  2. Things I like about Gabe so far:




    You fools wasted your money on metal guns.

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