George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq, writing a language we can prove things in

George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq, writing a language we can prove things in

xNoury: oh hello esence: yo xNoury: how are you doing? takkeo: Yo turboooooo1: Hey George knilecrack: wsupppp Shanmukhosiris: hiiiiiii knilecrack: 😀 SlayerX1: HeyGuys Equalizer_olo: Привет the_awoken1: heeey gorge alienware997: Greetings from Germany! ftt0717: What’s up??? knilecrack: you didn’t get banned mtasic85: Hello guys 0xkuj: Hihihi kornez: NEW RAP SONG? LUL liqo13: woaow wee, are we gonna do homotopy type theory? serhejenos: serhejenos subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! UniversalGeneve: Tee or Tea? fghoekstra79: Netherlands in tha house! 0xc0ffeee: suuuuup r1ppyd1ppy: Oh boy oh boy dougboy8989: Yo the original og jailbreaker knilecrack: 😀 nagimohsen: Geohot! Will you get back into the jailbreak scene?? Since the new bootrom exploit ?? hawsh: what are you doing today ?? watchVWAVE: Is that a cot? stibsy73: Hey Geohot knilecrack: did you finish with Iphone iboot thign? Jewishrambo: he actually streamed D: solitaryyy: What kinda tea esence: TwitchCock? mhigr: Hi from Glen Rock! quackyrabbit: Good stream idea mtasic85: I am wedding in Serbia and watching this live oMythra: Georgy boiii kornez: twitchCook sounds good larsjuhw: set theory WutFace bravech: Lol immediately go to an add ftt0717: Tea it up. nightknight0000: breakfast with hotz itsimari: source?? serhejenos: I like cisistentecy in streaming schedule blasio115: @georgehotz hi 0xc0ffeee: twitch partner wen?11!!? kornez: and some cocaine LUL itsxaos: Different tea? PogChamp KrauserW: waddup nightknight0000: what kind of tea peakyDicers: yoo, I just did a coq stream last week healy1818: You’re a legend! wormtracer: Hello George! serhejenos: consistency* watchVWAVE: Would you recommend that chair dougboy8989: Geo get back with chronic team we love and need you bro rkxbz: what a haircut) knilecrack: ahha nmay1008: It’s a honor to be able to simply say hello sir, can’t stay preporyan: Calculus! Oh no! r1ppyd1ppy: George… why don’t you have any furniture? liqo13: this stream butters my programming language theory fetish shaungarris: Hey would love to subscribe but can’t find out how please help watchVWAVE: The sail nagimohsen: Will you get back in the jailbreak scene dud to the new discovery? god_damn: reformed PogChamp wormtracer: Where is the beard gone? nagimohsen: Due** beckles: My favorite Instagram influencer larsjuhw: set theory DansGame eduardoadf1: is it discrete math? oMythra: Gotta take them walks knilecrack: no kornez: no bad Jewishrambo: REFORMED PogChamp bravech: What’s the paper? mondeverest: TOS birrdd: macaiy1Kek samtheprogram: lol itsxaos: great Job KappaPride tybutnowyoudie: learned a little bit of coq in university jens472: !uptime larsjuhw: How is the $1 jailbreak selling? esence: why did u get Sayl instead of Embody chair birrdd: monkaS Jewishrambo: hairs gonna be everywhere Luccaasss: What is the best programming language to beginners? knilecrack: did you figure out how exploit works? eduardoadf1: DansGame erichtp: shave head nagimohsen: Do you think id you tried you wouldve found the exploit if you tried Jewishrambo: SHAVE HEAD KrauserW: oh no the keyboard bravech: Have you made $21m yet r1ppyd1ppy: Poor keeb nagimohsen: If you tried* lefse: Hair in keyboard DansGame solitaryyy: solitaryyy subscribed at Tier 1. erichtp: bro wash your hands 3IIiot: twitchcoq sounds like some sort of venereal disease eduardoadf1: do you wanna prove things to jailbreak the simulation? minichota: what is geos job atm? Luccaasss: @georgehotz What is the best programming language to beginners? bravech: Ew I could hear you pee 0xc0ffeee: instagram verified account when??? god_damn: show dick ikb79: Back on mac already 😀 speeddrawing101: #freegeorgehotz realsirjoe: watching this after reverse engineering an api vay_man: hi larsjuhw: Have you made $21 million dollars off your $1 jailbreak yet? @georgehotz knilecrack: he still has chicken grease on keyboard liqo13: @luccaasss php birrdd: jamming nagimohsen: He gonna ban yall if yall keep up w the exploit talk LOL oMythra: Back on the Mac i see blasio115: monkaW bool3max: iphone itsxaos: monkaS vay_man: okay filedescriptor: IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE IPHONE eduardoadf1: samsung monkaS Glymse: glymseMS jens472: !uptime birrdd: ratirlCoffee uraqtlee: why did you decide to use the HHKB>serhejenos: monkas trchaosTR: why are you too angry man realsirjoe: new em or old em? r1ppyd1ppy: Rawr larsjuhw: Pitched version WutFace Luccaasss: Where is the windwos 10? frotzwagen: iPhone? solitaryyy: lol alaouiib: u better with the beard :V blasio115: Pog birrdd: what is happening UniversalGeneve: lionRapgod lionRapgod lionRapgod lionRapgod lionRapgod lionRapgod god_damn: PogChamp WHO IS THIS GUY knilecrack: rofl vay_man: what about copyrights? filedescriptor: Pog 324B2l: Pog liqo13: poggers r3mote: Hey deluxych: !uptime Glymse: LUL GoOnAli: TriEazy mondeverest: what about self driving cars? champ900: hey george eduardoadf1: PogChamp awesomeo113: Everyone gangsta until Geo starts banning nagimohsen: grow out the beard again weird_machine: lokin good takkeo: Pogg camkinstrike: cohhK minichota: copyright strike filedescriptor: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 KrauserW: Pog lucas9o: PogChamp TRIMES1: what is happening? thv293: pog awesomeo113: F for tos JackB1899: JackB1899 subscribed at Tier 1. r3mote: macos. finally=) turboooooo1: 🔥 0xc0ffeee: flowwwwwwww eax_ebx: раунд. erichtp: are you partnered yet solitaryyy: 10/10 stoogethomas: this is geohotz and I’m getting sued by sony trchaosTR: he raps better than mgk btw serhejenos: panicBasket knilecrack: coke is good nagimohsen: George graduated from RIT right? god_damn: PogChamp WHO IS THIS marvin_gow123: wtf nightknight0000: my neighbors are enjoying this realsirjoe: geohot this is my first twitch stream 🤪 theendri99: zeb89Ziopeppe hawsh: talk about talent oMythra: Ok ok George got a voice on him Fatmetheny: niceeee GaNDyRaC: uf xmase123: rap god skyhan0: cringe serhejenos: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit r1ppyd1ppy: I didn’t know Chris D’elia streamed speeddrawing101: shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime shroudPrime awesomeo113: Is this the real Eminem blasio115: LOL joker2k999: Flames! kornez: LUL nightknight0000: LOL filedescriptor: monkaS birrdd: raiikoHmm KrauserW: LOL TRIMES1: real eminen 324B2l: @georgehotz enlarge pdf text pls awesomeo113: CurseLit CurseLit Luccaasss: @georgehotz Where is the windows 10? element04519: hello george eduardoadf1: are you autistic ?(this is a serious question) nightknight0000: PogChamp PogChamp alaouiib: don t show ur twitch earningns gin 😀 itsxaos: WINDOWS GONE PogChamp KrauserW: YEEEEE kornez: D: trchaosTR: i think he slept well realsirjoe: fuck windows larsjuhw: Geohot vs sony diss track PogChamp vay_man: wanna bet on how many times he goes to the bathroom? joker2k999: Oh shiitt. Let go bois twiggy_io: $200 kornez: do you ship to EU? Kappa minichota: he killed his laptop? xNoury: he said the word monkaS oMythra: I got $2 MacS7n: rap god nagimohsen: How much PanicPoint: rude KrauserW: i’ll sub now that windows is gone trchaosTR: hahahahaha stoogethomas: do the Sony rap ragemaster999: what are you reading? theendri99: @georgehotz What about GNU/Linux? samdabullet: samdabullet subscribed with Twitch Prime. stoogethomas: doooo it joker2k999: LUL yea no more windows bruh champ900: how do you come up with stream ideas solitaryyy: Are we still using VS Code? K0enich: haha Fatmetheny: How much for the computer? rkxbz: haha filedescriptor: me 🙂 birrdd: macaiy1Muah awesomeo113: Everyone Gangsta until Geo starts banning gal40: Wow I haven’t caught one of your streams in a long while. Have I missed much or did the stream just start? trchaosTR: freestyle for sony Kappa r3mote: hey eduardoadf1: do you wanna prove things to jailbreak the simulation? leozusa: How much for the razor? larsjuhw: TI’s verse SeemsGood stoogethomas: do the Sony rap r1ppyd1ppy: Put Linux on it! xNoury: first 30 minutes is always filtering out people LUL itsxaos: this is a safe space birrdd: ratirlCoffee keep going esence: D I C T A T O R S H I P 3ygun: nathanBlub filedescriptor: time me out pussy @georgehotz bravech: This is a safe space Luccaasss: @georgehotz why do you don’t use linux? mondeverest: !rules nightknight0000: you look like you lost weight minichota: just use arch theendri99: @georgehotz What about GNU/Linux? rkxbz: is he using his macbook? eduardoadf1: 🙂 ok vay_man: right bhad: ur a qt m1staawesome: fuck a jailbreak seeing you shave and rap on stream is the reason why we watch god_damn: lmao twiggy_io: LaTeXcheckm8’d Tusk_TV: x=blowjob? oh19contp: why c252: just use s.t hue88: creating a formal language ? itsxaos: maybe this should be done in latex twiggy_io: TeX formating works in markdown c252: ->implies an if then tybutnowyoudie: the second one is also in first-order logic joker2k999: My damn emacs crashed this am. Updated, now I gotta bt my shit bros… rkxbz: anyone? how is he opening bash and vim in one window? filedescriptor: yes ragemaster999: yes Aimanissa: bleedPurple bleedPurple filedescriptor: quantifiers are in FO c252: yes fear_ep: Yes it is first order logic oh19contp: where is he from? speeddrawing101: yes turboooooo1: Such that is generally ‘|’ ragemaster999: exists and forall are fo realsirjoe: mojave completely slowed down my macbook samtheprogram: @rkxbz tmux r1ppyd1ppy: @rkxbz tmux tybutnowyoudie: you can quantify relations in second order logic c252: higher order logic quantifies over different things like sets Tyl3r44: what are you doing? rkxbz: @samtheprogram , @r1ppyd1ppy thank you tybutnowyoudie: you can have as many quantifiers as you want in first-order logic phuldr: I wanted to ask about OBD2 and, why did you decide to build separate adapters for different car models to effectively just change pin layouts for processing, did you guys played around with hooking all signal pins inside OBD port and handle them in software rather than hardware? or am I missing something? I am surely missing something here but just had an idea that it would allow people to contribute more easily C4TFive: Whip you coq out protein8: Link to the paper: vay_man: god bless the keyboard itsxaos: been a while since youve seen coq? itsxaos: its never long for me KappaPride twiggy_io: @phuldr no car talk here Crypod: curvyHmm according to my calculations, the answer exists oh19contp: keyboard is taking a beating zgamer0123: george i see u aren’t banned, that’s good xd fear_ep: Higher level of logic you can quantify things, in First you can’t @georgehotz protein8: @bravech @ThatGuyChaos link to paper: Tusk_TV: lowkey can’t wait to build the capital to take 2 years off work and focus on learning programming bravech: Can’t hear you over the sound of you bottoming out John_DiResta: Well basically prolog r1ppyd1ppy: @tusk_tv why not start now? bravech: Thx @protein8 fear_ep: You can have many quatifiers and still it is first order logic wormtracer: @Tusk_TV U are the definition of procastination edu4594: rip keyboard oh19contp: on god jackdaniels7474: jackdaniels7474 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! Ayy c252: predicate logic=first order logic zHamish: Hello from Russia jackdaniels7474: Yo geohot you see the fkin aliens??? bunjr: what keyboard do you use? mathieu_696: HeyGuys C4TFive: @jackdaniels7474 he is the alien c252: @bunjr I think he said it was an hhkb rkxbz: @bunjr hhkb vay_man: yes zHamish: hhkb 2 bunjr: thanks yusufakcesme: what do you code?? jackdaniels7474: @C4TFive He might be. But I’m talking about the aliens discussed on Joe Rogan yesterday yo jackdaniels7474: they got fkin reactionless drive vay_man: this is dope rkxbz: is it possible to hack into other’s computer without leaving any trace? steinlphd: Maybe proof it for 0 and then the induction case DasMastah: What’s the uptime? Crypod: !keyboard blasio115: LUL tybutnowyoudie: 1 – 2 is not in Nat? pau1riddle: Is it possible to write actual software that does something useful in Coq? esence: 2-2=0 Tusk_TV: @r1ppyd1ppy virtually broke and ecommerce is easier to make money with limited knowledge, i learn what i can in off time, but financial stability before learning something i want to build a passion for makes most sense esence: y 0=0 knilecrack: this is true 0TestUser: OMEGALUL c252: this is an example of second order logic: ∀R ∃Q ∃f ∃x ∀y Q(f(x)) → R(y), so you are quantifying the predicates and relations/functions. afiak Tusk_TV: this looks super complex vay_man: eys champ900: but can you do it in JavaScript vay_man: yes* nagimohsen: Vim>kubusiowykubus: but not isnt xD pau1riddle: The book How To Prove It contains lots of good exercises provable programmatically. It’s author wrote some Java interactive prover program filedescriptor: yes nagimohsen: What keyboard are you rocking today goodsir aa_ato: blabla CLeeMeN: CLeeMeN subscribed with Twitch Prime. pau1riddle: No, Velleman jackdaniels7474: george you see the fucking aliens on joe rogan?? itsxaos: LUL vay_man: lol itsimari: @Tusk_TV what about just sitting down for it an hour a day blasio115: Jebaited jackdaniels7474: Lazylion2: xd jackdaniels7474: here ya go bravech: George pls add your keyboard to your channel description so people stop asking itsxaos: Tulsi2020 jackdaniels7474: commander david francor jackdaniels7474: love u george esence: it’s a short video johnnyhotlava: George you beautiful man Protoxus: Protoxus subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Good morning johnnyhotlava: LMAO KrypticNation: LMAO yash_rohilla: its the hhkb isnt it? god_damn: thats crazy you ever tried dmt Shanmukhosiris: time stamp bravech: hhkb2 c252: simuleVI r1ppyd1ppy: @itsimari nah he needs money to learn apparently Bogz75: roe jogan? jackdaniels7474: it’s the pilot from kaktoss: “Basic Programming” ok Tusk_TV: @itsimari i give what time i can, but its a lot to process as i have virtually no experience itsxaos: @georgehotz are you going to do a podcast like Lex Fridman again? I really enjoyed that esence: we love coq Bogz75: lmfao kornez: im here just for your background music 3ygun: OWL2019ATL shrewduser: is this similar to prolog? johnnyhotlava: @esence lolololol soeim: i’m just here for the joe rogan videos edu4594: wow slurpwaffl: lmao how random, i was installing coq to do my logic hw, then i saw u were streaming coq shit r1ppyd1ppy: George you broke your own rules. Banned Shanmukhosiris: @jackdaniels7474 time stamp please champ900: zoom Tusk_TV: TOS champ900: 150% bravech: George ban yourself jens472: wen eta? mondeverest: what about pixie tech? god_damn: this is a dictatorship bro ISD_Schogol: There are rules? itsimari: hows 1m2019 going fear_ep: Computer programmers can’t be replaced becuase there warpoit: was that Coq programming language? vay_man: funding? pau1riddle: What is the objective of today’s stream? ISD_Schogol: monkaS blazelp1: Do u have an apple watch? E_Pizza: sounds more like a prison tbh monkaS esence: how do you even go about the checkmark itsimari: lmao r1ppyd1ppy: Lawful anarchy! zeroeagle1: ever checked proB for formal proof? fear_ep: Computer programmers can’t be replaced becuase there can’t be an algo that do such job @georgehotz kornez: who knows realsirjoe: can u put on some music mixa010: no tweets? blazelp1: U switched back to OSX? @georgehotz johnnyhotlava: You’ll get all the followers you want by merit of your sinciput ghitaionut1: nice haircut dude Sznurek066: Will create my future ai wife? edu4594: zoom pls champ900: Kappa twiggy_io: 100% estrangedHD: pob poopboy7: because its on mac Bogz75: lets manipulate some strings knilecrack: just make the font bigger dorkmo: keystrokes sent to a server for approval itsxaos: DansGame Electron DansGame Tusk_TV: tybutnowyoudie: what do you want to different than coq? Jeppelelle: poopboy7 electron runs like molasses on all platforms salihyil1: len hacker naber FadezzHD: Can anybody tell me how he has linux-like terminal on Mac superragetastic: Are you 30 ? Protoxus: How do you expect to live forever? Merging with AI includes dying, y’know autoindent: too small r1ppyd1ppy: George code me a waifu for when we move to the cloud hmnvdota: @salihyil1 iyi Mijauom: @FadezzHD mac supports many types of shells koduman: it’s hard to read TheAwesomePaul: ctrl shift p ->font size champ900: zoom pls johnnyhotlava: yup johnnyhotlava: BOB anup_kodlekere: Nice haircut FadezzHD: @Mijauom I don’t know much about that, I have been only programming for a 10 months in C on windows, going to switch to linux in some time, is there anything like that for windows, also can I dm you about it johnnyhotlava: The mister BOB twiggy_io: Wait you went to Carnegie Mellon bravech: Yeah he was on ppp lol twiggy_io: Will you get me into thier PhD program? twiggy_io: Kappa johnnyhotlava: I’m not allowed within two miles of anyone smart enough to get in there pau1riddle: I’m going through Carnegie Mellon course on Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective, I have the book and lectures johnnyhotlava: Bless autoindent: George you’re getting more and more handsome day by day yash_rohilla: can you talk about ppp and your experience at ctfs? itsxaos: @georgehotz there is a computerphile video on lambda calculus realsirjoe: lambda now I am up for half life SuntyX: hi Mijauom: @FadezzHD There is the windows subsystem for Linux, but IMO I don’t think it’s that great if you’re wanting to utilize full Linux. Also, sure. pau1riddle: Computerphile is for normies autoindent: dat keyboard sound i like that Jewishrambo: lol stupac62: Computerphile is good twiggy_io: Its a very broad overview Sparks1Cx: @georgehotz “shift .” speeds up video jb8e: Hey George! Hows it going? laz4rz: do you have any math background? cechov: we haskell now? gzipped: forsen1 Sznurek066: 3Blue1Brown is PogChamp INTeaRs: yes Sparks1Cx: forsenE suteki1: xqcE Sznurek066: forsenE Jewishrambo: lol tw0st3p: @FadezzHD i’ve been using wsl ubuntu for simple compiling c code on windows and i have had good results. champ900: George pro tip google questions you have laz4rz: @georgehotz maybe one minute physics, I mean do you have university math background soeim: 1 1=3 gzipped: xqcE gzipped: forsenE Mijauom: everyone has a math background Coraxxi: LUL itsxaos: people study maths and shit Jewishrambo: you sir now have a background in math 🙂 johnnyhotlava: They mean the wall behind you autoindent: cuz you did historical hack c252: computer science is math PanicPoint: No i mean it literally. Do you have a background that you can put behind you with math on it dorkmo: queen elizabeth knights you with math FadezzHD: @tw0st3p Thanks a lot! SuntyX: You prefer MacOS or Windows ? jaalle: prove things in? Like a unit test xD? johnnyhotlava: You currently only have a kitchen background stupac62: @c252 isn’t comp science logic? c252: logic, graph theory, combinatoric swagettiyolonaise69: i knew george like coqs Jewishrambo: coq gachiBASS johnnyhotlava: Say what you said about coq again Jeppelelle: write coq extension for python, then you can express in python and prove in coq 😀 laz4rz: @georgehotz oneminutephysics was doing good math videos, maybe this is what you were looking for brtk_10: Most of the programmers don’t know what you talking about. People like you who combine programming with advance science I call engineers. I truly believe that car drivers will be replaced with safer and reliable autonomous cars. c252: @Jeppelelle that would be pretty awesome Protoxus: brtk_10 Programmers who used theory are just advanced programmers IMO sidhrth: love you man dorkmo: ShowLove1 WendellSwan: arnt they computer scientists? filedescriptor: @Protoxus software engineers Mijauom: @Protoxus What separates programmer from engineer? itsxaos: ⊦ edu4594: backspce is about what? johnnyhotlava: what comes after determines the rules? swagettiyolonaise69: where is blondie ? liqo13: left of a turnstile is a context steinlphd: Turnstile is just implication I guess Bogz75: 480 viewers pogchamp WendellSwan: im late, is the goal of this stream to start writing a new programming language? autoindent: is that formal language? tybutnowyoudie: t is type of A esence: press 1 if you dont understand a shit gzipped: maths crayzbW ls111: this guy is a mega virgin bois edu4594: 1 tybutnowyoudie: colon means type of johnnyhotlava: back space is upset about the programs looking in the mirror for help alexlucas_: yo johnnyhotlava: So you’re going to make an IA go insane esence: look at this dude @edu4594 WendellSwan: this kinda looks like some of my homework pau1riddle: When reading dense math it’s easy to run out of memory. Use a text file or pencil and paper or something vay_man: this is mathboggling yaus_baus: just woke up to geohot stream, bless up esence: currying is also in js autoindent: please english :p the_suisse: haskell??? Protoxus: Mijauom Good question. I’m not really sure, when it omes to the formal difference between the two. I think to be an engineer, the code you’re working on has to have some sort of real-life application – autonomous cars would probably be engineering, coming to think of it Erciks: 1 and i am studying computer science.. i should quit probably Protoxus: Erciks Why doy ou think you should quit? swagettiyolonaise69: cos he doesnt understand shit and neither do i treestompztv: math xqcWut aditivity: back on the mac Ecobat: you don’t understand because you haven’t tried yet Ecobat: and just don’t have interest in Erciks: @Protoxus look at george LuL the gap is huge. I can never be good as him not even close. And i am even studying CS i should at least be close but no swagettiyolonaise69: pardon me for not having any interest in coqs exenu: don’t be disheartened if u don’t understand what is going on – only time you need to understand this is when you’re working strictly at performance or embedded programming Ecobat: @Erciks that’s bs johnnyhotlava: autonomous cars ooooor or solo trains with a lottta lottta different tracks lolol Protoxus: I agree with Ecobat. You shouldn’t compare yourself to people who’ve been to the industry for more than a decade. Compare yourself to how good you were yesterday. Some philosopher probably said some bullshit like that sme point. bismarckbamfo: Hotz is the greatest of all time. Jeppelelle: forgot an the / for the last closing

Ecobat: exactly @Protoxus Jeppelelle: -an brtk_10: Hotz is like Spacex! cechov: do we understand that? autoindent: black is background and white is letter right? Ecobat: he's been at it for who knows how long. He didn't get good overnight Ecobat: put in the work. The rest comes swagettiyolonaise69: chew some ice then get brain freeze and understand Narakuwow: George will u ever come to China? we got the best weed Protoxus: Ecobat I love how we're speaking as if George isn't really here LUL dorkmo: dorkmo gifted a Tier 1 sub to Jeppelelle! They have given 3 Gift Subs in the channel! Bogz75: just get high then youll understand c252: hotz is waaaay cooler than spacex masterw1tcher: :D Protoxus: Bogz75 Only if you use psilocybin esence: guys, i am in a market for a coffee machine, any suggestions 鼻史: finally back on Mac dorkmo: capresso Jeppelelle: dorkmo thanks for the gift :D Ecobat: @Protoxus he's out of it for now ahah completely immersed greatjohn23: , ai bravech: Aeropress superragetastic: Is george part of the yang gang ? Mijauom: @esence How do you feel about a Keurig? Protoxus: Ecobat I guess that's true LUL esence: @Mijauom no bravech: Look at reddits coffee sub @esence Protoxus: superragetastic Hopefully! hourzer: guys why is he doing this? cechov: so, he is trying to learn coq? or to write a new language for Mijauom: vim gang rise up Alternativeplan: Do you prefer MacOS or Windows for programming? liqo13: peano as in define zero and succ? Ecobat: "writing a language we can prove things in" Protoxus: Alternativeplan I'd say anything with unix is probably better if you want to do backend stuff jgrThink cechov: @hourzer I think for dorkmo: @esence capresso mt600 gunnaren: !uptime swagettiyolonaise69: in an interview he said his favorite os was ubuntu.. cringe WarSwick: destro7Hype destro7Hype destro7Hype WarSwick: Thank you for Jailbreaking iphones. bleedPurple PokPikachu FortOne autoindent: mac OS looks fancy Ecobat: I'd say unix is better overall. The only reason I don't have Ubuntu or some Linux dist is because I like games Mijauom: @swagettiyolonaise69 There isn't anything wrong with Ubuntu... It's easy setup for those who want to get going ASAP. I just don't personally like it because it comes with bloat. averagesizepens: im on ubuntu,i can still play hearthstone and civ5 averagesizepens: LUL johnnyhotlava: you already KNOW edu4594: btw i use arch Alternativeplan: @swagettiyolonaise69 Hmm okay Mijauom: @edu4594 lol Jeppelelle: edu4594 classic, never gets old :D c252: btw I use gentoo Ecobat: what about League of Legends ? That's the only game I care about WarSwick: What you think of Kali Linux Geohotz destro7Smug destro7Smug ImJ4Gu4R: ImJ4Gu4R subscribed at Tier 1. Hound_The: You can play even LoL on Linux cechov: yeah, you can brtk_10: Deeping is better than ios julien9877: succ : LUL julien9877: S U C C edu4594: china... Protoxus: Hound_The I think Steam has linux-support for about 25% of all their games - I forgot the exact percentage brtk_10: open source johnnyhotlava: Then what Protoxus: I'm watching this stream on linux too B) Ecobat: @Hound_The quick search showed a lot of bugs on the game ... iamsod0ne_: how do you get to this level of programming Usisuvach0: @Protoxus i think dota 2 and cs go for sure work on linux swagettiyolonaise69: im watching from interpreting 0 and 1 directly from the ethernet cable averagesizepens: @Ecobat apparently work via wine edu4594: ik but i dont trust in chinese stuff c19946: you should set some options on vscode setting.json if you need better vim/vscode performance. Ecobat: hmmm johnnyhotlava: just need one more Protoxus: iamsod0ne_ Read books. Code often. Associate yourself with other programmers, so you can learn from them as well. That's what I think, at least ImJ4Gu4R: Hello c19946: irani elam hozoor kone Protoxus: swagettiyolonaise69 Genius Ecobat: @averagesizepens Patch 9.10 broke it ahah Hound_The: You just code, practice thats how you get better at anything really WorthyNull: what is he doing today ? Ecobat: but yeah, I miss Ubuntu quickfloor: What happened for that hard life style (Windows) George ? TheAwesomePaul: reading books is harder but better than online courses quickfloor: @georgehotz What happened for that hard life style (Windows) George ? swagettiyolonaise69: it's about "coqs" and "succ" averagesizepens: i so dont miss windows WorthyNull: @swagettiyolonaise69 no shit man imlewpie: haha he lasted 2 weeks on windows Ecobat: had Gnome on my laptop throughout Uni. Soooo simple cechov: pathogen? Protoxus: TheAwesomePaul Depends on what you want to learn, I think. For theory books are better, but of a lot of surface-level stuff, or even semi-advanced stuff, just reading the documentation is superior, since online documentated is updated more frequently WorthyNull: seriously though quickfloor: @Ecobat do u like KDE ? WorthyNull: what is he doing ? WorthyNull: i didn't understand the title quickfloor: Coq , It's everyday bro johnnyhotlava: Shhhh swagettiyolonaise69: @WorthyNull search coq language on wiki julien9877: 0!=1 LUL Protoxus: @Ecobat Ever heard of Solus? That's what I'm running autoindent: dat sound imlewpie: isnt coq the mathsy language ? Ecobat: @quickfloor no idea swagettiyolonaise69: it's french so expect the worse WorthyNull: @swagettiyolonaise69 thanks! I actually thought twitchcoq is a typo lmao edu4594: the mr robot premiere its today quickfloor: null !=0 autoindent: ASMR Protoxus: quickfloor True though johnnyhotlava: Euro backwards talk edu4594: is foxubu: Yay I made it to the stream! :) Hello Everybody Ecobat: @Protoxus looks interesting! quickfloor: Coq Asmr with georgehotz cechov: afaik, he is trying to write a language that allows for priving theorems, like a math language WorthyNull: alt f4 to solve the problem hotz Jewishrambo: me K0enich: oh god brtk_10: George what is your job? What do you do for living? Jewishrambo: u need to do parser, lexer cechov: haskell tried, but breaks with I/O and randomness julien9877: OH HE'S WRITING A LANGUAGE? PogChamp johnnyhotlava: Hey lets describe then make the rules cause we're EUROPEAN c252: not me :( liqo13: build an AST first? Protoxus: julien9877 How else would you spend a sunday as fine as this? jgrREE cechov: LOL nexscion: bruh this channel got too high iq fur me steinlphd: Parsing is really easy with parser combinators Protoxus: nexscion Don't worry, it's too high IQ for everyone. averagesizepens: gallina means chicken female Sznurek066: I wonder if most of chat is US or EU. quickfloor: WorthyNull: @nexscion iq is a myth man steinlphd: In Haskell at least but I think there’re libraries for python Protoxus: Sznurek066 EU here Mobius5: @WorthyNull Kappa Protoxus: WorthyNull No it's not. johnnyhotlava: I'm eating crayons without the wrapper so this is just cosplay for me WorthyNull: the foundation for it is so weak and shaky Jewishrambo: preprocess ->lexical analysis ->parsing/syntax ->semantics ->generation @georgehotz kind of remember it ImJ4Gu4R: IQ : Am I joking to you? johnnyhotlava: @ImJ4Gu4R lol WorthyNull: you can only get verified results as far as the amount of iq test takers which is so minimal Jeppelelle: What? They just wrote an abstract language without lexer/parser/visitor etc? WorthyNull: you cannot get reliable statistical results that way Yrratic: wow, long time no see @georgehotz johnnyhotlava: Yeah man tape measures are bullshit cause if my dad makes one using his fingers it isn't accurate Jewishrambo: wtf is coq anyway lol swagettiyolonaise69: do u even google Protoxus: WorthyNull Everyone who has to do military service has to take an IQ test. This is the case for most developed countries. In the US, you're not allowed to serve in the army if you have an IQ less than 87. They want to recruit as many as they can. It's not just for fun they're using IQ tests. st47ik: back to Mac PogChamp twiggy_io: @Protoxus Thats not true. cobaltstark1: are you using a laptop? tw0st3p: @geohotz for python lexx/yacc, check out ply / dabeaz / ply maybe. Protoxus: twiggy_io Oh really? Jewishrambo: @Protoxus isnt that what peterson said or somethin lol josalt: Hey Everyone :) twiggy_io: @Protoxus Yeah im positive abvout it. Mijauom: @twiggy_io It is though? Jordan Peterson has done a lot of talks about it. It is illegal to allow peeps without a certain IQ into the military. WorthyNull: @Protoxus the fact that some org somewhere using iq doesnt mean that iq tests are scientifically robust Jewishrambo: Do it in C PogChamp Kreygasm st47ik: in rust Kappa WorthyNull: besides, you cannot actually measure intelligance when you cannot define it in the first place. Jeppelelle: WorthyNull IQ test is BS but IQ itself isnt edu4594: do it in assembly x86 johnnyhotlava: oh dear god sa7b: Hi AsexualPride Protoxus: Jeppelelle How do you define one without the other? johnnyhotlava: OMG WorthyNull: @Jeppelelle my arguemnt is against IQ itself Jeppelelle: WorthyNull: then you are wrong Roudkill: Do it in cobol :D st47ik: What do you think of Rust-lang George? brtk_10: Forget about coq do python and javascript. cobaltstark1: are you using a laptop? Protoxus: WorthyNull Well, I suppose it depends on how you define intelligence, and IQ. But I've honestly heard a lot of people saying the foundation of IQ isn't very stable - I'd love to hear your take on it in depth to be honest WorthyNull: the fact that you can get higher score in a considerable IQ test with 30 min of practice means it has nothing to do with intelligance johnnyhotlava: They don't want you to have it MonkaSupreme: oh shit its my boy geohot Irkanu: "parsing" folder? Jeppelelle: WorthyNull: yeah, so then you are against testing, not IQ johnnyhotlava: You don't haaaav it i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @WorthyNull some people dont understand that simple fact Couchmann941: page 2 WutFace st47ik: LUL Protoxus: WorthyNull Which specific IQ test are you talking about? brtk_10: Please install DARK READER to chrome superragetastic: I got 125 IQ it's over st47ik: i got 127 Kappa WorthyNull: @Jeppelelle you're argument sounds like hey IQ is a robust scientific measure for intelligance but there isn't any actual test to measure the very thing that it tries to measure ? ->such a measure doesn't exist... Protoxus: The only two I really know of are RPM and WAIS. edu4594: buzzfeed iq test Erciks: LULW Protoxus: WorthyNull Yeah, I'd agree with that statement. No IQ without tests. Jeppelelle: WorthyNull: there is alot of stuff that is untestable that actually exist Protoxus: Jeppelelle But how can we know for sure, if we can't test it? johnnyhotlava: Life results test it WorthyNull: @Jeppelelle if it's untestable then how can we say that it actually exists without observing it ? MatiGoG: 360p stream yay johnnyhotlava: You're general ability to achieve a defined goal johnnyhotlava: your routerbomber: Finally, you have changed back to macOS 😄 Irkanu: @georgehotz You asked about where the parsing was. I just tuned in, but noticed a "parsing" folder st47ik: guys is Rust worth it for 2020? superragetastic: Take nootropics to increase your IQ it's proof fool. Jeppelelle: WorthyNull CERN test the decay for example, it does not test the actual concrete physics GiantSweater: no MatiGoG: yes johnnyhotlava: Rust looks like a running simulator johnnyhotlava: lol GiantSweater: the duality of man tw0st3p: ocaml parsing: Gtxgaming23: do you even prog bro? quickfloor: Everybody Knows @georgehotz Hate java :D st47ik: same xxxdeja: How did you not get banned after last stream LOL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: who actually loves java TreborRentro: just write a parser st47ik: google loves java Lazysloth: xxxdeja what happened last stream Mijauom: @xxxdeja yes, don't leave us hanging johnnyhotlava: Google has been thoroughly defeated by seo nerds Irkanu: bogaHey bogaHey bogaHey bogaHey flitcho: Hey george and chat xxxdeja: father blessed us with his twitch money analytics johnnyhotlava: BROKEN Shanmukhosiris: is he creating a new language ?? st47ik: VoHiYo autoindent: python4 !!! st47ik: PogChamp Protoxus: Shanmukhosiris Seems so autoindent: i want to learn i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: python4 eta?! tw0st3p: @georgehotz terminal font size    please Shanmukhosiris: then nobody knows what hes doing !!!!! st47ik: where's 3to4 smh brtk_10: Use DarkReader plesae :( julien9877: @georgehotz just write your own parsing libraray LUL brtk_10: johnnyhotlava: Not gonna do it st47ik: darktheme all the things 4Head johnnyhotlava: Lark is buns johnnyhotlava: cheeks ImJ4Gu4R: Yeaa  1 for dark theme. quickfloor: Why you typing when you can just think about it ? "Let it type" (2022 ads on youtube) WorthyNull: @Protoxus IQ test is only meaningful when you have a fucking massive big chunk of samples, it allegedly measures the difference between people in their ability for abstraction. It has a normal (gaussian) destribution graph. in Such collection sample methods you cannot actually derive meaningful results that maps to 7 billion of people from a considerablly small sample. it does however mean that people who took the test have difference results **IN SOLVING THE TEST ITSELF**. ImJ4Gu4R: arrgh my eyes BibleThump st47ik: PogChamp Jewishrambo: PogChamp Jewishrambo: PogChamp parser PogChamp ImJ4Gu4R: Kreygasm quickfloor: Kreygasm yes st47ik: Keyboard smashing SMOrc johnnyhotlava: @WorthyNull what happens when the results of the test correlate to different life outcomes? Protoxus: @WorthyNull Yeah, that makes sense. You need a lot of samples for it to be reliable statistically. Do you know how many people have taken IQ tests? (Asking because I don't know myself) brtk_10: Do you never listen to music during work? r00tdk: What is going on ? WorthyNull: @Protoxus And here comes the second arguemnt, the test itself is arbitrary in its nature. 1. we don't have annnny idea how intelligance is formed let alone quantifiying it 2. can you actually try and make a test in italian language that tests the level of the takers ? most likely no BECAUSE YOU DONT SPEAK ITALIAN (maybe you do but you go the point). r00tdk: Bnf thing ? r00tdk: Can anyone tell kkkkkkkkkkkkkkwwwww: 500 viewers no one talking? r00tdk: What is he trying to do ? johnnyhotlava: @WorthyNull pattern recognition forms across all languages miloeu: 40 viewers 460 bots st47ik: @r00tdk the title bruh brtk_10: @georgehotz Please install DarkReader our eyes hurt :( johnnyhotlava: Matrices tests WorthyNull: @Protoxus it has the implicit notion that test makers have the ultimate ability of abstraction to be able to measure OTHER PEOPLE'S ABILITY TO ABSTRACT st47ik: im a bot MrDestructoid Protoxus: WorthyNull RPM IQ tests doesn't use language though st47ik: George please i want to know BibleThump do you hate Rust? WorthyNull: @Protoxus that was not my point. I'm coming to a generalization to explain the very nature of tests WorthyNull: the very nature of tests requires the test maker to be on a very higher level of knowledge to be able to test accuratly other test takers. hohaleom: guess whos back on a brand new basic hack waddap yooo FoxMcWeezer: FoxMcWeezer subscribed at Tier 1. riaddo: doctorWARCRY doctorWARCRY doctorWARCRY Protoxus: WorthyNull I'll just think about the argument you're making for a moment. WorthyNull: we don't actually know for a fact that IQ test makers have higher ability to abstract whatever the hell that means johnnyhotlava: If I had to be five feet from a target to hit it with an arrow and I wanted to test the accuracy of an expert and made them shoot from 50 feet could I accurately judge them knowing the target after making them go through a more difficult route? cechov: drops mic st47ik: Coq Kappa lycuz: !uptime kkkkkkkkkkkkkkwwwww: @lycuz 1:10 WorthyNull: And there is the fact that nobody every seems to bother htinking baout for god knows why which is that you can actually train for a 30 min and get higher results. how is that actually an accurate measure of the intelligance? quickfloor: @georgehotz Coding with Food asmr will be great johnnyhotlava: YOu cannot do that for a stanford binet test WorthyNull: Eeeeend scene and pardon my typos and stupid language st47ik: ever tried Rust George? johnnyhotlava: each test is different Jeppelelle: What happened to tomcr00se? champ900: @georgehotz do you think the government's watching right now lexhonecker: Hi guys what is George up to in this stream? Protoxus: WorthyNull I'll just try to rephrase your argument in my own words, just to make sure we have an agreement on what it is. So, you can't make a test involving intelligence higher than yourself, because you'd have to make questions that are more "intelligent" than you are yourself. Is that the gist of it? speeddrawing101: @riaddo porco dio? st47ik: SeemsGood riaddo: Dio cane superragetastic: @WorthyNull I guess a lot of the science behind IQ tests deal with correlations possibly ? Correlations with life outcomes, career choices etc. I think something is being measured. speeddrawing101: hahahah Jewishrambo: drepessive music brtk_10: gay song? st47ik: @lexhonecker writing a parser for coq Jeppelelle: Protoxus and WorthyNull still, you only disprove IQ standardized test which everyone already knows is BS, you have done nothing so far to disprove IQ itself as you originally claimed Protoxus: superragetastic Yeah, I think IQ is very related to psychometrics. Not sure though Protoxus: Jeppelelle I'm not trying to disprove IQ. WorthyNull: @Protoxus yes trchaosTR: yo george which phone do you use ? st47ik: LUL eazyxlan: Whatcha typing on? hoffs: hhkb gimmighyone: I'm completely new to programming, how should i approach the subject? Protoxus: WorthyNull I don't know if that's a good argument or not. Maybe I'm just not able to comprehend it. But humans can create a chess computer that's a lot smarter than its creator. Wouldn't the same be the case for IQ test questions? - I don't know how IQ test questions are derived, but I suppose this could be one way. superragetastic: I want to invest in a HHKB but Idk WorthyNull: @Jeppelelle I believe different people have different abilities and some people are smarter than others but I don't believe that you have a standarized way to measure that stategamer: a language to prove things in? like Haskell? brtk_10: Comeback to python and javascript. It was already enough complicated. azstreamz99: what is he coding ? Sznurek066: @gimmighyone depends what do you want to do. WorthyNull: @Protoxus chess computers aren't actually smart at all, they're just faster, they simulate 100 gazzilion outcome that's it Jeppelelle: stategamer You prove things in Matlab too i guess? (asking since i don't know anything about Matlab) st47ik: @gimmighyone i suggest to start the very basics like what a programming language actually is (variables, conditions, loops, functions....) there's a lot of resources out there so try em and see which one helps you superragetastic: @gimmighyone javascript for all things. Many people will tell you otherwise but ignore them. stategamer: @Jeppelelle I have (luckily) never used Matlab gimmighyone: @Sznurek066 i'm studying finance and econometrics, so something that can be useful in that field gimmighyone: @st47ik ok thanks brtk_10: Let's vote what language George should code: 0 - python, 1- javascript, 2-Coq shit cechov: matlab then, but stata and eviews have their own language brtk_10: 0 Protoxus: WorthyNull That's not true. Chess computers use moves that normal chess players can't comprehend, no matter how much time they use. There's a lot of chess theory, and chess computers are far superior to that Protoxus: brtk_10 42 st47ik: javascript is great for beginners and yes it can be useful for finance and more swagettiyolonaise69: 2 jk Sznurek066: Learn Python and than operations on big data machine learning Sznurek066: than* ml Protoxus: st47ik I think whichever language you should use depends on your use case. Although it's true that some languages can be used to do more advanced things than others jgrThink preporyan: He look so angry when he is working LUL WorthyNull: @superragetastic differnt life outcomes are rarely measured and there is literally millions of factors that takes part in. maybe you're just disadvantaged from poor family went to poor schools and didn't really learn much. this doesnt mean that because they have lower iq they had worse life choices. st47ik: @Protoxus true Jeppelelle: Sznurek066 why use the slowest language for ML? swagettiyolonaise69: george should code in PHP prafaeltsantos: OMG the mac is back Kappa Kreygasm st47ik: Kappa Protoxus: Jeppelelle Go for ML? Go or no go? :P 저그매니아: will it be on youtube? Graphityy: "Basic Programming" Protoxus: swagettiyolonaise69 LUL Jeppelelle: Protoxus, depends on what implementation OpenCV for go has alot of translation layers to C st47ik: @저그매니아 i think so, on the comma ai archive MonkaSupreme: who gets what he is doing? swagettiyolonaise69: @Protoxus is PHP case sensitive ? syflom: is your monitor 1440p, or what is it? Shanmukhosiris: @Graphityy LUL LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @Jeppelelle i think python is just the most popular language for ML in general. i heard it has great frameworks to work with Protoxus: swagettiyolonaise69 Don't remember, it's been a while since I've coded PHP gimmighyone: tumbluPapurino MonkaSupreme: type 1 if you get what he is doing Shanmukhosiris: 0 저그매니아: @st47ik Thx :) WhyKnot321: 2 CaptainAshtar: how do you change from windows to mac and backwards is that virtual machines or different machines in your home? stalys_: 0 MonkaSupreme: 0 st47ik: np ;) fupariox15: THE SUCCCC swagettiyolonaise69: @Protoxus the answer is yes and no brtk_10: Please install DarkReader our eyes hurt :( Jeppelelle: i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: Yeap; python for quick development but its not a low lever language superragetastic: @WorthyNull yeah, environment is pretty important to give people the best shot. Jeppelelle: i cant spell today, sorry to everyone that is reading :D Protoxus: swagettiyolonaise69 How so? WorthyNull: @Protoxus Yes they don't comprehend it becuase it doesn't follow the general pattern of how to play chess. this doesn't mean that computers "knows" how to play chess. they just simulate millions of games and have a mathematical measure of which position is better which by the way is usually hard coded rules put by programmers root_user_198: what music is plaing in the background? lol swagettiyolonaise69: @Protoxus look it up it's just ridiculous st47ik: i wasted too much time in my life George LUL jaimecres: asd Protoxus: swagettiyolonaise69 I will. I know a lot of people hate PHP because of things such as what you just mentioned :P superragetastic: Feynman didn't care about IQ. CaptainAshtar: @st47ik who doesn't Protoxus: WorthyNull That's a pretty good argument. kingkong3211: yo fa_k: he moved from windows to mac lol ImJ4Gu4R: Piano pls st47ik: @CaptainAshtar george Kappa gimmighyone: is that post-rock music? tumbluABBO WorthyNull: @Protoxus Neural Network as well jsut have a mathematical function to assess and self learn which is anther hard coded formula put by human. there is absolutely no evidance that computers "understand" what they WorthyNull: what they're actually calculating fa_k: christiancucks on chat i guess brtk_10: I stop wasting my time and go to the swimming pool with a girlfriend. CaptainAshtar: what is this music style called? which geo is listening to? Protoxus: Well, understanding what you're calculating and having the ability to calculate something isn't really the same. st47ik: sounds like Alternative Rock or something like that WorthyNull: @Protoxus my dude the argument for and against IQ literally never ends Jeppelelle: Same style as Greenday and the like? CaptainAshtar: or blink182? st47ik: kinda Narakuwow: George has so many hairs st47ik: sub-genres are kinda messy brtk_10: Please install DarkReader It's really cool st47ik: darktheme boi CaptainAshtar: what is this dark reader do? Protoxus: WorthyNull Yeah, but aren't those all theoretical arguments? I think you'd need to dig pretty far into how IQ is actually measured, how the tests are made, what the results implicate on a psychometric level etc. to be able to assess how reliable IQ is. Even though it may not be backed by great theory. Jeppelelle: Why so many decorations in this language? It would drive me nuts CaptainAshtar: the keyboard have very nice sound on the keys CaptainAshtar: what kind of keyboard is that fa_k: "special algorithm" Protoxus: CaptainAshtar It's not the keyboard that makes it sound nice, it's George's fingers. CaptainAshtar: @Protoxus :D lol st47ik: @CaptainAshtar it's the Happy Hacking Keyboard Kappa CaptainAshtar: @st47ik thanks bro st47ik: no letters on it CaptainAshtar: no letters on it ? thuganalyst: Who needs letters am I right nicentra: Hi George, how are you st47ik: look it up LUL Kultiviert: the grammar is unclear please rephrase st47ik: what does it compile/transpile to George? WorthyNull: @Protoxus they are theoretical arguments yes. hotplay: @georgehotz if you wanna be the next ninja i suggest looking into changing the category to Science and Technology domas3210: I just came here... what is he doing? for what purpose? WorthyNull: @Protoxus and you made a good point sirvapealots: @hotplay are you fucking kidding LUL he needs to be in "Just Chatting" section superragetastic: Music pls Protoxus: brtk_10 Just installed it on Firefox, thanks for the tip. Please stop spamming though jgrGame sirvapealots: @georgehotz you should put yourself in Just Chatting section so your stream is more discoverable LUL fa_k: mods kingkong3211: whats the point of keyboard without letters superragetastic: Mod me george SwiftRage st47ik: SMOrc chat domas3210: Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) Please don't spam :) s0rrz: now i dont wanna install dark reader s0rrz: at all i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @sirvapealots you can get banned if you are using the wrong categories sirvapealots: @superragetastic Yawn domas3210: sorry it was my sister... JUST_5HEAD: yo wtf st47ik: bruh moment CaptainAshtar: :D imaginary sister? fa_k: mods ban this guy fa_k: stop promoting your extension polish cukc Protoxus: WorthyNull But yeah, discussing IQ theoretically and IQ "practically" are two completely different things. And I think if you can see that has relevance in the real world, the theory isn't that important. Unless you're a nerd like most people here, who put theory above all else :P JUST_5HEAD: @brtk_10 👈 this guy xNoury: thank you sirvapealots: @georgehotz LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @JUST_5HEAD snitch cmonBruh nicentra: Thanks george atom9006: LUL LUL superragetastic: lol zgamer0123: me knilecrack: noone Protoxus: I can mod you. zgamer0123: :v Jewishrambo: ME i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: i dont :) Jewishrambo: ME PLEASE JUST_5HEAD: fuck that DansGame fa_k: LULW atom9006: oooh no fa_k: LUL superragetastic: MOD ME MonkaSupreme: i volunteer kkkizune: !mod jpict: jpict subscribed with Twitch Prime. zgamer0123: I wanted to :v FoxMcWeezer: What’s up dude Narakuwow: luaPOP luaLUL Jewishrambo: PogChamp knilecrack: someone will ruin your stream johnnyhotlava: Moooooooderator Narakuwow: me RealOden: Mod me, I sub after Kappa serhejenos: mod me Protoxus: POGGERS atom9006: please Lusion: I'm not a subscriber but I once played one on tv i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: PogChamp exenu: make me mod T_boltsniper : Jewishrambo Pog jpict: please! Narakuwow: mod me luaPOP ImJ4Gu4R: me or i wont continue sub nexscion: that's wild JUST_5HEAD: dont mod me serhejenos: Mod me exenu: I know how to make coffee ImJ4Gu4R: hahah RandomSil1: I'll take mod too :) fa_k: @Protoxus NOT MODDED LUL stalys_:i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: LUL superragetastic: Mod meee ; - ; adminuae: Kappa Jeppelelle: Everone gets a mod Protoxus: POGGERS i4cc8a9morw8kfrh:fa_k:st47ik: SeemsGood Jewishrambo: None pipe up serhejenos: yaaa abk467: congrats bois Protoxus: Jewishrambo serhejenos Congratulations anup_kodlekere: Why don't you divide the screen into two halves domas3210:riaddo: doctorJAWLINE ImJ4Gu4R: WutFace JUST_5HEAD: INTERNET JANITORS LUL xNoury: we all chilling in here atom9006: @georgehotz subscribed for 8 months sirvapealots: @georgehotz you should put yourself in Just Chatting section so your stream is more discoverable superragetastic: Music please ? st47ik: at least there will be less spam now johnnyhotlava: That's riiiiight Protoxus: JUST_5HEAD Pretty much LUL sirvapealots: @georgehotz randomers can't find your stream under "Basic Programming" because they're wayy too normy LUL jpict: Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 Party1 i4cc8a9morw8kfrh:byLeandroid: Preferences error hahaha ImJ4Gu4R: "Basic" DasMastah: "Computer says no" exenu: Type 1 if u want @Protoxus to be unmodded and you to become a new mod domas3210: where is the install dark theme on chrome now LUL Protoxus: 1 RealOden: @sirvapealots And what makes you think normies in "Just Chatting" wants to watch programming streams? ImJ4Gu4R: RedCoat kluo84: dont distract George lol... first time can see him live... Protoxus: exenu Checkmate. exenu: farrrrk sirvapealots: @RealOden that's how trends get picked up my dude exenu: youre to smart CaptainAshtar: what is hots doign right now actully? johnnyhotlava: Mac not allowing it it's against their aesthetic lololol JUST_5HEAD: this is basic programming, everyone can watch it Kappa sirvapealots: @RealOden How do you think "Just Chatting" even happened in the first place LUL Protoxus: JUST_5HEAD jgrTARD Aimanissa: FortOne FortOne FortOne FortOne FortOne sirvapealots: It wasn't some sort of fucking fluke LUL JUST_5HEAD: @Protoxus LUL st47ik: just chatting while doing basic programming Kappa ImJ4Gu4R: Twitch does hv the api for the live notification? nicentra: @CaptainAshtar He seems to be creating a programming language as far as I understand mtm2: !playlist CaptainAshtar: :D wtf CaptainAshtar: really? sirvapealots: @st47ik Exactly; Motherfuckers play passive games while chatting all the time Sydowh: Can't see anything but it doesn't matter coz I don't understand RealOden: @sirvapealots It's a place for people that want to do IRL stuff and can't be labelled under a category. However, there are sections for technology and programming :) Jeppelelle: But seriously, what feature does Gallina provide if George have to write this much support code to get it to work? sirvapealots: @RealOden You don't have to play fucking games to be under "Just Chatting" Protoxus: ImJ4Gu4R Twitch's API documentation is really crappy tbh. But I think for notifications you'd have to look at the Kraken API JUST_5HEAD: your head hides editor @georgehotz JUST_5HEAD: your big head* MonkaSupreme: all have succ? CaptainAshtar: if that's basic programing then i'm king of england Shanmukhosiris: @CaptainAshtar he is creating a phaser for coq sirvapealots: @RealOden Quote it from TOS or just stop talking shit lmfao Protoxus: CaptainAshtar A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Highness! Kappa sirvapealots: fucking TOSfrongs LUL Shanmukhosiris: @CaptainAshtar ENGLAND IS MY CITY fillmyvoid: is this another episode of the coq files? johnnyhotlava: Woah woah fillmyvoid: poggers Sydowh: What's Twitchcoq ? RealOden: @sirvapealots Dropped too many times? Why so toxic? Vendombra: hey can you hack some brazzers premium accounts for me Protoxus: Sydowh It's coq but for Twitch CaptainAshtar: :D exenu: wtf is coq? johnnyhotlava: basic programming depending on if you're george or not johnnyhotlava: a party of one sirvapealots: @Protoxus He's being passive aggressive ->RealOden Shanmukhosiris: @Vendombra LUL Protoxus: sirvapealots Who is? ImJ4Gu4R: @Protoxus agree with you, twitch APi is a bit crappy. Thansk for the keyword ill take a look. RealOden: @sirvapealots You are such a baby LUL JUST_5HEAD: i want to be an internet janitor too :) CaptainAshtar: I can't write a simple calculator he is writing a whole phaser ... sirvapealots: @Protoxus RealOden; I've asked him where it says on TOS and deflects it like a narcissist fa_k: LUL johnnyhotlava: WOAH Protoxus: ImJ4Gu4R I mean, the API works fine, it's just the documentation that sucks. tmijs is the optimal API for Twitch johnnyhotlava: NVC guys NVC johnnyhotlava: Non violent communication johnnyhotlava: Feelings and needs maaan exenu: this is not even programming exenu: wtf is this sirvapealots: @exenu that's what I said LUL CaptainAshtar: this is GOD mode st47ik: @exenu it is wdm? exenu: no its not, what language is that exenu: its not even a language st47ik: thats the point Kappa serhejenos: goerge is writing parser in python Protoxus: sirvapealots Well, I guess that's to be expected in a Twitch chat. He's not really swearing or anything. exenu: then where is the python ide fa_k: @exenu Brainlet moment exenu: im so confused johnnyhotlava: George is building a ladder to his goal of making his programs look in the mirror johnnyhotlava: and recognize their existence st47ik: @exenu u dont need the python ide bro serhejenos: hi is using vim exenu: explain me this CaptainAshtar: who uses python ide now a days bro serhejenos: first you need to define a grammar for parser exenu: why does everyone say python is easy but each time i watch george it doesn't even look like python alxhotel: writing a parser for coq ? CaptainAshtar: there is no easy in life nicentra: @exenu vim is a terminal based editor. He doesn't use an IDE because he doesn't need one johnnyhotlava: The parser he found is butt cheeks so like a god he's like I'll fix it Jewishrambo: \n exenu: why is he using a vim over an ide? st47ik: @exenu it's easy for basic stuff fa_k: Why should be everything use an IDE? johnnyhotlava: ohhhh CaptainAshtar: i ahte ide swagettiyolonaise69: to be more l33t JUST_5HEAD: @georgehotz move camera right side bro nicentra: @exenu Because if you're good at vim you can write code a lot faster johnnyhotlava: cant CaptainAshtar: correcting everything i wrote johnnyhotlava: wooooow Protoxus: exenu I think what they mean is that understanding the syntax is easy, compared to other languages. But understanding basic python is easy, and understanding advanced python is hard. I guess that's the case for all languages and everything in general :P st47ik: vim is lightweight and and also l33t Kappa johnnyhotlava: HOLY SHIT johnnyhotlava: WHAT A RUDE SYSTEM Sim_Ayo: why are you back on mac from windows ImJ4Gu4R: @Protoxus Ya i know what u mean :P MonkaSupreme: CaptainAshtar: because this project which he is doing is on his mac machine jpict: NotLikeThis1 CaptainAshtar: enviorment deed02392: Sim_Ayo he was only on Windows to make the iPhone exploit more challenging johnnyhotlava: @MonkaSupreme i'm erect Protoxus: MonkaSupreme That's funny MonkaSupreme: who wouldn't be erect deed02392: johnnyhotlava you're erect over coq johnnyhotlava: lolololol st47ik: LUL deed02392: lol steinlphd: this paper describes a tool for automated equivalence proofs of programs: MonkaSupreme:> TehePelo Protoxus: MonkaSupreme Don't post the same link multiple times jgrGame johnnyhotlava: @steinlphd publish date? steinlphd: 2011 nicentra: @georgehotz What phone are you using these days? Any reason why? johnnyhotlava: Ahhh Protoxus: nicentra Nokia 105 is the way to go. No apps, no internet, just texts and phone calls. aidanpaledot: What about checkm8? :( Jeppelelle: Can't one open bash inside VIm? Seems painfuil to switch tmux area every test cycle Lutefisk123: What is coq, AKA twitchcoq? nicentra: @Protoxus I had a nokia brick as my first phone fa_k: language you can prove things on st47ik: @Lutefisk123 jagger_rsw: @georgehotz will it be this unhackable language that we'll write world simulations in (like the one we live in)? fillmyvoid: D: st47ik: D: Jeppelelle: George hates us JUST_5HEAD: thank you :) Jeppelelle: :D serhejenos: Kappa Kappa Kappa Maybay254: Vietnam Lutefisk123: @st47ik Thanks! StupidGladiator: what language is this ? st47ik: np jpict: Scoops1 :) johnnyhotlava: Term is a euro word Protoxus: nicentra Me too, I'm getting a nokia 3310 again soon johnnyhotlava: ol post command b.s. Rezii27: hello Purrplecat: The man himself purrplT reckGasp nicentra: @Protoxus I recently picked my iPhone Max Pro lol I'm way too dependent on the luxury of a smartphone deed02392: i have a mate 20 pro and iphone 7 johnnyhotlava: Why Jeppelelle: nicentra there is always room for a burner Protoxus: nicentra Yeah, I have a smartphone as well. They've all started looking the same though :P johnnyhotlava: Why is parsing as a binder. johnnyhotlava: it deed02392: i think i will upgrade the iphone to XR due to checkmi Protoxus: deed02392 I remember watching the opening event for Mate 10 Pro. Is your 20 pro any good? deed02392: checkm8* johnnyhotlava: Holy shit Protoxus: It parses POGGERS st47ik: PogChamp kluo84: i am lost :( SlevinKelevrar: SlevinKelevrar subscribed with Twitch Prime. serhejenos: poggers Protoxus: kluo84 We all are. johnnyhotlava: This mans "I thinks" are 100% right nicentra: @Jeppelelle I don't do shady stuff I would need a burner for @Protoxus I know but gotta have the new shit, my mom is getting my 8  though Purrplecat: purrplT purrplT purrplT twistanoname: !uptime Protoxus: nicentra I don't need a burner either, I just use my non-smartphone whenever I want to connect more with the real world without any distractions :P deed02392: @Protoxus dude I love it. best phone i've ever owned sulozor: do you think you could use a NN to write Coq proofs? @georgehotz nicentra: @Protoxus Real World? What's that Protoxus: nicentra r/outside deed02392: @nicentra he means AFK st47ik: WutFace Azermite: can someone explain what is happenning ? :) Purrplecat: Hey George how are you doing this fine evening? purrplFlex purrplPog nicentra: @Protoxus Nah man, it's full of bugs and glitches and the meta never changes Protoxus: Azermite No. No one can, because no one understands what's happening. :P serhejenos: George is writing parser for small coq file deed02392: lool st47ik: small coq Kappa deed02392: NotLikeThis Lutefisk123: Kappa Protoxus: nicentra What you call bugs I call features. The meta changes, just pretty slowly. sulozor: he is probably writing a parser for Coq which is a language thats used in order to prove theorems and math stuff Jeppelelle: Its kinda fun that Roomba, i vacuum cleaner have the same CPU as the state of the art phones had when i grew up :D Jeppelelle: How things improve, its awesome deed02392: MrDestructoid nicentra: @Protoxus Maybe, I just kinda wish the devs were more active, so far no word from them smh serhejenos: :( :( Protoxus: Jeppelelle It's literally insane. 3ygun: Cow test? kluo84: who waiting for mr robot and silicon valley final season this Oct :D sulozor: especially with quantum computers, rip Moore 3ygun: Coq test? deadbeatdad7: new mr robot season? deadbeatdad7: pogers Protoxus: nicentra Hopefully that'll change once we jailbreak it with George's help ;) sulozor: yes tonight I believe @deadbeatdad7 Protoxus: nicentra Did you watch his "Jailbreak the simulation"-talk yet? domas3210: is Coq usefull? st47ik: Mr. Robot season premiere is tonight :pog deadbeatdad7: @sulozor pog fucking champion and I didnt know about it lol.. its gonna be on netflix? sulozor: probably no deadbeatdad7: oof YouPowerRush: skeet skket nicentra: @Protoxus I"m afraid not, I don't watch too much IT sec related stuff as that's not really my thing Protoxus: nicentra It's not about IT sec. It's more about religion and philosophy. It's amazing. :P Protoxus: nicentra Like r/outside but taking it seriously. st47ik: @Protoxus and sociology and economy.. notmap: what is coq used for? fwef64: no longer using VSCode? foxubu: We cannot see the code Protoxus: st47ik Yeah. It's an hour of pure wisdom. nicentra: @Protoxus I'll check it out then. st47ik: yeah it's so rare to see that in other shows kluo84: anyone knows where I can get his tmux.conf foxubu: Thank you jpict: uni100 uni100 jpict: reward A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat! YouPowerRush: wiggle wit it nicentra: @kluo84 github .com/geohot/configuration deed02392: I just joined, what's the end goal of this? nicentra: idk how up to date it is though deed02392: @Protoxus the it sec aspects of it are very accurate though hoffs: so any goal here? deed02392: @hoffs ¯_(ツ)_/¯ st47ik: @hoffs coq Kappa Protoxus: deed02392 It's been a while since I've listened to it. Next time I do, I'll be sure to hat the IT sec aspect of it in mind. :P Shanmukhosiris: !uptime st47ik: @Shanmukhosiris almost 2 hours now i think trajenx: coq Protoxus: have* johnnyhotlava: The focus Rezii27: How are you doing? ItzDabbzz: Thanks for the RPGTreeNua @jpict hackyhacks: i've been waiting for another math & coq stream 3even: NEOVIM or SPACEMACS ? vay_man: why is he doing this? jpict: @ItzDabbzz np ;P swagettiyolonaise69: @hackyhacks said no one ever goto10: whats coq, a programming lang? DasMastah: The triple-dot is just a wildcard, right? notmap: can someone for the love of god, explain to me what he is doing? Jeppelelle: Would be weird representating wildcards as other languages represents ranges though :S Protoxus: goto10 Yeah, for proving math theorems, according to Google goto10: @Protoxus ty, cool DasMastah: Will it even be possible to define a single grammar for Coq, when it uses multiple sub-languages? dragan2271: Hi keepingtrckofthisacct: a little off-top but Geoge reminds me of Elijah Woods as a boy johnnyhotlava: I like how he is always self referential to his problems where as I always blame the tool johnnyhotlava: FUCKING THING keepingtrckofthisacct: cooperating monkbitgames: what is he coding roday? 3even: Where's the hot blonde today? Protoxus: keepingtrckofthisacct He reminds me of Martin Shkreli, but if he was a programmer instead of pharmabro. johnnyhotlava: He keeps his hot blondes in the freezer compartment 8bitbubsy: guess they aren't all that hot anymore then johnnyhotlava: lol monkbitgames: what he doing? keepingtrckofthisacct: @Protoxus yea, Martin Shkreli's serious 'face' Protoxus: keepingtrckofthisacct I mean... If you look at his LinkedIn and some of his talks, I don't know if he's that serious :P keepingtrckofthisacct: @monkbitgames right now, language parser johnnyhotlava: Shkreli's more aggressive Protoxus: johnnyhotlava Yeah, that's true. johnnyhotlava: HIs commitment to this parser is making my helmet swell keepingtrckofthisacct: you'll see how 'aggressive george will get if you mention a certain company Protoxus: johnnyhotlava LUL johnnyhotlava: @keepingtrckofthisacct lol Protoxus: keepingtrckofthisacct jgrHA johnnyhotlava: Got it johnnyhotlava: that fast johnnyhotlava: jeez Protoxus: Matzehs monkaS masaro22: Why back on macOS ? Thought he has a new razer Blade keepingtrckofthisacct: @Matzehs uh, lets see what happens to Matzehs xNoury: the banned word monkaS Protoxus: KNOOKEL_HEAD We're just not supposed to. It's the rules. TheKoreanZombi: He can't vim hard enough in Windows. Protoxus: I think the reason was something about the company being serious business, and this being a casual stream keepingtrckofthisacct: we're all going to get banned by association Protoxus: monkaS xNoury: monkaS notmap: what are u coding? 8bitbubsy: monkaS keepingtrckofthisacct: see Abo7atm: can i be mod? QED__: LUL Bogz75: LUL johnnyhotlava: Ah Abo7atm: eye be good aa_ato: bbbbb_test Protoxus: keepingtrckofthisacct Theorem proven. And you didn't even need a parser. LUL 8bitbubsy: he sacrificed his life to show us what to not do Oxynoia: i love you clean shaven xNoury: begging for mod FeelsBadMan goto10: wait ,what happened? keepingtrckofthisacct: lol ProfessorMagikarp0: we lost another one bois PepeHands YouPowerRush: no mods allowed johnnyhotlava: LOLOLO notmap: yo geo what are u coding? Protoxus: goto10 He broke rule #1 of the stream. Don't ever mention ***. notmap: am lost toonarmy0: sup george keepingtrckofthisacct: language parser ImJ4Gu4R: SeemsGood LUL Abo7atm: @xNoury maybe I'll subscribe so senpai will notice me johnnyhotlava: Raspberry's>Blue monkbitgames: @georgehotz next time make some trainer for online game goto10: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood Jeppelelle: ? Jeppelelle: Am i here? serhejenos: ok MonkaSupreme: yea ImJ4Gu4R: put rules in github Protoxus: Sub only chat? :o void69: upper class here LainShotcs: LainShotcs subscribed at Tier 1. QED__: LUL it worked Protoxus: This is how you get people to subscribe, the right way. Protoxus: THE FREE MARKET PROVIDES MonkaSupreme: welcome 😄 🍷 LainShotcs: xD TheKoreanZombi: Followers only is pretty good right?. Abo7atm: lower class invaaaaaade antony4s_: f Jeppelelle: he back xNoury: free shrekli FeelsBadMan Protoxus: And we're back Kookook21: back foxubu: Yeah ImJ4Gu4R: NotLikeThis goto10: ads :( TheKoreanZombi: Are we twitch partners yet? swagettiyolonaise69: what happened to your windows ProfessorMagikarp0: nickiThink what if twitch chat crowdsourced an idea for a program and geo made it and posted it on github. that'd be lit or no? nickiThink wavebend: george, have you measured your IQ knilecrack: and you dropped windows for that knilecrack: ahahaha ImJ4Gu4R: Can we talk about exploit from the previous stream? Protoxus: TheKoreanZombi I think one of the requirements for partner is streaming x amount of days each month or week, and I don't think he's really willing to stream that consistently :P Protoxus: Just my guess though coProof: @imj4gu4r we’d have to kill you first wavebend: i'll buy it for $1 alexlucas_: how comes your selling Jeppelelle: Isnt hot corners in Mission control anyway? KrakkenTM: WISH I COULD RUN MAC OS ON PC Protoxus: wavebend Don't think that's the ebay price though knilecrack: 1.1$ here xNoury: probably still cant afford it for the ebay price LUL r00tdk: You are not windows fan ? goto10: @KrakkenTM easy ImJ4Gu4R: @coProof NotLikeThis NotLikeThis my_curiosity: buy a chinese computer and put a linux on it and code in Rust, if you are gonna ruin your life. r00tdk: I thought you chose windows over mac ? Protoxus: r00tdk DK? You Danish? TheKoreanZombi: @Protoxus Yeah, he got my hopes up doing checkm8 last week when he said he was going to stream the next day too and we were going to be partnered and live happily ever after. ProfessorMagikarp0: sell his laptop? thatd be an interesting harddrive to buy LUL r00tdk: @protoxus nope johnnyhotlava: It's hot Protoxus: r00tdk Oh, okay :P Jeppelelle: Protoxus are you? GeneralSoak: ... all computers are chinese Protoxus: Jeppelelle Yes Protoxus: Jeppelelle Are you? Jeppelelle: No, almost, LeSwede Yeahsper: is this a language from scratch or do you use any kind of base like python? TheKoreanZombi: It is an established language Protoxus: Jeppelelle Jävla svenska jgrGame HedgeOnTwitch: boolean! ImJ4Gu4R: @TheKoreanZombi but no stream. fake hope Jeppelelle: :( Protoxus: Jeppelelle :P johnnyhotlava: and you're just going to put that directly in? TheKoreanZombi: @ImJ4Gu4R so true. BibleThump Jeppelelle: Atleast we can count properly unlike danish poeple :D Protoxus: Oh yeah, counting in Danish is pretty messed up now that you mention it. Same as German. Jeppelelle: 5=fem, 50=halvfjerd or something, makes not sense :D Protoxus: Oh, yeah LUL Protoxus: It's 70=halvfjers goto10: @Yeahsper my understanding is, he is using the lang called "cog" to prove math theorems, johnnyhotlava: well it's relative to real things Protoxus: 90=halvfems LUL Jeppelelle: lol :D johnnyhotlava: lol johnnyhotlava: or relative to a whole rather than lower numbers words based on fractions lol r00tdk: Shall i buy macbook 15 inch or wait for 16 inch ? TheKoreanZombi: @georgehotz is going to buy a 16-inch. Do whatever he does. KrakkenTM: TYHICC KrakkenTM: ASS swagettiyolonaise69: T H I C C soulshined: now thats how you get partnered SeemsGood Protoxus: ^ notmap: this looks confusing MonkaSupreme: bulge r00tdk: Haha @thekoreanzombi ProfessorMagikarp0: @Protoxus r we allowed to talk about backspace since its not a company yet ? jnbMM r00tdk: Cant read george mind 3even: Yo @georgehotz do you take BitcoinCash donations? r00tdk: He shifted to razor too Protoxus: ProfessorMagikarp0 Yeah, I think so. People mentioned it earlier :P r00tdk: I thought he changed to windows GeneralSoak: is twitch partner the new goal johnnyhotlava: we can talk about his AI bulldozer backspace ImJ4Gu4R: @3even geo dont but we all here do. foxubu: As long as mac os cannot run cuda for tensorflow, it's not really helpful :( Jewishrambo: !A || !B==!(A&&B) idk lol Jeppelelle: fuxubu cant you run tensorflow through opencv? Jeppelelle: or just models? jxiss: yo Keyeh: hello george r00tdk: Is 16 inch mac will be launched in oct 19 ? rkxbz: did he finished writing lexer? foxubu: Jeppelle possible yet not as helpful for testing as, e.g, on ubuntu cechov: hi, did he make any progress in the last 1.5 hour? johnnyhotlava: George is an AI psychologist Jeppelelle: sure, nothing is as good as native drivers, don't know why nvidia and apple hates eachother this much foxubu: Exactly GeneralSoak: apple hates nvidia GeneralSoak: nvidia would be supper happy to sell them stuff i guess MonkaSupreme: if if a? johnnyhotlava: IF if was a fifth, johnnyhotlava: oh wait wrong place RomanNYC: does destruct-ing them not work? o.o autoindent: does he make a compiler? johnnyhotlava: when can it understand a story. johnnyhotlava: that's what I need. dorkmo: BibleThump korede360: What is the parser for? foxubu: "Who's crying on stream?" :D myaocat: do i see python 4? Keyeh: is this the future? PogChamp CMTFrosty: CMTFrosty subscribed with Twitch Prime. johnnyhotlava: So you're going for the reimann hypothesis next right? With this coq leijurrv: Hi george @georgehotz GeneralSoak: php is the future MDSZilla: Popo's are here reptil1990: @georgehotz is getting swated :D GaNDyRaC: FBI open up Kappa johnnyhotlava: Where jkpfeffer: only 333 viewers? jkpfeffer: must be a math stream GeneralSoak: @georgehotz whats your favorite anime Protoxus: GeneralSoak LUL Avelansh: you should stream more often foxubu: It was about the sirin outside khilshot: How much (highest level) math do you know? Am4teur: once i had to program a language for a course and wasnt pleasant, how can you do this for fun dude? myaocat: LUL Ziv0: LUL jo_renttt: lmao GeneralSoak: streaming is all about audience interaction johnnyhotlava: I enjoy it knilecrack: stalin was baby compared to geo jo_renttt: FeelsBadMan myaocat: imagine ice company ffntdt: oh i have assignment on antlr4 and now u streaming about parser Protoxus: knilecrack LUL ffntdt: nice GaNDyRaC: Kappa myaocat: Keepo jo_renttt: why does that sound familiar @ffntdt Jeppelelle: knilecrack i did not think you would survive that comparison :D johnnyhotlava: Nice gamble knilecrack: @Jeppelelle maybe he didn't get it knilecrack: :D MDSZilla: bool' ? or is it supposed to be just bool vay_man: I have no idea what you are doing lasercatboss: im kinda just here for the keyboard sounds foxubu: That look when he reads the chat :D johnnyhotlava: ahhhh r00tdk: Which keyboard is he using Jeppelelle: hhkb johnnyhotlava: YESSSS r00tdk: Hhkb silent ? r00tdk: Doesn’t seem like silent r00tdk: Does he using printed key one or non printed ? johnnyhotlava: Lol a scam Protoxus:>Definitition jgrGame Sharlock93: is this some prolog kinda programming language ? Protoxus:>"Definiton" jgrGame Jeppelelle: he said non printed in a previous stream, if thats still the case verdensmand1: why the fascination with coq my man? answer me seriously - i follow on ig johnnyhotlava: dont need no spell johnnyhotlava: Yeah that's right blame that ass cheek parser Sharlock93: is confusing on so many levels johnnyhotlava: that sphincter parse Sharlock93: yes twitch that is a link Sznurek066: Is this Chris Lattner 2.0 ? ncdoru: ncdoru subscribed at Tier 1. r00tdk: @johnnyhotlava can i know something about 16 inch MB ? Is it going to be worth waiting? johnnyhotlava: Allegedly it is khairulimam_: do you like read romance novel? Jeppelelle: nice question lasercatboss: its funny how chat is as confused as george but on a whole different level Protoxus: r00tdk George says it's worth waiting, so obviously that is the unquestionable truth. MrMcaustin1: What are we doing today kiddos? johnnyhotlava: lol r00tdk: Yeah sure MrMarkFilaroski: @MrMcaustin1 terminator AI MrMcaustin1: ah the classic jmc516: Nice Coq r00tdk: Is the event prescheduled ? foxubu: No Protoxus: "// This is really wrong" LUL LUL LUL johnnyhotlava: YEAH khilshot: Do you have any intention of streaming hardware tinkering? vay_man: lets test r00tdk: George not paying attention to chat minahoku: hello lasercatboss: so he is writing a python for his coq MrMarkFilaroski: Oh, Talk dirty to us knilecrack: ahahaha knilecrack: man I love this stream foxubu: MrMarkFilaroski You're banned Protoxus: So what do we have to read to understand this? Some boolean algebra? Jeppelelle: What does the ' decoration on bool means? MrMarkFilaroski: c'mon. foxubu: :D MrMarkFilaroski: @foxubu LUL fintJustice jeffgrossHobby Jeppelelle: Oh ok 👍 Jeppelelle: Thanks Keyeh: functional programming language btw flesh38: please do MrMarkFilaroski: Hot dog, not a hot dog? lasercatboss: so its just called bool' for some more confusion johnnyhotlava: Python is a whore with scales 3even: Functional>OO johnnyhotlava: OH ok khilshot: You should give relative numbers a try in vim. Fatmetheny: I love this place foxubu: Order Lunch ^^ r00tdk: Do we have some project related to this ? Or is it just for fun fazel3ss: Why so many interest in type theory? JingleBerryBlast: De Morgan's Law for Boolean Shit knilecrack: no more blonde girl to bring chicken? Abo7atm: he walks in a super weird way Jewishrambo: VoHiYo foxubu: Seriously? Nudles? minahoku: まるちゃんラーメン? beylu_cs: he walks like a sim Navilist: College flashbacks! Fatmetheny: Instant noodle gang RISE UP johnnyhotlava: De morgans law within boolean lasercatboss: fusili PogChamp Lefer_: George PogChamp Protoxus: Cooking stream PogChamp johnnyhotlava: That he wants to prove with coq then tell "python" about it johnnyhotlava: NAH DAWG foxubu: Ok real student food stream :D lasercatboss: maybe we need georges top 10 student advice CaptCalifornia: EATIN LIKE A DOCTOR Sycto: george is a michelin star chef and only cooks the finest foods flesh38: Don't put the oil in the water! LiveLifeLive: George why don't you try beard r00tdk: Not healthy food for guys who workout !!! tris790: cooking stream VoHiYo johnny_thehobo: cooking stream? PogChamp ffntdt: Its 2am here :( and u r cooking lasercatboss: he's coqing everybody gunnaren: @ffntdt 2 am mcdonalds is the best - go for it foxubu: LiveLifeLive He has in the past johnnyhotlava: How do you know what section you wan to read so quickly? FargioFarmani: What google chrome theme is he using? khilshot: for o in dir(yourstuff): print(o) looks better. ffntdt: @gunnaren no mac here works this late dude ffntdt: *mc Protoxus: Now THAT'S pretty. Protoxus: jgrYIKES johnnyhotlava: Allegedly johnnyhotlava: In your opinion johnnyhotlava: lol johnnyhotlava: as not gunnaren: @ffntdt That's sad : ( foxubu: Like Constituency Parse Trees ^^ santi_264: how long ago did this start? Ekiinho: whatsuppp johnnyhotlava: You have to give it meaning johnnyhotlava: cause it's bogus gunnaren: @santi_264 like 3- 4 hours rkxbz: he is a vim/tmux monster johnnyhotlava: without the standard library you gonna make one of those too? johnnyhotlava: And then what johnnyhotlava: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh reptil1990: !uptime tris790: so you want to strip your coq :) reptil1990: @georgehotz no chatbot :( johnnyhotlava: lol johnnyhotlava: EXACTLy johnnyhotlava: 100hours for you rest of my life wonderlab: Sup G Jeppelelle: forgot a . after nat? Jeppelelle: the zero nat Keyeh: the dot myaocat: if university is old and not good to learn why do you take 3 people from university to build RSA? rkxbz: rsa? Jeppelelle: weird my_curiosity: you are getting quite proficient dealing with coq myaocat: @rkxbz broadhawk: why did he walk away and come back lp97: bruh. i cant even make a website in python Protoxus: @broadhawk 'Cause it looks cool Navilist: @broadhawk It's a genius maneuver. We couldn't understand. broadhawk: my simple mind cant comprehend it rkxbz: @myaocat yeah, i am familiar with it. but i thought it is not difficult to make one yourself. Protoxus: broadhawk jgrHA Annex_Greenland: is this the kid that hacked the iphone johnnyhotlava: Is the speed just from reps? manwheeluno: This is cool nanodanger7: hello everyone lp97: ya @Annex_Greenland manwheeluno: Sup Annex_Greenland: legend rkxbz: @myaocat , i have tried to implement it some time ago. if you are interested - Jeppelelle: lol Annex_Greenland: siri stinks LUL Ziv0: LUL myasovlavashe: LUL Navilist: dammit siri can't add Sznurek066: LUL Annex_Greenland: siri is a basic bitch johnnyhotlava: George can teach it to add lucas9o: LUL LiveLifeLive: Siri got activated here! myaocat: @rkxbz it's not about the implementation but theory gunnaren: Siri aka home chef Jeppelelle: effortless Keyeh: she is going to torture in the future johnnyhotlava: You special edward broad knilecrack: :D Annex_Greenland: like talking to a severe autist LUL FargioFarmani: he talking smooth to robot girl rkxbz: @myaocat , ok johnnyhotlava: lololololololol Keyeh: omg he is really living the cloud LiveLifeLive: My Siri got activated :) Arktri: She doesn't even thank you for the offer. Ziv0: now you messed up her counting LUL Sznurek066: Future is here LUL broadhawk: you are a guest in siris house TheKoreanZombi: Google Assistant can add time to timer knilecrack: google must be smart Annex_Greenland: google assistant is skynet azstreamz99: azstreamz99 subscribed with Twitch Prime. Nnotm: !uptime knilecrack: can you ovaerride it? knilecrack: override* foxubu: PJSalt Nnotm: has he started this today? Annex_Greenland: surprised u dont have a cat ImJ4Gu4R: WutFace Protoxus: Annex_Greenland He's kinda talking to Siri like it's his cat though :P Shanmukhosiris: @Nnotm yess Nnotm: thanks jagger_rsw: @georgehotz will you use this language to program some simulated worlds, so its inhabitants cannot exploit some bugs and escape? Nnotm: it looks like Notation can even introduce mixfix syntax, that's neat Nnotm: if then else is defined similarly, rather than built in Johnvade: I didn't know geohot did formal methods Nnotm: How much have you used coq or something like it? knilecrack: ahahahahaha lucas9o: LUL Ziv0: LUL Protoxus: Is Siri wife material? Helping cooking and all broadhawk: forever Mariosavitch: lol Jewishrambo: CoolStoryBob ZeeZaxean: are windows shenanigans dead? :( Rojaster: she takes over the house Vonsmal: LUL Pasulya: CoolStoryBob 8bitbubsy: CoolStoryBro Sznurek066: LUL Abo7atm: LUL LUL LUL LUL Jewishrambo: :) Ziv0: lmao sanyadollar: LUL ffntdt: LUL serhejenos: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Lottsz: LUL zgamer0123: LUL LUL LUL Nnotm: just say "for now" Pasulya: PowerUpL CoolStoryBob FargioFarmani: she in a loop bro gunnaren: LUL Mariosavitch: unplug her broadhawk: shes broken flesh38: LUL LUL LUL LUL serhejenos: for how long Protoxus: Code stream to cooking stream to dating stream PogChamp FargioFarmani: UNPLUG Keyeh: artificial dumbass twiggy_io: THis is why we need backspace ai Sznurek066: LUL she is concious gunnaren: She sure knows how to play a woman alright Mariosavitch: just like a real life women Rojaster: make more fun of him Siri lefg7: did he go back to mac? Protoxus: lefg7 Yes Keyeh: yes, windows suck lefg7: smart choice r00tdk: Not good food for guys who workout? Nnotm: @georgehotz refl means reflexivity, i.e. for any a, a should be equal to a Keyeh: mom spaghetti Protoxus: I like this Keyeh: palms sweaty knilecrack: man you should really stream more often Moe_Bradberry: why dont you define dZ Zharrtan: At least not chicken this time xD MrTriharder: Haircut PogChamp mh1996mh: !language chocolatechp: george whats up man! Johnvade: is he trying to understand coq then write his own similar program? MrTriharder: @georgehotz is it ok if I don’t put an optimizer in a slam? My teacher is just happy with the colors popping on the OpenGL window 🤣 Johnvade: I just came here walktheabyss: Which keyboard do you use @georgehotz Dilwad: whats he working on RSPwner_: what editor is this? RSPwner_: the coq @Dilwad Johnvade: vim chocolatechp: vscode i think khilshot: Vim i guess RSPwner_: this one tho TheKoreanZombi: The keyboard connected to his MacBook Nnotm: I think it should be bool' ->Type hoffs: @georgehotz do you just fuck around all day long or do you have a day job RSPwner_: whats the other one Mariosavitch: vscode RSPwner_: okay i thought so ffntdt: looks delicious, never had that in mylife knilecrack: what is nat' ? chocolatechp: what cereal is that walktheabyss: @TheKoreanZombi and which keyboard would that be nanodanger7: it's a happy hacking pro 2 TheKoreanZombi: his MacBook keyboard, the one that's built into the laptop myaocat: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper Mariosavitch: i love coq zackfair_ow: Have you ever done an iq test @georgehotz myaocat: to prove that he is smarter than you? chocolatechp: why dont you stream more? khilshot: Vim tip, Press 'f' key then the char you wanna jump to, it's faster. @gerogehotz CrazyAsianBoiii: f Keyeh: that one hell of rabbit hole myaocat: did you port the program to windows? hoffs: :| chocolatechp: same knilecrack: you don't need more filedescriptor: 80 PogChamp Mariosavitch: you eat like 80 iq HS_SemenThrower: yay my favorite streamer hi fucker Johnvade:>github stars as intelligence indicator Johnvade: that's like twitch followers HS_SemenThrower: learn how to hold a spoon man warron_buffet: Hi from Russia! chocowhiskey: eating like a 80 iq confirmed RSPwner_: tis a fork g hoffs: why do you even use a fork for those Keyeh: richard feynman had 200 iq i'm telling you Jannnik: a lot of dumb smart people Kappa TheKoreanZombi: @khilshot Does he seem new to vim? Johnvade: feynman probably actually had 120ish iq zackfair_ow: Ye but there are smart people and genius people Navilist: Dumb IQ gang stand up. Johnvade: he wasn't the type to make a point by lying about that zmechs: zmechs subscribed with Twitch Prime. RSPwner_: @georgehotz why do you use vscode sometimes and other times vim? Keyeh: what do you mean, most of his 'feynman stories' were made up fazel3ss: I prefer to think about iq is how good you’re in multi field. warron_buffet: From Russia with love .What do you think about quantum computers? myaocat: twitchcoq domain is available! BUY NOW khilshot: @TheKoreanZombi not at all but pressing the same key again and again is just too repetitive. MrTriharder: admiralC1 admiralC2 HS_SemenThrower: jheez it's painful to watch him eat like that MrTriharder: admiralC3 admiralC4 dorkmo: Party1 zoki_macola: that chewing sound chocolatechp: sprinle some cheese on it Nnotm: FWIW, this appears to contain the definition of exists chocolatechp: sprinkle Johnvade: I thought he chased "Feynman stories" but did not make them up TheKoreanZombi: @khilshot I know, was just joking with you khilshot: @TheKoreanZombi lol jaalle: @georgehotz Are you trying to automate our jobs? fazel3ss: For instance you have 80 which is lowest medium. You still can be good in one field and maybe one field only. When you have it like 140 you may be able to be good in 4 different fields jaalle: Like programming jobs MrTriharder: Can someone tell me what coq is Nnotm: MrTriharder it's proof assistant LiveLifeLive: eating like 80 IQ. :) sepulsher: @georgehotz how good you were at math in highschool? Keyeh: is a variant of the dic language HS_SemenThrower: @RSPwner_ vscode kills the hype, you garra feel like a haxor sometimes #vim Thomasbrah: @LiveLifeLive lol Nnotm: MrTriharder it let's you write proofs and checks them, and automates writing them a little bit MrTriharder: Oh LiveLifeLive: @Thomasbrah hahaha Protoxus: How can you make exists work if everything is part of the simulation? jgrThink zoki_macola: @georgehotz Do you have any advice for someone who wants to move to US and start a company in biotech? Ecobat: @zoki_macola do you already have a business model ? Jeppelelle: zoki_macola Check out Theranos and do the oppposite of what they did wrelt: lark is awesome LiveLifeLive: @Jeppelelle Perfect PUT. @zoki_macola Read Book "Bad Blood" zoki_macola: Yeah, just not the proof that it will work. But of course nothing like Theranos Ekshernul: just joined the stream, what's he trying to prove? wrelt: @ekshernul he’s trying to build a prover language I think, a la coq TheKoreanZombi: Trying to prove P=NP. wrelt: not sure if he’s trying to prove anything in particular atm r00tdk: Ctf ? TheKoreanZombi: getting really close. Ecobat: @zoki_macola I suppose no one ever had proof that "it" will work r00tdk: Not doing ctf😄 Shanmukhosiris: asmr Vinndy: what about it was named cold war because russia is cold? that's a good song Shanmukhosiris: asmr???? r00tdk: Ctf filedescriptor: he's going full stalin mode guys im afraid monkaS Protoxus: prerogative* knilecrack: Hey did you hear about TabNine? sepulsher: @georgehotz how good you were at math in highschool? Jeppelelle: zoki_macola yeah i bet biotech is incredible expensive, FDA approval is really tough in medicine too i've heard so you have a ton of work ahead of you :D r1ppyd1ppy: @georgehotz roll a d20 to see who gets banned next Shanmukhosiris: suggest me some easy ways to learn algorithms please aziz_fazlagic: Why is he using a macbook? r00tdk: Not doing ctfs? Thomasbrah: @georgehotz so is your newest project or how should i understand this ? nomadicpatch: how much rent are you paying for that apppartment? wrelt: seems cool shieeeeeeeeet: so the answer to "why" was Protoxus: wrelt Damn right JdPaulBlart: math boring programming fun UzeezU: I really do not like the feel of SF chocolatechp: contact button does not work on backspace JdPaulBlart: so programmers will be useless in the future PogChamp nudax: oh finally i catch a live stream. good to see you! Protoxus: @chocolatechp Yes it does. It's mailto-link eduardoadf1: what is that open on vscode? DasMastah: The Coq source code @eduardoadf1 zoki_macola: @Jeppelelle I dont think i need FDA, we are not making drugs, more like development enviroment for bioengineering. People who use our platform would most likely need FDA Ecobat: @JdPaulBlart yeah, probably in 150 years. Give or take 1000 years HS_SemenThrower: does george ver play games? eduardoadf1: thx HS_SemenThrower: ever* chocolatechp: o theselectedcoder: SF seems expensive af spanilith: seems Ace33W: @hs_sementhrower do you know who he is? spanilith: its like #1 or #2 theselectedcoder: 5k month for 1 bed and 1 bathroom apartment Shanmukhosiris: any developers in the chat ? HS_SemenThrower: @Ace33W yes but if i say his company i'll get banned Ecobat: 5k a month !? zenkai_oogway: @HS_SemenThrower he played minecraft once I think JdPaulBlart: so if we take 1000 years then programmers were obsolete in 1019 @Ecobat chocolatechp: it doesnt do anything when i click it r00tdk: Not doing ctf nowadays? Ecobat: @JdPaulBlart ok, don't take. Just give Ace33W: do you know his background though? he's not a gamer. he is a programmer wrelt: @ecobat I’d say give or take 300 imo. well, give, since it won’t be in 1869 theselectedcoder: in Estonia u get a big ass house for 5k per month HS_SemenThrower: @zenkai_oogway ah so he's a minecraft guy? JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz the computer science globalists wont let you automate programmers prezk0: !uptime Ecobat: @wrelt if all goes well, way past our time wrelt: @r00tdk he does different things every stream. don’t think he’s done ctfs for some time nudax: you look healthy benchai18: My fav nerd JdPaulBlart: it wont start ruining our jobs until the far future sausainismilka: sup hot wrelt: @ecobat yeah it’s almost certainly beyond our lifetimes, barring some anti-aging breakthroughs coming very soon theselectedcoder: @prezk0 uptime is around 3.5 hours JdPaulBlart: can you make wrelt: jobs that are less abstract may be at risk in our lifetimes though, I think asthmaa: @georgehotz do you have a bachelor degree? i want to understand if uni is really important for computer science Ecobat: yup Ecobat: @asthmaa computer science ? yes. Programming ? no. asthmaa: k Johnvade:>only famous people can find programs that are hard to decide Johnvade: I am not famous botclimber: ur willing is ur best weapon benchai18: Whats he working on TaFFeLaFFe: @asthmaa You're gonna be a lot better off in terms of job security with a degree. chancechants: self monitoring abstraction layer Johnvade: here is a program that is hard to decide (just came up with this): start at 2^200, keep multiplying by two and convert to decimal. terminate when you find a power of two that doesn't contain all ten digits in its decimal expansion pamz123: wb Ecobat: @wrelt it will take quite a while though. I mean, programs (or robots) that replace people's jobs will be incredibly complex. Complexity equals bugs and less secure (more prone to hacking) sondreal: Hello Johnvade: decide if that ever terminates! Ecobat: so there will be a lot of ... fighting it Ecobat: so to say nudax: what is he working on? JdPaulBlart: we are probably good fam benchai18: @asthmaa if u can get the degree just do it dude. I was too rebellious to stay in school more than half a semester and the last 5 years of my life (25-30) woulda been easier if I’d finished JdPaulBlart: if anything interesting happens it will probably be in future wrelt: @ecobat yeah, but in 50 years, even if we aren’t yet near what we consider AGI, I think the rate of jobs being phased out will accelerate. especially simple labor and service jobs. and complexity may be partly mitigated or at least mitigated quicker with ML haircutjimmy: Coq? shieeeeeeeeet: is he building the parser in python? or using a parsing library? what about the interpreter? Johnvade: theorem prover chancechants: i for one welcome our new digital micromanagers, my TPS report will be submitted in a timely manner sondreal: are you wearing ur watch georgehotz PogChamp wrelt: @shieeeeeeeeet yes, in python. he’s using an awesome python parsing lib called lark. used it the first time about a week ago, and it’s very easy to understand and use thuganalyst: What song was that? wrelt: I’m assuming his parser and interpreter will both be in python faxity: LUL fafws321: why are u so angry? Orestes13: but why george? Kappa benchai18: CatCoq(ck)? lyricrush: REEE shieeeeeeeeet: does the parser auto generate the AST? HS_SemenThrower: who hurt u george filedescriptor: he went from stalin to feynman monkaS faxity: thinking about dieing monkaS JdPaulBlart: thats wack fam lyricrush: Simulation theory.jpg fafws321: why are you telling us these things now? zoki_macola: Im making a biotech company to understand the genetic code and make myself immortal DrakenZA: it makes sense Johnvade: this is like the shittiest feynman why rant ive heard knilecrack: you dont' give a fuck camkinstrike: Yo wont learn if you don't ask questions. Johnvade: cya gonzaloquintas: I wish I know pythoin to understand what is this guy doing.... just watching he while coding is mesmerizing frankytex: that escalated quickly knilecrack: yeah JdPaulBlart: we work so that life is more comfortable Mariosavitch: why do you want to live forever Mariosavitch: Kappa chancechants: dont let your memes be dreams neca420: this used to be a programming stream FeelsBadMan wrelt:>work for moloch wrelt: well-put MrPrismo: What language is this that you are coding in? spatialfree: spatialfree subscribed at Tier 1. JdPaulBlart: with that mindset everyone should just kill theirself spanilith: pog feinman jagger_rsw: @georgehotz so when are you starting to hack the world simulation machine? I bet there are format string bugs there. Thomasbrah: why, it's simple. Everyone has a limited amount of time so why not try make it as easy going and enjoyful as possible while you still have your time in exsistence Protoxus: @MrPrismo It's coq JdPaulBlart: this is what happens to your brain when you get sued by sony at a yound age wrelt: @thomasbrah that assumes the primary goal in life is to enjoy oneself, which is a big assumption W1lkins: Abort. filedescriptor: @JdPaulBlart his speech turned me into a nihilist filedescriptor: LUL MrPrismo: Thanks @Protoxus knilecrack: ahahahahahahahahaha notelex: !uptime chesssist: jasonrG jasonrG jasonrG jasonrG jasonrG CondomsWontFit: PogChamp Thomasbrah: What was the result of sony sueing you ? ProfessorMagikarp0: hell yeah LUL chesssist: crack or tweaaaaak chancechants: PJSugar PJSugar PJSugar st47ik: its the caffeine in tea Kappa fafws321: do you like math? @georgehotz wrelt: @thomasbrah probably made him more famous zoki_macola: If AI advances continue at any rate, eventually we will all merge into one superintelligent computer or organism, and actually figure out how to escape this universe jagger_rsw: @georgehotz do you think there are some nice b0fs in our simulated world? whitsyerhing: You more of a stoic then? wrelt: @jagger_rsw he talked about that a bit in his sxsw talk Protoxus: Positive nihilism embraces that nothing matters that nothing matters. :D erichtp: i cant wait for backspace to fund my future robot waifu gf chesssist: !keyboard filedescriptor: @erichtp same Kreygasm Obijags: !keyboard st47ik: @chesssist HHKB aka Happy hacking keyboard erichtp: @Protoxus nothing else matters but you moon2PREGARIO sepulsher: @georgehotz why math is so hard jagger_rsw: cogito st47ik: stoicism Kappa Protoxus: erichtp Gotta love Max Stirner, am I right? verdensmand1: the primary objective in life is to ball out and get like a million followers on IG most favorably while buliding good tech DevoE444: still nothing matters though Kappa lasercatboss: solipsism is just really convenient to justify my ego shieeeeeeeeet: can't you derive hedonism from solipsism Protoxus: verdensmand1 You Danish like me? cechov: so, we gave up on coq and the parser? Protoxus: cechov Yeah, 'cause it doesn't matter. :^) Kappa Thomasbrah: is that his bed in the left side of the webcam ? benchai18: You’re a far more functional tweaker than I was. sondreal: its a couch jagger_rsw: why nihilism is stupid? it just says that there are no objective moral values enshrined in the fabric of this world, and you need to figure your own ones (as yourself or as a society) erichtp: @Protoxus i only love Freud and his cocaine LemareClub: whats he doing? lasercatboss: the coq parser just lead to way more profound questions Protoxus: erichtp What's a n** gotta do to get some eel coq?! knilecrack: :D foxubu:  23 stream knilecrack: I GOT THESE CHEEZBURGERS MANNN wrelt: coq and philosophy go well together Protoxus: erichtp If you don't know what I'm talking about, you gotta see the Sam O'Nella YouTube-video on Freud :P knilecrack: @wrelt drugs too :) JdPaulBlart: is this for discrete math JdPaulBlart: that class was aids lasercatboss: all the great philisophers liked themselves some coq from time to time sondreal: discrete maths are easy if you dont ask the whys Kappa wrelt: @jdpaulblart enjoy never understanding deep learning erichtp: moon2WAH when its too much coq NonTrivial778: LUL st47ik: LUL pmc_eft: @sondreal The boolean algebra x x=x LUL NonTrivial778: Coq is fun arbitel: why back to MBP ? where's your razer sondreal: LUL erichtp: @Protoxus I love his videos lmao knilecrack: yes Nnotm: nat has infinite values, but two constructors, assuming coq uses those terms knilecrack: I used to define it in university spanilith: 1 x for 1 y unmercifullyy: @Nnotm what keyboard do u use? Protoxus: erichtp If you like political philosophy to some extend you'll love jreg as well grey_street: how much unmercifullyy: @georgehotz what keyboard do u use? Nnotm: @unmercifullyy physical keyboard or keyboard layout? Nnotm: oh did you not mean to tag me? unmercifullyy: @Nnotm sorry, did not mean to address the question to you LUL Thomasbrah: @georgehotz is this on a macbook or an imac ? Nnotm: okay, I was wondering why you would ask me that LUL smurfd0: we just see your background, no doc no menubar... erichtp: I'll give it a look thanks for the recommendation moon2EZ W1lkins: we see the secrets monkaS nanodanger7: this is the keyboard Belowzer0w: developing games for the ps3 kappa xyet: he was never able to get it working on windows? pmc_eft: de morhens law LUL fafws321: searching de morgans law in 2019 LUL LUL LUL benchai18: Anyone else have no idea what’s going on but riveted nonetheless?? Crypod:  Jebaited yes JdPaulBlart: $240 keyboard btw ncdoru: !uptime whitsyerhing: no idea what is going on. i'm here for the keyboard asmr JdPaulBlart: i got amazon alexa on my raspberry pi can i get a job pls Twitch0xme: @georgehotz replace   with *? slakkur: Yes,I finally get to watch live! hotplay: @georgehotz what laptop do you have? Crypod: wahoo! one problem eliminated! nizero: sup George, what are your thoughts about techcrunch disrupt? NV17: Basic 3even: @georgehotz Do you take BitcoinCash donations? knilecrack: what do you thing about the bloomberg article on compromised supermicro servers? knilecrack: think* Crypod: i see some n in the middle there. is that intended? Protoxus: Paint PogChamp slakkur: Jannnik: draw io kenan7: ?? Protoxus: ^ W1lkins: javascript paint LUL MonkaSupreme: this is how paint felt LULW notelex: LUL dyslexicat: Kappa Crypod: oshiThink ProfessorMagikarp0: luxxDetective rscarth: rscarth subscribed at Tier 1. DevoE444: those arrows are dope af Protoxus: DevoE444 I know, right? Navilist: LUL NV17: How do you make a language damn ProfessorMagikarp0: TheIlluminati TheIlluminati TheIlluminati Protoxus: You can just drag from the side of a box to another to make an arrow MllCZ: @NV17 you need structures, variables and functions jax05_: hey what's up DevoE444: and Pope runs the corporations Kappa dyslexicat: weSmart NV17: DarkMode DarkMode johnny_thehobo: fucking employees messed all up notelex: LUL nizero: this is the best explanation ever jagger_rsw: @georgehotz to go to blackhat / defcon, go to parties, meet geohot at defcon ctf parties, this makes employees happier johnny_thehobo: TriHard take take take fazel3ss: Don’t corps get better employees after all. It’s self investment for them ProfessorMagikarp0: geo rant compilation video when? Kappa TheIlluminati slakkur: Hey I'm going to vegas for ReInvent dont let the cat out of the bag! HS_SemenThrower: hahah what a finesse slakkur: lol frankytex: those people exist, I have met them MonkaSupreme: LUL Purrplecat: 5Head chaprio1: thanks for your ted talk nizero: insightful! johnny_thehobo: this is better than greta's speech Purrplecat: I see i see purrplT purrplMald HS_SemenThrower: yeesh pizzA_z: Hey @georgehotz awesome as always my dude. Getting sidetracked again? 🤔 johnny_thehobo: hotz for nobel jagger_rsw: @georgehotz are you talking about Mitnick and Schneier? :) 3even: @georgehotz Do you take BitcoinCash donations? Navilist: Where do employees who were paid for by corporations fit in on this diagram? HS_SemenThrower: ooo chaprio1: politics 4Head johnny_thehobo: he said it chat monkaS frankytex: security and a//v pros also get money from the conference ring of perpetual bs 3even: Good chance Greta is gonna commit suicide HS_SemenThrower: that semi autistic girl is nominated for a nobel prize Crypod: whoaa whoaaa there jagger_rsw: conferences are a perk these days, if employees don't get em, they go to another company, there's no expectation of learning stuff notelex: so where can I buy tickets to your conference to listen this talk in person haircutjimmy: :( greta MonkaSupreme: imagine being 2 weeks on a sailing boat ... :( nizero: she is Aspergers UMPS: doesn't she have like aspergers and OCD HS_SemenThrower: back peddling whitsyerhing: universities just lumped in with corporations ? HS_SemenThrower: greta get his ass 3even: She is a human shield cobaltstark1: How to start learning to code like you .. I am an undergrad .. uchihaislife: We are back on mac finally jagger_rsw: @georgehotz you need to come to the DefCon "conference" again btw :) fillmyvoid: capital gains haircutjimmy: I paid to go to EuroPython last year - oh no! Sucker Jewishrambo: Don’t think they. Do HS_SemenThrower: do another techcrunch cobaltstark1: How to start learning to code like you .. I am an undergrad .. fazel3ss: What is an alternative to conf benchai18: I want @georgehotz at my wedding. jax05_: @cobaltstark1 google my fren yash_rohilla: @georgehotz Why does the sec field suck? benchai18: Why does defcon suck? Never been so I’m curious nizero: I met you once at defcon George, u were too busy to say hi tho Protoxus: is a native file type in Google Drive 3even: @georgehotz Do you take BitcoinCash donations? Protoxus: Pretty nice quickfloor: i go to college for free but it's sucks . should i drop out and be rich ? dagobert2707: i dont get all this bad attitudes about Greta and this Friday for future thing... cobaltstark1: How to start learning to code like you .. I am an undergrad .. Navilist: Hehe whitsyerhing: Have podcasts morphed into something similar to conferences? xyet: I step out for a bit, the fuck are we talking about ? triHYPERS foxubu: Mr. Robot #conspiracy ^^ boc5: man you are crazy you move for nothing Nnotm: no "fridays for future" is the thing where students don't go to school on friday to protest climate change benchai18: Wait why does DEFCON suck? Always thought abt going chancechants: what about blizzcon? cobaltstark1: How to start learning to code like you .. I am an undergrad .. Jeppelelle: DEF CON 25 - Christopher Domas - Breaking the x86 Instruction SetAudio>Desktop Audio Device Caene: ^ Navilist: he breaketh, but he fixeth benchai18: Guys benchai18: Can I not subscribe from the iOS app? ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: SeemsGood whitsyerhing: that worked!"# boc5: worked for a sec benchai18: Is this an Apple Tax thing? W1lkins: Look at this top tier debugging PogChamp MonkaSupreme: unplug the mic MDSZilla: OBS Settings>Audio>Desktop Audio Device ? :P Gregerncx: @benchai18 you cannot Caene: Go to settings johnnyhotlava: Take the break maaaan hectorrami: There! whitsyerhing: we just heard you say "that doesn't work" then it went mute again. Caene: OBS settings and look for audio output settings Lugueiro: SeemsGood SeemsGood MonkaSupreme: just unplug the mic my dude benchai18: @gregerncx thanks. jagger_rsw: @georgehotz What about starting a podcast?: a mix of philosophy, ai, security. Like JRE, just knowing what you're talking about. Akash_44: !uptime hectorrami: Just heard u man slakkur: brrea time! bacin 15! bye MDSZilla: Its not detecting your speakers rip :/ knilecrack: yers Caene: Disabled output devices DansGame ProfessorMagikarp0: ill watch video on my own Kappa slakkur: I cant type ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: SeemsGood whitsyerhing: there we go whitsyerhing: oh BoringMode: break is getting smaller and smaller frankytex: no worries, we'll wait in silence while you number 2 hectorrami: it works sondreal: just disable mic in mac settings, and activate sound Kappa benchai18: “I heard George is creating a new jailbreak” pass it on W1lkins: only subscribers can hear the music ProfessorMagikarp0: ^ LUL Jeppelelle: So, what are we doing now people? frankytex: only lunatics can hear the music eax_ebx: ееееееее бой zeroeagle1: didnt george attend twitch con? ProfessorMagikarp0: chat, have u found any good learning resources lately? PrideWingL luxxSquad PrideWingR benchai18: I’d like to know too johnny_thehobo: the conference companies send the killers after hotz? benchai18: Suicided UMPS: anyone have tips to gain motivation frankytex: I'm going to through this silence robby0313: What time zone? Datamaskin: In 10 mins its 1.30 somewhere Lugueiro: @UMPS discipline UMPS: that's not motivation>:| benchai18: Anyone know where he at? Obviously Pacific Sarkin_dota: Why are we writing a language for benchai18: Always wondered where he’s at frankytex: looks like his house UMPS: he's probably in texas ProfessorMagikarp0: @UMPS u should want to work for geo one day is that motivational? UMPS: wait nah UMPS: is he in SF or LA or something benchai18: Not Texas. Texas isn’t 1:30 right now robby0313: He is in San Diego BerrysYT: @Sarkin_dota "To prove things in" Kappa ProfessorMagikarp0: look where is company hq is Kappa benchai18: I dno but I’m in LA and if he is too I’d totally send him chocolates dicks UMPS: @ProfessorMagikarp0 no UMPS: working for someone is suicide enducing benchai18: @umps you are so right. I just dipped out of a great job to hop on board as a partner/CMO of a startup cuz I’m sick of working for someone else slakkur: he's in bay area right ProfessorMagikarp0: so ud rather cause that feeling for someone else by running a company? benchai18: No, because I’m not an antiquated prick UMPS: LUL ProfessorMagikarp0: im sure ur old boss would say that too trchaosTR: what time it is ? UMPS: i've thought about doing small applications that can be run by just 1 person imcraxo: 6more mins UMPS: i think ios would be a good market for that benchai18: Lol fair enough. But I let my current employees have autonomy (if they’re capable) Sawfare: is he back to apple again? imcraxo: where is he working xyet: He took a shit and didn't wash his hands again ? knilecrack: ahahahaha ProfessorMagikarp0: gotta get them gains Pog trchaosTR: oh shit real gainz eax_ebx: strong MonkaSupreme: oh shit my boi is doing 20 MonkaSupreme: xD ProfessorMagikarp0: geo trying to get that jail house body LUL trchaosTR: punisher maybe @professormagikarp0 ProfessorMagikarp0: LUL knilecrack: breath xyet: prerecorded video? llpwnage: this guy crazy :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD BerrysYT: Prerecorded af BerrysYT: CrreamAwk eax_ebx: wtf ProfessorMagikarp0:  5 pushups per sub lets get geo ripped KappaPride NonTrivial778: the world doesn't care if we die benchai18: @professormagikarp0 I work in e-commerce (high volume... millions of $ a month just on Amazon... not including $200k/month on Walmart and ebay) and I got tired of making millions for other people... people that could let me go at any moment, or override my efforts. If I had faith in them I’d have stayed. It’s not about not having a boss, it’s abt having faith in the leadership xyet: triS triS This dudes mental state is questionable triS triS NonTrivial778: LUL LUL trchaosTR: i think he watched joker chocolatechp: yikes trchaosTR: maybe several times Kappa Kappa NonTrivial778: solipsism benchai18: Joker was interesting. Anyone see it? whitsyerhing: dishes stream Lugueiro: NonTrivial778: @xyet what did he said? Lugueiro: dont forget rscarth: dishwashing simulator NonTrivial778: LUL trchaosTR: i watched it @benchai18 goodgameezz: kkk frankytex: that reminds me I have to turn on the dish washer damn it! xyet: @NonTrivial778 nothing just doing weird shit goodgameezz: real life live hugo_kanazaca: the amount of water he is wasting lol ProfessorMagikarp0: @benchai18 i know those feels too actually. i was just playing devils advocate because the issue seems to be that they dont think they are doing anything wrong and arnt doing it on purpose as far as i can tell. no one wants to be bad leadership zoki_macola: We are watching another human being doing everyday stuff. We reached the highest peak NonTrivial778: He's a part of the simulation frankytex: slightly delayed real life live! slakkur: I like that he's actually human, sometimes when I watch him code, I forget. :D W1lkins: @georgehotz why could only subscribers hear the music during the break? trchaosTR: wasting a lot water btw theselectedcoder: "it's about showing off with your skills" [email protected] knilecrack: welcome back mf 3even: Do you take BitcoinCash donations? HS_SemenThrower: ;d drivewaycam: george is back just in time r00tdk: Do ctfs lightofhel1: just in time tomroxxx: Geore why are u wearing an Mavericks jogger? whitsyerhing: wasting water. it falls from the sky. drivewaycam: what a g jax05_: wb trchaosTR: yo george which phone do you use ForsakenReborn: you know how to listen to good music @georgehotz r00tdk: Ctfs benchai18: @trchaostr What did u think of it? Joaquin is frighteningly talented NonTrivial778: geohot do you have schizophrenia? knilecrack: it's not wasted r00tdk: Why did you quit on ctf? Sarkin_dota: You're not a hydro homie knilecrack: ahahahahahaha frankytex: lmao johnnyhotlava: WOAH MonkaSupreme: everyone pays the same LUL _ whitsyerhing: i'll turn on the shower and then go for a poo while the shower is on MonkaSupreme: ? hackyhacks: yes chocolatechp: about wha knilecrack: bro, I'll come to USA next year we need to get go out for beer 3even: @georgehotz Do you take BitcoinCash donations? johnnyhotlava: YES r00tdk: Let us do ctf johnnyhotlava: Tell us whitsyerhing: shower is just going a good 5 mins before I get in johnnyhotlava: FLOW LIMITERS IN SHOWERS benchai18: Anyone here an iOS jailbreaker and know if it’s possible to have background audio when minimizing Twitch app? johnnyhotlava: continue NonTrivial778: geohot theres a ghost behind you jax05_: jailbreak the shower UMPS: get this man a better vim theme slakkur: SUB2HOTZ! LUL trchaosTR: @benchai18 i am big fan of heath ledger but i really like joaquin's act he is verry talented and maybe he'll win oscars Jeppelelle: UMPS Gruvbox like everyone else? MonkaSupreme: you need some real streamer emotes Lugueiro: @UMPS UL Lugueiro: LUL* UMPS: Ayu @Jeppelelle Sylens__: What programming language are you coding in @georgehotz NonTrivial778: coq johnnyhotlava: More flow charts MonkaSupreme: is this a good book? @georgehotz johnnyhotlava: Major regret for that "nice words" Python jonathan865: what are we listening to? johnnyhotlava: You translating? trchaosTR: why his profile pic is too serious Kappa UMPS: why not write it in the language you're writing 4Head tfue_is_dog_shit: is this the matrix? Kappa jax05_: cause he's a pro @trchaosTR Sylens__: @nontrivial778 was that the language answer for me? slakkur: does coq suck? kluo84: wonder if George interested in Bug Bounty? johnnyhotlava: Just make one of your minions build you a custom library johnnyhotlava: then share it with me for coq trchaosTR: i was thinking to study computer engineering but after this i'll think again NotLikeThis Sarkin_dota: SUCC johnnyhotlava: Ole euro language B.S. slakkur: OMG, I could do lame coq jokes all day... ask my wife jax05_: this is advanced stuff eax_ebx: I'll better ask your mom. jax05_: mom jokes :O eax_ebx: From Ukraine with love.) benchai18: @trchaostr I’m with you. As a Batman villain, Ledger is still the best for sure. As a psychological madman murdered, I think Joaquin took it. Like, I can’t imagine Joaquin’s Joker competing with Batman benchai18: Murderer* Sawfare: @georgehotz can you tell why you moved back to apple from your windows laptop? Lil__Slap: Wpm Record? slakkur: because windows sucks for coding python ImpalerV: hello :) HeyGuys eax_ebx: mb coz шindows is not a system? NonTrivial778: Is the CIA watching us right now? ImpalerV: lol, it doesn't suck... been doing it for years now :/ UMPS: you should start a kode scool UMPS: school johnnyhotlava: He get knowledge directly from those two fingers jax05_: lol eax_ebx: I love CIA. Very big fan. ImpalerV: LUL Lil__Slap: CIA watching football Rn gerntt: do you prefer Mac or Linux whitsyerhing: I want it as a matter of public record that I am team china. whitsyerhing: for when they take over. Sylens__: Mac P3droPL: @georgehotz Why switch back to Mac? johnnyhotlava: CIA dgaf, my dad was a programmer and a CIA contractor, he just watched a lot of cable news johnnyhotlava: lol UMPS: if mac could run i3 Kreygasm Keyeh: windows is garbage ImpalerV: LUL trchaosTR: @benchai18 i usually dont watch dramatic movies but this movie wasn't that boring i hope joker 2 will come with more action Santiago_LHC: Windows 7 is fine ImpalerV: windows is fine slakkur: @ImpalerV are you trolling? I've done both, and mac is so much better if you need a good terminal. kluo84: unfortunately Windows still highest percentage out there benchai18: @trchaostr Unfortunately, they said they’re not planning to make one neill222: @georgehotz have you heard of lean? looks like a more powerful theorem prover than coq whitsyerhing: who cares, you will get used to whatever you are using. Santiago_LHC: Joker 2 is not going to be a thing. The whole point was for it to be a standalone movie @trchaosTR knilecrack: windows is good if you need terminal UMPS: OBO windows wins hands down UMPS: oops UMPS: mac* knilecrack: @whitsyerhing yeah kluo84: powershell is not a joke now trchaosTR: dont blame windows guys i still use intel dual core pc with win7 johnnyhotlava: Space back pack AI smallest_cock: is this a twitch bot? technicalb0y: hello Santiago_LHC: Has George been silent this whole time? ImpalerV: @slakkur sure, the terminal. that is pretty much all. it requires just a bit more effort to install stuff on windows but even that has been taken away by the anaconda terminal. also, now there is the subsystem on windows, so there's that too. and the new terminal is coming out soon, it is currently in beta johnnyhotlava: He's channeling dyslexicat: world is a beautiful place SourPls Santiago_LHC: "He's wired in" like they say in The Social Network Keyeh: did he take l-theanine? he's so focused UMPS: he popped an addy technicalb0y: george can u share tmux conf file, or do you have a dotfiles repo johnnyhotlava: LOLOLOL Lil__Slap: Flow state AF whitsyerhing: autism engaged johnnyhotlava: Zooted and booted technicalb0y: if you have johnnyhotlava: 500 mg neroo2k: what's the concept behind this program johnnyhotlava: whopped up whitsyerhing: fully weaponised gunnaren: He's streaming under 'basic programming', that couldn't be more wrong LUL trchaosTR: @santiago_lhc sad :( Lil__Slap: Mo' like top tier programming knilecrack: @gunnaren ahaha yeah ZerkBtw: what are you listening to? johnnyhotlava: His speed without making millions of mistakes is beautiful UMPS: when he puts the two fingers to his head, he's symlinking to Mark Zuckerberg and tying into the Lizard Mainframe. smallest_cock: I like the clean shave julen9601: @Keyeh aderall trchaosTR: dc will release harley quinn next year Santiago_LHC: @trchaosTR it's great actually, not everything needs sequels and prequels. We have to learn to enjoy things for what they are. benchai18: Can any software with a GUI that can be made for Linux (Debian) also be made for MacOS? You don’t use ObjC to make Windows software.. I guess I’m wondering which language can be used on the most operating systems. Besides Java. Ew. jax05_: @johnnyhotlava I feel like he's slower than norm rn lmao dyslexicat: ZerkBtw last song was "the world is a beautiful place & i am no longer afraid to die - gig life" gunnaren: OSFrog Mark Zuckerberg OSFrog johnnyhotlava: @jax05_ Yeah he's still thinking RN technicalb0y: george do you have any dotfiles repo, can i see your tmux conf file? johnnyhotlava: lolol nanodanger7: @technicalb0y smallest_cock: sho bobs brizzz_: @benchai18 Javascript/Electrom technicalb0y: @nanodanger7 thanks johnnyhotlava: It's not defined knilecrack: how do you detel a word between () in vim? knilecrack: delete* benchai18: @brizzz_ 🍻 blazelp1: What for a Monitor are u using 4K? Lil__Slap: if you dont understand imagine what twitch chat feels like W1lkins: di( @knilecrack nanodanger7: @knilecrack di( knilecrack: @W1lkins thx Sylens__: @blazelp1 i would like to know as well nanodanger7: @knilecrack you can di with a lot more things it means "delete inside" trchaosTR: twitch android app randomly crashed btw SeemsGood xRaptorz: what keyboard is he using? W1lkins: hhkb roxaneb_: geo looking good, but with beard even better, me thinks xRaptorz: tyty knilecrack: @nanodanger7 yeah just tried it 3even: Best ebook reader for programming books? I find that many butcher the code examples UMPS: what switches Santiago_LHC: beardless George can type 20 words per minute faster than with beard. trchaosTR: maybe my next phone will be iphone Kappa benchai18: Does anyone know how old he is? W1lkins: they are topre switches @UMPS smallest_cock: 23 Santiago_LHC: @benchai18 Google much? 18ace81: I just got there is he writing proof assistant? trchaosTR: he is 45 years old trchaosTR: but he got baby face benchai18: @santiago_lhc fair enough. Minimizing Twitch pauses the stream keepingtrckofthisacct: almost looks like it NonTrivial778: is your linkedin a datting place ? LUL smallest_cock: nah he can pass as 45 trchaosTR: look how focused he is zoki_macola: Anybody built/worked with Ukkonens Suffix Tree? Santiago_LHC: He is actually 12 benchai18: Wow he’s same age as me. Makes me feel kinda stupid TBH gunnaren: Imagine what george can do in a day vs your averge joe programmer 18ace81: wait is he or is he not writing a proof assistant benchai18: (His real age is same as me. Not 12 or 45) trchaosTR: @benchai18 dont worry i dont even speak english johnnyhotlava: What else can you translate coq to other than that demon python? jax05_: I was about to call twitch police @benchai18 gunnaren: @benchai18 yea we expected more from you at this point *dissapointed boomer face* benchai18: @gunnaren *sips Kale shake in shame* trchaosTR: i am killing grammar every letter i wrote reptil1990: @georgehotz what are you coding? or what should it do at the end? eax_ebx: which band is playing? 18ace81: I think it's a proof assistant but I just got here and no one is answering my questions @reptil1990 18ace81: use Haskell lmao johnnyhotlava: He's making coq proof a theorem of boolian algebra that he wants to translate to python johnnyhotlava: De somthing Lambda_86: use rust gunnaren: @benchai18 *shakes head while finding essential oils to counter your behavior* Santiago_LHC: Is Ruby still a thing? 18ace81: yeah eax_ebx: yep slakkur: c# is typed and you can go back to windows LUL benchai18: @jax05_ haha. Are 12 year olds not allowed? Or can’t disclose age? I’ve been on Twitch for like a week tfue_is_dog_shit: is java dead? trchaosTR: 12 years cant stream thats illegal jax05_: I think you have to be 13 lol ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: LUL 18ace81: java is far from dead unfortunately benchai18: @gunnaren *fondles crystal in left pocket while looking around for a safe space* johnnyhotlava: Python DGAF what you want to write python wants to play with lego's davidvilla700: ?? K0shpt: @tfue_is_dog_shit It should lavastew: java master race johnnyhotlava: Farmers insurance is currently building a brand new infrastructure on JAVA benchai18: WE ARE FARMERS johnnyhotlava: They are benchai18: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN johnnyhotlava: Dorks Santiago_LHC: Coder Farmers Ninjas Divulger1: @georgehotz what monitor do you use? ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: 🤔 gunnaren: @benchai18 hahahah - this is getting out of hand smurfd0: "it is easy" johnnyhotlava: LOL MonkaSupreme: water water h2o trchaosTR: i think he broke his razer laptop while playing video games slakkur: @georgehotz where did you learn all your math skills? Did you go to college? r00tdk: Did you buy apple watch 5 @georgehotz 18ace81: I'm very confused as to what he is using lark for can anyone explain? trchaosTR: alien attack johnnyhotlava: So he's done with coq now right? mariuss18: he is like building a rocket ZerkBtw: lmao notelex: KKona Santiago_LHC: @r00tdk he showed it on stream a few days ago xyet: LET US SEE! LET US SEE! johnnyhotlava: That's a straight up parade nikhilr14: yo its my dream to watch ur stream live , finally came true trchaosTR: oh 2 pm means 14.00 r00tdk: @santiago_lhc which stream eax_ebx: Yeah, America. neroo2k: is this still maths ? I feel stupid :P r00tdk: Can you tell title nikhilr14: !uptime blazelp1: Thank god u stopped using Windows johnnyhotlava: Fucking antlr johnnyhotlava: well it is an upgrade NonTrivial778: it's Mac not windows 18ace81: wait is he writing a coq implementation? slakkur: @georgehotz did you get all your math in HS? or did you learn it on your own? benchai18: How does @georgehotz make money? Does he have a company? Or multiple? nikhilr14: what is he doing today? johnnyhotlava: George is money ZeeZaxean: he is an instagram influencer neroo2k: @benchai18 comma ai jax05_: lol slakkur: johnnyhotlava: @ZeeZaxean lolololol johnnyhotlava: stop benchai18: @nikhilr14 he’s drawing diagrams ZeeZaxean: LUL 18ace81: honestly formal logic isn't that hard to learn in that it has no preqs @slakkur trchaosTR: have a nice day guys i'll sleep good luck @georgehotz benchai18: @trchaostr peace nikhilr14: @benchai18 diagrams using AI ? jax05_: cya @trchaosTR FutureMan benchai18: (That means bye in American) trchaosTR: i knew it SeemsGood SeemsGood slakkur: Hmm I'll have to see if khan academy has it, once I figure out what i can apply it too. benchai18: @nikhilr14 nah. Diagrams about conferences. trchaosTR: i would be happy if u accept my friendship requests @benchai18 Tal_X_Tal: yayeetP benchai18: @trchaostr I did 18ace81: @slakkur if you want to get into proof assistants and stuff, my gateway drug was Idris, since you can also write actual programs in it benchai18: @18ace81 my gateway drug was hydrocodone johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 HELL YEAH BOIZE fafws321: Turk var mı reisler trchaosTR: oh okay cya nikhilr14: I wish I can subscribe to him but twitch prime doesn't support in my country trchaosTR: @fafws321 var kanka da türkçe konuşma pek SeemsGood chexmixz: Is the title click bait or is he just using coq language? fafws321: Kappa johnnyhotlava: Coq at first johnnyhotlava: Then he inserted the coq nikhilr14: how long he been streaming 18ace81: @chexmixz no he was writing what looked like a python implementation of coq for like half a second a while ago slakkur: I didn't see the beginning of the stream, what is george trying to do with coq, just exploring it for fun? That sounds wrong, but I'm sincere. johnnyhotlava: He wants to put his coq into python Tal_X_Tal: 2:56 18ace81: @johnnyhotlava basically lmao johnnyhotlava: LOLOLOL nikhilr14: thats been long time nikhilr14: did his girl friend showed up today ? johnnyhotlava: I know montecarlo: what keyboard does george use johnnyhotlava: Hey what's the name of the theorem though I forgot what he said it was? Lamb03: Love ur video about exploit nikhilr14: poison distribution theroem? benchai18: if BBC>=9 { print “Coq is” . coq_color . “.” } else { print “Too white” } Lamb03: What’s coq? jagger_rsw: @georgehotz maybe we should teleport to the world where true==false benchai18: @lamb03 About 9 inches on a good day Divulger1: what monitor do you use johnnyhotlava: Boolean inches hackyhacks: negate P=P NAND P nikhilr14: omg he just read my comment I lived my life Jewishrambo: Any proof by contradiction ? True is false lol montecarlo: keyboard sounds like topre switches yaus_baus: its an hhkb Divulger1: @montecarlo it is 0Day_H4X0rz: Hello @georgehotz and Chat from Germany goolyio: !uptime slakkur: I have a logitech with romer-g switches, sounds just like it, I love it too, got mx blues at the office, like my logitech more now. knilecrack: wsupp germany serbia here benchai18: NSNumber *coqLength nikhilr14: is he creating his own programming language" smurfd0: you are mentioned as streaming in /r/coq :) 0Day_H4X0rz: @knilecrack Hello benchai18: Definitely took an addy Divulger1: @yaus_baus do you know what monitor size does he use johnnyhotlava: The long flowing nature of python will allow the coq he built to fit inside however pythons opening wont allow his coq in theewbc: LIVE from the cloud!! benchai18: @johnnyhotlava I like u. Ur crazy. But I like u yaus_baus: @Divulger1 no clue johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 Lol 18ace81: why is he making a sum type with only one option wtf slakkur: wrapping coq with python... st47ik: Kappa benchai18: Does he take Adderall XR or regular? nikhilr14: guys is he uisng tmux for multiple session creations? knilecrack: What is NAT' ? johnnyhotlava: XR or you're an addict st47ik: @benchai18 he takes tea :) slakkur: tmux ftw 에스엔엑스: @nikhilr14 yes benchai18: @johnnyhotlava I know. But I grind the XR beads to bypass the time release slakkur: I just use split in vim... I don't know tmux well johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 lol chew them like a man johnnyhotlava: Get em stuck in your teeth johnnyhotlava: lololol benchai18: @johnnyhotlava I did that yesterday in the car lol. Just doesn’t hit as well johnnyhotlava: LOL yaus_baus: george uber eats some chicken, its only fitting for coq stream slakkur: I need to learn vim like george though, holy moly he's good nikhilr14: vim split for spliting editor , tmux split for windows split @slakkur RishabhDeepSingh: Heyy johnnyhotlava: Chicken=False yaus_baus: chicken bootloader asmr slakkur: I mostly use vscode, only vim when I'm remoting. love vscode johnnyhotlava: Real humans watch ASMR? I thought it was only bots. homestarr: vim is for boomers Joy_void_Joy: Don't know if this has been mentioned, but I really recommand the ssreflect add-on/dsl instead of pure coq. NonTrivial778: username checks out nikhilr14: guys share some of the vim commands he uses benchai18: def growCoq: coq=0; while coqx=y off limit? benchai18: @lazyafternoons 😘 MDSZilla: @LazyAfternoons I've heard he uses HHKB johnnyhotlava: Gewgle it LazyAfternoons: @MDSZilla Seems that's the case, Torpe switches for sure LazyAfternoons: Topre* benchai18: PrimeRlyTho slakkur: dang, I need to catch this on youtube so I can see the beginning when he explains why he's trying to do with coq... jesus how do I say this without it sounding wrong krnflake1: sry to ask again: what osx apps are you using? spectacle, obs, but what are the other two in your menu bar? the height icon and the mouse thing? G0NERZ: hi benchai18: He’s trying to disassemble coq psychicside: but why smurfd0: isnt that something like what u are trying todo.. psychicside: go to the shelters monkaS jax05_: they're coming for you george averagesizepens: where is the robot girl? st47ik: NotLikeThis johnnyhotlava: Construction & parades as well as coq insertion HS_SemenThrower: ggwp averagesizepens: LUL dorkmo: from north korean subs? johnnyhotlava: Hardcore nikhilr14: he looks shit scared of earthquake or terrorist attack ProfessorMagikarp0: luxxGun ImpalerV: LUL psychicside: see you next life @georgehotz Kappa knilecrack: everytime you type destruct one more bomb explodes TopicOffic: hey yo georgie ahaha prakyath_kantharaju: you banned North Koreans, they are attacking cali now. G0NERZ: hack live mrdang3rAim johnnyhotlava: @knilecrack direct correlation johnnyhotlava: He's DOING IT TopicOffic: he's hacking the code johnnyhotlava: lol johnnyhotlava: That's not a knife 1garo: wow nikhilr14: North koreans trying to take out him johnnyhotlava: THIS IS A KNIFE prakyath_kantharaju: shit singularity is here guys johnnyhotlava: @prakyath_kantharaju I'd hope it's faster knilecrack: his destruct has delay johnnyhotlava: slow agony is B.S Sznurek066: George Hotz is playing "Welcome to the game" irl. LUL benchai18: Is there a single person here that knows what he’s doing? MDSZilla: @benchai18 read the title LUL torlkhal: thats a user freidnly languague averagesizepens: o persons includin george johnnyhotlava: Like a glossy moronic overview sorta like how I know the sun is hot benchai18: @mdszilla I did. Doesn’t help benchai18: I’m just here for the coqs at this point MDSZilla: @benchai18 Well that's what he's doing. 3even: @benchai18 google coq language torlkhal: whats the big picture johnnyhotlava: Jusssst had to do his own library G0NERZ: mrdang3rThink johnnyhotlava: Chicken='s ass slakkur: I'm not enjoying the coq, it's too hard Joy_void_Joy: I don't know that this can be done by hand Joy_void_Joy: In ssr, you'd just define your induction differently Joy_void_Joy: And in vanilla Coq, use inversion, because it relies on binding done by the inductive definition st47ik: WutFace averagesizepens: attack inc Phantomhive_: coq files redux? johnnyhotlava: Oh that's a jet johnnyhotlava: There's a few special forces outposts don't worry st47ik: air force drill? johnnyhotlava: They just get real erect around there RishabhDeepSingh: went under DDSOS @georgehotz HS_SemenThrower: change title to: paranoid kid on ritalin benchai18: @johnnyhotlava wasn’t the coq too large for that memory address? I think coq type is “long long” but he’s trying to store coq as an int 3even: Navy exercise MDSZilla: @georgehotz I saw a interview of you on Youtube, In which you said OS and Compiler were the best classes you ever took, In what way did those classes help you improve and learn more about the backend working psychicside: It is Kappa Erciks: i dont know but someone did got shot whitsyerhing: I don't think he washed his hands boys... johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 lololol johnnyhotlava: stupid averagesizepens: mexico taking san diego back johnnyhotlava: love you benchai18: 😇 Joy_void_Joy: inversion ortunado: Happy Birthday on ur 30 bud FeelsBirthdayMan Joy_void_Joy: inversion H. I mean johnnyhotlava: Yeah just switch to "vanilla" fuck all that library boner work johnnyhotlava: or something RomanNYC: @georgehotz if you do "Show Proof." you can see that it does some pattern matching on eqb' RomanNYC: (after doing inversion) benchai18: def coqInversion: gender==“trans” MDSZilla: I saw a interview of you on Youtube, In which you said OS and Compiler were the best classes you ever took, In what way did those classes help you improve and learn more about the backend working, since I just started college and really do want to learn the development process and nerual networking. johnnyhotlava: Lernin? Foxhaulin: What’s up George, hope you are doing good Divulger1: what monitor size do you use @georgehotz Joy_void_Joy: Ltac is really unusable yeah... johnnyhotlava: Learning that nice interface st47ik: oh god WutFace chaprio1: monkaS knilecrack: they defined everything from begging so ti was easy for them benchai18: if isSet(coq.inversion) gender=“trans” johnnyhotlava: LOLOLOL johnnyhotlava: Stop it benchai18: Ok ok giorgostheo97: The f macbook is that ? johnnyhotlava: That was really good for me johnnyhotlava: at least kluo84: is it earthquake ? benchai18: @johnnyhotlava it was for u johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 I'm still laughing at it for some reason Santiago_LHC: THere's a marching band outside RomanNYC: I'm pretty sure inversion pattern matches on the proof state to get the constructor that created the expression of type eqb' ardzybro: Which MacBook Pro you using and what are the specs nexscion: !uptime Santiago_LHC: People obssesed with hardware and specs Joy_void_Joy: Seeing how you defined eqb', I don't think you can do it by hand? Joy_void_Joy: Because you rely on binding both parameters to the same value nanodanger7: @Santiago_LHC honestly these questions are getting so boring :D I wish George would add a bot so we could make command for FAQs Santiago_LHC: !keyboard johnnyhotlava: I feel like that episode of it's always sunny when charlie thinks he can speak Chinese nanodanger7: yeah that's not gon work Santiago_LHC: should be the main one knilecrack: what matters that is works Santiago_LHC: Exactly r1ppyd1ppy: ffs guys. HHKB2 Lambda_86: im 90% sure based on his typos that he uses dvorak johnnyhotlava: People actually use dvorak? nanodanger7: yeah but HHKB 2 guys you'll become an 10x engineer instantly johnnyhotlava: for real nanodanger7: buy* metasudo: He uses one of those default logitech bluetooth keyboards jax05_: lol HS_SemenThrower: oh don't forget to sell coding gloves abk467: i believe it. i'll take 10 ProfessorMagikarp0: ^ johnnyhotlava: @HS_SemenThrower lol Longboolean: Fischer price lern to type keyboard Kappa giorgostheo97: Is it Dvorak tho? beltez: Hi George metasudo: Sell me engineering enlargement pills, Santiago_LHC: Also, we need his chair, don't forget the chair. johnnyhotlava: I'm packing actual crystal meth into tubes and selling them as 10x addy xr. prakyath_kantharaju: Yep that works, justy like razer you can sell Geozer MDSZilla: georgehotz when you started your journey for programming what sort of projects did you do at start to learn? johnnyhotlava: "programmers" ooMariaoo: ouu benchai18: @johnnyhotlava Can I get a sample? johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 I GOCCHUUU Erciks: programmer socks best socks Santiago_LHC: Programming phylosophy johnnyhotlava: Say yo coq it aint true nanodanger7: you MDSZilla: Use a if statement? Kappa I'm still learning C im new to this world johnnyhotlava: Hey coq listen up amuzinc: @georgehotz did you watch the buzzard talk? benchai18: @johnnyhotlava I haven’t smoked tweak in 4 yrs. Haven’t shot it in 3 lol 😆 nanodanger7: you'll also need to buy a razer laptop and then sell it after a few months on ebay Santiago_LHC: if not true then false johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 lolol johnnyhotlava: Plug it johnnyhotlava: direct injection johnnyhotlava: save the liver benchai18: Dude it burns benchai18: I have lol johnnyhotlava: lol johnnyhotlava: killing me MrMarkFilaroski: Why is everyone Go unfriendly? Santiago_LHC: I like Go, but the game MrMarkFilaroski: @Santiago_LHC yeah.. I get it metasudo: all have succ real MrMarkFilaroski: Kafta Go? knilecrack: Go is nice johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 water soluable vegetable caps my man nexscion: what's an inversion? amuzinc: @georgehotz will you make a better lean johnnyhotlava: Error: We don't actually provide the freedom of definition we pretend to. Joy_void_Joy: Well, if you're okay with proving eqb' x y ->x=y, then you can just use trivial. But maybe it's using built-ins you want to avoid Sylens__: !monitor Joy_void_Joy: Inversion just checks how a term could have been constructed, it works it "backward" metasudo: Is that your bed to your right? Lambda_86: simpl preporyan: !uptime Joy_void_Joy: You can't compute a Prop speeddrawing101: !uptime Joy_void_Joy: It has to be a set Joy_void_Joy: You can make a function on bool, that check if they're equal johnnyhotlava: Joy is so erect Joy_void_Joy: Sorry, tell me if I'm backseating too much :D MDSZilla: Inb4 Joy_void_Joy made Coq Kappa benchai18: @johnnyhotlava It’s not enough lol. Once u turn to shooting, nothing else compares. Good thing I cut all that shit out a few years ago 😅 ... life is way more stable now (albeit kinda boring) thekillerens0: Yo metasudo: look at the big brain on joy thekillerens0: Hi johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 awesome man that's a good life choice zoki_macola: we will call him Big Brain Joy benchai18: @johnnyhotlava thanks bruh MDSZilla: Compare two of those things if they're same its true if they're not its false? Nnotm: Have you looked at agda at all? jax05_: @benchai18 congrats dude Joy_void_Joy: Well, like you could do this: Definition eqb x y :=match x, y with |true, true=>true |false, false=>true |_, _=>false end. Joy_void_Joy: Oops, no return benchai18: @jax05_ Thank you ☺️ benchai18: Did you guys know that “bool-bool” means dick in Hebrew? Joy_void_Joy: And then, you'd be done Nnotm: so that would be the conventional==? solitaryyy: What is `.g` extension? MrMarkFilaroski: This is better than sex Nnotm: ->is more like implies, not equals Sylens__: @georgehotz what 4K monitor do you use? archeadis: @georgehotz did you stop using tiling wms? Santiago_LHC: Enough with the hardware questions! Joy_void_Joy: So it'd be eqb' x yeqb'' x y? benchai18: @mrmarkfilaroski I just sent a dev friend of mine a link to this stream and I wrote “watching this guy work makes me stiff” Erciks: i think i understood something benchai18: @erciks I’m jealous MDSZilla: For those asking questions about hardware and stuff, Visit georgehotz Instagram he posted a pic of his setup MDSZilla: Hopefully you guys can scout out what he uses there jax05_: and don't forget to follow Santiago_LHC: johnnyhotlava: My girl thinks Jorge is handsum Santiago_LHC: Setup: MrMarkFilaroski: Hardware=Firmware=why do I buy my Athena's from Sweden? haha Sylens__: @santiago_lhc why you so salty about the questions MrMarkFilaroski: @benchai18 LUL jeffgrossCu fintFINGERS Santiago_LHC: @Sylens__ I'm not salty, I'm annoyed by the same noob questions every 10 seconds. Santiago_LHC: Who freaking cares what monitor does he use Sylens__: @santiago_lhc deal with it ppl are new and not aware MrMarkFilaroski: antenna's* MDSZilla: Santiago_LHC you dont have to reply :) Sylens__: Ikr Santiago_LHC: The point is that it doesn't matter. MDSZilla: george has his instagram linked below those who have common sense would visit his instagram and look there instead of asking it in chat before checking. johnnyhotlava: It's the secret to becoming great is mimicking accessories. Nike has built a business on that benchai18: What kind of desk do you use? And what sort of mouse pad? johnnyhotlava: Faulty human circuits jax05_: lol MDSZilla: benchai18 Ikea LUL Santiago_LHC: HEY GEORGE; WHAT AIR DO YOU BREATHE benchai18: Lol Sylens__: Yeah okay Joy_void_Joy: apply eqb_refll? Rtc_ti5: ! faulpelzz: Perrieair jax05_: lmao zoki_macola: Macbook Air Luccaasss: what is he doing? MDSZilla: at this time this false false=true and true, true=true is making me thing of Quantum Computing benchai18: DO YOU USE A NUTRI-BULLET OR NINJA BLENDER? nanodanger7: we should just go back to the old days when asking about keyboard and shit was bannable :D johnnyhotlava: Kuwait is the world leader in coq inversion benchai18: Lmao johnnyhotlava: Slap chop Joy_void_Joy: You always use function if you can, instead of Inductive properties, because you can just compute them :D benchai18: I think @johnnyhotlava is my long lost brother essSau: hi johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 Gotta be Santiago_LHC: The word keyboard should be an auto-ban johnnyhotlava: lol SHREKonVHS: my name gay nexscion: damn then you just got banned benchai18: @santiago_lhc  1 Santiago_LHC: OH NO MDSZilla: Move on from hardware talks dont drag it SHREKonVHS: ur mom nama jef SHREKonVHS: ur mom nama jef XD johnnyhotlava: Hardware is so last week Joy_void_Joy: You can? benchai18: Santiago, do you work at CERN? Joy_void_Joy: You can just compute it SHREKonVHS: hack the mainframe you idiot SHREKonVHS: enhance Sarkin_dota: Must be nice stroking coq code on that keyboard johnnyhotlava: Well "large" is relative so Santiago_LHC: @benchai18 Nah, just a fan of colliding particles johnnyhotlava: He could work on a colider anywhere benchai18: @santiago_lhc sick jagger_rsw: @georgehotz coq is so-so, why won't you try to find some vulns in the fabric of the universe, and we'll all escape to the  1 benchai18: Large Hadron Coqllider johnnyhotlava: lol MDSZilla: Chat has activated its Meme Mode FailFish Sarkin_dota: hardon Joy_void_Joy: wait, why do we want to prove that again? Joy_void_Joy: like, what's the endgoal benchai18: @sarkin_dota Damnit. You win Joy_void_Joy: I mean Santiago_LHC: Large hardon collider. That's a drinking game somewhere IEEKl: anyone in chat, macbook pro or new surface laptop for programming? Joy_void_Joy: If you want to prove eqb' x y, you now can do eqb'' x y Justanotherantiantiplayer: @IEEKl x230 Joy_void_Joy: That's just the idea behind it johnnyhotlava: CLack book bro 32 cm xxdvxx: pro for sure @ieekl benchai18: @joy_void_joy is the only person that knows what’s happening okkessh: do we want to prove other things using our theorem once we prove it ? Santiago_LHC: You can program on the shittiest of computers @IEEKI so pick the one you like the most Nnotm: haven't done anything with coq in a long time but it seems like you might need decidable equality for proving something like this Justanotherantiantiplayer: i like when its exiting for a minute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MDSZilla: Joy_void_Joy you seem like a person who has been experimenting with coq and has been programming, I'm just getting started could you tell me what sort of projects you did on your own while learning johnnyhotlava: Joy has a superior imminens fronti pontificis xxdvxx: interesting you're not using window manager annasgrasshopper: coolest guy on the tech industry SHREKonVHS: im gay jay_al97: you're on mac today? benchai18: @shrekonvhs Checks out jax05_: jfc knilecrack: what do you need? fSyLyndon: @SHREKonVHS hi gay im dad IEEKl: or i maybe asked the question wrong, why is macbook pro better? (cuz it seems like many programmers prefere a ios but i have always coded in windows) @xxdvxx @Santiago_LHC Tsuisekii: !time mexeroserisback: any opinions on Lear vs Coq? annasgrasshopper: use linu annasgrasshopper: linux whichtom: cmd tab? Justanotherantiantiplayer: @IEEKl did you just say ios? johnnyhotlava: you guys have os's? tfue_is_dog_shit: this is the best twitch channel i have ever watched jax05_: lol Santiago_LHC: @IEEKI If you want to make apps for iOS, having a Mac would make sense. But if you are used to Windows, no reason to switch. johnnyhotlava: I'm doing this by hand MDSZilla: 1 is not 0 but 0 is 1 ? SHREKonVHS: im the creator of the checkm8 exploit ama Nnotm: maybe you really shouldn't destruct? Seems like if you have eqb' x y, you should be able to get eq_refl out of that whole thing, which proves that x and y must be equal jrrbls: !online Justanotherantiantiplayer: @johnnyhotlava im just saying xkcd 378 knilecrack: ls knilecrack: ups benchai18: @shrekonvhs wen A13 eta son IEEKl: @Santiago_LHC ok Froopyland: @tfue_is_dog_shit you come from fortnite? you got a long way ahead Nnotm: IIRC those are for using specific tactics like induction puffnfresh: I love it when you stream Coq jax05_: @IEEKl you should get a feel for coding on different platforms and pick what you like best. Lambda_86: i think discriminate uses eq_ind tfue_is_dog_shit: @Froopyland no i am html programmer johnnyhotlava: @Justanotherantiantiplayer I mean I'm using a pencil that's high level shit llol Joy_void_Joy: eqb'_ind is an induction lemma puffnfresh: prop is proposition? FaustPetrovich: @tfue_is_dog_shit yeah, it’s the best channel, but sadly he is more concentrated on his instagram career Joy_void_Joy: On nat, it would be peano's induction nanodanger7: html is not a programming lang bro benchai18: Guys I’ve been sitting on the toilet for like 2 hours on this chat Bagofpotatoes: Reit? Froopyland: tfue plays fortnite right? anyway, coding channels are pretty good and geo's one of the best imo benchai18: Legs are numb frfr nexscion: why is coq so confusing? Santiago_LHC: @benchai18 commit that shit already Justanotherantiantiplayer: @Santiago_LHC LUL puffnfresh: I really like Agda for proving IEEKl: @jax05_ yeah i guess but i feel like if you buy one apple product then u kinda stuck in the apple ecosystem Bagofpotatoes: Idris seems nicer than this Joy_void_Joy: @nexscion Because we purposefully disabled everything to make it less so :D benchai18: Can I make a coq pull request johnnyhotlava: YES jax05_: @IEEKl not necessarily. I like having both tho johnnyhotlava: Forbidden fruit ecosystem johnnyhotlava: Lower dimension products jax05_: @IEEKl it's just that most people prefer unix based systems so that's why they say mac or linux. it's less bulky than windows Demografixx: what are you doing ? okkessh: isn't coq an unfortunate name ? johnnyhotlava: Python don't want it tfue_is_dog_shit: who you chose python puffnfresh: what's the goal? tfue_is_dog_shit: why* benchai18: Anyone interested in UFO’s? Cmdr Dave Fravor was on Rogan yesterday. Worth watching Santiago_LHC: so many existencial questions puffnfresh: @okkessh it means chicken johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 haven't finished it benchai18: Same IEEKl: @jax05_ true benchai18: Lol he said coq Joy_void_Joy: It would be easier to understand them if you checked bool_ind Justanotherantiantiplayer: @IEEKl just use what you have or what you can afford. learn to code dont worry about "right" or "wrong" os, language, tool etc. When you figure out what you are interested in switch to the best tools for that Joy_void_Joy: Or nat_ind Lambda_86: i believe eq_ind is used for induction and eq_rec is used for recursion Joy_void_Joy: They are induction lemma automatically generated okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy are you involved in coq project in any way xEHLE_: @Joy_void_Joy did you write coq or something? puffnfresh: I have never seen someone write Coq without something like Proof General jax05_: we got a coq expert in here fortunately Joy_void_Joy: I did not, I just played with it a lot :D Joy_void_Joy: I am trying to make a very intuitive version of Coq IEEKl: @Justanotherantiantiplayer yeah i have coded for 5 years, but i have always coded in windows, and i have never felt the need of running another os Bagofpotatoes: what's proof general? johnnyhotlava: Joy's ever expanding cerebrum Joy_void_Joy: But it's way in the early stage right now okkessh: just dont say 'I played with coq' outloud puffnfresh: it's like an IDE for Coq xEHLE_: well, gl with that benchai18: @johnnyhotlava accept my friend request. I’ve been seeking you out for 30 years I don’t wanna lose u now Joy_void_Joy: @okkessh Just realised after typing it, oops jax05_: tehe Justanotherantiantiplayer: @IEEKl then just keep doing what you like. if you want to learn about another os i would go for linux just because its free :P johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 we are united Initial18: @puffnfresh Is it a big Coq IDE? Justanotherantiantiplayer: and personally i like it the most :D okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy no worries we are all clean minded people here johnnyhotlava: Joy is pure jax05_: linux mint is a good flavor for those switching from windows imo johnnyhotlava: as the driven snow IEEKl: @Justanotherantiantiplayer haha yeah i guess Midooriya10: can we use kali as daily driverm Midooriya10: ? benchai18: @joy_void_joy was in Nickleback at some point jax05_: you could lol Lambda_86: i also tried to make a coq clone but it didn't end well lol chocolatechp: geoooorge Joy_void_Joy: (If you want to make it easier, you can just change the inductive to specific case. But if you want the general version with x, I don't see how to do it without equalities) johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 confirmed imcraxo: !faq johnnyhotlava: Bassist benchai18: @johnnyhotlava knew it puffnfresh: is Prop is a Set? I can't remember johnnyhotlava: coq don't know shit Joy_void_Joy: Nope, Prop is different from Set. Lambda_86: Prop is the type of propositions and Set is the type of values Lambda_86: so yeah different jagger_rsw: @georgehotz why sticking so much to the boolean arithmetic? :) just use the one where true==false Joy_void_Joy: Basically, the difference between the two is that you can "see the value" myaocat: true==!false puffnfresh: thanks @joy_void_joy @lambda_86 puffnfresh: ah interesting! myaocat: you are doing it wrong! true==!false imcraxo: where is he programming johnnyhotlava: He's rock hard for boolean arithmetic cause he wants to make AI look at itself Nnotm: gives some reasoning on which you should choose, though doesn't explain that well what they actually are Joy_void_Joy: If I give you 1, or 2, you can see how I constructed them. If I give you a proof that 1Void" jagger_rsw: I wonder if what he's doing right now is related to quantum, AI and blockchain puffnfresh: good explanation, thanks @joy_void_joy Joy_void_Joy: most welcome :3 luuwa_: Hi guysss jax05_: joy is actually helping me understand wtf is happening lol johnnyhotlava: Joy is a godsend jagger_rsw: @jax05_ geohot is creating a new cryptocurrency myaocat: 1 1=2 puffnfresh: I can do that proof in Coq @myaocat luuwa_: 1   1=1 jax05_: The internet has ruined my trust in ppl @jagger_rsw puffnfresh: that's about the limit of my Coq skill myaocat: @puffnfresh can you do a research why 1   1==2? okkessh: I mean I think false is both a prop and a set okkessh: it is both a value and a prop Joy_void_Joy: So you want a property that takes two parameters, a bool, and a proof that this bool "eqb'" true Joy_void_Joy: proposition* Joy_void_Joy: I'm not saying you want to use induction Joy_void_Joy: But they are easier to read luuwa_: Category: Basic Programming Joy_void_Joy: In the case of bool, it is equivalent to a case myaocat: Pog Nnotm: luuwa_: true not equalling false does seem fairly basic to me luuwa_: idea is basic bro Nnotm: do you have to intro it? johnnyhotlava: Flowers for johnny puffnfresh: I've done "true=false ->Void" in Agda and Idris, it is pretty easy once you figure out to express it that way puffnfresh: is that what we're doing in Coq? johnnyhotlava: IF THEN Joy_void_Joy: Well, it'd be waaaaaay easier if we were doing true=false @puffnfresh okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy how is the the keyword false is a prop I am having a hard time Joy_void_Joy: Or using a specific instance of eqb' puffnfresh: what are we doing instead @joy_void_joy ? johnnyhotlava: If it's true well coq guess the fuck what IT AINT in this one case where we're talking in snake language. Nnotm: it seems like that's basically what we're doing though? eqb' is basically a non-polymorphic version of=, and "not" seems like it should be defined in terms of "->False" but I'm not sure Joy_void_Joy: @puffnfresh We are proving ~(eqb' true false) with a self made inductive definition Joy_void_Joy: But the problem is that this definition tacitally use equality indigolord: what syntax are we writing here? Joy_void_Joy: And we don't want to use anything about equality Joy_void_Joy: So I don't know if we can do this johnnyhotlava: He's trying to get coq to work in parseltongue indigolord: Wtf is this lang Joy_void_Joy: @okkessh I did not get the question Joy_void_Joy: Basically :d Nnotm: puffnfresh if you didn't see it, the type of the actual theorem is "not (eqb' true false)" firstavegner: What’s that language? okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy george said fasle is a of sort prop Nnotm: firstavegner Coq Joy_void_Joy: False is "of type" Prop puffnfresh: which is simplified to eqb' true false ->False right? Nnotm: puffnfresh I believe so, but I'm not sure Joy_void_Joy: It's important to make a difference between "instance of" and "of type" okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy I see but isn't the meaning of props is that you prove them with other props puffnfresh: eqb' looks like what? Joy_void_Joy: Prop just mean the type Nnotm: puffnfresh IIRC it's a non-polymorphic copy of the definition of=, but there may be a few minor changes Joy_void_Joy: It just mean that it's a term you can construct? Joy_void_Joy: So False is "of type" Prop Joy_void_Joy: Even though you can't construct it Joy_void_Joy: Does that make sense? johnnyhotlava: Is that how they want you to construct terms? okkessh: @Joy_void_Joy I get it but it doesnt make that much sense puffnfresh: seems like this should be easy then... Joy_void_Joy: @Nnotm That is exactly right okkessh: like you prove something with a theorem that is of type prop and thats cool Joy_void_Joy: @puffnfresh It would, if we were allowed to use anything about equality puffnfresh: @joy_void_joy why can't we discriminate, each case seems trivial? johnnyhotlava: So you sayin dis parseltongue is elitist firstavegner: Seems like logic set and theory stuff Joy_void_Joy: @puffnfresh The problem is that the definition use binding benchai18: Try a coq block of code johnnyhotlava: lol Joy_void_Joy: eqb'_refl x: eqb' x x Joy_void_Joy: So we're using the fact that it's the same x Joy_void_Joy: But George doesn't want to use anything about equality puffnfresh: @joy_void_joy can't we case on the x? johnnyhotlava: you want your coq to have a non linear plot up the x axis so that it can reach the post labeled spot "G" jagger_rsw: @georgehotz what were you watching recently on netflix? Joy_void_Joy: Well, that's kind of what inversion is doing puffnfresh: alright cool, I'm catching up firstavegner: Can you define a “==“ in qoc ? Joy_void_Joy: But you can't case directly on it, because it's a Prop Nnotm: firstavegner yes Joy_void_Joy: If we were using Set, I think it would be way easier johnnyhotlava: Banned puffnfresh: let's use a Set Joy_void_Joy: (Don't take my word on it, checking that) johnnyhotlava: lol benchai18: Where is Santiago? joker2k999: LUL. mkdrmnd: !uptime johnnyhotlava: @joker2k999 Glorious okkessh: the data type boolean is of type set joker2k999: he's a sub dorkmo Joy_void_Joy: I meant eqb Sarkin_dota: What did he say joker2k999: scratch that. okkessh: are you sure false is a prop when the data type boolean is of type set Joy_void_Joy: But I was mistaken, forget the part about it being easier okkessh: I am confused puffnfresh: eqb is a Type right @joy_void_joy ? Joy_void_Joy: Yes puffnfresh: not a Prop Joy_void_Joy: @okkessh Yes, false is a bool, but False is a Prop Santiago_LHC: @benchai18 what happened Joy_void_Joy: You cannot johnnyhotlava: redefine it okkessh: but bool datatype is of type set benchai18: @santiago_lhc someone asked about keyboard. We needed u Santiago_LHC: I should be a mod. Joy_void_Joy: You are saying "all booleans are true" puffnfresh: trivial. Nnotm: okkessh there's a difference between false and False Joy_void_Joy: Which is not true johnnyhotlava: chanj da rools Lambda_86: how about just using discriminate on a version of the proof that has the standard library's=, then copy-paste the lambda expression from printing it and modify eq to eqb' 3FXX: @georgehotz How do you maintain your cognitive skills like non-stop 6-7 hours? benchai18: Meth johnnyhotlava: ICE fafws321: Cocain benchai18: Glass boiii Lambda_86: use Print johnnyhotlava: High speed chicken feed okkessh: @Nnotm what is the difference between to falses johnnyhotlava: that plexi benchai18: IV Bath salts johnnyhotlava: from the nexty HS_SemenThrower: @3FXX drink iced tea then chew on the ice Joy_void_Joy: @okkessh false is a Bool, and Bool is a Set. Set is the set of all constructible terms. Prop is the set of all terms that exists benchai18: Glass in a pookie son Joy_void_Joy: And Type is the type of all of this 3FXX: @HS_SemenThrower what :D johnnyhotlava: lololol Nnotm: okkessh I'm not too familiar with Coq terminology, but more or less this: bool is a Set that has two elements, true and false, whereas False is a Set that has 0 elements puffnfresh: destr?? Lambda_86: Print true_is_not_false. puffnfresh: destruct? ボズシフティー: tyvm for the ps3 jb back in the days ! Nnotm: okkessh false is the boolean value you'd find in many other programming languages whereas False is a logical proposition puffnfresh: puffnfHS okkessh: @Nnotm oh I see now okkessh: so False is the already proven prop that is already there puffnfresh: NICE johnnyhotlava: That level Joy_void_Joy: False_ind is just contradiction puffnfresh: FALSE INDUCTION Nnotm: okkessh well - the point behind False is that you *cannot* prove it, and the reason is that the elements of a proposition are no proves HS_SemenThrower: bet he not gonna wash his hands now look Joy_void_Joy: It allows you to say "if I have False in my hypotheses, I'm done" zoki_macola: poor neighbors Nnotm: okkessh I meant "are the proofs", pressed enter too early johnnyhotlava: He has cellophane over his board of keys HS_SemenThrower: NotLikeThis chocolatechp: did u just go inject cocaine benchai18: Lol nice terminology. You almost got banned Nnotm: okkessh and False has no elements, i.e. has no proofs johnnyhotlava: Plugged a lump of that firey ice puffnfresh: Coq the code generator benchai18: @johnnyhotlava is a true wordsmith Sznurek066: LUL 3FXX: thats how he maintains, i get it now oyAli: you back on macOS? fafws321: Ökkeş çok zorlama be benchai18: Mix it with that tar. Next level bruh Santiago_LHC: coqaine johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 only you my friend lololol johnnyhotlava: that midwest rollercoaster johnnyhotlava: lololol benchai18: 😁 johnnyhotlava: that arkansas up down benchai18: Went from speedballs to goofballs johnnyhotlava: or any other bad places I could think of benchai18: Lmao johnnyhotlava: lololol puffnfresh: refl is a=a benchai18: That ozark cocktail johnnyhotlava: lolololol Joy_void_Joy: You defined it johnnyhotlava: That louisiana lump oyAli: cmon georgie benchai18: Lmao ferrahs: True===false puffnfresh: ship it @ferrahs benchai18: I wish Theo Von was in this chat ferrahs: @puffnfresh to the mooooon johnnyhotlava: True=False but only when we boolin johnnyhotlava: in only he were dorkmo: dorkmo gifted a Tier 1 sub to Lambda_86! They have given 4 Gift Subs in the channel! Joy_void_Joy: They are using eq_ind to do the binding, that's clever Sznurek066: Pog ferrahs: !uptime kroanke: @ferrahs kroanke: 4.38 ferrahs: if (userInput=“!uptime”) benchai18: HAHAHAHHAA Sarkin_dota: lol benchai18: @santiago_lhc ferrahs: @muhhn OMEGALUL faulpelzz: lol moonify: How long have been he streaming? yaus_baus: since like 10am western kroanke: i was laughing so hard when you got timed out @muhhn yaus_baus: big boy stream Santiago_LHC: @muhhn because keyboards don't matter ferrahs: @muhhn monkaS benchai18: God damn I’m crying lAughing ferrahs: @muhhn it’s a MacBook Pro keyboard chocolatechp: its the logitech 10 dollar keyboard benchai18: Dvorak benchai18: I am dvorak ferrahs: What is he actually programming? Someone fill me in mexeroserisback: D: no its not yaus_baus: go to dvorak and lose all vim mappings yaus_baus: no thanks benchai18: @muhhn jk. I don’t use Dvorak nor do I have aids yet mexeroserisback: Dvorak was an ingenious composer wtf puffnfresh: needs to take a second parameter? puffnfresh: your fun? UMPS: @benchai18 (yet) Joy_void_Joy: @ferrahs He is trying to understand a language named Coq by being the most minimalistic possible benchai18: I’m very careful with my words Santiago_LHC: it's apple benchai18: Guys I dno how emotes work. I can’t make my own unless I’m a streamer, correct? ferrahs: @joy_void_joy what is Coq? Is it based on another lang? What lang is it similar to? ferrahs: @muhhn rip Nnotm: its syntax is based on ML ferrahs: @benchai18 yeah benchai18: @muhhn 10 min starting now faulpelzz: bwahahaha Joy_void_Joy: eq_ind allows you to switch a term. So if you want to prove P x, and you know that x=y, you can use it to change the goal to P y ferrahs: @muhhn just whispered me saying he’s crying :( rip Santiago_LHC: F benchai18: Poor @muhhn puffnfresh: it's a formal verification tool drivewaycam: !uptime puffnfresh: proof assistant Joy_void_Joy: @ferrahs It's a proving language. It is not really a programming language, because you never run it Joy_void_Joy: You just compile it Santiago_LHC: @driveawaycam 4 hours 43 min ferrahs: @joy_void_joy oh, so what’s it’s application? benchai18: @joy_void_joy so what’s the point? Is this like an existential thing drivewaycam: @Santiago_LHC ty puffnfresh: there's proof extraction so you CAN run it but almost nobody in the world does johnnyhotlava: He gonna make python do the work drivewaycam: i love python Palohdire: Palohdire subscribed with Twitch Prime. Joy_void_Joy: Because it allows you to prove things benchai18: @georgehotz is the Robert Frost of coding puffnfresh: @benchai18 for proving things johnnyhotlava: @drivewaycam No you don't Joy_void_Joy: Like 1   1=2, and you'll be sure of it johnnyhotlava: lol drivewaycam: trust me man, i love it @johnnyhotlava johnnyhotlava: Parseltongue benchai18: @johnnyhotlava hai ahasee yeth? johnnyhotlava: lolol dyslexicat: true=false Santiago_LHC: True is just a word puffnfresh: true=false thuganalyst: true==false okkessh: maybe everything is true Nnotm: (False ->True) ->False sounds like it should be provable, in principle ferrahs: true===false ;) Joy_void_Joy:   You can extract it to a function that runs, but johnnyhotlava: you have to say "it wont work" puffnfresh: I don't think so @nnotm Joy_void_Joy: @Nnotm Nope, False ->True Nnotm: oh, oops funwayz: false is true in some perspective benchai18: @joy_void_joy I’m too stupid for this. What’s the point of proving philosophical things? Is this just like for fun Joy_void_Joy: If you have false, you have everything yaus_baus: true && false MajesticMack: false is just less true in life ferrahs: @benchai18 yes it’s fun for him johnnyhotlava: False encapsulates too much brain Joy_void_Joy: @benchai18 The typical exemple is in planes Joy_void_Joy: You want to prove that your algorithms won't lead to a crash puffnfresh: @benchai18 prove that there are infinite prime numbers, this is useful benchai18: I feel like I’m swinging further into the spectrum every moment Joy_void_Joy: And it can be used in mathematics Joy_void_Joy: To be sure about a proof ferrahs: Yeah, this is basically mathematical proofs in code benchai18: Fuck I’m dumb puffnfresh: push your code somewhere @georgehotz I'll have a go Joy_void_Joy: Well, you can also extract the algorithm you've implemented to a real language Joy_void_Joy: And run them there puffnfresh: I've done that @joy_void_joy benchai18: They don’t teach coq on codeacademy Joy_void_Joy: You mean in Coq @puffnfresh ? puffnfresh: written proofs about Haskell code in Idris, ported it back johnnyhotlava: lolololol Joy_void_Joy: Oh Cal3b123: Are we going to do any modal logic, with first order logic it gets preety crazy Joy_void_Joy: Yeah, it's the same idea puffnfresh: did that for product code in fact puffnfresh: at a start-up c9bd: why is this guy proving true !=false lol benchai18: I feel like I’m gaining IQ points just being here johnnyhotlava: Alright I'm good on this My cerebrum is shrinking johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 opposite I am getting dommed by the relativity benchai18: Guys if I learn HTML can I basically use coq? johnnyhotlava: lolool Cal3b123: Has George said what hes using zotero for :thinking: Nnotm: puffnfresh just tried to write this proof in haskell by the way, if I didn't mess anything up the proof is just "case" (I didn't even know you could use empty case without {}) johnnyhotlava: I need help extracting my coq proofs into brazzers okkessh: what is on VS code johnnyhotlava: then onto vhs yBw1: what are we doing puffnfresh: @nnotm yeah looks good puffnfresh: that's what it would be in Coq if we used the propositional equality Backrub: is school lame @georgehotz Mariosavitch: NotLikeThis benchai18: @johnnyhotlava xvideos or pHub? yBw1: this lang looks so much fun M03x: !uptime Cal3b123: Do you have to do implication introduction first? inciMage: any explanation why he uses windows sometimes puffnfresh: push this code @georgehotz I want to have a go puffnfresh: sweet I'll have a gookkessh: prop is 4=5 puffnfresh: Prop is proposition which is like a type muhhn: which mod keeps timing me out :thinking: okkessh: prop itself is a type okkessh: prop is like a claim Joy_void_Joy: Prop is of type Type Joy_void_Joy: And Prop is the type of all propositions, yes puffnfresh: Kappa lemonboxed: i think for each set of props they have to follow the same type of set rules to be true Joy_void_Joy: Yes nat:-( Joy_void_Joy: Or I'm confused? Klingenwetzer: LUL puffnfresh: I had some doubts puffnfresh: for a while abk467: i was iffy about it but this clarifies it K0enich: awesome benchai18: @joy_void_joy I think he’s re-routing the encryption to the mainframe johnnyhotlava: @benchai18 lololololololololol okkessh: is proving a tautology really and accomplishment? Mariosavitch: true !=false? What world is this johnnyhotlava: STOOOOOPID jax05_: it's a proofs world HS_SemenThrower: @benchai18 lmfao johnnyhotlava: man that's killing me benchai18: 🧢 das my ass hat Joy_void_Joy: I'll have to take a look at that then, sorry Joy_void_Joy: @benchai18 I'm listening :P puffnfresh: it's not a tautology Klingenwetzer: forsenKek tfue_is_dog_shit: true==true is false in js Mariosavitch: ask siri puffnfresh: LUL frankytex: the true loser is that keyboard getting soar from being diddled so hard crowsssssssss: crowsssssssss subscribed with Twitch Prime. Klingenwetzer: ANY TRUERS? forsenHead picklesareok: Am I stupid or is it contrapostive yaus_baus: uber eats chicken geroge Mariosavitch: im a flat earther okkessh: it is a tautology, you solve an equation and you end up with 3!=5 what do you call it shissle: You mean a Model benchai18: @joy_void_joy How do you feel about marketing? Id hire u for sure Nnotm: ~(true=false) isn't a tautology? Isn't it true for all possible interpretations of the (0) free variables? prakyath_kantharaju: amazon prime it bro johnnyhotlava: Fridge=Stocked with coq chicken puffnfresh: @okkessh simple? johnnyhotlava: Forage Roundlay:elon thuganalyst: Tell us bout da DMT SKPTCL: is it as huge of a meme as everyone makes it out to be? Roundlay: Do you use Modafinil? shieeeeeeeeet: do you plan on cryogenically freezing your brain if you encounter an earlier-than-expected death? joker2k999: LUL okkessh: you have more dopamine with Adderall Klingenwetzer: retalin OpieOP Roundlay: How do you measure productivity? okkessh: you should try concerta johnnyhotlava: Well creating the delusion does remove some pressure knilecrack: you should mark your stream 18 jax05_: lol CondomsWontFit: have you finished reading GEB? shieeeeeeeeet: how is cryo equivalent to effective altruism? Klingenwetzer: this is 18  programming forsenS puffnfresh: don't get the kids into Coq Klingenwetzer: true !=false is dangerous knilecrack: not if you ask me but twitch :) yaus_baus: 18  for streams with coq content johnnyhotlava: Deceit is the key knilecrack: @Klingenwetzer he will fuck up stupid kids Joy_void_Joy: Ooh, talking rationality and effective altruism :D benchai18: Love coq johnnyhotlava: "altrusim" namsayin Joy_void_Joy: Great! kingkong3211: how long do you think it will take till we get basic VR. johnnyhotlava: Machiavellian self corruption will lead you to the light rkxbz: what is your favourite book? Klingenwetzer: rationality is like only the half of the story joker2k999: can we get a rant or what? LUL benchai18: Last time I’m gonna ask... George u wanna be on Rogan or nah? puffnfresh: I agree @georgehotz picklesareok: Any rationalist essays worth reading? shieeeeeeeeet: so you'd rather just stop existing than possibly be resurrected? johnnyhotlava: You want this very thing rkxbz: what is your favourite book? kingkong3211: how long do you think it will take till we get basic VR johnnyhotlava: right now knilecrack: when r you gonna stream again? jagger_rsw: go joe rogan :) Klingenwetzer: wanna be on INFO WARS? dotmops: go on thisweekinstartups again that was a fun convo with jason metasudo: ill have you on my podcast, we can smoke weed and color in coloring book Roundlay: Wouldn't you tend to live a better life/achieve your goals more often if you can more easily overcome cognitive biases, etc.? metasudo: s djuckfomla93: Do you plan on coming to Europe soon ? Klingenwetzer: forsenS searchingforlife: @georgehotz why are you shilling for soylent and mealsquares? rkxbz: what is your favourite book? CondomsWontFit: have you finished reading GEB? jagger_rsw: @georgehotz but yudkovsky is crio-lover kingkong3211: how long do you think it will take till we get basic VR. okkessh: what kind of tea do you drink benchai18: I love jre, but I’d rather see him on TPW w/ Theo Von zoki_macola: what do you think about WeWork? picklesareok: Thank you! elonsmuskygooch: When are you going on Logan Pauls Podcast?, he said he wants you on. @georgehotz johnnyhotlava: LOLOLOL metasudo: bad blood is fucking awesommmmme Couchmann941: how did the iphone jailbraking go? @georgehotz jax05_: lmao johnnyhotlava: It's genius in a different sense jagger_rsw: @georgehotz what are you watching on tv, some cool movies/series out there? johnnyhotlava: billions johnnyhotlava: for that shit rkxbz: what is your favourite book? johnnyhotlava: God bless them Nnotm: jax05_: thx laz4rz: @georgehotz billions is great benchai18: You sound like Kermit a little Klingenwetzer: do you guys know "The Physicists"? shieeeeeeeeet: @georgehotz are you saying you wouldn't pursue cryo because you're not a rationalist? johnnyhotlava: Woah johnnyhotlava: jorge Bra_te: what is inch? joker2k999: i think looking at binaries on windows made him switch back to the mac... dotmops: another ThisWeekInStartups podcast with Jason would be fun :D yaus_baus: why use dating apps george okkessh: what is the tea you keep drinking tris790: cringe ? benchai18: @georgehotz==KermitTheFrog Look into it johnnyhotlava: Oh i cant date on apps metasudo: bro ill date you mlacix: @georgehotz are you exited about the new season of Mr. Robot? johnnyhotlava: I like to harass in person peter35_: how much coffee do you drink? knilecrack: ohh you should benchai18: I love Hinge. Met my girl on hinge johnnyhotlava: Aggression is a serious advantage kingkong3211: how long do you think it will take till we get basic VR. Roundlay: When's your next date Bra_te: mr robot wasn't that good :/ catacata92: Do you like anime ? jax05_: dating apps feel really uncomfortable to me djuckfomla93: @georgehotz Alright, i guess im a spammer. Are u coming to Europe soon ? johnnyhotlava: Aggression ups your iq by 20 pts benchai18: Is Coq>=9? thuganalyst: Did you see that video of Shkreli roasting Jason Calacanis? LOL elonsmuskygooch: Can I buy your merch? @georgehotz lemonboxed: when will vr not fry my eyeballs Roundlay: TPFufun Klingenwetzer: forsenThink girls knilecrack: ahaha johnnyhotlava: lol Klingenwetzer: N O LUL knilecrack: Yeah gunnaren: Norway right here Klingenwetzer: Me @georgehotz Klingenwetzer: :) exonex_osu: germany jagger_rsw: si, switzerland annasgrasshopper: I'm from europe speeddrawing101: uk kingkong3211: uk here annasgrasshopper: Portugal here Sznurek066: EU Pog Poland here Roundlay: Tokyo mlacix: Iam from Europe as well faulpelzz: can u hack brainz? metasudo: GeoHotz cock socks shissle: Yes lasercatboss: germany whaddup everbody Bra_te: on what are you working right now? zoki_macola: Serbia Klingenwetzer: Germany DatSheffy fear_ep: Italy Hueston94: Watching from Northern Ireland Threated1: yea knilecrack: Zoki madafaka ferrahs: Toronto Roundlay: Still got that PASMO money? Bra_te: Germanyeqb'' with induction, and then proving true is not false (without any built-in). Joy_void_Joy: I can share the source somewhere if you want blazorup: puffnfresh: REHIRED tris790: SAVED searchingforlife: @puffnfresh Jebaited metasudo: please checkout my github puffnfresh: 10 STARS Klingenwetzer: ten forsenS buttez: quick star the repo everyone metasudo: ayyyy puffnfresh: if you don't have 10 friends puffnfresh: you're done Klingenwetzer: LUL johnnyhotlava: That guys name is sanjay metasudo: We live in a github society johnnyhotlava: Image search Klingenwetzer: BibleThump I got no friends Nnotm: @puffnfresh I'm sure you could arrange for someone to give you 15 stars for $50 buttez: old pic BTW Klingenwetzer: 26 PogChamp blazorup: single responsibility puffnfresh: I reckon @Nnotm jagger_rsw: I have 1.6k but it's company's open-sourced thing I'm developing :) Sznurek066: oldHotz SKPTCL: the old photo reminds him of his roots lel joker2k999: that documentation tho.... johnnyhotlava: I develop ways to write paragraphs without saying anything to draw investment from the elderly johnnyhotlava: We sit johnnyhotlava: we Chair johnnyhotlava: It's hot ZeeZaxean: bang me dorkmo: good old days Klingenwetzer: PogChamp yaus_baus: star georges coq gunnaren: Streaming tomorrow? joker2k999: past hotz.. metasudo: gonna follow george's coq johnnyhotlava: You can do that johnnyhotlava: STREAM Klingenwetzer: Twitch partner PogChamp ZeeZaxean: big money Pog TheKoreanZombi: Don't tease us with partnering again... SKPTCL: any plans for next stream? Klingenwetzer: BlessRNG lasercatboss: why though Klingenwetzer: I BELIEVE yaus_baus: 9 stars johnnyhotlava: You can invest that money into wechair technology asaptwice: what is twitchcoq im new ^^ abk467: that purple check mark will look nice 3FXX: sellout Klingenwetzer: I'm gonna star twitchcoq when I'm back at my pc buttez: bubi Nnotm: asaptwice coq reimplemented in python puffnfresh: $50 for 15 minutes to get your shadows gone knilecrack: bb goto10: hs, lots of money dorkmo: Party1 Klingenwetzer: lowHi bye dad okkessh: check the gmail jax05_: byee Klingenwetzer: DMs Kreygasm kayos_rl: peeace TheKoreanZombi: I want mine to be public asaptwice: @Nnotm ty UniversalGeneve: would you do code coaching for $80/30 mins? puffnfresh: $15 johnnyhotlava: God he was so erect today puffnfresh: I'm on CodeMentor 


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  5. DAMN!! Anyone notices that whenever George saves a file with ":w" he always searches for 'asdf' first (/asdf)? (try playing 9:44 in slow speed)
    I wonder why he does that???

  6. Why I always see somebody ask Geohot what is your keyboard? It probably matters for programmers, coders, software engineers, etc., but I don't think there is a standard answer for everyone.

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