Gerard Butler of Hunter Killer meets real US Navy submariners

Gerard Butler of Hunter Killer meets real US Navy submariners

Donovan and I took a very fun trip out from Pearl Harbor, where we went out on a “hunter killer” Los Angeles Class, Which was an incredibly insightful time, And spending a lot of time speaking to the crew, and Cmdr. McGinnes, And always asking questions of what to do with our story, and where his mindset would be in those situations. It’s a sort of commitment that you get – we wanted to be as authentic as we could And this movie as about balancing that authenticity against what makes a great film And I think that was our real challenge, and what coming down here And going out on the Houston was about, How do we take this real life, and dramatize it in a way that Honors you guys, as well as makes a great film. So I was very impressed with that part of the mentality, you know, And by the way, the courage – the courage – because when you come down here you realize Even in a movie you could show it, but to really do it, To really be underwater for those long periods of time, With the constant threats that they face, Takes a huge amount of steadiness and courage. To me it was the mindset And that mindset coming from an unbelievable amount of training, and drilling, You understand why this is the best military in the world: they don’t stop. So we would do a battlestations drill – and even if it was incredible, it was never good enough, So you do it again, you do it again, you do it again, and that’s what these soldiers do all day long. I really wanted to depict those Sailors as realistically as possible – not just in what they did, but also their relationships, and how they spoke, And how they interacted with each other, So the extra part of the courage and valor, That’s a very profound feeling you get when When you actually come underwater and you exist and live with these guys. It was also our job to make them feel like what it would feel like to be underwater – like real Sailors. And I actually went underway on the Texas and shot with the real crew, And I’m intercutting that real crew with the actors In a way that you don’t even realize who’s crew and who’s actors, And I’ve gotta say, the USS Texas were a good bunch of performers. We had an enclosed set for the control room, so you could really feel If you used your imagination, what it felt like to be down there And then we took that whole set, put it on a gimbal, so you could actually tilt it through All the degrees – so when he says “50 degrees right hard rudder” we could actually tilt this entire set And everybody had to hold on, and it actually works on the imagination – and you could see that in their faces. And again, as Donovan said, the authenticity was so important That the commands, the repetitions, where people move when certain things are happening, We would go right from establishing that there’s a threat To making contact, to the whole sequence Of anything from battlestations, to moving through to a torpedo attack, And sometimes it was like, 5, 7, 10 minutes long, And you’ve gone everywhere that you’ve had to go – and in the end you’re, like, breathless, You’re sweating, and you’re looking around and you have goosebumps. If there was another career that I had to choose, I would definitely consider this one. I love the power that goes with that. I was astonished by how much they had to know, and also how much they loved the job. And that’s one of the things we wanted to get across In this movie is the brilliance, and the courage, and the steadfastness of these warriors.


  1. This movie had some potential, it's a shame it wasn't advertised correctly. My brother and I reviewed it here

  2. You should see all of the Russian troll comments on the official movie trailer page, lol. It warms my heart to know that this movie pissed all of them off. πŸ™‚

    USA & NATO all the way baby!

  3. Wasnt happy to hear gerard butler wants to change his name because steven gerard is manager of Rangers think he ought get life

  4. Somebody tell these sailers ..its a movie ..and a script…its not Real….its Holywood….lol..Americans cannot tell the

  5. I'm just excited to see that movie of Gerard Butler,he is my idol and I like his attitude specially when he can start to doing a new movie …I'm really so excited to watch his movie so much

  6. You have to admire actors that go out of their way to show their respect for the US military but also promoting a movie. Sure it's part of researching the role they've got to play, but also they have a genuine affection for the greatest military in the world. I cannot wait to see this, even if parts of it are pure BS. I have no idea why or how the writers have written into the script distinct terms and phrases that simply are not applicable to the US submariner family.

  7. " come on fly BIG D " LOL HOO- YAH πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡ Hunter Killer is a badass movie God bless America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

  8. I LOVED this movie!!! I saw it twice in the movie theater. Easily the best special effects submarine movie ever made. The 'Top Gun' for the upcoming Top Sub program.

  9. Actually, I'll watch any movie Gerard Butler make . This Hunter Killer bring other side of Gerard.. some serious act there.

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